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Damian Marley


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YVA Nation, welcome to another amazing Youth View Awards!

Message From Karen Clarke CEO of An Elegant Affair Event Production

This year marks the 9th year of an awards show that was born out of an appreciation for Jamaican entertainment. We are on the heels of our milestone 10th anniversary when we plan to include our regional neighbours while still celebrating our local talent. It’s clear that the youth are influenced by our entertainers’ larger than life personas in their sense of style, swag and expression so kudos to those who acknowledge this fact and try to be positive role models. This Year the YVAs has added 5 new categories to our nominations: Favourite Vintage Artiste 1. 2. Favourite Social Media Personality 3. Favourite Party DJ 4. Favourite Breakout Celebrity 5. Favourite Dance Move

We are proud about these new additions as we expand the scope of the awards and share the contribution of a wider range of entertainers. A major attraction at this year’s show is our international guest, pop star and “it girl”, Pia Mia. We are excited to be her hosts on her first visit to Jamaica and can hardly wait for her to rock the YVAs stage. As always we have to shout out our generous sponsors: those that have been there with us from the very beginning and new ones who have come on board in celebration of our vision. The YVAs could not be successful without their contribution. Our Hype Crew members must also be acknowledged as they give their time and talent generously to ensure that they promote the YVAs all year round. We continue to give God thanks for His blessings to achieve this every year and for the unending support of our loyal fans of the show. Tootles !



I am forever grateful to God and to each and every one of you for being a part of this journey to bring Jamaican talent to the stage and recognize them for their tireless efforts to entertain and inspire us all.






Damian Marley Means Business

2016 Social Media Personality Nominee Profiles

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SPOTLIGHT ON THE HYPE CREW: Dominick Binns‑Morrison & Akeem Grace Pia Mia: International Guest Artiste

Trend Report with Tamo Ennis & Sue Gregg WHAT’S HOT: Lashes & Lipstains

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Strictly Vintage


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In recent years he has embarked on entrepreneurial pursuits which include the annual “Welcome to Jamrock Cruise” now in its 3rd successful year. Marley takes the creative reigns in the management of the “Welcome to Jamrock Cruise” which includes “choosing the talent, organizing the running order of the performances each night, approving art work for flyers, banners and advertisements and in general contributing ideas that add to the overall experience,” he says. Pursuing other areas of business is important to the star for several reasons. “The effect that modern technology has had on the music

YVA Nation got even more answers to our questions from the iconic reggae star. Check them out. YN: Which do you find more challenging, event planning/ management or performing/ producing music? DM: It depends, both can be challenging at times, but if I had to choose one I would say event planning/management (since) I have more experience with producing/ performing. YN: What advice would you give to young aspiring recording artists or entrepreneurs in general? DM: Practice makes perfect, work hard, but more importantly work smart, surround yourself with people who are better at what they do than you are, and finally, relationships are important so be honest, be kind, be yourself!

(or single) releases? DM: I am gearing up to release the first song from my upcoming album, which I am still in the studio working on. YN: Is there a philosophy or quote that you live by? DM: Love! YN. Name some artistes whose music you’re enjoying at the moment (Jamaican and international)? DM: As a musician sometimes you can be influenced by other people’s music without realizing it. So honestly, I try not to listen to too much while working on projects. YN. List three songs on your playlist right now. DM: My playlist is full of unreleased untitled songs at the moment. YN.    What are your thoughts on the YVAs giving the  youth  a voice, on celebrating our local artiste? DM: Young people are the greatest fans to have. Your music becomes a part of their lives and grows with them as they get older. I attended (the YVAs) a few years ago, just as a fan. The energy and excitement in the building was off the chain. I had a lot of fun. Big up to the YVAs tell them Zilla say so!


