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“Step by step, but quickly” 2009 in Review

“Step by step, but quickly” is the motto of our sisters and brothers in Chiapas, Mexico. Working with The Hunger Project, the people of Chiapas are quickly building a future free from hunger and they are doing it one commitment, one action at a time. Working with them toward this shared vision, we are refining and evolving FeelGood’s process for empowering people—both here and abroad—as powerful participants in co-creating a future free from hunger. From launching the Changemaker Academy to expanding to 27 chapters, we have taken many steps in 2009 towards our mission to create a generation of changemakers committed to end world hunger in our lifetime. And, with the number of people pushed into chronic hunger rising to over 1 billion, “quickly” has become our ever-pressing call to action. As we revisit our rapid progress in 2009, know that it was only made possible with your consistent support and authentic partnership. With Abundant Love and Gratitude, Kristin, Talis, Kern and Corin


Total Change Paradigm

The FeelGood Changemaker Academy

The Hunger Project Mexico

Where We Are

Cheese World

Where We’ve Been

Progress To Date

The Hunger Summit

FeelGood 4 Life

Creating Changemakers

FeelGood’s Certification

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Total Change Paradigm

Research shows that to affect long-term, systemic change, organizations must address the "total change paradigm": the way we think, the way we act, and the institutions through which we collectively impact the world. In 2009, FeelGood realized that our innovative, simple and focused program encompasses all three of these change-making elements. Who would have thought a grilled cheese could be so powerful!

Arizona FeelGood giving away grilled chees on campus

r Vision, Pittsburgh FG during thei Workshop Commitment and Action

Our part African Foners participati ng od Farm er Initati in the ve

Do Good. FeelGood

feel good


acade Our Thinking

Our Acting

Our Institutions

The power of shifting the way we think (or our worldview) has been demonstrated in the movements that have emerged through history—like the scientific, industrial and technological revolutions.

FeelGood students have the benefit of having hands-on leadership training as they establish their grilled cheese delis, recruit peer participation and organize and deliver on establishing shared goals both financial and programmatic in nature. From start to finish they learn what it takes to become a successful social entrepreneur. With a tangible path to action, FeelGood’s ongoing support of its students allows them to unleash their own potential.

FeelGood Deli operations are highly profitable, and one-hundred percent of these profits are directly invested in organizations with a proven track record of grass-roots, gender-focused and empowerment-based models of development. As a result, FeelGood is able to impact and support a more effective institutional approach to solving the problem of global hunger. Our students know that their voices are now being heard through much larger microphone.

Similar to these prior paradigm shifts, FeelGood’s new Academy engages students in an analysis of the root causes of hunger, the cultural barriers that inhibit our human potential and a new perspective on what it takes to effect systemic and lasting change.

Where We Are Across the U.S., FeelGood is helping to create a generation of changemakers. On 27 campuses, thousands of FeelGood students are gathering weekly to learn together, innovate together and deepen their commitment for a world free from hunger. From Urbana, IL to Tucson, AZ FeelGood students are waking up early to pick up their supplies and chalk the sidewalks of their campuses. From Burlington, VT to Berkeley, CA our youth are enrolling their communities in a deep discourse about the root causes and key solutions to poverty. From Clemson, SC to Corvallis, OR FeelGood students are taking a stand against the injustice and discrimination that is poverty. Our goal for 2010 is to grow this movement to 18 more campuses. You can help us get there, start a chapter or spread the word:

Campuses Boston College University of Vermont Bucknell University University of Pittsburgh University of Arkansas Clemson University University of Illinois, Urbana University of South Carolina University of Illinois, Chicago UC Santa Barbara Arizona State University Oregon State University Bucknell University UC Berkeley Lehigh University Columbia University DePaul University University of Arizona Brigham Young University UC Riverside Penn State University Pitzer College University of Utah Portland State University University of Georgia Williamette University Bryn Athyn College

Phases Autonomy

= Deli Profits $25K +

Consolidation = Deli Profits $10K- $25K Launch

= Deli Profits $5K-10K

Start Up

= Deli Profits $0- $5K

Impact Metrics, Metrics, Metrics. Whether we were attending the Social Capital Markets Conference, The National Learning and Service Conference or the Opportunity Collaboration for Poverty Alleviation, one thing was clear: people want to know that their money is being spent as effectively and efficiently as possible. We too are committed to effectiveness and efficiency both in how we invest your dollars and how we invest the money our students raise for the end of hunger.

