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The MEDIC Dispatch News From The Front Line June 14, 2010

Mecklenburg EMS

12-Lead ECG Monitor Updates


To assist in resolving the pairing and transmitting issues we have had in the past between our Philips Monitors and EPCR Tablets, Philips is sending a technical representative to MEDIC to

Dates to Remember:

investigate the issues. We need everyone to attempt the following tasks and report all issues to IT at 704.943.6111 or to the OA to enter a Help Desk ticket in order to make sure this process is as smooth and accurate as possible:

June 14th ACLS Training 1300-1700 June 17th ACLS Training 1800-2200 June 22nd


Pair your Philips Monitor with the EPCR Tablet at the start of every shift.


When transporting a suspected STEMI patient to CMC Main, send the patient’s 12-Lead ECG via fax as soon as possible.


In addition to printing the ECG’s off the Philips Monitor, attach the ECG’s to all PCR’s within SIREN.

InService 1800-2200 June 24th InService 1200-1600

Again, any and all issues with these tasks should be reported to the IT Department via phone or Help Desk ticket so that these issues can be passed along to the Philips representatives for resolution.

ACLS Training 1800-2200 June 25th InService 0800-1200 June 28th InService 0800-1200 1800-2200 June 30th InService

A Letter to the Agency from Miki Pierce


This Week: Bring Your Certification Card


Make Your Opinion Count


Employee Commendations


May Volume Call Stats


Medic in the Media


Are You Fashionably Late?


Training Schedule


Dear Medic Employees: No words could ever express my thanks and appreciation for the caring and support that the entire Medic team has given me over my 10+ years. May 16th of this year just further confirmed what a great group of professionals work for Medic (each and everyone). The service for Deborah, I’m sure made her very proud. Thank you all from my heart. I am proud to have been one of the original architects of the Mecklenburg EMS Agency. With everlasting devotion, - - Miki


Bring Your Certification Cards! InService has returned for the month of June and will resume back to its normal schedule of six sessions. Please be sure to register for one of the following dates and times below. All employees must be in uniform and all sessions will be held in the Medic Auditorium. All employees must also bring original copies of their certification card(s): 

NC EMT/EMT-I/EMT-P (Original Cards Only)


ACLS, CPR, PALS (Original Cards That Pertain to Your Certification Level)

Tuesday, June 22nd

6:00 pm—10:00 pm

Thursday, June 24th

12:00 pm—4:00 pm

Friday, June 25th

8:00 am—12:00 pm

Monday, June 28th

8:00 am—12:00 pm and 6:00 pm—10:00 pm th

Wednesday, June 30

6:00 pm—10:00 pm

If you have any questions or to register for the June InService, please contact Robin Pariso in Medical Services at Thank you.

IV vs. IO during Cardiac Arrest Study Paramedic Study Update: The study, “IV versus IO during Cardiac Arrest,” continues to run smoothly with over 40 patients enrolled during a 5week period. Paramedics, please remember to check-out one study card prior to every shift. The assigned vascular access method should only apply to the first attempt at vascular access. All subsequent attempts should follow Focused Cardiac Arrest protocol and occur at the tibial IO. Thank you for your participation! Study Reminders:

 Only enroll the first MEDICAL cardiac arrest. Traumatic arrests are to be excluded.  Study card applies to the FIRST attempt at vascular access.  Subsequent attempts should follow Focused Cardiac Arrest protocol (ie, tibial IO).  Call the study voicemail after every medical cardiac arrest.  Turn-in completed study cards to the O.A. following any medical cardiac arrest. Don’t forget to complete the “Paramedic Survey” provided by the O.A. Please contact Steve Vandeventer at or 980.406.1220 or Dr. Rosalyn Reades or 704.948.6058 with any questions you may have about the IV vs. IO during Cardiac Arrest study. Your cooperation and compliance is essential to the success of this project. Thank you.


Make Your Opinion Count It’s time to make your opinion count by sharing how we can improve as an Agency! Medic Employee Survey: June 22nd—30th, 2010 

Field employees will take it during June in-service


CMED and other Medic staff members will take it at designated times during this period

Several positive changes were made as a result of last year’s survey, including: 

The field/CMED liaison committee was re-established


A new employee recognition program was created (details coming out this month, stay tuned)


Overall communication efforts were stepped up


Vehicle and post cleanliness was given greater attention

Medic Employee Survey June 22nd—30th, 2010 Make it constructive

Make it fair

Make a difference! 3

Congratulations to ALL employees who received commendations in May! Luis Barrera

Mariann Earwood

Robin Lamb

Beth Pethel

Richard Uhlich

Jay Black (2)

David Garber

Julio Lizarazo

David Phillips

Steven Vandeventer

Keisha Boyer

William Gibson

Amanda Mackey

Jeffery Porter

Sarah Walser

Danielle Breeden

Robert Graf

James Maneval

Tina Robedee

Jason Willis

Lincoln Brown

Mali Green

Tiffany Nash

Jeffery Roberts

Lisa Wilson

Anthony Carriker

Bradley Howell

Lester Norris

Christopher Simmons Sheridan Wilson

Anne Carter

Mohammad Jarrahizadeh

Tyler North

Todd Sims

Edward Clay

Tanesha Johson

Chance Osbourne Ashley Smith

Thomas Wright

Elliott Climer

Catherine Jordan

Patrick Pariso

Gene Starnes

Rebecca Zamangi-Mander

Cory Colvin

Hannah Kimbrell

Antonio Pattillo

Trevor Taylor

Katherine Currin

Panagtotis Kourkoulis

Christopher Peet

David Toney

Need a Tuition Discount?

