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Concept Name a box of discoveries

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How does the concept support Philips TV to stand out amongst other TV sets in a shop? The concept stands out amongst other TV sets because it is a striking box between a lot of TV’s. You can imagine different courses filled with TV’s and suddenly a big cardboard box. honeycomb cardboard

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What appealing experience does the concept provide for the customers? They may explore all by themselves the different feautures of the smart Tv. Things they would never discover otherwise. So it’s important to trigger them. Also the experience of the Ambilight is much better in a separate room. So the customers have pleasant feelings about this Tv when they leave the shop

box with remote control as central point

It’s not only the ambilight that is special, but also the smart tv features. The smart tv is simple, has a great usability and is intuitive in use. But why would you test it in a shop, if you don’t know it? Who expect so many features?

Your source of inspiration the application: Philips MyRemote

So I want to create a separate room in the shop made of honeycomb cardboard.The benefits of honeycomb cardboard are sturdy,light but it’s also printable. So you can create different atmospheres inside and outside. In a seperate room the experience of the ambilight is much better because you have no distractions from the thousand other TVs. In this room, the smart tvfeatures are important. You can test it with the remote control which is the central point of the room or with a smart phone. The app for the smart phone gives your more then the remote control. With this app, you see what you see on the television. You can also set your tv when you’re not home. So it’s very important that customers know this!

Full Name Kristof Poelmans

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A box of discoveries  

THE CHALLENGE Philips Smart TV sets are awarded for their unique viewing experience. This reputation is built on the perfect picture quali...

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