FeelGood’s Metrics When you invest in FeelGood, your return on investment is measured by four distinct, quantifiable metrics:


Dollars invested in the sustainable end of hunger.


Number of students enrolled in the Changemaker Academy.


Number of conversations generated with each sandwich sold.


Number of Changemaker Challenges completed. These challenges provide a clear window into the level of engagement by our students and the social impact they are making beyond the dollars they are raising. (See page 7.)

Progress To Date Where We Are Going Having expanded from 1 to 27 campuses in less than 5 years, and having successfully mobilized more than $850,000 for the end of hunger through our Academy, Delis and other operations, FeelGood has demonstrated the power and effectiveness of our Changemaker program. During 2009, one of our primary goals was to position our organization so that it might “scale up” to 80 college campuses by 2012 and over 500 by 2016. In order to do this, we have been: 1) developing and expanding our education programs through the FeelGood Academy; 2) building our online infrastructure with tools that make our program creative, studentfocused and engaging; 3) providing powerful leadership training events in order to inspire and further support student achievement; and 4) building our brand.

Creating Changemakers “The most important contribution any of us can make now…is to increase the proportion of humans who know that they can cause change.” Bill Drayton, Ashoka Founder At FeelGood, we are all about empowering youth and people born into poverty to become changemakers; that is pattern-changing social entrepreneurs who have developed the skills of applied empathy, teamwork, and leadership. As FeelGood student are given the tools to become successful social entrepreneurs through the operation of their chapters and deli’s, it becomes very clear to them that the development work they are funding with their deli profits is a similar process of empowerment and self-reliance that they have now experienced firsthand FeelGood Students in the US run non-profit Delis and invest their profits in global programs that enable people born into poverty to become changemakers as well! Meet changemakers Margarita Ruiz and Ally Castles:

Changemaker Abroad

Margarita Ruiz, Chiapas Mexico “Everything is possible. We only need a powerful vision and commitment to doing it step by step: ‘ta' kun kun.’.” ~Margarita Ruiz

Changemaker in the U.S.

Ally Castles, University of Pittsburgh “Since becoming part of FeelGood, I’ve not only seen the world differently, I’ve seen myself differently. I know now that what I do matters, and that by working together, we can end hunger in my lifetime.” ~Ally Castles

FeelGood’s philosophy—that hunger ends when people are empowered to create change—is shared by the hungerending organizations in which our students invest. One example comes from The Hunger Project in Mexico, and a young Tzotzil woman named Margarita Ruiz.

A senior at the University of Pittsburgh, Ally joined FeelGood as a junior and today is the president of the chapter. In operation less than two years, “FeelGood Pitt” already boasts more than 50 members, has raised more than $10,000 for the end of hunger, and last year was honored as the school’s “Best New Student Organization.”

Margarita was raised in a community where women had no access to higher education or health care, and no prospects beyond raising a family and being subservient to their husbands. Today, through her involvement with The Hunger Project, Margarita is not only on a path toward a degree in business management, she is also the leader of a successful business cooperative of 271 fellow-leaders, representing 27 different communities.

Ally credits the FeelGood experience for opening her eyes to a much bigger picture of the world, and of her role within it. “Last year I traveled to India to witness first-hand the work of The Hunger Project, the organization FeelGood Pitt invests in,” says Ally. “Now I’ve seen that while our circumstances may be different, the process of becoming a changemaker and building a world free from hunger is the same there as it is here: It starts with each one of us.”

The FeelGood Changemaker Academy

feel good

y m e acad

To support our mission of ending hunger and creating changemakers, this year we launched the FeelGood Changemaker Academy—an interactive, experiential learning program that focuses on three core areas: Discovering what it means to become a global citizen, with an emphasis on empathy, teamwork, and leadership. Learning the values and skills of social entrepreneurship. Acquiring a deep understanding of the systemic causes of global hunger and poverty.

