2015-16 Annual Report

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investing with passion and pride 2015-16 annual report

Board of Trustees

Foundation Committees Historic Preservation Chairman Edith Brady Gamma Gamma, Queens University of Charlotte

Phi Mu Foundation President Diane Hawkins Eggert Zeta Iota, North Dakota State University

Chairman of the Board Beth Maxson Monnin Rho, Hanover College

Historian Emeritus Mary Jane Johnson Gamma Delta, American University Scholarship Chairman Melissa Mancini Alpha Epsilon, Florida State University Member Assistance Chairman Peggy King Alpha Eta, Louisiana State University

Corporate Secretary/Treasurer Andie Burchett Kash Delta Eta, Georgetown College

Trustee Kris Shetler Bridges Delta Nu Michigan State University

Shared Fraternity/ Foundation Committees

Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals Manager Lara Tebelius Zeta Iota, North Dakota State University Community Service/ Philanthropy Chairman Alexandria Drake Delta Omega, Case Western Reserve University This reflects the Phi Mu Foundation Committees and Shared Committees for the 2014-2016 Biennium.

Trustee Jennifer Free Kappa Nu Lambuth University

Trustee Pamela Ferguson-Gaines Epsilon Alpha Southern Methodist University

Foundation Staff Executive Director Anji Roe Wood Gamma Nu, Elon University

Director of Major Gifts Mandi Capeletti Young Alpha Epsilon, Florida State University Director of Development Kristin Jordan Tofanelli Kappa Mu, Georgia Southern University

Trustee Jennifer Jardine Beta Tau Drexel University

Trustee Jean Morgan Eta Beta University of Washington

Controller Nancy Bone Hamill Indiana University Communications Coordinator Jessi Gongola Horne Alpha Epsilon, Florida State University Development & Marketing Coordinator Leinin Schuerr Kappa Sigma, Jacksonville State University Stewardship & Engagement Coordinator Mary Askew Alpha Kappa, College of Charleston

Trustee Sharon Sudbury Staley Alpha Chi Texas Tech University

Trustee Pamela Kropf Wadsworth Eta Iota University of Arizona

This reflects the Phi Mu Foundation Board of Trustees for the 2014-2016 Biennium. To see the current Board of Trustees, please visit www.phimufoundation.org.

Why I Give to Phi Mu Foundation.. Our mission is the lifetime development of women through the support of Phi Mu’s leadership, scholarship, philanthropic and educational programs, and historic preservation.

Together in 2015-16, we... Supported 21 Chapter Consultants with a $150,000 grant to provide leadership and education to our collegiate chapters and members

Provided online scholastic resources to members through a $25,000 grant for Phi Mu University

Table of Contents 4 Member Assistance & 2015-16 By the Numbers

Invested $24,750 in GreekLifeEdu, educating our new members on wellness, alcohol awareness, sexual assault and hazing

5 Why I Give to Phi Mu Foundation 6 Leadership/Educational Programming 7 Historic Preservation 8 Academic Scholarship


10 Annual Giving



$224,250 in academic scholarships

collegiate and alumnae members

12 Giving Programs 14 Fidelity Society

Preserved our past with $8,629 toward the Philomathean Room at the Cannonball House and archives in the Heritage Museum at the National Headquarters

16 Donor Recognition 28 Collegiate and Alumnae Chapters 29 Parents, Friends, Organizations and Estates

Lent a helping hand to five sisters in need with $5,435 in Leona Hughes Hughes Heart & Hand Fund member assistance grants

32 Ways To Give 33 Financials

Phi Mu National Headquarters. 400 Westpark Drive, Peachtree City, Georgia 30269. 770-632-2090. foundation@phimu.org 2 0 1 5 - 1 6




Investing in to OurPhi Members . Why I Give Mu Foundation... Lent a helping hand to five sisters in need with $5,435 in member assistance grants Our Fraternity experienced record growth in the past decade, which created rewarding opportunities for women who otherwise would not have had the chance to join our organization. Currently with 135 active collegiate chapters and colonies, and more than 165,000 active collegiate and alumnae members, our Fraternity is growing and thriving. But it’s important to recognize that as we continue to expand our membership, the number of women who need our support will also increase. One of the most significant ways we are able to lend a helping hand to sisters is through the Leona Hughes Hughes Heart and Hand Fund and the Betty Wilkinson Emergency Scholarship. With contributions to these funds, we are able to provide grants to eligible collegiate and alumnae members who have faced tragic and life-altering situations due to natural disasters, medical emergencies, or other unique circumstances. These grants are reserved for sisters seeking assistance with immediate basic necessities such as food, clothing, shelter and extraordinary medical care. Funds can also be used to help with educational expenses, but cannot be used to pay dues associated with Phi Mu membership.

To Lend to those less fortunate a helping hand

2015-16 By the Numbers Annual Fund Contributions


Contributions by Audience




Why I Give to Phi Mu Foundation... “I joined Phi Mu Foundation as a collegian, after hearing about the Foundation’s mission and scholarship opportunities. As an undergraduate, I knew that I wanted to go to pharmacy school, which would require four years of professional school after I had completed my pre-pharmacy coursework. I attended Northwestern State University solely on scholarships and the cost of a doctorate program was a bit overwhelming, especially considering that I would no longer qualify for most scholarships since I was considered a graduate student. So as an alumna, I applied for a Foundation scholarship and was awarded a scholarship two years in a row! I knew sisters had invested in my education and I have continued to do the same, having finally reached a giving level above the combined scholarship amounts I received. During pharmacy school, I was involved in my local alumnae chapter and served as Alpha Rho Chapter Adviser and a member of their Advisory Council. In this role, I experienced leadership programming with the chapter leaders and also had the opportunity to serve as a facilitator for Phi Mu Undergraduate Inter Fraternity Institute. Again, I was able to benefit from generous Foundation donors as these experiences not only provided leadership opportunities and development for the collegians, but for me as well. I continue to give back to Phi Mu and Phi Mu Foundation because the benefit is tangible. I hope that my support can ignite a passion for our sisterhood through leadership programming or educational support, just as the support of those before me allowed my continued growth in these areas.” Jessica Helmer Brady Kappa Iota, Northwestern State University

2 0 1 5 - 1 6




Investing in Our Future “As a former Chapter Consultant myself, I’ve seen first-hand the tremendous impact the program has on our membership, and the benefits it offers not only to our chapters and members, but also to the women who serve as consultants. The investment we make in these women to become trained leaders is something they’ll carry with them throughout their time on the road, into their careers, and for the rest of their lives.” Jessica Sopko Delta Beta, University of Illinois Director of Member Services, Phi Mu Fraternity

$199,750 Dedicated to Leadership & Educational Programming •

Supported 21 Chapter Consultants with a $150,000 grant to provide leadership and education to our collegiate chapters and members

Provided online scholastic resources to members through a $25,000 grant for Phi Mu University

Invested $24,750 in GreekLifeEdu, educating our new members on wellness, alcohol awareness, sexual assault and hazing

Under the guidance of our joint strategic plan, Phi Mu Fraternity and Phi Mu Foundation have a shared vision to develop confident, vibrant women. Investing in leadership and educational programming like the Chapter Consultant Program and Phi Mu University challenges our members to think big; to be confident in their abilities to solve tough problems and lead others to find solutions in a complex environment. These programs encourage women to push doubts and uncertainties aside and to lead with confidence each and every day.

Chapter Consultants One of the longest-running grants that Phi Mu Foundation has made to Phi Mu Fraternity is the financial support of the Chapter Consultant program. Each year, leading Phi Mu women make their way across the country, providing guidance, support, problem-solving skills and inspiration to our chapters and our members. The funds we grant to the Fraternity support the leadership training of the consultant team and access to resources they need to ensure our chapters are running efficiently and effectively. The Chapter Consultant Program has seen tremendous growth alongside the expansion of our Fraternity, and is an integral part of our commitment to cultivate leadership and educational opportunities for our membership.

