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Maintaining Healthy Weight Loss Without Excluding Social Eating You don't have to give up socializing at events or at places where food is involved in order to achieve healthy weight loss. Consider the suggestions below to include a few changes in order to maintain your current food-centered socializing activities.

Whether you're getting together with friends or having people to your home, instead of hanging around after a meal with a cup of coffee and dessert you can avoid having your social engagement end by suggesting a walk after a meal.

Try to reduce the number of soft drinks you serve or purchase. Whether you're at home or going out, sodas can be easily substituted with healthier sparkling waters or plain water in order to save calories.

If you're going out to coffee with a friend, limit yourself to a cup of coffee. If you're tempted by the cakes available at coffee shops consider sharing a pastry with the person you're socializing with or incentivize yourself by setting aside the cost of the pastry and adding it to your weekly food budget to buy more of a healthy snack. If you're still tempted by the coffee shop pastries, suggest places that offer fruit or some other low-calorie option for ordering rather than places that simply offer pastries.

Always establish reasonable goals for substituting eating out with other activities that don't involve calories. For instance, don't substitute going running with a friend who you want to catch up with instead of eating out because realistically it won't be the same. Instead confine yourself to certain types of foods such as fruit platters or other low-calorie options at restaurants.

If a big family meal is the centerpiece of making time for one another consider spacing the courses in your meal to allow for more time together rather than serving everything at once.

When you go out to dinner consider ordering a healthy appetizer rather than eating bread while you wait for your meal. While the cost of the appetizer will raise the price of the meal it can help you avoid consuming significant calories from bread and butter while you wait for a meal.

Try to reserve eating out for occasions when you're with other people instead of buying fast food for yourself because you're in a rush or you forgot to pack your lunch. You can save calories and money by buying some easy foods to pack and take with you for lunch.

If you know that a person you're visiting typically serves a high-calorie menu, bring a fruit platter or vegetable platter as your contribution to a meal when you go visiting.

If you're a fast eater always have salad. If other people you're with are not ordering a salad this works even better for fast eaters because you can request that the salad be served with your meal so that you'll have more food to eat. Ask for dressing on the side.

You don't have to give up on eating as part of your socializing. Use the tips above to incorporate your healthy weight-loss goals into your socializing lifestyle. Click here to find out more

Maintaining Healthy Weight Loss Without Excluding Social Eating  

incentivize yourself by setting aside the cost of the pastry and adding it to your weekly food budget to

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