Central to the Academy is the FeelGood Changemaker Journey—a series of explorations delivered online that students engage in on a peer-to-peer basis at their weekly chapter meetings. Each Journey delves into one of the three core areas above, and draws on the work of subject matter experts from around the world. Each Journey also features a set of online “Changemaker Challenges” that, when completed, earn the students and their chapters “Cheese Points.” These points can be used as investment capital for their delis, or to fund their participation in other FeelGood Academy programs —including ncluding summer camps, annual meetings, and international travel opportunities.

The FeelGood Changemaker Academy

The Journey

Leadership Summits

Cheese World

Summer Camps

International Service Trips Internships

Cheese World Cheese World—our new on-line alternative economy launched in October 2009—invites everyone to be a changemaker for the end of hunger by taking challenges that help make the world a better place. This is our way for students to earn their own investment capital and for you to invest in FeelGood’s young social entrepreneurs so they can continue to grow their delis and increase their contributions for the end of hunger.

Step 1.

Step 2.

Take a Changemaker Challenge (Everyone’s invited!) .

Step 3. Cash them out! Cheese Points turn into real dollars that you can:

Submit your completed challenge and earn Cheese Points.

Invest in your favorite FG Chapter Invest in FeelGood Buy FeelGood Products


3. User Name Password

my cheese







get involved





100 Points

Global Citizenship Journey Topic: To Change the World, Change Your Mind

Ends Dec 15th, 2009

Here’s a great way to help spread the word that we need a new, more global way of thinking and being: T his Week’ s J ourney

First, go to our Facebook Cause, “Wombat Wisdom Challenge,” where we’ve made it easy for you to forward an entertaining video with a great message. Send the video to all your friends! Post a message here when at least 15 of your facebook recruits have watched the video. Contact Us

200 Cheese Points are yours! Submit


F ollo w


1. “Your mission in life lays where you greatest passion and the world’s deepest hunger meet” – Speaker WE






Cool Things About Cheese World Types of Cheese Challenges Here are some of the fun ways in which people can earn cheese points: Journey Challenges reinforce the material covered in the Changemaker Journey by always connecting tangible actions to our three major themes: global citizenship, social entrepreneurship, and sustainable models of development.

Do Good. FeelGood

Chapter Challenges allow entire chapters to earn cheese points by taking actions that help them run their delis more successfully! Examples include submitting weekly financial reports, launching campus-wide marketing campaigns, and making FeelGood videos. Spread d’ Cheese Challenges let anyone earn cheese points by using social media tools like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to spread messages and campaigns that help build a global community and end hunger.

Best Practices & Community Building: Cheese World brings together students and FeelGood Friends from across the country to share ideas and best practices for running their delis, as well as a whole lot of energy and passion to end hunger in our lifetime. Cheese World also helps keep FeelGood’s web content student- and communitygenerated!

Cheese Points For You! Visit and look for the challenge called “FeelGood Love.” Just tell us what you love most about FeelGood and earn 200 cheese points!

FeelGood’s 2009 Hunger & Leadership Summit! October 23-25, 2009 NYC

A Transformative Experience It happens every October, and our students tell us it’s the most transformative FeelGood event of the year: The Hunger Summit!

The University of Vermont FeelGood had 26 in attendence!

This year it took place October 23-25th in New York City, and was attended by more than 80 FeelGooders from 10 universities across the country. Joined by FeelGood4Life alumni, a number of special FeelGood Friends and most of the FeelGood Board of Directors, the students participated in workshops and special events that helped deepen their connection to each other, to FeelGood, and to our mission of ending hunger in our lifetime. The highlight of the weekend? Ask anyone and they’d likely say it was the keynote address by author, speaker, teacher, and fund-raiser extraordinaire, Lynne Twist.


ady for TH ood getting re n Clemson FeelG ial Presentatio ec Sp or ct re Country Di

Corin, FeelGo od’s Universit and Mandy y Director, Nash from Br yn Athyn Co llege

In addition to expressing love, praise and admiration for all FeelGooders everywhere, Lynne spoke personally and powerfully of what she calls “a committed life” —a life driven not by our wants and desires, but by our commitment to something larger than ourselves. It was a moving address and a perfect conclusion to a weekend of great joy, learning and inspiration. And of course, an even higher bar has now been set for next year’s Summit in 2010! Illinois at Urbana inspired after Lynne Twist’s keynote, “The Power of Taking a Stand”. This is UIUC’s 2nd Hunger Summit!

