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// Kritoffer Codam - Frost //

When landscapes is covered in frost it creates a romantic and somewhat spiritual atmosphere due to the pure white color and rich geometry. The white color is create when light is scattered in many directions through the otherwise translucent crystals. Beautiful as the frost seems it can only exit in a environment below zero degrees, a temperature not related with romance. It is therefore a phenomenon that consists of opposits.

Frost is the crystalization of water, which consists of two oxygen molecules and one hydrogen molecule. When crystalized the shape becomes hexagonal and the amount hexagonal plates make each snowflake unique.

Wilson Bentley was the first to study snowflakes in microscope and till this day not two alike has been found even though they consists of the same strict geometrical rules.

Frost in itself can be isolating and appears when temperature drops below zero degrees when isolation is needed otherwise people cover from frost because it can have fatal consequences if the human body is directly expossed to frost.

A cover creates two worlds, an inside and an outside. There are degrees to which the two worlds are connected. A transparent cover gives a visual connection and an awareness of the inside and an outside. An opaque cover gives no visual connection between the two worlds, leaving no awareness of the two sides unless the other senses are activated. Frost as a cover ranges between transparent and translucent. Frost is moving in relation to the water making the structure constanly changing and a cover that becomes more and more sealed up. When completely sealed the cover will get a translucent appearance due to frost being crystals, which light can pass through.

For further investigation, spider webs are like snowflakes created from a specific patern of geometry and invisble by the eye until light is reflection upon it. A spider web is a cover that like frost ranges between transparent and translucent and in cold weather creates a symbiosis with frost revealing the otherwise transparent spider web.

P1 / Defining Field of Investigation