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The MEDIC Dispatch News From The Front Line February 8, 2010

Learning the ABC’s of CPR On Tuesday, January 26th, Medic hosted 11

Mecklenburg EMS

individuals who were extremely interested in becoming CPR and AED certified. Karina


Runyan, Communications Supervisor Bryan Runyan’s wife, contacted Medic and wanted to set up a certification course in Spanish.

Dates to Remember:

Karina, who works for Presbyterian Hospital in

February 8th

Health Ministry for the Latino community, had

PALS Training

several people approach her with the interest of becoming CPR certified for adults, children and infants. The Medic PR Department and one


of Medic’s CPR instructors, Tracy Gaskins, then set up the CPR class for these 11 individuals at

February 12th

Post 100. All class participants passed the training session under then instruction of Tracy and

PALS Training

earned a certification card.


Medic would like to thank Karina for gathering this group of individuals to learn the importance of CPR and the correct steps of how to use it. The PR Department is happy to schedule CPR classes for Medic employees’ family and friends. Please keep in mind there is an associated cost of $15 per person and each class has to have a minimum of 10 participants. If you know someone who is interested in setting up a CPR class, please contact Kristin Young in the PR Department at or ext. 6165. Thank you.

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Medic in the Media The New Year is off to a great start for the Public Relations team! During the month of January, our local media outlets highlighted Medic in several news pieces. These stories include:

New Years Eve Preparedness (featuring Bryan Edwards) – on Channels 9 & News 14

CMED and Dispatcher Education (featuring Barry Bagwell) – News Channel 36

Be sure to check out the Medic website full of new Heart Month information and updates!

(debunking the Today Show’s national piece on dispatchers which focused on a lack of certification requirements for Emergency Medical Dispatchers in Texas)

Hypothermia: Signs & Protection (two separate pieces: Jeff Keith & Kristin Young) – News Channel 36, Channel 9

Winter Storm Preparedness (two ‘winter storm’ stories: Jeff Keith & Kristin Young) – News Channel 9, 36 and 14

Sprinter Announcement (featuring Bryan Edwards) – News Channel 9

Medic was also mentioned in several media driven stories during the month of January. These stories related to our patients being treated in motor vehicle accidents, house fires/burns, a suspicious smell aboard an airplane at Charlotte-Douglas Airport and much more. Medic was either featured or mentioned 235 times by the media in the month of January. The chart below reflects Medic’s media coverage from January 2009 through January 2010:

Media Placements By Origin and Cumulative Jan 09 - Jan 10 350 300 250 200 150



Reactive Proactive

50 0

Placements Jan





















Jan 30





































If you missed the opportunity to see the news pieces live, the videos have been ordered and will be placed on the Agency’s website under Medic Employees. Many news pieces will also be featured in the next edition of The Pulse. Further communications will follow to let everyone know when and where the video clips will be posted. In addition to placing the news clips online, a monthly media report will continue in the Dispatch to update employees on Medic news coverage. Remember, February is National Heart Month. The PR department has several media driven stories during this month that include patient reunions, CMS High School AED donations, a STEMI story with our hospital partners and much more. If you have any questions, comments or story ideas, please contact Kristin Young in the Public Relations Department or ext 6165. 2

It’s Back...Medic’s Biggest Winner Challenge! Do it for your heart! As we continue to celebrate American Heart Month during the month of February, the Medic’s Biggest Winner Challenge is back for 2010! Over 20 Medic employees participated in last year’s Biggest Winner Challenge. With your participation this year, we can easily surpass that number! The challenge is set to begin on February 15th and will end on May 14th. Here are the basic rules:

Medic’s Biggest Winner Challenge is strictly voluntary for any Medic employee that wants to join, have fun with their fellow co-workers and get fit and healthy.

There is a $10.00 non-refundable fee to join the challenge. Funds must be paid to the Occupational Health Nurse, Kate Evans no later than February 20th.

Weigh-ins will be held individually each week beginning on Monday, February 15th with Nurse Kate. Please be sure to wear the same clothing during the weekly weigh-in. Percentages (not actual body weight) lost will be posted each week. Only individuals that weigh-in with the nurse will be posted and tabulated for the winner challenge.

Weekly weigh-ins will be necessary to check your progress, to answer questions and talk about weight loss issues.

Team/individual prizes will be awarded each week.

Top prize will be awarded during EMS Week to the employee that loses the highest percentage of total body weight on the May 14th weigh-in.

This challenge is aimed at promoting a healthy eating and exercise program. Please see your MD prior to starting any weight loss plan or exercise. For a complete list of rules or if you have any questions about the Biggest Winner Challenge, please contact Nurse Kate Evans at or ext. 6100.

Are You the Next Honor Guard?

A Sleeping Beauty

Are you interested in becoming a Medic Honor

We would like to extend a warm congratulations to EMT

Guard? The Medic Honor Guard is currently recruiting candidates to become new members.