Student Testimonials

"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for such a wonderful weekend... I feel that my commitment to ending hunger has deepened. Everything ran so smoothly, the session topics were so enlightening, and I was beyond impressed with the keynote speaker. None of this would be possible, and we would not be having as huge of an impact on the world if it wasn't for ya'lls constant work and dedication‌I am so excited and honored to be a part of this movement and to have you in my life" Danielle Leach, President Clemson University FeelGood

"Thank you for hosting a FANTASTIC weekend in NYC. The workshops, information sessions and presentations really 'centered' me on The Hunger Project and FeelGood's mission. It is so easy to get distracted from this with the goings-on of running a chapter. It was great to be reminded of why FeelGood and grilled cheese are so important!� Evelyn Little, Treasurer University of Pittsburgh FeelGood

"I wanted to thank you so much for an amazing weekend in NYC. As always, it was a beautiful, inspiring and moving event... I know that the past three and a half years of being in FeelGood has profoundly changed my life. I have been able to experience more things than I ever thought that I would. You have opened my eyes and have allowed me to be hopeful for a future free from hunger." Megan McKeever, Treasurer University of Vermont FeelGood

Taking a Stand for Ending Hunger Since our inception as a national charity in 2005, FeelGood has rigorously researched global hunger in order to understand its root causes and to analyze those organizations that are most effective in achieving significant and systemic reduction of chronic hunger over the long term. Consistently, we have witnessed these objectives being achieved by the cutting-edge work of The Hunger Project, a New York-based, national charity that has developed a proven, scalable model for powerfully mobilizing self-reliance and addressing the root causes of hunger in its many dimensions—from education, to sanitation, to income generation. As we began to learn more about hunger eradication and the history of foreign aid we realized that what is needed is the adoption of this new, proven methodology for addressing hunger. Committed to addressing “what’s needed” in ending hunger and transforming “foreign aid,” FeelGood has created a certification process that includes rigorous due-diligence to ensure that every dollar invested in our partners is being leveraged in the most effective way possible. As we grow, our hope is that our certification process can empower players in the field to adopt grass-roots, gender-focused, empowerment based models of development.

FeelGood’s investment criteria for its partners include the following proven methodologies of international development: mobilize grassroots leadership. effectively address the deeply entrenched social condition of gender inequality. forge partnerships with local government and organizations. have a proven track record of a cost-effective model for unleashing self-reliance. embrace environmentally sustainable practices.

FACT: One-hundred percent of the students’ deli profits are invested in a FeelGood-Certified organization. Each FeelGood Chapter has a 1-1 relationship with their partner organization of choice to deepen their learning and commitment.

CHOICE Humanitarian

The Hunger Project 5%*

5% *







To end hunger and poverty by empowering people to lead lives of self-reliance, meet their own basic needs and build better futures for their children.

To build the capacity of rural villagers to cultivate and act on sustainable solutions to poverty by fostering village self-determination and international community building.

Where: 13 countries in Africa, South Asia and Latin America

Where: Kenya, Nepal, Bolivia, Mexico and Guatemala

Program Overview

Program Overview

Hunger Project strategies seek to build people's capacities, leadership and confidence. They train women and men, equipping them with the skills, methods and knowledge needed to take self-reliant actions to improve their lives and conditions in their communities. Their aim is to overcome the deep resignation people in the developing world often find themselves in as a result of failed development initiatives. The Hunger Project urges people not to wait to be rescued, but to take action now to meet their basic needs and partner with their local governments and NGO’s to start creating change.

