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Performance Pay Results Are In! CONGRATULATIONS Medic Employees!!! The final 9 patient satisfaction surveys for the month of October were completed November 10th and the numbers came in on target. The month of October came in at 73% excellent to pull our average up and over the target – fantastic finish everyone. Our patient satisfaction average for the three month tracking period came in at 67% excellent – two percentage points higher than the target. With this, we have successfully completed the first tracking period for the performance pay program, hitting ALL of our targets. This means that ALL Medic employees (outside of the core senior leadership team) will be receiving a FULL payout for this tracking period. This will amount to approximately $560 per person, pre tax. This performance payout will be paid, by a separate check, to all eligible employees on November 20th – which is Medic’s next pay day. As a reminder, all full time Medic employees who did not receive disciplinary action during this tracking period are eligible for this performance payout so long as they were employed full time with Medic from the first day of the tracking period through the payout date. Please remember that we started the next tracking period on November 1st. This is a four month tracking period that runs through the end of February. Let’s get off to a strong start in all categories so we don’t have to sweat so much down the stretch this period! Medic Financial Standing vs. Budget: ON TARGET Hospital Turn Times: 34:16 Patient Satisfaction: 67 % Response Time Compliance: P1 = 95.6%; P2 = 98%; P3 = 97% CMED MPDS Compliance: 97.24% Agency Driver Safety Scoring Average: 8

Service Awards Date Announced - Thursday, December 10th Danny Darrell Deborah Todd Melissa Doug Alan Todd Debbie Shari Tim Don Deanna Margaret Tracy Virgil Jim Tony Jacob Bryan Jim Randy Maureen

Griffith Love Parrish Childers Garifo Kennerly Maness Sims Cash Lambeth Marshburn Shue Vandeventer Carmichael Gaskins Leggett Norris Pattillo Brod Edwards Emerson McKown Townes

Chris Ken Beth Jamie John William Trevor Jonathan Marie Katie Mariann Russell Rebecca Gabe Thomas Jeremy Selina Gene Angie Pen Robin Don Michael Scott

Milby Murray Rimmer Stanford Stroup Worthey Taylor Wise Colbert Currin Earwood Harrell Lee McGaha Muhammad Murphy Olomua Starnes Hulshult Lee Pariso Singer Durham Wilson

Employees who will be receiving a Service Award this year need to go ahead and mark their calendars! The event will be held on Thursday, December 10th at 5:30 pm in conjunction with the ROSC employee recognition event. This year the Service Awards will be held at Post 100 and employees are welcome to bring two guests. There will be a reception starting at 5:30 pm prior to the actual awards ceremony. In addition, for those employees who will be receiving a service award this year and happen to be on shift the night of December 10th, will still be receiving a meal and will be presented their pins. Those details will also be announced soon! Please note the following employees to the left will be receiving a Service Award this year. If you have any questions please contact either Jeff Keith (6160) or Kristin Young (6165) in the Public Relations Department. 6

Medic Dispatch - November 11, 2009  

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