Phi Mu University As an organization built upon its strong literary roots, Phi Mu gives high priority to scholarship and academics. To help provide our members with access to cutting-edge resources to support their education, the Fraternity worked to develop Phi Mu University. Phi Mu University is an online video tutorial program that offers our collegiate and alumnae members lessons on some of the most popular academic subjects. More than 10,000 women have utilized Phi Mu University since its inception, and 10 new subjects will be added to Phi Mu University this fall.

GreekLifeEdu In an effort to continually provide our members with values-based resources, the Fraternity and the Foundation have partnered with EverFi to bring the online course, GreekLifeEdu, to all of our collegiate chapters. GreekLifeEdu focuses on educating our new members on issues such as wellness, alcohol awareness, sexual assault and hazing. By offering this program, we’re providing women with the tools they need to make more educated decisions in this next chapter of their lives. 6




Investing in Our Legacy “As the second oldest

fraternal women’s organization, Phi Mu played a significant role in the women’s movement during the course of American history. Remaining faithful to our history, ritual and values is what sets us apart from other organizations, and binds us to generations of Phi Mu women - past, present and future” Edith Brady Gamma Gamma, Queens University of Charlotte

Preserved Our Past With $8,629 in Support of the Heritage Museum Archives and Philomathean Room Our Founders were true visionaries of their time, serving as pioneers for women as scholars, leaders and philanthropists. This is why protecting and preserving the 164-year history of Phi Mu is one of the Foundation’s most cherished responsibilities. Added to our mission in 2014, historic preservation is at the heartbeat of what we do each day. Ensuring our members can connect our past and present to our future is critical to educating future generations on the legacy of our Phi Mu sisterhood. We are honored to support two permanent exhibitions for sisters and friends to look back on 164 years of Phi Mu. The Philomathean Room at the Cannonball House in Macon, Georgia, is a replica of the original Philomathean Room at Wesleyan College, and is home to many of the Fraternity’s original jewelry and badge collections. The parlor is furnished with the original marble mantel and light fixtures from Wesleyan, and portraits of our Founders, Mary DuPont Lines, Mary Myrick Daniel and Martha Hardaway Redding, adorn the room where sisters and friends of Phi Mu can step back in time to 1852. When Fraternity and Foundation leaders were planning for the Phi Mu National Headquarters building, they felt it was important to have a dedicated space to share the story of our sisterhood over the years. When the new building opened in September 2005, the Phi Mu Heritage Museum was the centerpiece of the celebration. Serving as an anchor of the National Headquarters building, the Heritage Museum is home to the Phi Mu archives and the Fraternity’s most treasured collections. Visitors to the museum have the chance to browse thousands of artifacts, including an original chair from the Philomathean Room at Wesleyan College and the famed cabinet of beloved Past Executive Director Zenobia Wooten Keller. The museum not only provides an opportunity to reflect on our sisterhood over the years, but also reminds us of the dedication and commitment of the women who came before us. 2 0 1 5 - 1 6




Investing inAcademic Success Awarded $224,250 in Academic Scholarships to 157 Collegiate and Alumnae Members In 1852, it was rare for a woman to attend college, let alone graduate with her degree. Our Founders were among the first of their generation to attain a college education; in fact, Wesleyan College was the first college in the world chartered to grant degrees to women. Mary, Mary and Martha were each very fortunate in their quest for learning, and we are pleased to share that same privilege with our membership today. Rising tuition costs across the country are challenging students who have few options to help fund their education. In fact, members of the class of 2016 who borrowed to finance their degrees will leave college with a record level of debt, averaging $37,173 per student. By offering scholarship opportunities to our members each year, we hope to help women return to campus without having to shoulder the pressure of financial burden.

Scholarship Recipients

Hannah Bailey, Alpha Nu, Garnet Wilson Randall Scholarship

Christina Abreu, Gamma Sigma, Muriel Glen Howard Scholarship

Stephanie Barry, Kappa Lambda, Kappa Lambda/Ellen Davies Rodgers Scholarship

Amber Allemand, Kappa Eta, Phi Mu Foundation General Scholarship

Chloe Beacham, Gamma Sigma, Phi Mu Foundation General Scholarship

Haley Armstrong, Zeta Gamma, Ella Jean Kromer Scholarship

Elise Bigley, Delta Iota, Dorothy McCann Scholarship

Alexis Arnold, Alpha Delta, Shellye Stanley McCarty-Mary Helen McCarty Griffis Scholarship

Devero Bogart, Kappa Gamma, Phi Mu Foundation General Scholarship

Rebecca Audries, Alpha Eta, Meadows Scholarship

Taylor Boggus, Kappa Omicron, Phi Mu Foundation General Scholarship

Nicole Baldassarre, Beta Tau, Phi Mu Foundation General Scholarship

Heather Bogy, Alpha Beta, Phi Mu Foundation General Scholarship Alyssa Bovard, Rho Theta, Phi Mu Foundation General Scholarship Brittany Bowers, Rho Gamma, Phi Mu Foundation General Scholarship Megan Boyanton, Kappa Iota, Dorothy Cramer/Eta Beta Scholarship Bailey Brewer, Alpha Delta, Deane H. Chrestman Scholarship Taylor Burfeind, Phi Theta, Mary Tilly Bessemer Scholarship Michele Burns, Gamma Zeta, Phi Mu Foundation General Scholarship Deryne Byrd, Epsilon Mu, Norma Merritt Scholarship Karla Cabral, Theta Gamma, Mary Tilly Bessemer Scholarship Jaclyn Campbell, Lambda Epsilon, Delta Kappa Scholarship Kendall Carpenter, Gamma Lambda, Phi Mu Foundation General Scholarship Kayla Chadwell, Delta Tau, Mary Tilly Bessemer Scholarship Casey Chaudoir, Alpha Lambda, Margery McCarthy Scholarship Kristina Chepaitis, Lambda Theta, Mary Tilly Bessemer Scholarship Lexis Cirillo, Lambda Theta, Ella Jean Kromer Scholarship Emma Clawson, Chi, St. Louis/Elizabeth Millman Alumnae Educational Scholarship Jennifer Climenhage, Alpha Epsilon, Mary Tilly Bessemer Scholarship Taylor Collins-Riddle, Delta Lambda, Mary Tilly Bessemer Scholarship Calette Corcoran, Alpha Lambda, Lowe Trust Income Scholarship Haley Cox, Phi Kappa, Mary Tilly Bessemer Scholarship

“As I graduated from Purdue University, a scholarship from Phi Mu Foundation helped me to achieve my goal of a Ph.D. in chemistry. Who knew that would lead to my becoming an Astronaut and flying in space?! You just never know what dreams you will one day dream and what doors currently closed to you one day will open.

Carson Crowley, Alpha Iota, Margaret Meares Nisbet Scholarship Julie Cuba, Rho Theta, Dorothy Scott Doty Scholarship Jenna Damico, Beta Tau, Phi Mu Foundation General Scholarship Brigid Dass, Gamma Theta, Phi Mu Foundation General Scholarship Ashley Davis, Alpha Pi, Norma Merritt Scholarship Kaitlyn Dervenis, Rho Alpha, Ella Jean Kromer Scholarship Tara Elam, Kappa Alpha, Phi Mu Foundation General Scholarship

Phi Mu Foundation scholarships are all about enabling and preparing young Phi Mus to be able to achieve those dreams and walk through those doors.