CHOICE works with motivated villages helping communities become self-developing. While working with CHOICE, villagers learn both leadership skills and successful approaches for working with their local governments, other NGOs, and each other. Community-led and -chosen projects include school houses, water systems, and greenhouses, but these learn-by-doing construction projects are actually tools for teaching villagers the necessary skills for becoming self-developing. This dramatically increases the efficacy of the training and the sustainability of the project or initiative.



To date THP has enabled the self reliance of over 3,000,000 people, has a unique track record of mobilizing rural communities out of extreme poverty in 3-5 years, is working in 13 countries and continues to empower the expertise and local leadership of our partners around the world.

CHOICE Humanitarian’s Village Self-Development Model is at the core of a unique program which has impacted more than 150,000 people. Villagers in 5 countries are improving their standard of living and pulling themselves out of extreme poverty, as their communities take part in a village-driven effort to improve their lives.





Where We Have Been

Pitt FG e THP In r, Ally Castle dia wh s, ile stu met with dying abroa d.

UVM vic e Rubenst president and p ein, wit h our TH resident, Paig e P partn ers in C Gunning and R hiapas, Mexico achel te Ka ni um Al . g in Africa, FG , THP lin ve tra le hi lia W Ofe et with Miss m n so e. er qu ck Di ambi ctor for Moz Country Dire

The Hunger Project This summer, six FeelGooders traveled around the world to connect, learn and celebrate the self-reliance and hunger-ending work of our partners from The Hunger Project in three countries: Mexico, India and Mozambique. We connected with the beautiful lives of our brothers and sisters who are ending their own hunger by unleashing their full dignity and creativity. We learned from our partners’ powerful and courageous stories how self-reliance can evolve and take place even in countries where corruption and resignation oppress millions into extreme poverty. We celebrated the success of partnership, and the beauty and resilience of our human family, man of whom are building a new vision with their communities. And we celebrated the amazing work of our FeelGood youth who have found a new way to live in partnership to end hunger in our lifetime.

CHOICE Humanitarian In December 2009, FeelGood’s Director of Operations, Talis Apud, will be traveling to Mexico to visit with our new partners at CHOICE Humanitarian. Talis will be sharing her experience through our FeelGood Blog and Newsletters. We’ll keep you posted! We know first-hand that investing in The Hunger Project (THP) and CHOICE Humanitarian (CH) has had an exponential impact; we were blown away by the courage and strategy that drive these incredibly effective programs. Not to mention their costeffectiveness and ability to mobilize resources through government and local NGO participation. We came home with the deepest respect, commitment, and joy—ready to continue working with them in partnership because hunger IS being ended, and it will end in our lifetime.

The “Grilled Cheese” People


cial Capi ter at the So d Kristin Wal cisco, CA an Talis Apud an Fr n Sa in erence Markets Conf

FeelGood’s presence in leading national and international summits and conferences was a highlight of 2009—an opportunity to play a strategic role in some of the most innovative conversations in the fields of social entrepreneurship, service learning and poverty eradication. Check out where we’ve been this year (and yes, we ARE known as “the grilled cheese people”!).

Clinton Global Initiative, University: Joined this year by 8 FeelGooders, CGIU brings together students, university presidents, and national youth organizations to create and implement Commitments to Action across five global challenge areas: education, environment and climate change, peace and human rights, poverty alleviation, and public health.

National Conference on Volunteering & Service: FeelGood had a booth at the world's largest gathering of volunteer and service leaders from the nonprofit, government and corporate sectors. Opportunity Collaboration: An international retreat where nonprofit leaders, social financiers, grant-makers and agents of change collaboration, identify opportunities for leveraging resources across organizations and accelerate proven models for reducing poverty. FeelGood’s workshop “Are you hard core?” was a success and we see many exciting partnerships unfolding over the next year. Social Capital Markets Conference brings together the major players and thought leaders of a new, emerging form of capitalism that recognizes both the power and efficiency of market systems and the ability to direct them toward social and environmental issues leading to a more balanced set of “returns.” FeelGood sponsored a lunch break and hundreds of social innovators engaged in a delicious FeelGood conversation.


