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The MEDIC Dispatch News From The Front Line January 11, 2010

Don’t Forget These Make-Up In Services Dates Mecklenburg EMS Agency

For individuals who need to attend a make-up Both sessions will be held in the Auditorium. session for November In-Service, please sign Employees MUST wear their uniform. Sign up up for the one of the following dates:

Dates to Remember:

Tuesday, January 12th from 1200—1600 Thursday, January 14th from 1200—

January 11th and 15th CPR Training

January 12th and 14th Make-Up In-Service

January 16th Medic Night at the Bobcats

sheets for both sessions are in the Bay. If you have any questions about make up in-Service, please contact Robin Pariso at or call ext 6143.


Carolinas MED-1 Deployed for Flu Vaccinations On Saturday, January 9th, Carolinas MED-1 housed a clinic for residents of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County to get H1N1 flu shots outside Eastland Mall. The event was held from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm and featured paramedics from our very own Mecklenburg EMS Agency. Saturday’s event marked the first time Carolinas MED-1 was operational in Mecklenburg County. Previously, it had been instrumental in providing medical care to Hurricane Katrina victims and in the flood-ravaged Midwest. It was developed and is owned by Carolinas Medical Center. The first mobile hospital of its kind, Carolina MED-1 was created by our medical director, Dr. Tom Blackwell and is owned by Carolinas Medical Center. The 53-foot trailer consists of an 11-bed critical care unit, an emergency department and full ICU capabilities. The mobile

This Week: Bobcats Game


CPR Training


January Commendations


Training Schedule


Medic Calendar


hospital also has a two-bed operating room and is fully equipped with anesthesia, surgical lights and supplies for emergency or minor surgeries. It also doubles as a shock/resuscitation facility. The concept for Carolina MED-1was first conceived in 2000 as a solution to providing medical care following a natural disaster or other unforeseen events. “We’re really excited, “ said Dr. Tom Blackwell. “We have made a difference in the lives of more than 10,000 people, but have never had the opportunity to help residents in Mecklenburg County. To provide a facility where our neighbors can come and get flu shots is an honor.” The event on was held in conjunction with Carolinas Medical Center and Mecklenburg County Health Department. 1

Medic Night at the Bobcats - Saturday, January 16, 2010 The next Medic Night out at the Bobcats is set for Saturday, Please be aware of the following: • The number in parentheses next to January 16, 2010. The Bobcats will take on the Phoenix Suns your name is the number of children that evening starting at 7:00 pm. Again, Medic children will be (between the ages of 4-12) confirmed to participate in the onable to participate in pregame festivities and everyone will court events. receive Lower Level Seating. Monday morning (January 11th) is the last chance to get

your tickets to the Bobcats game. Please contact Kim Krakower directly ( or stop by her office.

An envelope with game tickets and food vouchers will be placed in your company mailbox on Tuesday, January 12th.

If you have children attending between the ages of 4-12, you will also receive wristband(s) and release form(s) in your envelope.

Please meet in the lobby in front of Section 116 at 6:00 pm for any children (between the ages of 4-12) participating in the on-court events.

Please make sure your child brings a completed release form with them to the lobby.

Any child who does not have a wristband or a completed release form will not be permitted to participate in the on-court events.

Please let us know if any information is incorrect. We can not be held responsible after the fact.

Please read the even details below: The following people are confirmed to attend the Bobcats game on Saturday, January 16th for Medic Night: Terry Bell Shelly McAbee Adam Riascos(2) Charvetta Ford McGriff(1) Ronisha Black(2) Kariena Bernesser Leigh Taibe(1) Paul Burns(1) Shante Rivers(1) Robin Geck(1) Keith Overcash

Jamal Peay Heather Smith(1) Amber Davis David Toney Lisa Wilson Corinne Walser(1) Dan Baltimore Dale Cordice William Worthey Cory Colvin Littlejohn Goodwin

Please contact Nikkie Perry in the Public Relations Department at if you have any questions, need to make any changes or cancellations.

PLEASE READ: 2010 AHA CPR - BLS for Healthcare Providers Courses Below are the class date for Medic AHA CPR Courses for employees. Remember PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED and WALK INS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED. In addition, employees must wear their uniforms and all classes will be in the Auditorium. Dates are as follows: •

JANUARY – 8, 11, 15, 18, 1300-1700 / Jan 21, 28 1800-2200 **The CPR class for January 18th has been cancelled due to the MLK holiday. It has been rescheduled for Saturday, January 23rd at 1000-1400. **Two additional classes will be held on Saturday, January 23rd from 1400-1800 and 1800-2200.