Wilson Woods (2)

Our Fellow Graduates Medic is proud to highlight the recent

Starting in late May, the online

graduates of some our fellow employees:

university established the Towns/ Kopis Emergency Response Discount. The discount offers a 25% reduction in tuition to undergraduate response students and Fraternal Order

EMT-Crew Chief Tiffany Johnson will celebrate the graduation of her daughter, Jasmine Davis, today from Harding

Police members. To be eligible for the tuition discount, students must be currently (or within the past five years) employed or volunteering in areas of law enforcement, emergency services, Civil Air Patrol (CAP), fire safety and/

University High. Jasmine will attend Winston-Salem State University in the fall where she will major in nursing. EMT-BLS Relief Team Leader Shelley McAbee celebrated the graduation of her

or rescue work.

son, Stephen McAbee, this past Saturday from Myers Park High. Upon graduation, Stephen will attend ITT Tech where she will major in computer networking.

Emergency response students who have been employed within the past five years will need to submit an official letter from their most recent employer within one of the previously mentioned fields in order to qualify to receive emergency response benefits

Medic Dispatch will begin running monthly announcements on the friends and family of Medic employees. Please contact Nikkie Perry at if you would like to have your friend/family member highlighted!

For more information about about the Towns/Kopis Emergency Response Discount, please visit their website at 4

May Call Volume Stats May was an impressive month as Medic continued to experience high call volume and set new records! A total of 8,775 calls were received by our Telecommunicators during the period from May 1st to May 31st. A new record, 6,805, was also set for the total number of transports! The Medic Dispatch would like to thank all of our talented EMTs, Paramedics and Telecommunicators for continuing to provide excellent patient care. A special thank you also goes out to all support staff who make sure our teams are prepared with the tools and resources needed to do their jobs everyday. To view all of the stats for the month of May, please visit Thank you.

May 2010 Call Volume # NET Calls 11%

Priority 1       Call  Volume 16%

Priority 3       Call  Volume 14%

Priority 1 Call Volume Priority 2 Call Volume Priority 3 Call Volume # NET Calls

Priority 2       Call  Volume 59%

Employee Highlight Please be sure to welcome new hire John White! John has come aboard as the Facilities Maintenance Technician. In his role, John will be responsible for the upkeep, routine maintenance and repairs for Post 100 and other outlying posts occupied by the Agency. As the third eldest of seven children, John was part of the first graduating class from Phillip O. Berry High School back in 2005. The Charlotte-native’s hobbies include golf, basketball, baseball and fixing race cars. 1. My favorite dessert is… Ice Cream 2. What do you like best about your hometown? I like that I know my city pretty well. I can give directions, point out land marks and fun things to do in Charlotte. 3. If you could have the starring role in one film already made, which movie would you pick? It would probably be the movie ‘Transformers’. I loved the graphics and the life-like characters. 4. What is in your CD player right now? Brad Paisley’s ‘American Saturday Night.’ 5. Favorite childhood toy? My favorite childhood toy was definitely a baseball. But, growing up I loved any type of sports. 5

Medic in the Media The month of May was an extremely busy month the Public Relations department, which also included two Employee Recognition events and National EMS Week. In addition to these events, PR handled media inquires that pertained to several calls and incidents responded to by both our CMED and Field employees. Overall, Medic and our employees were mentioned a total of 113 times in the media over the course of the month. After reviewing the Medic television hits and online mentions, Medic employees had a very busy month and dealt with some particularly challenging calls. Medic was needed at several MVAs (multiple vehicle accidents) during the month, including one where 8 priority patients needed treatment from our employees. There were two minor school bus accidents and several pedestrians struck. Medic employees were also called to two separate fire-related incidents where residents needed to be checked and treated. The PR department would like to remind employees that they can view media clips online. Employees can visit and click on About Medic – In the News. Clips are continuously updated and feature our employees and agency happenings. Some new clips include: YMCA of Greater Charlotte – AED Preparedness Recognition, Telecommunicator Week, MCI Drill Coverage and much more! If you have any suggestions about stories or calls of interests, please contact Kristin Young in the PR department at or ext. 6165.