The Hub Innovation Series (The Hub): We have partnered with The Hub in their series of events that serve as a nexus point for engagement between diverse social innovators – a ‘collision space’ for unlikely allies and their wide spectrum of interests, ethics, and approaches.

Once a FeelGooder, Always a FeelGooder FeelGood 4 Life (FG4Life) is FeelGood’s alumni and friends network. It is a space for alumni (and anyone!) to continue after graduation to express their authentic partnership for a complete humanity. From the corporate world to Teach for America to politics, FeelGood alumni are continuing their role as global citizens and inspiring us all with their amazing passion to create change. In 2009, FG4Life began a series of new events and programs to continue to contribute to the FeelGood movement. Here are some of the cool ventures they’re starting:

Margaret Petrarca with best friend and FG4Lifer Melissa Stimson

Taryn Ross and Nicole Puhl at FG’s 2009 Hunger Summit

Lauren O’Sullivan feeling good!

el Jason Walter sporting FeelGood appar Leah FG4Lifers Justin Tougas, Tricia Selin and Grossman eating Grilled Cheese

Happy Hour to Empower:

In NYC, Taryn Ross, University of Vermont (UVM) graduate, and friend Nicole Puhl, started a series of Happy Hours to spread FeelGood’s hungerending philosophy and to fundraise for FeelGood: over $3,500 this year! Taryn works on Wall Street and is FG4Life’s co-chair.

Facebook Birthdays:

Jason Walter, University of Texas (UT) graduate, led the way on the Facebook front by raising over $1,300 for FeelGood as a way to celebrate his birthday! Jason works in environmental consulting in Washington, DC.

Blogs & Training: In Portland, ME, Margaret Petrarca, also a UVM graduate, works for AmeriCorps Vista, and her new experiences have inspired her to start a FeelGood blog and on-line training program for FeelGood students, focused on volunteer management and living an intentional life after FeelGood.

Restaurant Program: In Seattle, Tricia Selin (FG4Life co-president) and Leah Grossman, both UVM graduates, launched FeelGood’s Restaurant Program and signed up Hattie’s Hat Restaurant! Tricia is a research biologist and Leah works in sales and marketing.

FeelGood Jewelry: Lauren O’Sullivan, a FeelGood friend, has started a FeelGood Bracelet line to fundraise for FeelGood and spread the word! See it soon at our 2010 On-Line Store!


We Need You! Join the movement to create a generation of changemakers and end world hunger! Eat, Drink, Wear FeelGood

Calling All Restaurants!

FeelGood’s a lifestyle brand; we are creating a new line of products in partnership with like-minded organizations that have loving business practices that create harmony with our human family and the earth.

Are you interested in signing up local restaurants to join FeelGood’s Restaurant Program? We partner with restaurants across the country to add a FeelGood Grilled Cheese to their menu and to donate a voluntary percentage of sales to FeelGood’s programs. In return, FeelGood produces materials to educate their customers on the issues of world hunger and offers an easy way to help end it. Ask for a kit today:

feel good y e


FeelGood Chutney: We’ve partnered with McQuade’s Chutney to offer this mouthwatering chutney made with local and organic ingredients. A gourmet appetizer has never been easier. Our favorite recipe: brie, apple and FeelGood Chutney on a baguette grilled to perfection. FeelGood Coffee: Wake up each morning to a cup of artisan coffee that makes a difference! We have partnered with Equator Estates Coffee and Tea, a women-owned roasting company in Marin County, CA to bring you this rich, smooth brew. Equator Estates has a beautiful relationship with their farmers around the world paying above fair trade prices and investing in communities.

Cheese World Sponsorships Cheese World is a new way for companies to market their brands and create an intimate relationship with the youth and their communities. We are inviting companies, foundations and individuals who are passionate about supporting FeelGood Changemakers to sponsor Cheese Points and promote their brands in a more meaningful and powerful way. Email us today to learn about our different levels of advertising opportunities with Cheese World.

FeelGood Apparel: Designed by Quaker City Mercantile, we partner with local San Francisco printer Tom Morrison to bring you new trends that also help end world hunger. Express yourself!

