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The MEDIC Dispatch News From The Front Line December 14, 2009

Service Awards and ROSC Recognition Event Mecklenburg EMS Agency Dates to Remember:

December 14th ACLS Training

December 15th CMED In-Service

December 18th Recertification Testing

December 22nd Employee Holiday Party

On Thursday evening, December 10th, 125 Medic employees, friends and family members gathered at Post 100 to celebrate some impressive personal milestones. It was a festive evening full of surprises, as Medic’s main office was transformed into party central for this very special occasion. The evening started at 5:30 with hors d’oeurves in the Paramedic training room. The venue was quickly filled with pockets of story telling and laughter as Medic employees took the opportunity to re-connect with colleagues they don’t get to spend time with nearly often enough. Following the reception everyone filed into the auditorium, which had been artfully decorated and re-lit to create a suitable staging area for the presentation of the evening’s awards. The service awards were presented first, with twenty six Medic employees stepping forward to accept well deserved recognition for their many years of loyal service to this Agency. The awards were accompanied by a cleverly orchestrated video production (created by Medic’s talented production master Doug Bell) that took everyone for a ride down memory lane. Thirty years of history and pop culture were highlighted to remind everyone in the room of precisely what was happening when each of the employee groups first joined the Agency. The real highlight of the Service Awards, though, was when Deborah Parrish and Darrell Love were presented with their awards in recognition of thirty years of service to Medic. Each received a resounding standing ovation from the overflowing crowd in the auditorium, an honor they most definitely deserved.

This Week: Holiday Party


Performance Pay


Bobcats Game


Training Schedule


Medic Calendar


Following the Service Awards, the focus of the evening turned to Medic’s outstanding performance in treating patients in sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). 250 different Medic employees have played a hand in achieving Return of Spontaneous Circulation (ROSC) on a SCA patient between 1/1/07 and 12/31/08. Seventy such employees were recognized last month in a similar ceremony held at CPCC’s Halton Theater. On Thursday night, an additional thirty six employees stepped to the stage to receive a pin honoring their role in anywhere from one to seven successful ROSC’s which occurred during this timeframe. Based on the overwhelming positive feedback received from those who attended one of the two employee recognition events held over the past couple of months, you can count on additional such events in the years to come. 1

Service Awards and ROSC Award Distribution If you were unable to make it to the Service Awards Event on Thursday, December 10, 2009 - you can now pick up your award from Miki or Kristin between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm. If you cannot swing by during these hours, please contact Kristin Young as soon as possible - extension 6165. If you received a ROSC award, you will soon be receiving your bar from your immediate Supervisor. Award distribution will begin THIS WEEK. If you have any questions about Services Awards or ROSC Awards, please contact Kristin Young or your immediate supervisor. Thank you and Congrats!

Medic Holiday Party - Tuesday, December 22, 2009 ALL Medic Employees are invited to our annual Holiday Party on Tuesday, December 22, 2009. The party will kick off at 2:00 pm and will be held in the training room. Again this year, we are asking employees to bring a small wrapped gift for a ‘Yankee Swap’ game! (Gifts should be no more than $10) The holiday party will be a potluck and we are asking all employees bring something small to share. If you would like to attend, please RSVP to Kristin Young by THIS Friday, December 18th. Please make sure you RSVP with what food item you will be bringing to the party.

Medic Store Open House Purchases This is a reminder for all employees who purchased items from the Medic Store Open House on either Thursday, November 19th or Friday, November 20th. All items will be shipped to Kristin Young within 1 to 2 weeks. She will contact employees and let them know where and when your items can be picked up. For those employees who are still interested in purchasing something from the Open House, please stop by to see Kristin about ordering and timelines. Remember, t-shirts, hats and pens can still be purchased from either Kristin or Miki. However, employees must purchase these items by cash or check, since Medic no longer allows payroll deduction due to a new government policy.

Videos from the ROSC Event on November 5, 2009 Employees that are interested in a copy of the ROSC Employee Recognition event on November 5, 2009 or December 10, 2009 can now place their orders. Please contact Doug Bell directly at and let him know that you are interested in a copy.