April InService Makeup Dates Below are the makeup dates and times for anyone who missed April InService. Please be sure to make any necessary adjustments in your schedule to attend. Sign-up sheets are located in the Truck Bay Area. Sign-up is mandatory to attend. If you have any questions about the April InService makeup dates, please contact Robin Pariso in Medical Services at Thank you.

Thursday, June 17th

12:00 pm—4:00 pm

Friday, June 18th

12:00 pm—4:00 pm 6

Are You Fashionably Late? As part of our way of saying thank you and celebrating everyone within the Agency, Medic offered each employee the option to choose from one of four gift options during EMS Week (please see Medic gift options to the left). Numerous attempts have been made to get everyone’s gift selection. The absolute, final deadline for Medic Employee Gift selections must be made no later than Friday, June 25th at 12 Noon. All selections received by this time will be submitted to our vendor for processing. If you have not made your Medic Employee Gift selection by this date, one will not be chosen for you and you will ultimately not receive a gift. According to our updated records, the following people have not yet made their Medic Employee Gift Selection. Signup sheets and Medic Gift Option descriptions have been given to your supervisors and will be made available for you to make your gift selection. Please do not miss out on this final opportunity to make your Medic Employee gift selection. Please contact Nikkie Perry at or ext. 6178 should you have any questions. Thank you. Logan Baker

Nikki Duncan

Joshua Juarez

Don Singer

Chad Wilson

Regina (Ginny) Baldauff

Dusty Edwards

Anthony Kutas

Ashley Smith

Heidi Wozniak

Robert Bivens

John Fisher

Donna Layton

Lindsay Smith

Patrick Boswell

David Garber

Rebecca Lee

Misty Socha

Keisha Boyer

John Gibson

Adriana Lever

Matthew Stegall

Allison (Ali) Brinzey

William Gibson

Darrell Love

Jennifer Stout

Ty Brown

Kara Gilroy

Jake Lowe

Brad Sudz

John Burgess

Ralph Giuliano

John Marlowe

Heather Teague

Dion Burleson

Julio Gonzalez

Mitchell Neugebauer

Brett Testerman

Missy Caldwell

Chateau Grace

Tony Pattillo

Barry Thorton

Matthew Campbell

Mali Green

Chris Pinto

John Tompkins

Margaret Carmichael

Charles Gunter

Gary Richardson

Maureen Townes

Kimberly Cauble

Rebekah Hart-O’Sullivan George Ross

Jonathan Varalli

Treven Cherry

Katie Henderson

Megan Ruane

Melanie Varnador

Todd Childers

Robin Hyatt

Emil Ruiz

William Walton

Ed Clay

Jeffery Jackson

Michael Saxton

Jennifer White

Ken Davis

Tanesha Johnson

Nick Sheets

Tonya Whitesides

Kennedy Deese

Lawrence Johnson

Ila Simmons

Andy Williams


June 2010 Sun



Wed 1A





2 B


5 A

ACLS Training 1300—1700

6 A



9 A

10 A

ACLS Training 1300—1700

13 B

12 B

ACLS Training 1300—1700

14 A

15 A

16 B

17 B

18 A

19 A

25 B

26 B

ACLS Training 1800—2200

ACLS Training 1300—1700

20 A

11 B

21 B

22 B

23 A

24 A

InService 1800—2200

InService 1200—1600

InService 0800—1200

ACLS Training 1800—2200 27 B

28 A

InService 0800—1200 1800—2200

29 A

30 B

InService 1800—2200

2010 Training Schedule

Medic Calendar In-Service Training


Medic Events Holidays Recertification Testing

MEDIC Mecklenburg EMS Agency

CLASS TIME: 1300-1700 **except where otherwise noted CPR JULY - 9, 12, 16, 19 / 22, 29 ** 1800-2200 OCT - 8, 11, 15, 18 / 21, 28 ** 1800-2200

Charlotte, NC 28269

Fax: 704-943-6001


ALL CON ED must be up to date at time of testing.

NOV - 5, 8, 12, 15 = 1300-1700 / NO NIGHT CLASSES ACLS

Tel: 704-943-6000


PALS AUG - 6, 9, 13, 16 = 1300-1700 / ** AUG 19, 26 1800-2200

4525 Statesville Road

NC Scope of Practice Recertification Testing

JUNE - 4, 7, 11, 14 = 1300-1700 / ** JUNE 17, 24 1800-2200

To schedule a test appt date and time, email Robin Pariso at

SEPT - 10, 13, 17, 20 = 1300-1700 / ** SEPT 23, 30 1800-2200 Visit Us on the Web!

DEC - 3, 6, 10, 13

= 1300-1700 / NO NIGHT CLASSES

JULY 9, 10, 12, 16, 17, 19 (Expiration Dates AUG – OCT 2010) OCT 8, 9, 11, 15, 16, 18 (Expiration Dates NOV, DEC 2010, JAN 2011)


Medic Dispatch - June 14, 2010  

Medic Employee Newsletter