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The MEDIC Dispatch News From The Front Line February 1, 2010

The Internal Paramedic Training Academy, Pt.II The Dispatch wraps up its two-part series on the Internal Paramedic Training Academy with an interview from Tim Brisbin, Clinical Faculty

Mecklenburg EMS

and Director of the Center for Preshospital Medicine to discuss the dynamics of the program and the impact it continues to make on his life.


How did you get your start with the Internal Paramedic Training Academy?

Dates to Remember: February 1st Heart Month Starts February 5th

It was actually due to a serious car accident. At the time, I was a professional musician working toward my degree in drums/percussion education. I was involved in a serious car accident and Medic rescued me. I then developed an interest in nursing and paramedics. I started taking an EMT course in Statesville. From there, I went on to attend both nursing school and paramedic training at the same time. I have been at the Center for Prehospital Medicine at Carolinas Medical Center for nearly six years, first as a Clinical Faculty member and now as the director of the program for the past three years.

PALS Training 1300-1700

What are some of the general topics covered in the Internal Paramedic Training Academy? We covered a broad range of topics in the program. We take students from a basic EMT to Paramedic standing in 8 months. They start out as a BLS provider and are an ALS provider by the end of the program. Our students perform a minimum 200 hours of hospital clinical training, 300 hours of field internship and 596 hours of didactic training. The Internal Paramedic Training program also makes sure that our students go above the 1096 training hours that are required by the state.

This Week: Heart Month 2010


Biggest Winner Challenge

I am also proud to say that our students from the Internal Paramedic Training Academy have a 100% pass rate for both the state examine and the national registry! This reflects directly on our instruction


and field training office corps supporting this program.

Safety Committee


What is the most fulfilling aspect in your role as instructor of this program?

Fleece Jacket/Vest 5 New Orders 6

Performance Pay Update


Training Schedule


Medic Calendar


I love to learn and I love to teach. I want to be involved with our students in the program, so being able to share the knowledge that I and the rest of the faculty possess is a big reward. One of the best feelings is when a former student leaves the program and comes back to me sharing how they saved someone’s life. It’s an amazing feeling to think that I had a small part in helping one of my former students save a life. The Center for Prehospital Medicine would like to extend an invitation to any Medic personnel to make an appointment to audit classes with us. For more information, please e-mail 1

MEDIC Celebrates American Heart Month 2010 Today marks the official start of American Heart Month! American Heart Month was first recognized over 40 years ago based on a joint effort between the American Heart Association, the U.S. Congress and then-U.S. President John F. Kennedy.

Celebrating American Heart Month

This year, Medic has developed a full-scale, strategic plan in recognition of American Heart Month that truly has something for everyone. The plan focuses on several key areas intended to educate, engage and bring awareness to the community about the importance of being heart healthy as well host some fun activities for our Medic employees as we celebrate American Heart Month.

1. Organized Community Events Organized community events will be hosted throughout the month to engage our partners and promote American Heart Month through increased media coverage. These community events will include Patient Reunions, the Lucky Hearts Campaign in conjunction with Mecklenburg Medical Alliance and Endowment (MMAE) and Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) and a STEMI protocol overview in conjunction with both Carolinas Medical Center (CMC) and Presbyterian Hospitals. 2. Website Focus The Medic website has also been updated to highlight the newest technology, training and useful tips as it relates to American Heart Month. This information includes: •

A page for organizations to register their AEDs

A registration page to receive a free AED and training through the Lucky Hearts Campaign

Heart healthy eating habits

iPhone and Blackberry Apps for learning CPR, AED usage and the “Eat This, Not That” restaurant guide

Medic produced 3 minute videos on how to conduct CPR and use an AED

Basic overviews of the difference between a heart attack, sudden cardiac arrest and a stroke

Medic’s sudden cardiac arrest video (from the awards ceremony)

Links to various useful websites on heart health and information

3. Medic Employee Engagement During the entire month of February, the Dispatch will feature articles from our very own Nurse Kate designed to keep you heart-healthy with useful information and practical tips. A 2-day Meet and Greet session will also be held during the month of February with Nurse Kate out in the bay during the afternoon shift change. Nurse Kate will be available to discuss questions you may have about your health as well as provide visitors with some healthy snack options! Last but not least, we are currently working on an activity for Medic employees that will be sure to wet your appetite and leave you hungry for more! More details to come…

Happy American Heart Month!


It’s Back...Medic’s Biggest Winner Challenge! Do it for your heart! As we continue to celebrate American Heart Month during the month of February, the Medic’s Biggest Winner Challenge is back for 2010! Over 20 Medic employees participated in last year’s Biggest Winner Challenge. With your participation this year, we can easily surpass that number! The challenge is set to begin on February 15th and will end on May 14th. Here are the basic rules:

Medic’s Biggest Winner Challenge is strictly voluntary for any Medic employee that wants to join, have fun with their fellow co-workers and get fit and healthy.