Camille Eleazar, Alpha Eta, Cecil Caldwell Memorial Scholarship Elizabeth Ervin, Alpha Delta, Phi Mu Foundation General Scholarship Kaitlin Fahey, Delta Eta, Mary Tilly Bessemer Scholarship

Dr. Mary Ellen Weber Delta Epsilon, Purdue University Scientist and NASA Astronaut 8

Jasmine Elder, Rho Lambda, Anne Marsland Steinart Scholarship

Calli Fletcher, Lambda Theta, Ella Jean Kromer Scholarship Riley Frank, Alpha Sigma, Eta Beta Scholarship Cassie Furr, Gamma Rho, Phi Mu Foundation General Scholarship P H I



Jillian Gaietto, Rho Kappa, Mary Tilly Bessemer Scholarship

Kaitlin Pittelkow, Theta Zeta, Walter Cox Memorial Scholarship

Emily Gerard, Delta Tau, Magic Carpet Scholarship

Anne Portner, Beta Tau, New Jersey Scholarship

Rebekah Gerwitz, Phi Alpha, Mary Tilly Bessemer Scholarship

Coral Radney, Kappa Beta, Mary Tilly Bessemer Scholarship

Melissa Gilbert, Kappa Tau, Phi Mu Foundation General Scholarship

Monica Rangel, Alpha Kappa, Phi Mu Foundation General Scholarship

Taylor Gillilan, Alpha Gamma, Mary Tilly Bessemer Scholarship

Alexis Ratterman, Delta Tau, Phi Mu Foundation General Scholarship

Elease Greedy, Zeta Gamma, Evelyn Lyon Andrews Scholarship

Meredith Richard, Kappa Iota, Mary Tilly Bessemer Scholarship

Meredith Griffin, Gamma Lambda, Mary McAteer Scholarship

Haley Rigg, Delta Theta, Mary Tilly Bessemer Scholarship

Elizabeth Grossmann, Lambda Epsilon, Phi Mu Foundation General Scholarship

Megan Rudolph, Zeta Gamma, Phi Mu Foundation General Scholarship

Shannon Hall, Delta Alpha, Dvorsack Sister Scholarship

Lindsay Ruhlin, Phi Nu, Dorothy McCann Scholarship

Margaret Hance, Epsilon Rho, Thomas Phinzy Scholarship

Victoria Rushing, Alpha Lambda, Betty Wilkinson Scholarship

Hanna Harris, Alpha Lambda, Martha McCardell Scholarship

Mackenzie Samson, Rho Iota, Phi Mu Foundation General Scholarship

Christiana Hayward, Alpha Lambda, Mary Tilly Bessemer Scholarship

Whitley Savage, Epsilon Mu, Mary Tilly Bessemer Scholarship

Jocelyn Hoffman, Gamma Kappa, Phi Mu Foundation General Scholarship

Rebecca Schuck, Phi Kappa, Mary Tilly Bessemer Scholarship

Rachel Holder, Gamma Gamma, Sara Merrick Memorial Scholarship

Siera Scime, Alpha Epsilon, Phi Mu Foundation General Scholarship

Heather Hollingsworth, Delta Epsilon, Rose M. Peckhart Ray Scholarship

Aubrey Sejuit, Beta Mu, Lowe Trust Income Scholarship

Hannah Hopkins, Theta Alpha, Maud Tachell Sagle Memorial Scholarship

Katie Shimer, Eta Zeta, Lowe Trust Income Scholarship

Nichelle Huber, Epsilon Nu, Dorothy Cramer/Eta Beta Scholarship

Elena Skovorodnikova, Phi Alpha, Dorothy McCann Scholarship

Kathryn Huggins, Lambda Eta, Phi Mu Foundation General Scholarship

Jordan Smith, Delta Iota, Phi Mu Foundation General Scholarship

Sydney Hughes, Epsilon Epsilon, Thomas Phinzy Scholarship

Kylie Smith, Lambda Theta, Phi Mu Foundation General Scholarship

Jordan Ingram, Alpha Lambda, Mary Tilly Bessemer Scholarship

Allison Smith, Lambda Zeta, Dorothy Perkins Campbell Scholarship

Sarah Jagielski, Delta Theta, Phi Mu Foundation General Scholarship

Chelsea Snipes, Alpha Kappa, Mary McAteer Scholarship

Natalie Jeansonne, Alpha Eta, Margaret Frink Lear Scholarship

Erin Snyder, Alpha Sigma, Phi Mu Foundation General Scholarship

Madison Jewell, Alpha Alpha, Mary Ann Durden Brown Scholarship

Cynthia Springer, Delta Theta, Ella Jean Kromer Scholarship

Hillary Johnson, Delta, Mary Tilly Bessemer Scholarship

Madison Stis, Delta Alpha, Marie Wilcox Scholarship

Haley Jones, Zeta Gamma, Outstanding First Year Scholarship

Miranda Stoltz, Kappa Pi, Mary Tilly Bessemer Scholarship

Shannon Kee, Delta Iota, Phi Mu Foundation General Scholarship

Alexandria Stuffo, Beta Tau, New Jersey Scholarship

April Kelly, Gamma Theta, Mary Tilly Bessemer Scholarship

Ariel Swenson, Phi Nu, Phi Mu Foundation General Scholarship

Alanna Khubieh, Epsilon Mu, Phi Mu Foundation General Scholarship

Lauren Szramiak, Delta Beta, Mary King Shepardson Scholarship

Katie Lane Kirkland, Epsilon, Phi Mu Foundation General Scholarship

Kelly Tamburo, Epsilon Lambda, Phi Mu Foundation General Scholarship

Maggie Kitt, Delta Lambda, Phi Mu Foundation General Scholarship

Caroline Templeton, Alpha Delta, Eta Alpha Corp Scholarship

Mary Klueh, Rho Alpha, Phi Mu Foundation General Scholarship

Natalie Thigpen, Alpha Iota, Leona and Lewis Hughes Scholarship

Katherine Kozlowski, Lambda Epsilon, Phi Mu Foundation General Scholarship

Kaitlyn Thruston, Lambda Beta, Lambda Beta/Mary Frances Elvey Scholarship

Alexa Lahren, Rho Alpha, Phi Mu Foundation General Scholarship

Samantha Thurber, Zeta Sigma, Phi Mu Foundation General Scholarship

Katherine Landmesser, Lambda Theta, Phi Mu Foundation General Scholarship

Leah Townsend, Epsilon Mu, Pamela Wadsworth Scholarship

Brooke Landry, Alpha Psi, Phi Mu Foundation General Scholarship

Kristie Tso, Alpha Lambda, Presidents’ Scholarship

Carson Leiting, Zeta Gamma, Martha Marsh Scholarship

Rebecca Tupaj, Lambda Epsilon, Mary Tilly Bessemer Scholarship

Elizabeth Leone, Alpha Epsilon, Frances McAdams Memorial Scholarship

Emily Vallor, Kappa Lambda, Mary Tilly Bessemer Scholarship

Traci Leverett, Kappa Gamma, Phi Mu Foundation General Scholarship

Courtney Vecheck, Rho Zeta, Phi Mu Foundation General Scholarship

Caitlyn Malloy, Alpha Lambda, Betty Wilkinson Scholarship

Dana Vitrano, Gamma Delta, Mary McAteer Scholarship

Taylor Mangus, Alpha Psi, Dorothy Perkins Campbell Scholarship

Paige Vogus, Rho Alpha, Phi Mu Foundation General Scholarship

Ashlee Manley, Delta Tau, Mary Tilly Bessemer Scholarship

Kaylynn Washnock, Alpha Epsilon, Mary Tilly Bessemer Scholarship

Cynthia Maupin, Chi, Mary Tilly Bessemer Scholarship

Kinsey Watson, Lambda Iota, Phi Mu Foundation General Scholarship

Carolyn McCalley, Alpha Kappa, Florence W. Sheehan Scholarship

Sara Weber, Gamma Lambda, Judith Niuman Breece Scholarship

Allison McMahon, Lambda Theta, Phi Mu Foundation General Scholarship

Leighann Westfall, Kappa Iota, Betty Bergstrom Black Scholarship

Meredith Meeks, Lambda Epsilon, Phi Mu Foundation General Scholarship

Laura Wheeler, Nu, Margaret Meares Nisbet Scholarship

Abigail Meiskin, Beta Tau, Mary Tilly Bessemer Scholarship

Megan White, Lambda Theta, Phi Mu Foundation General Scholarship

Emily Michaels, Phi Kappa, Phi Mu Foundation General Scholarship

Jamie Wiggins, Delta Tau, Phi Mu Foundation General Scholarship

Ashley Morris, Gamma Theta, Phi Mu Foundation General Scholarship

Jamah Wilkerson, Rho Alpha, Founders’ Scholarship

Caroline Morris, Lambda Epsilon, Ella Jean Kromer Scholarship

Gazzmine Wilkins, Delta Tau, Mary Tilly Bessemer Scholarship

Isabel Moua, Gamma Delta, Mary Tilly Bessemer Scholarship

Laura Winters, Epsilon Rho, Ella Jean Kromer Scholarship

Julia Moye, Lambda Theta, Phi Mu Foundation General Scholarship

Abigail Wolz, Alpha Epsilon, Phi Mu Foundation General Scholarship

Liza Musayelyan, Beta Tau, Phi Mu Foundation General Scholarship

Sarah Wyche, Lambda Theta, Phi Mu Foundation General Scholarship

Taylor Myers-Ackerman, Phi Lambda, Phi Mu Foundation General Scholarship

Kaitlyn Zilly, Beta Tau, Dorothy Perkins Campbell Scholarship