Paul Burns and his wife, Paulina. The family welcomed their third child, Selena Marie Burns into the world at 8:16 am on Tuesday, February 2nd at CMC-University. The adorable beauty weighed in at 7 lbs, 10 oz and was measured 20 inches

Anyone who is interested can contact a current member of the Medic Honor Guard or Bryan Edwards at or ext. 6130 for an application. The deadline to submit applications is Sunday, February 28th at 5 pm. Thank you.

long. Both Mom and baby are doing well. Congratulations! 3

Help Keep Our Home Clean

There has been a recent build-up of trash (gloves, etc.) in and around both the fuel pumps and Medic back parking lot. Please be aware that there are NO trash cans at the fuel pumps. The cans located at the fuel pumps contain our fuel spill kits and contaminated spill mats and are clearly marked with signage. In the past, trash cans were placed at the fuel pumps. They were eliminated due to the overflow of trash just as it is today. If you need a trash can, please use the trash can in your unit – then empty into the trash cans at the wash bays. Thanks to the many of you who take pride in our workplace and do your part to keep our home clean. Please contact Richard Dean at or ext. 6053 if you have any questions about how to keep our home clean.

Server Upgrade

A League of His Own Congratulations to University of Nebraska Senior, John Robinson for

On Monday evening,

being recognized as Mountain Pacific Sports Federation’s Gymnast of the Week for the week of February 2nd!

February 8th, the IT department will be conducting a server upgrade. This will be a seamless transition for most, if not all of us; there is

John is the son of our very own CMED Training/Certification Coordinator, Don Robinson. John won the award thanks to his terrific performance at a

the slight chance, however, that on Tuesday morning one or more people may experience difficulty finding a file folder. Not to worry, everything is backed up and nothing will be permanently lost.

recent meet where he won titles on the All-Around (86.200) and parallel bars (14.60). He was also second on horse (14.15), fourth on rings (14.30) and seventh on floor (14.85). His efforts on the bars, floor, and horse were all career-bests.

If this should happen to you, please notify the IT department at once via an IT work ticket and your situation will be addressed promptly.

Congratulations Don! We know you are very proud of your standout athlete.


Safety Tip of the Month

The Ultimate Biking Tour

The Agency has recently Do You Have What It takes? experienced incidents where Jerry Morris, Clinical Faculty injury to patients has Member for the Internal occurred during the use of Paramedic Academy, is the cot. Delivering topplanning to lead any Medic notch patient care has and employee interested in will always be Medic’s participating to the upcoming number one priority. Please Five Boro Bike Tour. note the following safety tips when using the cot: The annual Five Boro Bike Tour is set to begin on Sunday, May Stryker Cot Operation per Manufacture Guidelines 2nd in New York City. The bike tour is the single largest •

Use a minimum of two operators to manipulate the cot while a patient is on the cot.

Do not adjust, roll or load the cot without advising the patient. Stay with the patient and control the cot at all

recreational cycling event in the country. Every year, over 30,000 participants take part in the 42-mile tour thru the 5 boroughs of New York City (The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island).

times. •

The bike tour begins in Lower Manhattan and continues into Central Park, Harlem, the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge before ending in Staten Island.

Never apply the optional wheel lock while the patient is on the cot. Tipping could occur if the cot is moved while the wheel lock is applied. This could result in injury to the Registration for the event opened last Monday and is expected patient or operator and/or damage to the cot.

to fill up quickly. The cost to register is $60.

Always use the restraints and keep the side rails up when a patient is on the cot.

Use properly trained helper when necessary to control

The group will leave from Charlotte on Friday, April 30th and return on Monday, May 3rd. Please call 704.724.4362 or contact Jerry Morris at if you are interested in participating in the 2010 Five Boro Bike Tour.

the cot and patient.

Salute to Heroes Hockey Game Tickets Tickets are now on sale for the 5th annual Salute to Heroes hockey game! Be sure to bring your kids, friends and family to this awesome event on Saturday, March 27th at Time Warner Cable Arena. The cost of game tickets are $10 or $20, depending on seating. Raffle tickets are also available for $1 for the chance to win an ATV. You get two games for the price of one! First, there is the Charlotte Checkers game. During the Checkers game, there will be several special activities in place to honor and recognize our outstanding employees. The second game is where we take to the ice! Come support Medic and the Charlotte Fire Department as they prepare to defend their championship title against the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD) and the Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office. See you on the ice!


Dr. Blackwell’s Monthly Update In keeping with tradition of communicating some quality improvement information, please note the following: 1.

We continue to perform well for acute STEMI patients. The Cardiology Subcommittee of the Quality Management Committee is looking to push the performance so that the time from 9-1-1 call receipt to intervention (lesion treatment) is within 90-minutes for 75% of the STEMI patients. This 75% reflects an increase of approximately 15-20%. Translated, please attempt to quickly perform the following:



Recognize the possible acute myocardial infarction patient within the first minute of scene arrival.


Obtain and interpret the 12-lead ECG.


If a STEMI is noted, stop further procedures and prepare the patient for transport as you are notifying the receiving facility.