Don’t Forget: CMED In-Service Dates Attention all CMED Employees! The following are the remaining In-Services dates for 2009: Tuesday December 15th at 1000—1400. 2010 CMED In-Service dates will be released as soon as they are available. If you have any questions, please contact your immediate Supervisor. 2

Performance Pay Update - Tracking Period 2 The performance numbers for the current Performance Pay Tracking Period are in for the month of November. Please note that P1 Trauma Scene time is now being counted in the mix, as was stated when this program was unveiled. The goal is to get off of qualifying P1 Trauma scenes in less than 10 minutes on average.

There are a number of P1 traumas that are being weeded out of the data due to extenuating circumstances beyond the control of a Medic crew. These include multiple P1 patients on scene and MVA’s with pin-ins. For a detailed account of what is and is not being counted towards the P1 trauma scene time data, please see your Supervisor. The intent here is to ensure that all P1 trauma patients get to the hospital as quickly as possible within the bounds of excellent patient care and protocol.

The data for this tracking period (11/1/09-2/28/10), through the month of November, is as follows (red items are not on target): Qualifying Criteria (MUST hit both for performance payouts to occur) •

Medic Financial Standing vs. Budget: On Target

Patient Satisfaction: 58.1% (only 31 of 100 total patient satisfaction surveys have been completed for November)

Performance Pay Criteria (20% of possible payout tied to each individual tracking area) • •

Hospital Turn Time Average: 33:19 Response Times: P1 = 95.22%; P2 = 97.79%; P3 = 96.84%

Agency Driver Safety Scoring Average: 8

CMED MPDS Compliance: 96.45%

P1 Trauma Scene Times: 10:51

Remember that this is just month one of a four month tracking period. Anything that is not on target now can still be improved upon. We brought up Patient Satisfaction last tracking period from a lower point than we are currently starting at. Remember to utilize AIDET at all times – it helps. If you have any questions, please see you Supervisor or any member of the Senior Leadership Team.

REMINDER: Hospitals “Tobacco Free” Environments This is a reminder that all Carolinas Healthcare and Novant Healthcare Facilities are designated “Tobacco Free” Environments. It is important that we do not use tobacco products while on these premises. Contrary to popular belief the following areas are considered to be hospital property, and are not for tobacco use: •

Any sidewalk adjacent to hospital property, i.e. beside the Scott Avenue parking deck at CMC, or on Caswell Road next to the ambulance bay at Presbyterian.

Blythe Blvd is considered to be on the campus of CMC, and therefore is a tobacco free area.

The above are only examples. Do not use tobacco products on any hospital property. Feel free to contact Tim Marshburn ( with any questions you may have in regards to the hospital smoking policies. 3

Meet AFLAC Represetentatives at Post 100 Are you an employee interested in speaking with one of Medic’s AFLAC representatives? This week, two representatives will be at Post 100 to talk with employees during shift changes. Representatives will be at Medic between 5:30am to 9:00am and 3:00pm to 7:00PM on the following dates: December 15th December 17th Drew and Terry from AFLAC will be camped out by logistics in the bay and will be happy to discuss any insurance needs with our employees. If you have any questions about this benefit and others, please contact Leigh Taibe in HR at ext 6086.

Communications Procedure Related to Focused Cardiac Arrest Please review and comply with the following procedure that is related to communications between CFD and Medic when responding to an incident involving a cardiac arrest:

CMED personnel will provide the responding Medic unit and operations supervisor with the assigned CFD operations channel as soon as it’s known. Medic crews should immediately contact the responding CFD company and advise their unit number.

IF CFD arrives first, they will notify or confirm CPR in progress and give the responding Medic unit updated information i.e. specific location, special needs, etc. If the Medic unit arrives first, they will in turn notify or confirm CPR in progress and provide the updated information to the responding CFD unit. •

Crews are reminded that they must continue to monitor the assigned Medic operations channel at all times and assure called related times are communicated to CMED.