Eleanor Nason, Epsilon Epsilon, Mary King Shepardson Scholarship

Victoria Zugehar, Lambda Theta, Phi Mu Foundation General Scholarship

Lisa Nelson, Rho Gamma, Phi Mu Foundation General Scholarship Hannah Petrey, Kappa Xi, Erin McIntosh Memorial Scholarship Megan Piccirillo, Gamma Delta, Mary Tilly Bessemer Scholarship 2 0 1 5 - 1 6




Investing in Innovation $874,929 Raised in Annual Giving When most members think of Phi Mu Foundation, they often think of one of our many Annual Fund programs. Whether it is the Phonathon or the popular M3 Campaign, our members enjoy rallying around these fundraisers because they know the money raised is helping women just like them. Dollars raised for the Annual Fund are unrestricted funds, which support Foundation operations, and allow for our leadership to invest in innovative programming that will keep Phi Mu on the cutting edge. The Annual Fund is what fuels the Foundation for future growth. The 2016 Phi Mu Foundation Phonathon was hosted from January 29-February 1 by the Rho Iota Chapter at the University of Kentucky. The Phonathon is our longest-running Annual Fund campaign, and is an inspiring weekend of connecting our collegiate and alumnae sisters from across the country. In just three days, the women of Rho Iota reached 600 alumnae, and raised more than $34,000 in unrestricted funds for Phi Mu Foundation. One of the most spirted Annual Fund initiatives takes place during the month of March, when we show gratitude to our three Founders with the M3 Campaign. The 2016 M3 Campaign not only raised a record-breaking $354,128 for our Annual Fund, but we also surpassed $1 million in cumulative giving since the campaign’s inception. More than 660 alumnae contributed to the campaign this year, along with 127 collegiate chapters participating at 100 percent – meaning that every active member of their chapter made a gift of at least $18.52 to Phi Mu Foundation during the month of March. Our chapters contributing the most to the M3 Campaign in 2016 were the Chicago West Suburban Alumnae Chapter, raising more than $1,600, and for the second year in a row, the Alpha Delta Chapter at the University of Mississippi, contributing more than $16,000. “We participate in M3 because as a chapter, we cherish the opportunities this sisterhood has provided us. Through Phi Mu, we’ve developed lifelong friends and supporting M3 allows us to return the favor. Through the money we raise, we can provide support for other Phi Mus.” Martha Williams Chapter President Epsilon, Millsaps College

100% M3 Chapters Alpha Alpha, University of Georgia Alpha Beta, University of Arkansas Alpha Delta, University of Mississippi Alpha Epsilon, Florida State University Alpha Eta, Louisiana State University

Annual Giving

Alpha Gamma, Samford University

Annual Appeals (including parents of members) Annual Campaigns (Phonathon & M3) Giving Programs Other Gifts Total

$137,453 $388,165 $248,009 $101,302 $874,929

Alpha Iota, Mercer University Alpha Kappa, College of Charleston Alpha Lambda, Louisiana Tech University Alpha Mu, Auburn University Alpha Nu, University of Florida Alpha Omicron, The University of Southern Mississippi

M3 2016 Results

Alpha Pi, University of Houston

Collegian and Collegiate Chapters Alumnae, Alumnae Chapters and Friends Total

$325,014 $29,114 $354,128

Alpha Psi, Southeastern Louisiana University Alpha Rho, University of Louisiana at Monroe Alpha Sigma, University of Louisiana at Lafayette Alpha Upsilon, McNeese State University

1 0




Alpha Zeta, The University of Alabama Beta Eta, Miami University

Top Contributing M3 Chapters by Area

Beta Mu, Pennsylvania State University

Alumnae Chapter Chicago West Suburban, IL $1,980

Beta Nu, Bethany College Beta Tau, Drexel University

BETA $63,734

Delta Epsilon Beta Eta Purdue University Miami University $4,644 $4,088

Beta Upsilon, Westminster College Chi, University of Missouri Delta, Tulane University

Rho Kappa Kent State University $3,519 Alumnae Chapter Louisville, KY $231

Delta Alpha, Indiana University Delta Epsilon, Purdue University Delta Eta, Georgetown College

Lambda Epsilon Christopher Newport University $7,445

Delta Iota, Baldwin Wallace University Delta Lambda, University of Evansville

Delta Tau Western Kentucky University $5,950

Delta Tau, Western Kentucky University

GAMMA $88,043 Lambda Theta

Delta Theta, Transylvania University Delta Zeta, University of Cincinnati Epsilon, Millsaps College

University of South Carolina $6,760

Epsilon Epsilon, Oklahoma City University

Alpha Alpha University of Georgia $5,562

Epsilon Lambda, Arkansas Tech University Epsilon Mu, Houston Baptist University

Alpha Beta University of Arkansas $8,063

Epsilon Nu, Oklahoma State University Epsilon Omicron, Southern Arkansas University

Alumnae Chapter Houston, TX $314Â

Epsilon Pi, Tarleton State University

Alumnae Chapter Atlanta, GA $532 Alpha Lambda Alpha Delta Louisiana Tech University of Mississippi $17,182 University Alpha Eta $6,221 Alpha Zeta Louisiana State The University of Alabama $6,797 University $6,354

ALPHA $81,185

Epsilon Rho, Lyon College Epsilon Sigma, University of Texas-San Antonio Epsilon Xi, Louisiana State University Shreveport

DELTA $116,456

Eta Beta, University of Washington Eta Nu, Cal. State University, Northridge Eta Sigma, University of California, Merced

Kappa Omicron, Armstrong State University

Pi, University of Maine

Eta Xi, Cal. State University, Stanislaus

Kappa Phi, LaGrange College

Psi Beta, University of Hartford

Eta Zeta, California State University, Fresno

Kappa Pi, Tennessee Technological University

Psi Gamma, Binghamton University

Gamma Delta, American University

Kappa Rho, Florida Atlantic University

Rho, Hanover College

Gamma Gamma, Queens University

Kappa Sigma, Jacksonville State University

Rho Alpha, Indiana University Purdue University

Gamma Kappa, UNC Wilmington

Kappa Tau, Lander University

Gamma Lambda, University of North Carolina

Kappa Upsilon, University of North Georgia

Rho Beta, University of Michigan-Dearborn

at Chapel Hill


Kappa Xi, University of West Alabama

Rho Delta, Central Michigan University

Gamma Mu,Western Carolina University

Lambda Beta, Appalachian State University

Rho Eta, Grand Valley State University

Gamma Nu, Elon University

Lambda Delta, University of South Carolina Aiken

Rho Gamma, Ball State University

Gamma Rho, University of West Georgia

Lambda Epsilon, Christopher Newport University

Rho Iota, University of Kentucky

Gamma Sigma, Georgia College and State

Lambda Iota, East Carolina University

Rho Kappa, Kent State University

Lambda Theta, University of South Carolina

Rho Lambda, Cleveland State University

Lambda Zeta, University of South Carolina

Rho Mu, DePaul University

University Gamma Tau, The Johns Hopkins University Gamma Theta, James Madison University


Rho Theta, Elmhurst College

Gamma Zeta, High Point University

Mu, Brenau University

Rho Zeta, Bellarmine University

Iota Alpha, University of Hawaii

Nu, Shorter University

Theta, Belmont University

Kappa, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Phi Alpha, McDaniel College

