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FeelGood Flash Update A QUICK LOOK AT FG’S PROGRESS ON OUR GOALS AND STRATEGIC INITIATIVES Prepared for FeelGood’s March 2014 Board Meeting


By fall 2014: 40 loving chapters raising $221,289 for the end of hunger

So far: 23 loving chapters have raised over $143,612 for the end of hunger

THE REALITY: We are 18 chapters behind our 40 chapter growth goal. OUR RESPONSE: 1) creating a rolling admissions for new chapter enrollment to seize interest when it arises. 2) stepping up our communication and outreach to get more chapters in the pipeline HOPEFUL HIGHLIGHT: Our current chapters are raising 13% more per chapter than projected, indicating that our increase in standards and the tools we have created for meeting those standards are working.


In the Fall of 2012 FeelGood launched our four strategic priorities below as a way to achieve 1) our two year goal of having 40 loving chapters raising $221,289 for the end of hunger and 2) positioning for our long-term goal of $1 in $1 out by 2019. This Flash Update gives a high level review of our progress.

STRATEGIC PRIORITIES: New Chapter Recruitment Professionalizing the Delis Academic Rigor Institutional Support


New Chapter Recruitment Progress CONCEPTUALIZED COHORT MODEL: Designed a point of entry model that clearly communicates standards, expectations and generates accountability.

DEFINED RECRUITMENT CYCLE/CAMPAIGN: Repositioned ourselves as a competitive, social entrepreneurship intensive that demands excellence and delivers changemakers for life.

FIRST LAUNCHPAD (6-8 WEEKS) WITH 18 TEAMS: Using technology, social media, webinars and supportive resources created a robust yet efficient training process for new chapters.

MUTUAL ASSESSMENT PROCESS: Have designed and succesfully implemented a process to ensure our performance standards are being met and to foster accountability from leaders and chapters.

THE REALITY: We are having a harder time than expected getting the word out. OUR RESPONSE: 1) Offering generous incentives to existing chapters to recruit. 2) Attending 2 speaking engagements in Feb/March where we plan to reach 600 socially minded students HOPEFUL HIGHLIGHT: In February alone we had 8 leads for new chapters. We Feel we are getting closer to a tipping point for recruitment.


Professionalizing the Deli Progress Evolving enterprises to increase our impact ✓ MOVEMENT-WIDE STANDARDS: For the first time, all of our chapters clearly understand they are accountable to achieving the fundraising, leadership, membership, and education goals for their phase. They are motivated to partner with the FeelGood team, engage with Cheese World and utilize our vast resources to meet their goals and evolve as a chapter.

✓ DELI GUIDEBOOK This online guidebook, along with the consulting of the Chapter Development team, has empowered our chapters to be 92% compliant with all four of our Deli standards: 100% vegetarian, offering gourmet products, having food safe certified staff, and asking for a $3-$6 suggested donation.

✓ CHEESE WORLD 2.0 According to our Chapter self-assessment, Cheese World, after FeelGood World Consultations, are ranked the second most important resource for a Chapter’s Success. Adoption of Cheese World has doubled this year…with over $68,000 worth of investment capital earned as of February 17th 2014. This helps to affirm that we are seeing an increase in student commitment to FeelGood and adoption of the program.

✓ RESOURCE CENTER We have launched a “one stop shop” for students where they can access their education modules for chapter meetings, the mandatory leadership curriculum for official leaders, resources for creating and deepening campus partnerships and more. “Peggy (FeelGood Changemaker Ignitor) rules!! Seriously, without her support and communication, we wouldn't be able to operate. I always look forward to her communication and calls every month. She's awesome!”


Academic Rigor Building leadership, teamwork, & business skills 

BIG CHEESE & HUNGER SUMMIT CONTENT The Big Cheese and The Hunger Summit have been redesigned to 1) more practically equip FG leaders to engage their chapter in every aspect of the FG program as a way to ensure their success, 2) create a stronger identity with FG as a movement and therefore engender ownership of movement wide goals, and 3) connect students with each other, the landscape of hunger so that their motivation is deeply grounded and can sustain their full participation.


We have created a series of engaging modules to help FG leaders develop important changemaker skills for running a successful grilled cheese delis. Each module, called a Lab, is about 20 minutes long, and usually combines either a short video or a PowerPoint presentation with one or more suggested activities. Leaders engage with these Journeys alone or with members of their leadership/officer team, in whatever order that best fits their needs, leadership position or interests.

CHAPTER MEETING LABS Following the design of the Leadership Labs, the Chapter Meeting Labs focus on hunger education as well as developing skills in entrepreneurship and team building.

VCA The VCA, our strategic planning process for FeelGood Chapters, has been redesigned to better equip chapters to set fundraising goals and create a monthly action plan for achieving those goals. 100% of our chapter complete both the VCA in the Fall and the Revisit VCA in the Spring.


Institutional Support Strategic relationships for chapter longevity 

CHAPTER RESOURCES We have created a new suite of Labs and resources for Chapters to create and strengthen partnership on their campuses. In the Fall of 2013, chapters rated their support from their advisors, student life, student government and local business a 3.5 or higher on a scale of 1-5. Dining services were given the lowest rating of 3 in terms of their support. We will launch new initiatives over the summer to address this.


In November, two FeelGood staff visited three FeelGood Chapters who were eligible for a stop on the FeelGood Fall Tour. The purpose of the tour was: 1. to celebrate/honor chapters for their contributions. 2. to garner insight and feedback on what FGW can/ought provide to Phase III and IV chapters, and 3. to support formation or development of strategic chapter partnerships. The FG Staff and students met with student government, local donors, advisors and key campus partners and those partnership were strengthened as a result. THE REALITY: We would like to focus on more strategic partnership for the 2014-2015 school year. OUR RESPONSE: During our strategic planning, we will develop new initiatives, including a “board of advisors” for Phase III and IV chapters. HOPEFUL HIGHLIGHT: We have a fantastic partnership with Organic Valley. The majority of our chapters are able to offer organic cheese thanks to this national partnership!

Feelgood Flash Update - March 2014  
Feelgood Flash Update - March 2014