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If your business doesn't have its own YouTube channel, quit reading this article right now, head over to YouTube and make one – NOW. Okay, I take it back. Please read this article. Better yet, skim it. You need that channel ASAP. Your YouTube channel is your own personal TV station. But unlike a TV station, it has absolutely zero operating costs. You can upload videos and they're instantly viewable by anybody on earth with a computer and Internet connection. Everybody watches YouTube. It's a great way to get your business noticed. Not only that, you have an opportunity to show them what you do, not just tell them. And the great thing is that you don't have to be Steven Spielberg to make highly effective videos that'll drive new customers to your business. How to Get Started on Your Directorial Debut The first step is to create an account. If you already have a Google mail account for your business, you can use that same email and login to create your YouTube Channel. Go to YouTube ( and find the link that says 'Sign Up' at the top. All you have to do is enter an email address and a name for your account, which should be your

business name or something closely related. Once you've submitted the form, you'll get a confirmation email. Click on the link there, and you're ready to start uploading videos. Before you start pumping out videos, save your channel's URL somewhere. It will give you this after you click on the confirmation link and get redirected to the site. You're going to put this URL everywhere -- on all of your online and offline promotional materials. Making Videos Any kind of business on earth can make great YouTube videos. It's much easier than most people imagine. If you're a restaurant, walk around with a camera and show off your food. If you're a garage, film your mechanics working. For a law firm, have the attorney talk to the camera in an office lined with difficult-looking books and explain how he or she can help your viewers. Or you can basically just talk about what you do and share your expertise. Some of the most viewed YouTube videos are ones where they offer some tips or simple how-to's. If you're a plumber, tell your viewers how to unclog the sink. Don't worry about selling your business's products or services – if you help them with a problem, that'll do the trick. Getting Your Videos Seen The only part that's even a little bit challenging is getting your videos seen. It's not hard, but there are just lots of ways to do it. These include: 

Embedding videos on your Facebook page, website, blog, etc. (and this is really easy to do).

Optimizing with the right keywords in titles, tags and descriptions.

Offering real value and help to people who see your videos.

Put your URL everywhere – in email signatures, on brochures, on receipts or business cards, and so on.

Encouraging customers not only to watch but to become subscribers.

Making your videos entertaining or outrageous (stupid guys falling off roofs, bad singing, etc. – but try to make it relevant to your business!).

And finally, the best but most overlooked method for getting views is to make friends on YouTube. Most people don't realize that it's a social media site just like Twitter or Facebook. Get on there and watch other folks' videos, leave comments, and generally mix and mingle. It's all about networking with other users who have similar interests.

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Develop A Youtube Channel For Your Business  

- Developing a YouTube Channel for Your Business Brought to you by: If your business doesn'...