Theta Alpha, University of North Alabama

Kappa Alpha, Mississippi State University

Phi Beta, Albright College

Theta Beta, Georgia State University

Kappa Beta, Valdosta State University

Phi Delta, Salisbury University

Theta Delta, Spring Hill College

Kappa Chi, University of Montevallo

Phi Eta, York College of Pennsylvania

Theta Epsilon, Kennesaw State University

Kappa Epsilon, Delta State University

Phi Gamma, University of Maryland,

Theta Gamma, Florida International University

Kappa Eta, Nicholls State University

Baltimore County

Theta Kappa, Huntingdon College

Kappa Gamma, Troy University

Phi Kappa, Muhlenberg College

Theta Nu, Florida Gulf Coast University

Kappa Iota, Northwestern State University

Phi Lambda, West Chester University

Theta Theta, Columbus State University

Phi Nu, Rutgers University

Theta Zeta, Georgia Institute of Technology

Kappa Lambda, University of Memphis

Phi Omicron, LaSalle University

Zeta Gamma, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Kappa Mu, Georgia Southern University

Phi Theta, Towson University

Zeta Lambda, Northwest Missouri State University

Kappa Omega, University of South Alabama

Phi Xi, Cornell University

Zeta Sigma, University of Wisconsin-River Falls

of Louisiana

2 0 1 5 - 1 6



1 1

Investing in Loyalty Giving Programs

More than 400 of our most loyal donors support Phi Mu Foundation with an annual commitment as a member of one of our four giving programs: 1852 Society, Legacy League, Carnation Club and Rose & White. When you join one of these programs, not only are you helping to set the Foundation up for future success, but you’ll also receive access to membership communications, exclusive sisterhood events, and a commemorative giving program pin to wear proudly next to your Phi Mu badge. All giving program contributions support the Annual Fund.

Tara Boujoulian, Gamma Delta Ellen Fryman Bower, Delta Beta Kathy Walko Boyce, Alpha Kappa Sandra Burn Boyd, Kappa Pi Jessica Helmer Brady, Kappa Iota Pamela Sonnier Brewsaugh, Alpha Pi Shani Burley-Moore, Kappa Alpha Kerri Cebula, Gamma Delta Beth Hollingsworth Childs, Kappa Omega