There is a $10.00 non-refundable fee to join the challenge. Funds must be paid to the Occupational Health Nurse, Kate Evans no later than February 20th.

Weigh-ins will be held individually each week beginning on Monday, February 15th with Nurse Kate. Please be sure to wear the same clothing during the weekly weigh-in. Percentages (not actual body weight) lost will be posted each week. Only individuals that weigh-in with the nurse will be posted and tabulated for the winner challenge.

Weekly weigh-ins will be necessary to check your progress, to answer questions and talk about weight loss issues.

Team/individual prizes will be awarded each week.

Top prize will be awarded during EMS Week to the employee that loses the highest percentage of total body weight on the May 14th weigh-in.

This challenge is aimed at promoting a healthy eating and exercise program. Please see your MD prior to starting any weight loss plan or exercise. For a complete list of rules or if you have any questions about the Biggest Winner Challenge, please contact Nurse Kate Evans at or ext. 6100.

Access Badge Reminder

W-2s Forms Now Available Have you picked yours up?

Please remember that the front

All employee W-2 forms are now available. Darlene Hicks,

doors of the main building are locked Accounting Coordinator, has placed the W-2 in all employee due to our new security system. mailboxes. Please be sure to check your mailbox. As a gentle reminder, please be sure Thank you. to carry your access badge with you at all times in order to gain access to the main building and inside offices. Thank you.


2 Field Members Needed for the Safety Committee Interested in being the voice of safety? Are you proactive about preventing illness or injury on the job? Then the Safety Committee needs you! The Safety Committee has two field member slots currently available. The responsibility of Safety Committee members include: •

Be a champion for safety at Medic. Provide a safe workplace for all employees through promoting and training in safe work practices.

Identify potential safety hazards and unsafe conditions and work with safety officer and Medic leadership to reduce the risk of injuries, potential hazards and illnesses.

Responsible to perform monthly safety inspections in their department and act as a liaison between the safety committee and their department.

Provide a mechanism to discuss safety issues to determine the best policy and practice to reduce risks.

Attend at least 75% of the scheduled meetings.

Document meeting discussion by keeping minutes, including timelines and follow up actions required.

The 2010 Safety Committee meeting dates are as follows: January 21st , February 19th, March 19th, April 16th, May 14th, June 11th, July 23rd, August 20th, September 17th, October 15th, November 12th and December 10th. Please contact Barry Bagwell at or ext. 6170 no later than February 12th if you are interested in becoming a member of the Safety Committee.

Onward and Upward: Two Outstanding C-MED Promotions Congratulations to Jim Emerson on being promoted to CMED Supervisor.

Congratulations to Bryan Hancock on being promoted to CMED Assistant Supervisor. Bryan brings many years of experience spanning several facets of the Agency that will help him in managing daily operations and supervision

Jim is a 10 year veteran at Medic and has served as a field Paramedic, FTO, on the NET team and most recently as Assistant CMED Supervisor on “A days.”

responsibilities as required in CMED. Bryan is a 15 year veteran at Medic and has experience serving the Agency in CMED, logistics, as a field Paramedic Crew Chief and FTO. Bryan also has firefighting

Jim also brings many years of previous Paramedic experience to Medic. Jim has excelled at his various assignments at Medic and now embarks on the next step of his career.

experience from Monroe F.D., where he rose to the rank of Engineer.

Again, congratulations to Jim on his next role with the Agency; he will be assigned to A shift, nights beginning this week.

Again, congratulations to Bryan on his next role with the Agency; he will be assigned to B shift, nights beginning this week.


Last Chance to Place Your Columbia Jacket & Vest Orders Interested in a Medic Columbia Fleece Jacket or Vest? This week is your last chance to place an order. In November 2008, the Medic PR Department held a Medic Store Open House over a two-day period in the bay. The Medic store sold several items, including a Columbia Fleece Jacket and Vest. Since then, the department has been approached by several people interested in purchasing the same jacket/vest. To keep cost low, Medic is a ordering special for the Columbia Fleece ONLY. The Columbia jacket and/or vest comes in either black or blue and will have the Medic logo embroidered on the left side. Pricing information below: Men’s or Women’s Jacket - S, M, L, XL - $39.50 Men’s or Women’s Jacket - 2Xl, 3XL, 4XL - $46.50 Men’s or Women’s Vest – S, M, L, XL - $33.50 If you would like to purchase a jacket or vest, please stop by the PR department to see either Kristin Young or Nikkie Perry. Please bring cash or check (made out to KS Image Solutions) by Friday, February 5th at 12 noon. For more information about ordering a jacket/vest, please contact Kristin ( or Nikkie ( Another Medic Open House is schedule for early Spring – further communications will follow, so mark your calendars!