What makes YOU feel good? You can make a difference and contribute to our movement in literally any way that makes you feel good. This year, Malcolm and Jordan Walter launched a fundraising campaign called “1,000 miles, 100 changemakers, 10,000 miles.” They rode bikes from Seattle, WA to San Francisco, CA and mobilized the whole FG family to raise over $35,000 for FeelGood! Like them, you can take what you love and make a difference. Have a FeelGood Fundraising idea? Contact us at

into their trip at Bodega Bay, CA. Jordan and Malcolm Walter 920 miles ood! miles and raised over $35,000 for FeelG This father and son team traveled 1,000

arr & tin C , Aus lomas. o k v li n Sh aker Dip m Steve ates ir Change u d a r FG g iving the ia b e m Colu l Kim rec a Cryst

Ruiz, & Daniel Frank Lee, Lorena Vasquez, Margarita Reception Mao at The Hunger Project’s Annual

T. (right) ft) and Chelsea th Danielle L. (le k FG Stand ee W k Talis (middle) wi ee Gr eir mpus for th on Clemson’s ca

Sharo n Shilpa K (UI), Wen ye V. (UI) and M Z (UI), Kris ti ark G (UIC) n W. (FG), P at THP r ’s Lead ecious C. (U ership I) Confe , rence

Feel WHAT? FeelGood World is a program that transforms students into life-long social entrepreneurs and responsible global citizens – a.k.a. “changemakers.” Our mission: End world hunger in our lifetime. Our process is simple: a grilled cheese sandwich. FeelGood empowers college students to run non-profit Delis on their campuses, specializing in grilled cheese sandwiches. At these FeelGood Delis, students develop the practical, hands-on skills necessary to run a business, launch effective educational campaigns, and initiate substantive dialogue about the root causes of and solutions to poverty, and our responsibilities as global citizens. 100% of the profits the students raise are invested in organizations with a proven track record of sustainably eradicating extreme global poverty and empowering self-reliance.

CONTACT US: 2935 Van Ness Ave. Ste 9 San Francisco, CA 94109 (415) 563-5536

Thank You For Your Financial Support IN-KIND SPONSORS Quaker City Mercantile Salesforce Vertical Response Google Adwords Everywun McQuade’s Celtic Chutney MCA Public Relations FOUNDATIONS Foundation for Global Community Startfund USA Dealy Foundation CHANGEMAKER LEGACY DONORS Malcolm & Wendy Walter Bentley Systems Gary Tennis Kara Tennis Xin Liu & Yongping Duan Janie and Jerry Lemole Barry & Therese Bentley Keith & Rene Bentley Ray & Terry Bentley Ted Lamboo FEELGOOD FRIENDS Grass roots fundraising $1-$5K Aaron Burgess Abbie Synan Adrienne Frazier Aileen & Lou Synnestvedt Ale Apud Allyson Castles Alyssa Weisensee Amanda Patterson Amber & Luis Rabo Andrew Kress & Leanne Curtis Andrew Lockard Andrew M. Stone Ann Yoders Annis Maria Steiner Asher Burns Burg Ashley & Jordan Walter Bhupinder & Sabrina Singh Bradon Rice

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Mrs. John Castles Nancy Smith Naomi & Justin Jagers Network for Good Pam Hagle Peg Young Phil Nightingale Pine Tavern Restaurant Ray Bair Ray & Darlene Topping Robert Half International Russel Clark Ryan Cole Scotti Simons Sheila Rubin Sonia & Neil Werner Southbury Vetrinary Hospital Spring Silverman Stephanie Czuchan Stephanie Travis Walter Stephen & Sheila Orag Steve & Margit Irwin Steve Hoey Steve Tunney Steven & Ivy Silver Susan Asplundh Susan Bishop Susan Gradel Susan Hollenstein Talis Apud Taryn Ross Teresa Leach Thor & Megan Odhner Tony & ML Tricia Selin Wayne Reber Yewon Kim

2009 Year in Review  

FeelGood is moving step by step, but quickly!

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