1852 Society

Marilyn Smith Mann, Delta Epsilon

Susan Miles Byrd, Alpha Delta

Kathy Bryson Cook, Alpha Delta

Dusty Wharton Manson, Alpha Lambda

Nancy Campbell, Beta Phi

Heather Blalock Crookston, Kappa Omicron

Alia Abbas, Beta Tau

Phyllis Yandell Mashburn, Alpha Delta

Angel Anderson Carter, Gamma Rho

Cynthia Pierson Crosby, Eta Alpha

Connie Wall Abell, Eta Beta

Marty Hardy Mather, Zeta Alpha

Jessica McLucas Cicatiello, Alpha Zeta

Christa D’Amico, Alpha Epsilon

Delicia Bryant Arnold, Kappa Omega

Annie Mijanovich McPherson-Zimmers,

Bridgie Clark, Alpha Chi

Carol Burke Davis, Gamma Theta

Erin Wise Clements, Phi Gamma

Meg Demeranville, Theta Delta

Race Entrekin Artz, Epsilon

Jean Cibula, Delta Omega

Eta Theta

Kathy Keller Bacskay, Gamma Alpha

Jamie Mahan Methvin, Alpha Beta

Karen Clark Coffman, Gamma Theta

Elesha Becker Downs, Delta Lambda

Dorothy Vincent Becker, Delta Psi

Leanne Schliestett Minghini, Kappa Upsilon

Nancy Ossmann Cox, Beta Tau

Jan Medcalf Duttarer, Eta Delta

Judy Niuman Breece, Upsilon

Frances Dobernig Mitchelson, Alpha Rho

Amy Powell Daugherty. Kappa Lambda

Jessica Gardino Edwards, Alpha Zeta

Kelley Tiller Brewer, Alpha Epsilon

Beth Maxson Monnin, Rho

Jennifer Berry Ferguson. Epsilon Mu

Anna Marie Richter Espinoza, Lambda Epsilon

Kris Shetler Bridges, Delta Nu

Jean Morgan, Eta Beta

Shannon Veach Gibbs, Rho

Misty Garrett Fingar, Kappa Iota

Lana Nicholson Bulger, Alpha Omicron

Claudia Mauzy Nemir, Eta Alpha

Barbara Harrison Gordon, Delta Alpha

Jennifer Eckels Fleming, Rho Gamma

Judy Rollins Burch, Alpha Eta

Lis Hendricks Oldaker, Gamma Delta

Amy Rome Guidry, Alpha Omicron

Leta Smith Fletcher, Kappa Iota

Jean Scheltes Buskirk, Delta Beta

Dr. Marilyn Priebe Parker, Alpha Theta

Rhonda Harmond, Epsilon Mu

Sara Philby Freeman, Delta Epsilon

June Magee Byrd, Alpha Eta

Beth Reisinger, Phi Gamma

Dorothy Hughes, Gamma Delta

Mary Galvi, Upsilon

Desiree Carlson, Gamma Lambda

Darlene Mendoza Reyes, Kappa Eta

Peggy Parker Johnson, Kappa Lambda`

Holly Rummel Goe, Delta Lambda

Michelle Voisinet Caylor, Phi Theta

Vicki Ryan, Zeta Pi

Stephanie Edwards Kinser, Epsilon Nu

Mary Bohl Goth, Chi

Nicole Charlton-Nauroth, Beta Mu

Cathy Sessums, Kappa Epsilon

Amanda Brower Kirwan, Alpha Epsilon

Marcie Helmke, Gamma Iota

Carol Coleman, Phi

Amber Griffin Shaw, Kappa Nu

Marikate Langan, Delta Beta

Sharon Henson, Delta Eta

Jennifer Mazurek Cox, Epsilon Sigma

Evett Simmons, Alpha Tau

Susan Price Logan, Upsilon

Katie Baker Herzog, Epsilon Xi

Nancy Boes Crowell, Delta Epsilon

Sharon Sudbury Staley, Alpha Chi

Elaine Engle Maloy, Beta Sigma

Emilyn Matthews Horton, Kappa Iota

Ann Scarborough Dahne, Delta Iota

Donna Allen Stallard, Alpha Chi

Leigh Korba Maxson, Gamma Zeta

Amber Brooke Isom, Rho Gamma

Pam Glassbrook Day, Eta Iota

Melody Stancil, Mu

Stephanie McGrath, Gamma Pi

Donna Clouser Jenkins, Delta Psi

Therese Landry DeMouy, Kappa Eta

Courtney Douglas Stanford, Kappa Phi

Lynn Storlien McGraw, Zeta Sigma

Gretchen Polcuch Johnson, Eta Beta

Diane Hawkins Eggert, Zeta Iota

Lara Tebelius, Zeta Iota

Jean Morgan, Eta Beta

Mary Jane Bennett Johnson, Gamma Delta

Bebe Nolan Eldridge, Alpha Sigma

Nancy Johnson Tucker, Alpha Zeta

Mary-Margaret Nester, Epsilon Rho

Jennifer Hobaugh Johnson, Gamma Alpha

Maggie Elliott, Eta Zeta

Pam Kropf Wadsworth, Eta Iota

Kerry Brennan Owen, Theta Zeta

Susi Slack Kiefer, Delta Beta

Gwen Schiavone Erwood, Delta Epsilon

Joan Smith Wallem, Delta Beta

Natalie Rizzo Piccotti, Delta Nu

Cara Kueck, Beta Phi

Robin White Fanning, Beta Iota

Beth Denney Ward, Delta Eta

Gayle Kindred Price, Delta Tau

Jane Cantey Landstedt, Alpha Chi

Lisa Fleming, Rho

Laure Waschbusch, Zeta Iota

Heidi Rice Reed, Kappa Lambda

Heather Lazek, Epsilon Zeta

Jen Free, Kappa Nu

Shannon Byrnes Weaver, Delta Epsilon

Barbara Farmer Scott, Gamma Sigma

Kim Brown Lynch, Epsilon Nu

Holly Fulton, Alpha Nu

Pam West, Delta Pi

Norma Lahti Short, Eta Alpha

Sandra Weeks Mader, Alpha Nu

Pamela Ferguson Gaines, Epsilon Alpha

Betty Nell Wilkinson, Alpha Lambda

Amy Fisher Thompson, Delta

Debra Young Maggart, Delta Tau

Margo Spagnuolo Grace, Delta Tau

Molly Meyer Williams, Rho Beta

Tina-Marie Venus, Gamma Gamma

Carol Sieg Maruyama, Phi Gamma

Nancy Wands Hastings, Alpha Xi

Adele Redditt Williamson, Delta

Stacey Roberts Wade, Alpha Mu

Gail Giese Mattson, Zeta Alpha

Betty Purvis Hatch, Eta Alpha

Mary Lou Winsett, Delta Lambda

Allyson Ward, Alpha Kappa

Crystal Brady Mentlewski, Lambda Beta

Sally Fortner Helm, Alpha Zeta

Janna Cherry York, Epsilon Delta

Mandi Capeletti Young, Alpha Epsilon

Leah Sherman Middlebrook, Kappa Iota

Kimberly Crowell Hendricks, Alpha Nu

Jennifer Bennett Zeigler, Rho Gamma Shelley Favre Zeringue, Alpha Eta

Carnation Club

Lori Desguin Mizell, Alpha Epsilon

Gail Savage Highland, Delta Lambda Jennifer Jardine, Beta Tau Jennifer Chapman Joyner, Alpha Iota Janeen Judah, Epsilon Kappa Andie Burchett Kash, Delta Eta

Leigh Nevill Adams,

Legacy League

Kappa Lambda

Andrea Eickhoff

Anderson, Delta Alpha

Kerri Buchanan Montgomery, Delta Theta Melanie Moore, Alpha Epsilon Christi Thomas Morel, Delta Tau