IT Service Desk Ticket Reminder The IT Department highly encourages all Medic employees to use the Service Desk ticketing system for all IT related requests and issues. The ticketing system will make sure that your issue(s) has been properly documented and will be handled in a timely manner by a member of the IT department. The Help Desk line, 704-943-6111, should only be used by crews out in the field or for all emergency IT issues. To access the Service Desk ticketing system, please go to the following website on a Medic computer: http://helpdesk:8080 The username and password is the same login used when logging onto your Medic computer. If you have any questions about the ticketing system or if you would like assistance in creating a Service Desk ticket, please contact the IT Department and we will be glad to help. Thank you for your cooperation!


The Class of 2010

Medic welcomes the new Internal Paramedic Training Class of 2010. The class started on January 26th and will run until September. The class members are: Robert Bivens, William Carter, William Coble, Robin Geck, Brendan Hutson, Christy Iyoob, Megan Lee, Matthew Lewis, Chris McCormick, Mitchell Neugebauer, Jim Putman, Courtney Todd, Matthew West, Andrew Williams, Alexis Moose and Veronica Brittain.

Crew Chief / BLS Team Leaders Orientation Our next scheduled Crew Chief / BLS Team Leaders Orientation will be held on Tuesday, March 9th and Wednesday, March 10th, 2010. All Non-Crew Chief Paramedics and EMT’s that are interested in upgrading to Crew Chief, Relief Crew Chief or BLS Team Leader are encouraged to attend (provided that you have been released by your FTO). You will only need to attend one of the classes. Please contact Robin Pariso in advance of the class to schedule the written pre-test. The pre-tests for both CC and BLS Team leaders will be administered Monday – Friday at 1300. An appointment is mandatory. No walk-ins will be allowed. If you have any questions about scheduling an appointment for the written pre -test, please contact Robin Pariso at or ext.6143 Please contact Deborah Parrish at or ext. 6223 if you have questions or to reserve you seat. 6

Performance Pay

Based on the recent trend related to Priority 1 trauma scene time, it appears that the increased focus on improvement is having a positive affect on our averages. Take a look at the average P1 trauma scene time average by month for each of the past six months:





September 11:48


November 10:57

December 10:02


This improvement is excellent, keep up the good work. A couple of things to keep in mind: 1. Excellent patient care is always our first priority; take the time required to provide the best possible patient care while maintaining your focus on getting off scene as quickly as can safely be done. 2. Understand that any incidents which involve extenuating circumstances that understandably extend on scene time are being pulled from the data set used to calculate P1 trauma scene time. This includes accidents with pin in, incidents with multiple P1 patients and incidents where Medics may have to travel a long distance on foot to reach a patient.


February 2010 Sun


Tue 1B

Wed 2B

Thu 3 A

Fri 4A

Sat 5B


PALS Training 1300 - 1700 7B

8 A


10 B

11 B

PALS Training 1300 - 1700 14 A

15 B

22 A

13 A

PALS Training 1300 - 1700 16 B

17 A

PALS Training 1300 - 1700 21 B

12 A

18 A

19 B

20 B

26 A

27 A

PALS Training 1800 - 2200 23 A

24 B

25 B

PALS Training 1800 - 2200

28 A

Medic Calendar

2010 Training Schedule



Training Medic Events Holidays Recertification Testing

MEDIC Mecklenburg EMS Agency 4525 Statesville Road Charlotte, NC 28269

AHA Refresher Classes at Medic CLASS TIME: 1300-1700 **except where otherwise noted

NC Scope of Practice Recertification Testing

CPR April - 9, 12, 16, 19 / 22, 29 ** 1800-2200 July - 9, 12, 16, 19 / 22, 29 ** 1800-2200


Oct - 8, 11, 15, 18 / 21, 28 ** 1800-2200 ALL CON ED must be up to date at time of testing.

PALS FEB - 5, 8, 12, 15 = 1300-1700 / ** FEB 18, 25 1800-2200 MAY - 7, 10, 14, 17 = 1300-1700 / ** MAY 20, 27 1800-2200 AUG - 6, 9, 13, 16 = 1300-1700 / ** AUG 19, 26 1800-2200 NOV - 5, 8, 12, 15 = 1300-1700 / NO NIGHT CLASSES ACLS

To schedule a test appt date and time, email Robin Pariso at

APRIL 9, 10, 12, 16, 17, 19 (Expiration Dates MAY – JULY 2010 ) JULY 9, 10, 12, 16, 17, 19 (Expiration Dates AUG – OCT 2010)

Tel: 704-943-6000

MAR - 15, 19, 22, 26 = 1300-1700 / **MAR 18, 25 1800-2200

Fax: 704-943-6001

JUNE - 4, 7, 11, 14 = 1300-1700 / ** JUNE 17, 24 1800-2200

OCT 8, 9, 11, 15, 16, 18 (Expiration Dates NOV, DEC 2010, JAN 2011)

SEPT - 10, 13, 17, 20 = 1300-1700 / ** SEPT 23, 30 1800-2200

DEC 10, 11, 13, 17, 18, 20 (Expiration Dates FEB – APR 2011)

Visit Us on the Web!

DEC - 3, 6, 10, 13

= 1300-1700 / NO NIGHT CLASSES


Medic Dispatch - February 1, 2010  

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