Damian Marley is one of Jamaican music’s most influential musicians. Undoubtedly his lineage contributes to his musical genius but it is evident that he has created his own signature sound which has become the standard by which the new school of reggae acts is measured.

business has changed the way we earn money. People are now able to listen to music without having to purchase physical copies. In order to earn from your popularity as a musician you have to use your brand to venture into other businesses. Another reason is I have ambitions and interests outside of music. Personally it is important to me to pursue those interests and live up to my full potential,” he said.

YN: What’s next for you as far as album






One of the most highly anticipated awards this year is actually among the newest additions. With social media as pervasive as it is, it’s understandable that fans are eager to see who will walk away with the coveted title of Favourite Social Media Personality.

It’s hard to escape the impact of these nominees. Each of them has managed to carve out their position in the entertainment landscape largely from the support of the youth. They represent the legions of adoring fans that check their social media accounts daily to see what shenanigans their favourite personality will post on the “Gram�. Most of these personalities started off showcasing comedic skills online but it’s obvious that it extends beyond making people laugh.

BELLA BLAIR//Probably //Probably the most recognizable female social media personality in Jamaica, Bella Blair’s gift to make people laugh was discovered early by her prep school teachers who encouraged her to act from the age of four. However, her career in comedy online started as a fluke. “All this wasn’t planned,� she confesses. “It was by ‘buck ups’ that I started my whole comedy journey via social media.� Studying editing at UWI led her to editing and uploading her own comedy skit to Youtube. Her insane and accurate portrayals of her characters have convinced fans that these people actually exist but according to Bella some of them are “totally made up characters from my head.� How does she keep her fans cracking up? “I just always try to be relatable. If people can relate to the joke, it will always be fresh and funny, along with the Bella touch of course!� QUITE PERRY//Rohan Perry has parlayed his natural talent for eliciting uproars of laughter into a career that by all indications appears to be on the fast track to success. His ‘no holds


 barred’ humor has even caught the attention of corporate Jamaica who has taken advantage of leveraging his influence to remain at the top of the minds of the young, hot and hype. With close to 180K fans Perry admits that there’s pressure to maintain the momentum and to keep that number climbing. “Consistency is key in this game, because someone else is always waiting to take your spot.â€? Performing his stand-up routine for the first time at the Ocean Style Showcase for A-list stars like Tichina Arnold, Taye Diggs, Flex Washington and other international guests was a major achievement for 2015. He plans to go global in the next 5 years touring, performing and taking his talent to the world. “I will have my own comedy/ variety  TV show and also a radio show‌Everything in divine order.â€? 


TRABASS//One //One personality that has maximized his exposure online by showcasing his numerous talents is Trabass. “I started out just trying to express myself and share my point of view through comedy.� “Now I would like to explore new and interesting ways to do this through movies, art, music, photography, and of course comedy.� And he’s certainly on his way! His social media content, which started out as lighthearted comedic skits has transformed into full fledge web series and short films which centre on a number of themes including love, relationships and betrayal. In addition to his acting chops, Trabass has a love for music. In fact, his first passion was selecting music as a DJ. “I had dreams of being a big selector (owning a) Sound System like Stone Love.� He has taken that love for music to the next level with the recent release of an EP “Be Able� which is currently available on iTunes.

//Beyond hilarious, PRINCE PINE//Beyond Pine’s brazen approach to his craft may be too much for the “briefophobic�, the label he assigns to those who might dedicate too much thought to understanding why he’s often shown parading his skinny frame in his boxer briefs. Clearly unfazed by any criticisms, the 20 year old who has his sights set on film school and owning his own production company stays true to his mantra of “just be yourself.� “I have six toes on one foot and sometimes I feel like a mango,� the young comedian says when asked to tell fans something that they might not know about him. His fan base of mostly teens and young adults can’t get enough of his videos and the response he gets from the students on his school tour is evidence that his brand of humour resonates with them. Supported by the “Pine Movement�, his crazy crew of friends that are equally hilarious, Prince Pine looks set to be a defining force in comedy if not entertainment.