Donna Green Albright, Alpha Zeta

Jean Morgan, Eta Beta

Theresa Masker Anderson, Alpha Omicron

Karey Hilbert Neville, Delta Tau

Bette Beck Kulp, Eta Delta

Dorothy Vincent Becker, Delta Psi

Amanda Reedy Baker, Rho Alpha

Samantha Scott Oholendt, Epsilon Lambda

Annadell Craig Lamb, Delta Alpha

Robin Mays Benoit, Epsilon Nu

Patti Bauman-Ore, Eta Iota

Jenn Oppenheim,Gamma Zeta

Kathy Yandell Laurent ,Alpha Delta

Bikki Bevelhymer, Zeta Alpha

Dorothy Vincent Becker, Delta Psi

Amber Overton, Lambda Epsilon

Cindy Lowden, Gamma Epsilon

Carolyn Morris Brunson, Alpha Lambda

Bre Bock-Nielsen, Gamma Delta

Lynda Peatross Patterson, Kappa Epsilon

1 2




Nancy Connolly Pergolizzi, Gamma Lambda

Wendy Bowman Bishop, Phi Gamma

Lisa Heilmeier, Delta Iota

Lisa Primiani, Alpha Epsilon

Susan Pero, Gamma Tau

Erin Marshall Bishop, Beta Iota

Katherine Burch Herring, Epsilon

Ivonne Ramirez, Gamma Delta

Chelsea Owens Pettingill, Alpha Nu

Brianna Bladen, Kappa Sigma

Mariana Scholz Hess, Delta Delta

Elizabeth Ramsey, Kappa Alpha

Sharyl Bickell Pickens, Epsilon Nu

Cynthia Bland, Gamma Delta

Erica Heyer, Phi Kappa

Rose Peckhart Ray, Delta Pi

Kelly Trainer Policky, Alpha Pi

Debbie Bloom, Upsilon

Anne Dudley Hopkins, Alpha Alpha

Jennifer Rhatigan, Alpha Nu

Susan Jackson Redman, Delta Alpha

Allison Boone, Alpha Gamma

Liza Snyder Hoppes, Phi Kappa

Brandon Gallop Rice, Epsilon Zeta

Chrystie Reep, Delta Delta

Holly Bounds, Alpha Delta

Jessi Gongola Horne, Alpha Epsilon

Kelly Stein Rizzo, Theta Delta

Jennifer Vickery Rider, Epsilon

Edith Woodcock Brady, Gamma Gamma

Robyn Schudmak Hyer, Gamma Delta

Mary Green Robbins, Alpha Chi

Jacinda Bonvillain Roach, Kappa Eta

Sharon Carlisle Brolick, Epsilon Nu

Jackie Gilpin Isaacson, Delta Nu

Lynne Dowling Rockenbauch, Gamma Alpha

Maureen O’Brien Rojas, Upsilon

Amy Dugas Brown, Lambda Epsilon

Laney Jahkel-Parrish, Gamma Gamma

Amanda Rose, Phi Alpha

Becky Baznik School, Delta Omega

Lisa Buckley, Alpha Kappa

Brittany Jardine, Alpha Nu

Donna Watson Rowell, Kappa Omega

Toni Capetanakis Sires, Gamma Xi

Bryana Bunte, Rho Gamma

Rhonda Jones, Epsilon

Betty Bogese Russo, Gamma Pi

Kathleen Wilson Slone, Beta Phi

Carolyn Hering Burton, Beta Iota

Barbara Martin Kelly, Delta Sigma

Michelle Sasso, Gamma Delta

Jennifer DeCoudres Slovensky, Alpha Delta

Connie Thibodeaux Butler, Alpha Eta

April Field Kemp, Alpha Psi

Kaite Henderson Saunders, Kappa Lambda

Sherie Saiter Snider, Alpha Zeta

Katy Campbell, Rho Delta

Kaitlyn Kilby, Lambda Beta

Courtney Sawyers, Epsilon

Katie Stapleton, Alpha Kappa

Kat Cannella, Theta Theta

Stephanie Kirk, Alpha Epsilon

Jessica Schmidt McDermott, Epsilon Beta

Lucy Holman Stone, Alpha Epsilon

Kristy Brown Cantrell, Eta Zeta

Megan Roberts Langford, Eho Epsilon

Kristina Shackelford, Kappa Iota

Mary Beth Bruggeman Straguzzi, Gamma Pi

Delecia Seay Carey, Epsilon

Julie Lassalle, Epsilon

Julie Lassetter Shelton, Kappa Epsilon

Kimberly Tate Swenson, Theta Zeta

Catherine Clark Castle, Epsilon

Amanda Lawrence, Epsilon Lambda

Jessica Shemwell, Kappa Lambda

Frieda Texter, Phi Beta

Taylor Chastain, Alpha Iota

Melanie Lee, Lambda Epsilon

Kimberly Kovreg Sherman, Delta Phi

Anne Thompson, Eta Alpha

Michelle Clark, Phi Delta

Loretta Vigil Lemoine, Alpha Rho

Megan Rinaudo Shoemaker, Delta Beta

Christy Satterfield Todd, Nu

Becky Hatzakorzian Clay, Theta

Alicia Liebel Berg, Zeta Iota

Judith King Short, Gamma Iota

Kristin Jordan Tofanelli, Kappa Mu

Kayla Cloutier, Psi Beta

Kelly Long, Gamma Alpha

Mary Ellen Hardies Smalley, Delta Delta

Joy Love Tomasso, Alpha Mu

Megan Cloutier, Psi Beta

Mahli Scott Lowder, Zeta Iota

Cassie Qualls Smith, Kappa Lambda

Jan Holland Townes, Alpha Delta

Carol Mueller Cloutier, Eta Iota

Jill Courson Mahar, Epsilon Omicron

Carrie Smith, Gamma Alpha

Candace Adams Turner, Alpha Eta

Anne Cofer, Alpha Delta

Ashley Mariner, Phi Delta

Brittany Greene Socha, Kappa Sigma

Martha Everitt Tye, Alpha Omicron

Stephanie Downey Compton, Alpha Delta

Amy Maurer, Theta Beta

Jessica Sopko, Delta Beta

Crystal Uliano, Psi Beta

Andrea Costello, Gamma Theta

Alishia Evans Mayfield, Epsilon Nu

Ashley Cordua Stafford, Alpha Delta

Alysia Ward, Alpha Kappa

Mary Coulter, Gamma Mu

Denise McDorman McDermott, Beta Eta

Shannon Sucec Stahl, Rho

Kathryn Sinclair White, Kappa Epsilon

Tracy Borczyk Cullinan, Alpha Kappa

Iris Bridges McRee, Gamma Sigma

Amy Stanis, Delta Nu

Natalie Wiesend, Rho Beta

Shannon Chaney Custard, Epsilon Nu

Angela Cocran Meche, Alpha Eta

Kayla Stephenson, Rho Zeta

Emily Williams, Delta Tau

Liz Dahne, Delta Iota

Kristy Campos Merconchini, Theta Gamma

Emily Stickle, Alpha Pi

Sara Winkler, Alpha Epsilon

Robin Lambert Davis, Gamma Lambda

Shanon Pelley Miller, Rho Zeta

Kelly Boeckstiegel Straight, Eta Beta

Susan Baldwin Yeosock, Kappa Alpha

Peggy Williams Davis, Kappa Epsilon

Kate Green Miller, Alpha Iota

Traci Stratford, Delta Alpha

Renee Poklemba Zastrow,Alpha Epsilon

Meg Kennett Davis, Gamma Lambda

Elizabeth Riggs Miller, Alpha Psi

Kaitlyn Sullivan, Lambda Beta

Michelle Shapiro Zeuschner, Psi Beta

Christie Deen, Alpha Psi

Jean Morgan, Eta Beta

Karen Eggert Templeton, Phi Gamma

Nicole DeStefano-McGowan, Gamma Chi

Julie Hodgson Muir, Zeta Gamma

Janice Burns Terrell, Epsilon Kappa

Sena Zaimler Dissmeyer, Phi Gamma

Cindy Mullins, Kappa Chi

Stephanie Mire Theriot, Alpha Psi

Abbey Wright Dockins, Kappa Phi

Katherine Music, Delta Eta

Silvina Traba, Gamma Delta

Linsey Trivanovich Doise, Alpha Sigma

Coley Nelson, Rho Theta

Maura Trochessett, Kappa Alpha

Marie Adkinson, Alpha Omicron

Christine Donovan, Lambda Epsilon

Lauren Gonzalez Nelson, Alpha Psi

Aubrey Vanhook, Delta Eta

Mary Mertens Akers, Zeta Omicron

Abby Jacobs Elrod, Alpha Iota

Ruth Shore Nicholson, Epsilon Gamma

Christine VanHorn, Delta Iota

Ashley Anderson, Delta Phi

Barbara Fedor, Delta Beta

Kelsey Nilsen, Epsilon Lambda

Cecilia Wagner-Calvo, Theta Gamma

Kristen Turnage Anselmi, Kappa Eta

Susie Small Ferguson, Alpha Epsilon

Amanda Witkowski Norman, Alpha Nu

Allison Walker, Alpha Rho

Amanda Simmons Aring, Upsilon

Terry Matos Figueroa, Lambda Epsilon

Joy Norton, Epsilon Zeta

Beth Gilbert Walls, Delta Iota

Michela Zulick Arsenault, Alpha Epsilon

Julie Fletcher, Kappa Iota

Caitlyn Olivier, Alpha Rho

Kendall Walsh, Gamma Lambda

Sarah Melissa Asbrey, Lambda Kappa

Nicole Foreman, Alpha Sigma

Megan Bliss Orona, Beta Zeta

Stephanie Allen Walton, Theta Theta

Courtney Kiefer Ashley, Delta Beta

Mary Rohalsky Ganim, Delta Phi

Jessica Oswald, Gamma Mu

Shannon Washburn, Phi Gamma

Shelly McFall Aull, Delta Lambda

Katy Gatling, Epsilon Lambda

Emily Manning Owen, Kappa Alpha

Brooke Brookins Waters, Gamma Sigma

Karen Collier Barnes, Alpha Omicron

Margy Roth Gongola, Alpha Epsilon

Rachel Huntington Page, Delta Eta

Amy Bradley Waters, Epsilon Gamma

Gwen Eckholdt Barron, Alpha Eta

Ann Maples Grau, Mu

Jenn Paullin, Beta Mu

Sara Watson, Alpha Gamma

Nancy Davis Barthold, Zeta Epsilon

Jamie Josephson Gravell, Gamma Delta

Lorraine Favre Peppo, Alpha Psi

Linda Bratt Watson, Alpha Chi

Mary Dee Beal, Alpha Iota

Kimberly Green, Alpha Beta

Julie Patterson Perise, Alpha Psi

Gabrielle White, Kappa Upsilon

Dorothy Vincent Becker, Delta Psi

Jeanne Franklin Hampel, Kappa Kappa

Karen Elrod Perry, Alpha Zeta

Sandra Dove White, Kappa

Laurel Berkheimer, Gamma Alpha

Laura Woodward Hassell, Alpha Lambda

Jeanne Bowman Persuit, Beta Mu

Kelly Kimbrough Williams, Gamma Mu

Betsy Beveridge, Phi Alpha

Katie Haswell, Lambda Theta

Kate Planow, Psi Beta

Anji Roe Wood, Gamma Nu

Katie Billotti, Phi Theta

Saralyn Greenway Heath, Kappa Beta

Jessica Polissedjian, Phi Delta

Abby Woods, Delta Theta

Rose & White Kristen Horan Adams, Lambda Gamma

Sarah Yeager, Gamma Gamma 2 0 1 5 - 1 6



1 3

Investing in Loyalty Fidelity Society Thank you to our Fidelity Society members, who will leave a lasting legacy to support the future of Phi Mu through their will, estate and other long-term planned gifts. Nancy Allf, Delta Theta Louis Fort Amrich, Alpha Alpha* Pam Furlong Backstrom, Delta Psi Nancy Fitze Bailey, Delta Epsilon* Linda Flachsland Balducci, Zeta Lambda Marguerite Kelso Ballard, Phi* Mildred Gieringer Bauer, Delta Zeta* Margaret Weerts Bayhi, Epsilon Beta* Shirley Baxter Berndsen, Delta Delta* Lynne Mohrmann Bernthal, Alpha Kappa Mary Tilley Bessemer, Alpha Epsilon* Bikki Bevelhymer, Zeta Alpha Alice Billings, Delta Gamma* Teri Hennigan Bossard, Beta Mu Helen Bald Breneman, Beta Theta* Jane Shaw Brill, Lambda Aletha Neff Brown, Eta Beta

Dorothy “Perky” Perkins Campbell, Epsilon Gamma* Roxie Buske Canon, Phi* Katherine Cardwell, Chi* Ann Gray Carpenter, Eta Beta Nicole Caucci, Gamma Omicron Gray Carpenter Church, Eta Beta Lara Hensz Cochran, Epsilon Zeta Carol Coleman, Alpha Pi Tasha Coney, Alpha Pi Deborah Conner, Lambda Beta Polly Bird Cowherd, Phi* Nancy Ossmann Cox, Beta Tau Dorothy Cramer, Eta Beta* Artie Crawford, Phi Susan Wiseman Crunk, Kappa Virginia Snyder Cunningham, Delta

Paula Buchanan, Delta Grace Ranger Buckley, Psi* Betty Burton, Eta Epsilon Paula Buschel, Sigma* Shelly Scott Caldwell, Alpha Epsilon

Gamma* Rosemary Ball Cunnion, Beta Zeta* Carol Burke Davis, Gamma Theta Lillian Dunn Davison, Psi* Mary Robertson Dawson, Chi*