There are times that responding CFD company’s will have three (3) personnel assigned instead of the typical complement of four (4). This information will be provided to the Medic crew once radio contact is made with the on scene CFD captain. Medic crews should be aware that in these cases all three (3) CFD personnel will be involved with direct patient care and the company engineer will not be available to assist the Medic crew with the equipment and the captain will have limited ability to assist with documentation.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact either Steven Vandeventer ( or Barry Bagwell ( Thank you in advance for your compliance.


Message of Appreciation from Presbyterian Cardiologists Presbyterian physicians Dr. Sid Fletcher (ED) and Dr. John Pasquini (Cardiology) wanted to extend their appreciation to our Medic Field Crews on the exceptional work they do with Code STEMI patients. Both the Cardiology Department and the Emergency Department praised the phenomenal job our employees do with handling STEMI patients. The work that our field crews do to detect and classify patients who have a STEMI is outstanding. They want to thank you for your hard work and wanted to know how much they appreciated our crews. Way to go guys! Keep up the great work.

NEXT Medic Night at the Bobcats - Saturday, January 16, 2010 The next Medic Night out at the Bobcats is set for Saturday, January 16, 2010. The Bobcats will take on the Phoenix Suns that evening starting at 7:00 pm. Again, Medic children will be able to participate in pregame festivities and everyone will receive Lower Level Seating. Employees who are interested in attending Medic night can sign up with Kim Krakower. Please contact Kim directly ( or stop by her office. Please read the even details below: •

This event is limited to Medic Employees and their immediate family members – significant others and children

There is a maximum of 6 tickets per family

The cost is $8 per person or a maximum cost of $24 per family

Food vouchers will be included - 1 per ticket

Children between ages of 5 - 12 eligible for pre-game on court activities (up to 42 kids)

All attendees’ names must be provided to Kim Krakower when registering Children must be registered by name and age with Kim Krakower when purchasing tickets if parents want them included in pre-game activities Wristbands will be provided to Medic employees for all kids who are participating in pre-game activities along with the tickets and food vouchers

Kids must have their wristbands on when they attend the game

Everyone involved in pre-game activities must be there at 6:00 when game opens If you have any questions, please see Jeff Keith in the Public Relations Department or contact him directly

UPDATE: Clocking in for In-Service Attention Employees - when attending In-service training it is imperative that you push the “training” soft key on the time clock. If you do not clock in, payroll will not know you are attending In-service. Thus, failing to clock in will result in confusion, delay in your pay due to writing an additional check or adjustment on next payroll and lots of unnecessary work for many folks. Also, failing to clock in may result in disciplinary action, this goes for training and for worked hours. If you have any questions about clocking in, please see your immediate supervisor or a member of the schedule department. 5

Next Simulations Set to Begin January 25, 2010 The next simulation center rotation will begin on January 25, 2010. All EMT and paramedic-certified personnel with MEDIC are required to complete this simulation rotation. Again, the simulation scenarios are written to meet the North Carolina Office of EMS objectives, U.S. DOT curriculum objectives, and Mecklenburg EMS Patient Care Protocols and do provide continuing education credit toward recertification.

In order to make the experience in the simulation center as realistic as possible, it will be necessary for full-time employees to schedule an appointment to go through the simulation center with their partner (if one is currently assigned). If you are a new employee riding in a third-person status, you should plan to go through the rotation with your current crew. Part-time employees may schedule themselves to go through the simulator with another part-time employee or can schedule to fill an existing simulation center appointment vacancy.

All certified personnel must contact either Melissa Garifo (ext. 6138), Brian Shimberg (ext. 6142), or Robin Pariso (ext. 6143) to schedule an appointment. The deadline to schedule an appointment is Friday, January 8, 2010. Again, attending the simulation rotation is mandatory and provides (10) hours of continuing education toward your recertification. If you are a paramedic and are planning to participate in the National Registry Research Project that is occurring simultaneous to this round of simulation, please be sure to notify Medical Services of your intention to participate in the research project when you sign up for your simulation appointment. In addition, please keep the following in mind: •

Do not sign up within two (2) hours of your 10-42 time.

