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CMC Steele Creek ED set to OPEN Monday, November 16th Beginning at 07:00 on Monday, November 16, CMC Steele Creek will begin accepting patients. This facility is a freestanding, full service, 24 hour a day Emergency Department located at 13640 Steelcroft Parkway Charlotte, NC 28273. It is situated between Hwy 160 and Hwy 49 just behind Steele Creek VFD #2 Due to road design there may be challenges with egress from the facility. Left turns onto Hwy 49 South are blocked by a median. Please see the attached site photos for a visual layout of the access points and associated travel requirements to safely navigate this hospital. Some important points of interest regarding CMC Steele Creek:

The fax number(s) for transmission of PCR’s and ECG’s is 704.583.2204.

The access door code into the ED is 0911#

The EMS Lounge is located through the first door on the left. There is a bathroom, refrigerator, television and work space. Hopefully lounge chairs will be installed in the near future. The door is currently unlocked with no immediate plans to limit access with a door code.

The E.D. radio for CMC- Steele Creek is installed and operational. The talk group is in all portable and mobile radios.

In the event of radio malfunction the best number for access is 704-512-5200

The premise information for CMCS has been entered into CAD so that transports will be recorded.

The depart scene choice for CMCS has been programmed to download onto the MARVLIS units the next time they are turned on.

Post 79 (SCVFD) has been reassigned to CMCS

Shoreline connections should be completed in the near future so that the facility can be used as an alternate post to Steele Creek or CFD #37.

Dr. Blackwell has revised protocol 2.2 Receiving Hospitals and Patient Destination to include this type of facility. Please review it thoroughly – portion on page 7 of the Dispatch.

There is also a photo to the right which outlines the ED’s proximity to the surrounding roads and how best to approach it.

Steele Creek Rd (Hwy 160)

E.D. Entrance

NO Left Turn When Exiting

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Richard Dean or Deb Parrish.

South Tryon Street (Hwy 49)


Medic Dispatch - November 11, 2009  

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