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CHAPTER LEADERSHIP STRUCTURE A solid and committed chapter leadership team is key to success! The most essential roles, and therefore the ones FeelGood World requires all chapters to fill, are below. Each role has responsibilities to their chapter and commitments to FeelGood World – including submission of regular reports and a position orientation to complete in the first two weeks of class. TITLE




Acts as the primary leader and contact person for the chapter.

Chapter Agreements with FGW Monthly Calls with FGW VCA & VCA Revisit results Leadership Contact Information Partners & Support (biannual) Mutual Assessment Call with FGW


Leads member recruitment, retention, and recognition eorts; educates chapter in the philosophy, mission and strategies of FeelGood and our hunger ending partner organizations.

Chapter Meeting Snapshots Chapter Community Update (biannual) Chapter Membership Roster (biannual) Confirm Graduating Seniors (biannual)


Provides financial management and accounting for all chapter and deli activity.

Submit Chapter Donations to FGW (biannual) Financial Account Details (annual) Deli Guidebook: Review Finances Section Submit Deli, Event, & Other Fundraising Activity Reports Chapter Budget and Budget to Actual reports (Phase III & IV only)


Manages all operations and implements professional FeelGood standards to run a successful, healthy, and thriving deli enterprise.

Review Deli Guidebook Deli Operations & Standards (biannual)


Strategically and creatively implements marketing strategy for FeelGood chapter and enterprising activities.

Deli Guidebook: Review Mktg & Promotions Chapter Social Media Account Information Marketing & PR Analysis (biannual)

To support leaders, FeelGood provides a number of resources and support: Position Orientation resources Regular emails with key action reminders Customized Cheese World action plans specific to each role Online FeelGood Coaching sessions Templates and documents for your adaptation and use

PHASE LEADERSHIP ROLES PROGRESSION While FeelGood only requires 5 core leadership roles be fulfilled, chapters’ leadership structures typically evolve to become more sophisticated as the chapter itself develops. Below is one potential progression for a chapter’s leadership team. Expanding your leadership team can either be a response to changes or a way to inspire growth. Being able to sustain a strong leadership team - no less grow one – is also a key indicator that your chapter has effectively fostered a culture of empowerment.

PHASE I 5 leaders

PHASE II 5 to 7 leaders

Co-Deli Manager

Co-President/ VicePresident


Secretary/ Comm. Coordinator

PHASE III 6 to 8 leaders

Deli Manager

Education & Recruitment Chair

PHASE IV 7 to 9 leaders

Fundraising Chair/ Cheese Pts. Chancellor


Marketing & PR Chair

Outreach & Events Coordinator

Social Chair

Notice a recommended maximum of 9 leaders, though 11 potential positions are shown here. Depending on how your chapter best functions, you may want to determine which roles constitute a “core” leadership team that meets weekly and is responsible for major decisions. From there, leaders can work with committees on specific projects, inviting members to glimpse the various positions and begin imagining themselves leading the chapter some day! Ultimately, as long as the 5 core roles are being filled, your chapter has a lot of autonomy in terms of organizing itself, what titles to utilize, and how to share responsibilities!

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