Operations will follow the disciplinary process for a no call/no show to your scheduled simulation appointment.

If you cannot attend the time slot that you signed up for, it is your responsibility to do a switch and a find a replacement for your time slot.

A simulation center rotation schedule will be posted in Operations. Please be sure to remember the date and time that you sign up for as we will not be sending out appointment reminders.

Be dressed in your Medic uniform for your simulation.

Please contact a member of Medical Services if you have any questions

New Medic Security System Upgrade Medic recently completed upgrading the Agency’s security system. This includes new cameras, features and security locks on the doors. Some doors that were not previously badge protected now are. Doors that were always badge protected still are, though the reader may have been swapped out as part of the upgrade. The new system is going live in intervals, which started on Tuesday, December 8th with the doors at the front of post 100 (main office). Your badge should work as it has in the past. However, if you do experience an unexpected problem – please inform the IT department immediately. You can see them in person, call 6111 or submit a work order online. Like any new technology based system, there will surely be some kinks to work out. We appreciate your patience and constructive feedback as we bring the system online and increase the level of employee security at our main office.


December NC Recertification Testing

EMS Con Ed Opportunity

Below is a list individuals who need to sign up for NC Recertification Testing. If your name is on this list, please contact Robin Pariso immediately to sign up for a session/testing (at 6143). If you have any additional questions about testing, please contact Robin as well.

Participants completing this program will be able to properly perform patient triage, decontamination, treatment and transportation in the even of exposure to chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive weapons. The course consists of facilitated discussions, small group exercises, hands-on activities and task-orientated practical applications. Course participants will use both state-of-the-art adult and pediatric human patient simulators to promote critical thinking skills while utilizing the RAPID-care concept.








Course Dates: December 15-17, 2009 (total of 24 hours)






Course Location: Mecklenburg County/TBA Participant Audience: EMTs and Paramedics


Prerequisites: Participants must complete two online courses before attending - no cost to participant:

MEDIC Hockey Team Update

Visit and complete:

The Medic Hockey Team took SECOND place in their division during regular season play this Winter/Fall. The team is set to

- Basic EMS Concepts for WMD Incidents - WMD/Terrorism Awareness for Emergency Responders

compete in the playoffs THIS WEEK. Semi-finals will be played on Tuesday, December 15th at 7:50 pm and 9:15 pm. FINALS will be play on Wednesday,

More Information or to Register Contact:

December 16th at 7:50 pm.

Sarah Seiler with MTAC at or 704.258.8966

All games are held at the Ice House in Pineville (400 Towne Center Blvd).


Come out to support the team and your colleagues. The Dispatch will update you on the results of the playoffs. Good Luck Guys!


December 2009 Sun


Nov. 29 B



Nov. 30 A

6 A

Make Up In-Service

1800 - 2200

1200 - 1600

14 A

16 B

23 A


29 A

30 B



Recertification Testing

18 A

19 A

Recertification Testing

25 B

26 B


Office Closed

28 A

ACLS Training 1300 - 1700 Recertification Testing

24 A

Recertification Testing

27 B

11 B

Recertification Testing

22 B


ACLS Training 1300 - 1700

17 B

CMED In-Service 1000 - 1400

21 B


10 A

Service Awards & ROSC Recognition Event

15 A

ACLS Training 1300 - 1700 20 A


CMED In-Service 1000 - 1400



LIVE Make Up In-Service


ACLS Training 1300 - 1700





13 B


Office Closed

31 B

Jan. 1 A

Jan. 2 A

New Years Day Holiday

Medic Calendar

In-Service Training


Medic Events

AHA Refresher Classes at Medic


CLASS TIME: 1300-1700 **except where otherwise noted

Recertification Testing

MEDIC Charlotte, NC 28269 Tel: 704-943-6000 Fax: 704-943-6001



Mecklenburg EMS Agency 4525 Statesville Road

NC Scope of Practice Recertification Testing

DEC 18, 19, 21 ACLS DEC

If you have any questions or to register for a class PLEASE contact the Education Coordinator at extension



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