Similar to 1. above, remember that in the face of any 12-lead ECG revealing a left or right bundle branch block, STelevation will be difficult to interpret. Discuss this finding with Medical Control before categorizing the patient as Code STEMI.


Please continue to use the field pronouncement protocol when attempts at cardiac arrest resuscitation are unsuccessful.

At the 2010 National Association of EMS Physicians Annual Meeting in January, Medic was well represented in the research arena with 4 abstract presentations: 1.

Jonathan Studnek presented 2 papers: a.

Studnek JR, Garvey L, Blackwell T, Vandeventer S, Ward S. The Association between Prehospital STEMI Benchmark Times and System Performance.

b. 2.

Steve Vandeventer presented 1 paper: a.


Studnek JR, Thestrup L, Blackwell T. Secondary Triage of Low Acuity 911 Callers Using a Nurse Advice Line.

Studnek JR, Vandeventer S, Ward S, Garrett, J. The Association between Ambulance Hospital Turn Around Times and Patient Acuity, Destination Hospital, and Time of Day.

Dr. Garvey presented 1 paper: a.

Garvey, Monk L, Studnek J, Roettig M, Granger C, Jollis J. Treatment Courses for ST-Segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction ALERT Patients.

Special congratulations to Jon Studnek and to his co-authors Lars Thestrup, Steve Vandeventer, Steven Ward, Kevin Staley, and Lee Garvey. Their manuscript titled “The Association between Prehospital Endotracheal Intubation Attempts and Survival to Hospital Discharge among Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Patients” has been accepted for publication in Academic Emergency Medicine. Congratulations to Steve Vandeventer, Steven Ward and Kevin Staley for their talented efforts and contributions in improving prehospital research. 6

Budget Memo from Joe Penner The media reported on many of the City & County budget challenges this week. While no one knows with certainty the final budget process results, this will be another difficult year. We’ve had preliminary discussions with County officials as we plan Medic’s 2011 budget and expect many more, which will yield greater levels of detail. There are a few thoughts I want to raise as we begin the process: •

The City and the County are separate entities. While we are tied very closely to Mecklenburg County and their decisions, keep your eyes and ears aimed at communications coming from inside Medic regarding Medic’s 2011 budget plans.

As was the case last budget season, we will communicate budget and related developments via the monitors / boards / email and Medic Dispatch. Personal conversations, questions etc., are always welcome.

The budget process will run from now through the end of June.

You deliver very important services to people in this community. That you have continued to do so in these challenging times, even improving response and service results, speaks loudly. It also shows that the County Manager and his team’s decision to support Medic’s plan for the current fiscal year was well placed.

Finally, while I am certain that we continue to enjoy their confidence, the external environment continues to challenge all government functions; this year may be even tougher than last. We will again work together with Mecklenburg County and both health care systems to navigate this economy as best we can. Thank you for your service. — Joe Penner

Happy Birthday! We would like to extend special birthday wishes to the following employees celebrating a birthday in the month of February: Jim Malcolm Keith Mark Jason Rhona Terry Brent Mali David Emily Jennifer Cliff Pat Katti

Emerson Leirmoe Overcash Peck Jeffares Neilson Bell Cail Green Hewitt Little Strout Tavares VanDyk Bieck

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Jerome Lisa Michella Debbie Rebecca

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Emil Krista Derek Ute Brad Carol Justin John Matt Daniel

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11 12 12 13 14 14 15 15 15 15

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Dellinger Mahmoud Hayes Harris Baucom Moose Earwood Varalli Ireland Wolfram Murphy Johnson

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Medic Calendar

2010 Training Schedule



Training Medic Events Holidays Recertification Testing

MEDIC Mecklenburg EMS Agency 4525 Statesville Road Charlotte, NC 28269

AHA Refresher Classes at Medic CLASS TIME: 1300-1700 **except where otherwise noted

NC Scope of Practice Recertification Testing

CPR April - 9, 12, 16, 19 / 22, 29 ** 1800-2200 July - 9, 12, 16, 19 / 22, 29 ** 1800-2200


Oct - 8, 11, 15, 18 / 21, 28 ** 1800-2200 ALL CON ED must be up to date at time of testing.

PALS FEB - 5, 8, 12, 15 = 1300-1700 / ** FEB 18, 25 1800-2200 MAY - 7, 10, 14, 17 = 1300-1700 / ** MAY 20, 27 1800-2200 AUG - 6, 9, 13, 16 = 1300-1700 / ** AUG 19, 26 1800-2200 NOV - 5, 8, 12, 15 = 1300-1700 / NO NIGHT CLASSES ACLS

To schedule a test appt date and time, email Robin Pariso at

APRIL 9, 10, 12, 16, 17, 19 (Expiration Dates MAY – JULY 2010 ) JULY 9, 10, 12, 16, 17, 19 (Expiration Dates AUG – OCT 2010)

Tel: 704-943-6000

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Fax: 704-943-6001

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OCT 8, 9, 11, 15, 16, 18 (Expiration Dates NOV, DEC 2010, JAN 2011)

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