//Honoured to be PRINCE MARNI//Honoured nominated this year, Prince Marni feels that social media is the best way to market himself on a global level. He enjoys making people laugh and admits that growing up he was always the clown. If you’ve ever watched his videos you know his portrayal of ‘Susan’ is spot on. “I do find women in general (to be) funny.� “I literally study females and laugh. They’re pretty interesting.� For Marni, it’s impossible to run out of ideas when his comedy is based off of real life events. Half Jamaican and Guyanese, his dad is Guyanese and mom is Jamaican, Marni lists: Gyalis in Paris, Prince Pine, Call him Renny and Blame it on Kway as his favourite IG comedians.







since when he’s not spreading the word about the YVAs brand, Dominick, who is also a final year UWI student pursuing operations management and economics, is an active event planner and party promoter. It doesn’t stop there for the young business man. “I also have a few other entrepreneurial endeavors such as my own transportation a n d to u r s c o m p a ny a n d photography services,” he says. Even though Dominick is part of the show’s promo team he genuinely admires what it represents. “It gives the youth of Jamaica an avenue to express themselves (allowing) their voices to be heard.” And just as importantly it provides a platform “for Jamaican artistes to be recognized amongst their people.” His vision for the YVAs in the next five years sees the awards show “becoming one of the most sought after awards shows worldwide … Receiving even more international recognition.”

DOMINICK BINNS-MORRISON Dominick is one of the tribe of equally enthusiastic and energetic foot soldiers of the YVAs. His responsibility? “To promote and showcase the YVAs brand effectively.”

Inspired by YVAs founder, Karen Clarke, his professional goal is to expand his business successfully in the entertainment industry.

This Hype Crew member has been doing an awesome job at that for the last three years. It’s only natural



The YVAs owes some of its success to the tireless efforts of the Hype Crew. We appreciate your invaluable contribution to ensuring that the voices, votes and views of Jamaica’s youth are reflected in every award we hand out at our annual event! Thank you Hype Crew Family! Aaliyah Greene Abonique Coley Akeem Grace Aldayne Henry Delton Essor Dominick Binns-Morrison Jovanna Bailey Kamoya Kidd Khloe Clarke Kristavel Fearon Olivia Gregoire Ornella Thompson Rohan Perry Sassian Henry Shauna-Ke McCleod Shamar Watson Stephan Ledgister Tamiann Nelson Tevin McKenzie Trishell Brown Yanique Jones

These include: • “sharing the Ultimate YVAs Vision with the Hype Crew Members, advising (them) on what should be done and how it should be done with the aim being to keep up with the integrity of the YVAs Brand. • (Plus) being a role model and leading by example”. His functional role is social media marketing & promotion of the brand which involves hitting the streets to distribute printed material about the show and repping for YVAs at all its events and those of its associate sponsors. Akeem has a BSc. in Accounting & Marketing from UWI and has conceptualized an annual event, “ Life of the Privileged” which will see its 4th staging this summer. He’s also a model and has worked for local and international clients.

voting process…who we want to see win, hence our Your Voice, Your Vote, Your views Campaign.” “The YVAs really allows persons  who are a part of the entertainment industry to feel appreciated and get the recognition they deserve for the work that they have done.” A young man with great aspirations, Akeem sees a Masters in accounting, 2 or 3 homes, a career in modelling, acting or stock brokerage all in the U.S. in his future as well as trips to amazing destinations like Egypt while “walking closer to God and being more spiritually mature with Christ as the head of my life.” For the future of the YVAs, Akeem envisions, “nothing but growth with the support of our local celebrities and patrons.” “It will continue to grow and do exceptionally well…I see the YVAs attracting more international acts. I can’t wait because I know (it) will be at the Level of a Reggae Sumfest or Shaggy & Friends in the next five years. Greater is coming!”

Like his fellow Hype Crew member, Dominick, Akeem loves the democracy of the YVAs and how it gives validity to the vote of the Jamaican youth as well as the contribution of local artistes.