APRIL – 9, 12, 16, 19, 1300-1700 / Apr 22, 29 1800-2200

JULY – 9, 12, 16, 19, 1300-1700 / July 22, 29 1800-2200

OCTOBER – 8, 11, 15, 18, 1300-1700 / Oct 21, 28, 1800-2200

TO REGISTER FOR A CLASS – EMAIL your requested date to Robin Pariso: or call ext 6143.


Out of County Equipment

Social Media and Networking Sites

As one of the country’s top providers in emergency medical services, our field crews continue to set the standard of excellence for other area EMS agencies. It is especially important that we continue to be mindful of this high standard when using equipment from other “outof-county” departments.

Social media and its impact on our lives has increased greatly within the last 5 years. People are now more easily connected, information is shared and on-line communities are formed. Medic recognizes the value and popularity of on-line social networking sites (e.g., Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, etc.) and blogs as vital communications and networking tools for individuals, agencies and businesses.

Currently, Medic has a group focused and working on the development of policies and Recently, field crews have begun to find more spine boards practices specific to the use of from out-of-county departments on our units. This occurrence social networking sites by the obviously does not help the out-of-county departments when Agency and its employees. In they arrive at a Mecklenburg facility, try to pick up their the interim, employees are equipment and the equipment is no longer there. While out- reminded that existing Medic of-county departments may occasionally use some of our policies HIPAA, Standards of equipment, as the largest EMS agency in the county, we should Behavior, Employees as set the example and not use their equipment unless our Representatives of the Agency system is at system status zero and there is not Medic gear and Communications Environment Acceptable Use apply whether the employee is on available at the facility to put you back in service. or off-duty and includes electronic communications of any If you have any questions about equipment use, please contact type. Richard Dean for more information at We all bear responsibility for representing ourselves, our or call ext 6053. profession and the Agency with dignity, respect and high professional standards.

Golden Anniversary

If you have any questions about social media or any of the above policies, please contact Richard Dean for more information at or call ext 6053.

Congratulations to North Mecklenburg Rescue on 50 wonderful years of service!

Congratulations to ALL employees who received commendations in December! Eric Bitler

Ronald Kennerly

Emil Ruiz

Veronica Brittain

Malcolm Leirmoe

Michael Sherriff

Amber Brock

Emily Little

Jerome Souza

Harley Conrad

Gabriel McGaha

Angela Suttle

Jeremie Conroy

Milan Merges

Robert Thomas

Jorge Figueroa

Thomas Nagel

Scott Wilson

Robin Geck

Mitchell Neugebauer

Lester Norris

Mali Green

Mary Rimmer

Donald Overcash

Jeffery Jackson

Jeffery Roberts

Justin Pfund

Kristi Kay

Charles Rorie

Christopher Pinto


January 2010 Sun


3 A









Sat 1A


8 B


CPR Training 1300 - 1700 10 B

11 A

CPR Training 1300 - 1700 17 A

18 B

12 A

13 B

Make Up In-Service

Make Up In-Service

1200 - 1600

1200 - 1600

19 B

20 A


25 A

21 A

CPR Training 1800 - 2200

Office Closed

24 B

14 B

26 A

27 B

28 B

15 A

CPR Training 1300 - 1700

16 A

Medic Night at the Bobcats

22 B

CPR Training 1000 - 1400

23 B

CPR Training 1000-1400, 14001800 & 1800-2200

29 A

30 A

CPR Training 1800 - 2200 30 A

Medic Calendar

In-Service Training


Medic Events

AHA CPR Refresher Classes at Medic


CLASS TIME: 1300-1700 **except where otherwise noted

Recertification Testing

MEDIC Mecklenburg EMS Agency 4525 Statesville Road Charlotte, NC 28269 Tel: 704-943-6000

LOCATION: MEDIC AUDITORIUM Jan - 8, 11, 15 / 21, 28 ** 1800-2200 **Jan 23 1000-1400, 1400-1800 & 18002200** April - 9, 12, 16, 19 / 22, 29 ** 1800-2200

Fax: 704-943-6001

July - 9, 12, 16, 19 / 22, 29 ** 1800-2200

Visit Us on the Web!

Oct - 8, 11, 15, 18 / 21, 28 ** 1800-2200


NC Scope of Practice Recertification Testing

Dates will be Announced Soon - Please watch for further communications

If you have any questions or to register for a class PLEASE contact the Education Coordinator at extension 6143.

Medic Dispatch – January 11, 2010  

Medic Employee Newsletter

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