AKEEM GRACE Akeem Grace describes his time with the Hype Crew to date as “four wonderful years.” He’s a Lead Member of the crew and confesses that many responsibilities come with the title.

“It really allows us (the youth) to be a part of the entire nomination and



on the rise


United States based recording artist, Pia Mia is this year’s international guest. The diminutive blonde’s star has been on a steady ascent since she released the hit single, “Do It Again”, a catchy collaboration with Chris Brown & Tyga.


Although her first visit to Jamaica will be courtesy of the YVAs, Pia can relate to island life since she is a native of Guam, a tiny U.S. island territory in Micronesia, in the Western Pacific. Pia left this paradise for the United States to pursue a career in the music industry when she was 16 years old. Now at only 19, she is grabbing the competitive music industry’s attention with her own blend of pop, hip-hop and R&B. In 2014 Pia was named one of eight acts who will help define the music of that year. YVA Nation was lucky enough to get up close and personal with Pia Mia to find out a little more about the young performer and what she


YN: Your bio describes you as a model, actor and singer, which do you enjoy most and why? PM: Singing and performing is what I enjoy most. It’s what I was born to do and it’s a vessel to share myself.  I came across modelling randomly and acting is something I  love and want to spend more time on. YN: What was life like for you growing up in Guam? PM: I grew up on Guam surrounded by family and extended family at all times. I spent every day with my grandmother, Babs, up until I attended school. I spend so much time with my family that I count them as my best friends. YN: It’s your first time in Jamaica! What are you looking forward to the most? PM: I’m looking forward to meeting the people and experiencing the culture. I’m so excited because I imagine it’s going to remind me a lot of my home island of Guam. YN: We hear that you LOVE Flaming Hot Cheetos. What food are you looking forward to trying in Jamaica? PM: I’m looking forward to any and all authentic Jamaica dishes especially the plantains and jerk chicken.

YN: You collaborated with two great artists Chris Brown and Tyga on “Let’s Do it Again.” What was the experience like? PM: I love Chris and Tyga. I respect their work ethic and how they dedicate their life to being legit artists. I’ve invested my childhood in music ever since I was eight. I don’t really know anything else, so when I meet someone that understands what that means and how difficult it is, I really appreciate it. YN: What advice would you give to a young person interested in becoming a recording artiste? PM: I would say spend all your free time studying music, learn to do all aspects from writing to production and learn to play an instrument. I’d also say not to worry about the amount of friends you have and a social life because  investing in yourself is what’s gonna help you win. YN: Describe your personal style. What inspires it? PM: I dress according to how I feel and I never feel good all put together. I want my every day look to be  random, unexpected and unique…always. 

YN: If you were stranded on deserted island for 1 month and could only take three (3) things, what would they be? PM: Hot Cheetos, my iPhone and a fuzzy blanket. YN: How excited are you about the performing for your Jamaican fans at the YVAs? PM: I can’t wait to get to Jamaica, it’s always been a dream of mine and (I am) even more excited to meet and perform for everyone.

YN: What item of clothing or accessory do you own that you absolutely love right now?


was looking forward to the most about her first visit to Jamrock.

PM: I can’t live without thigh high boots.




With Tamo Ennis & Sue Gregg


Stylist, Tamo Ennis admits she was born to do what she does. She’s been a stylist for 5 years, a path she chose mostly out of “boredom with my media career and the burning desire to do something I love instead,” she says. Carlton Brown, Jae Jolly and Toya Taylor are her favourite Jamaican designers. Internationally, “definitely Alexander McQueen, Zac Posen and Marc Jacobs.” Some of her famous clients include: Major Lazer, Machel Montano, Usain Bolt, Maxi Priest, Damian Marley, Shaggy, Beenie Man, Stylo G, Chronixx, Lady Saw, Oceana and the list goes on. Even though Tamo works in a world where what’s hot changes like the weather she thumbs her nose at trends.“This will sound weird coming from a stylist but I’m anti-trends.” “I will say that I like that there is some diversity now in popular fashion trends which allows for less uniformity and more self-expression through apparel.”

red carpet tips

Girls- “Keep it classy! Don’t show too much skin. Airy/ Flowing dresses in popping colours with shimmering accessories are fun and age appropriate”. Boys- “Go for smart but playful. I like the idea of tailored suits in cool colours or prints”. Sue Gregg AKA “Sue the Makeup Girl” is raising the bar in in the field of makeup artistry. Her signature flawless application undoubtedly appeals to her clients which include celebrities like Vivica Fox, Claudia Jordan (Real Housewives of Atlanta), Ishawna, Destra Garcia and Camille McDonald (America’s Next Top Model). Sue is a self-taught MUA who has “taken classes with Celebrity Artists, Mario Dedivanovic (Kim K’s MUA) and Nicky Posley and attended workshops


Tamo Ennis

Sue Gregg

held by makeup brands, TEMPTU and Sacha in New York City.” Her clients, both celebrity and noncelebrities, love her take on ‘natural glam’ which makes them look uber fabulous but not overdone.

favourite products

I’m loving Nars All Day Luminous foundation, Colourpop lipsticks and KOKO lashes right now.

what’s hot now

Glow! Everyone is going for that dewy look so highlighters and bronzers are definitely on trend.

must haves

Setting powder- especially in our climate AND setting spray keep your makeup in place and fresh.

trends for 2016

Natural brows (or as close to natural as possible), Bronze and warm tones for eyeshadows and blush, dark lips (plums, wines), well-defined lashes / falsies (lash extensions).



LASH LOVELY \\Famous sisters, Kim and Kylie use surprisingly inexpensive products to style their own. Nicki Minaj layers hers to get a thicker look and it’s rumored that Rihanna pays a pretty penny to keep hers on point. Yes, eyelash extensions are a great way to transform your looks even if you’re not a celebrity. Patricia H ue , c e r t i f i e d cosmetologist, lash stylist and owner of the Kingston based, Fabulashes has Patricia Hue been enhancing the eyes with faux lashes for eight years. She lists Tessanne Chin as the person she thinks has the most beautiful natural lashes and even she gets hers enhanced by Hue. If you’re considering lash extensions, here are a few tips. Use a pro: Since eyes are extremely sensitive it makes sense to go to a licensed cosmetologist or aesthetician with a considerable amount of experience with this procedure.

Stay dry: Make every effort to keep your extensions dry for 24-48 hours. Lots of choices: The different lengths, thicknesses, curls and colours make them super fun. According to Hue, “the latest trend right now is Volume lashes or Russian Volume.” Long lasting: According to Lash Pro, eyelash extension manufacturer, when applied properly, extensions will last the length of the natural growth cycle of your eyelashes. Everyone’s experience will differ based on day to day activities but overall touchups should are required every 2 to 3 weeks.


don’t stay on forever but lip stains do last longer than lipsticks or glosses Michelle Clarke, make-up pro says while she prefers lipsticks and glosses for the variety of colours, stains “are great for brides who normally don’t have a makeup artist on call for touchups” throughout their special day. They could also be a great addition to your arsenal for YVA night when the cameras are everywhere and you want to keep your pout popping!

a stain  acts as a temporary “dye” to saturate your lips with color, and lipstick or  gloss is more  or  less like applying a colored “wax” to your lips. ( Lipstick contains wax and oil and pigment for colour as well as emollients to keep lips moist. Stains on the other hand are water or gel based with synthetic dyes or natural ingredients like henna for colour to stain the lips for up to 18 hours! Pretty impressive!

The primary difference between a lip stain  and a  lipstick or  gloss is that






Get familiar with the GREATS that paved the way for today’s stars.

With his own children pursuing careers in the music industry, his sons are YVA award winning producer Stephen McGregor and recording artiste, Chino; McGregor is still very much in touch with what’s current. His favourite vocalists include Beres Hammond, D-Major, Lukie D, Jah Cure and Daville. “Sometimes I hear Lukie D sing and I wish I could sing like him!” McGregor admits. Nominated for his first YVA this year, it’s evident that his strong, soulful vocals still make him a crowd favourite as he continues to tour the globe belting out lovers rock to appreciative audiences. How does he feel about being nominated by the youth? “I give the YVAs a 10 for recognizing us with this new category. It means a lot to me.”

FREDDIE MCGREGOR Freddie McGregor has enjoyed massive success with major hits like “Big Ship”, “Push Comes to Shove”, “Wait for You”, “Don’t Want to Be Lonely”, “I Was Born a Winner” and numerous others. He has recorded a staggering 37 albums and today at 62 years old he is set to release his latest one entitled, “Time for my Roots.”

MARCIA GRIFFITHS Born: Nov. 23, 1949 (Age: 66) Major Hits: “Electric Boogie” (originally by Bunny Wailer). “Truly”# Solo Albums: 16 Style: Lovers Rock. Strong, smooth voice.


BUJU BANTON Born: July 15, 1973 (Age: 43) # Albums: 11 Major Hits: Bogle, Murderer, Untold Stories, Driver, Magic City S t yl e : Da n ce h a ll , re g g a e . Seamlessly blends both genres with rough, gravelly vocals and high energy performances.

BERES HAMMOND Born: August 28, 1955 (Age 61) # Albums: 19 Major Hits: “Groovy Little Thing”, “What One Dance Can Do”, “Rockaway”, “Full Attention”, “Putting Up Resistance” Style: Lovers Rock. Smooth, distinctive vocals.

SHABBA RANKS Born: Jan. 17, 1966 (Age: 50) Major Hits: Mr. Loverman, Trailer Load A Girls, Ting A Ling # Albums: 14 Style: Booming growl, hardcore dancehall style and electrifying live performances.

Born: Aug. 22, 1973 (Age 42) Major Hits: “Who Am I”, “Girls Dem Sugar”, “Dude”, “I’m Okay”, “Rum & Redbull” Style: Dancehall. Great audience engagement during high energy performances.

KEN BOOTHE Born: Mar. 22, 1948 # Albums: 24 Major Hits: “Lady with the Starlight”, “Everything I Own”, “Artibella” Style: Roots reggae, Ska. Powerful, emotive singer with wide vocal range.

Foundation Artistes!


SWAGGIN’ You know we couldn’t do the YVAs without sharing some of our superb swag gifts courtesy of our generous sponsors! Feeling lucky? Go ahead and peel that sticker back. SORRY

You didn’t win a sponsored swag gift this time around but you’re still Young Hot & Hype!

You may redeem your sticker at the Swag Gift Redemption Counter located at the General Admission entry point.

There’s nothing Hot or Hype about spending too much money on your electricity bill. Big Thanks to Karen Clarke, An Elegant Affair and the YVAs Hype Crew for helping us spread the word about how conservation can help to lower your light bill without sacrificing the things you love to do! JPS, proud energy sponsor of the Youth View Awards.


Tonight we join the An Elegant Af fair Produc tion on the ‘hottest’, ‘hypest’ night of the year, to celebrate the passion, creativity and dynamism of our artistes, musicians, DJ’s, media personalities and icons to name a few. As we continue to define our new Flow brand, our sponsorship of this event becomes extremely timely as we sharpen our focus on music across the region. With the creation of our new FLOW Music concept, we see ourselves playing an integral force within the local and regional music scene as we go forward. By securing exciting partnerships and pioneering new and innovative applications, we are working to fortify the connection between main players in the music industry with the ears that want to hear them.

thank you

Thank you to our amazing sponsors. Your commitment to the vision of the YVAs is what makes it successful. We look forward to celebrating our 10th Anniversary with you! #YouRock ®

This we will further demonstrate through the launch of our online music platform, sponsorship of music- based events and by providing exclusive music content to our customers. Have a spectacular evening and keep connected for other exciting news from us because… #thisishowweflow!



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