1 4



Pam Glassbrook Day, Eta Iota Martha Decker DeBerry, Alpha Nu* Colleen Gill Delaney, Delta Alpha Cindy Porterfield Dickens-Landon, Kappa Pi Dorothy Scott Doty, Zeta Epsilon* Judy Cushman DuBose, Epsilon Zeta Diane Hawkins Eggert, Zeta Iota Suzi McKenzie Ellett, Kappa Xi Susanne Talmage Ellman, Rho Margaret Glasser Evans, Psi* Kathy Rohleder Fautz, Delta Tau Caroline Taylor Ferris, Delta Zeta* Eleanor Dupes Fether, Delta Kappa Marian Lowry Fischer, Eta Gamma* Frances Ford Forbes, Beta Mu* Betty Forest, Psi Courtney Johnson Foster, Kappa Kappa Margaret May Franklin, Mu* Jen Free, Kappa Nu Debbie Osborne Gallimore, Gamma Zeta Nouvelle Gebhart, Alpha Nu* Vicky Gilchrist, Delta Kappa Thelma Bradford Glass, Epsilon Beta* Marian Glover, Delta Mu Elizabeth Beard Goldsmith, Alpha Epsilon Mary Bohl Goth, Chi Dorothy Erbe Grahl, Epsilon Gamma* Muriel Turpin Griffin, Psi* Kathy Gallant Hall, Kappa Upsilon Helen Painter Hamilton, Tau* Alicia Haynes, Kappa Iota Marcie Helmke, Gamma Iota Mary Ford Henry, Alpha Gamma Leona Hughes Hughes, Delta Delta* Cleda Campbell Henry, Epsilon Gamma Ada Martin Henry, Rho* Sharon Henson, Delta Eta Jeanette Newton Herold, Upsilon* Phillip & Karla Herr Theresa Day Hollingsworth, Chi* Annie Laurie Ellis Horsfall, Alpha Beta* Mary Hoy, Beta Delta* Barbara Hayes Hutchinson, Psi* Robyn Schudmak Hyer, Gamma Delta Christy White Hyer, Kappa Omicron Mary Goss Indianer, Delta Nu* Jean Erf Irwin, Upsilon Vera McCormick Jamison, Delta Beta* Margaret Jamison, Delta Delta* Audrey Reed Jankucic, Beta Psi Cheryl Bechtel Jindeel, Rho Delta Anita Bartholy Johnson, Beta Theta Zelda Williams Johnson, Beta Zeta* Lisa Henley Jones, Alpha Pi Marie Carlson Jones, Zeta Iota* Janeen Judah, Epsilon Kappa Bonnie-Joan “Wren” Kraft Judson, Beta Xi* Sara Julius, Delta Alpha* Betty Olson Kaufherr, Zeta Iota* Susi Slack Kiefer, Delta Beta Peggy Tuttle King, Alpha Eta Kristin Chaudoin King, Delta Eta Eleanor Swezey King, Psi* Mary Jane Bonham Koch, Delta Lambda* J. M. Kogan* Beth Sprowles Kornstein, Rho Bette Beck Kulp, Eta Delta Annadell Craig Lamb, Delta Alpha Barb Rolston Lane, Delta Epsilon Jaye Hyer Lapachet, Eta Alpha Frances Larmer, Phi* F O U N D A T I O N

Megan Carrier Lawson, Alpha Eta Linda Lee, Kappa Gladys LeFevre, Beta Delta* Liz Erbach Lew, Theta Gamma Dorothy Hartridge Lewter, Alpha Omega* Linda Beard Litter, Upsilon Lois Vassar Little, Beta Alpha* Joan Thym Long, Zeta Epsilon* Eldridge Lowe* Cheryl Koch Lueck, Zeta Gamma Teresa Barringer Manley, Gamma Lambda Marilyn Smith Mann, Delta Epsilon Christine Mann, Epsilon Gamma Martha Hoffman Marsh, Delta Zeta* Maudie Holt Marshall, Phi* Vivian Reppke Masterson, Psi* Marty Hardy Mather, Zeta Alpha Mary Simpson McAteer, Epsilon Alpha* Margery Ladd McCarthy, Beta Zeta* Ruth McCartney, Zeta Theta* Shellye Stanley McCarty, Alpha Delta Frances Benson McDonough, Alpha Eta* Henrietta Stevens McDowell, Eta Beta* Suzanne Ford McKenzie, Alpha Eta Patricia Chumlea McKinney, Delta Epsilon* Marjorie Bresko Michael, Tau Elizabeth Siebert Millman, Chi* Frances Dobernig Mitchelson, Alpha Rho Shannon Doyle Moon, Epsilon Alpha Mary Shanks Moran, Kappa Pi Deborah Fett Moscato, Gamma Rho Margaret Meares Nisbet, Gamma Gamma Mary Christina Marrow Nuckols, Eta Beta* Kim Jahnigen Olds, Phi Gamma Florence Montgomery Oliver, Upsilon* Toni Nelson Olsen, Xi Kappa Lily Carpenter Olson, Psi* Jessica Oswald, Gamma Mu Margaret Peterson Park, Sigma* Virginia Henry Pellegrino, Zeta Epsilon* Susan Pero, Gamma Tau Elsa Ulvestad Phillips, Eta Alpha* Debra Pickrel, Gamma Lambda Kathleen Paravich Pine, Delta Sigma Elysabeth Crandall Pratt, Eta Beta Gayle Kindred Price, Delta Tau Susan Bodin Priest, Beta Gamma Jean Proetsch, Gamma Delta* Ruth Bortz Raiford, Beta Delta* Clara McEachern Rawlings, Alpha Gamma* Rose Peckhart Ray, Delta Pi Karen Peek Reagor, Kappa Mary Poitevent Redwine, Mu* Donna Kogan Reed, Epsilon Alpha* Beth Reisinger, Phi Gamma Mary Taubel Rieder, Beta Kappa* Dusty Burkett Riedinger, Eta Beta* Charlotte Sebastian Rivera, Epsilon Zeta Irene Robbins, Iota Sigma* Nellie Hanks Roberts, Beta Mu* Beatrice Robinson, Chi* Helen Robinson, Psi* Martha Kaiser Rodenbaugh, Delta Delta* Ellen Davies Rodgers, Kappa Lambda* Ruth McLeran Ruhnke, Omega* L. J. Ruth, Beta Mu Joan Ruth, Beta Mu Sandra Hayes Sacksteder, Delta Psi Lois Samer, Beta Kappa Becky Schaefer, Zeta Nu

Alice Bellinger Schluntz, Delta Epsilon* Joan Shotola Schulze, Delta Epsilon* Cathy Sessums, Kappa Epsilon Debbie Shaw, Theta Alpha Helen Sheahan, Eta Alpha* Alice Hinson Shumate, Epsilon Beta* Ethel Seaman Spangler, Delta Kappa* Mary Talley Spellerberg, Upsilon Melody Stancil, Mu Stephanie Wright Stanfield, Alpha Kappa Helen Stewart, Delta Alpha Audrey Moore Stewart, Delta Beta Eunice Cherry Stewart, Eta Alpha* Edna Stone, Eta Delta* Tina Callista Subasic, Beta Mu Lillian Summers, Alpha Theta* Cindy McClanahan Taylor, Kappa Theta Marion Thomas, Upsilon* Bernell Sykes Thomas, Zeta Epsilon* Robin Dean Towne, Eta Beta Janice Trimble, Epsilon* Bette Dvorsack Vance, Delta Alpha Roselie VanDeuren, Delta Omicron Grace Koch Volk, Psi* Pam Kropf Wadsworth, Eta Iota Marlena Malmstedt Wald, Gamma Delta Anne Walker, Kappa Tau Joan Smith Wallem, Delta Beta Margaret Corbin Wathen, Delta Alpha* Linda Bratt Watson, Alpha Chi Florence Wellman* Pam West, Delta Pi Nancy Hoffman Westcott, Delta Nu Beverly Whitehead, Alpha Gamma Marie Sangernebo Wilcox, Delta Alpha* William Wilcox* Selma Gartman Williamson, Chi* Andrea Willman, Delta Epsilon C.J. Wilson, Epsilon Delta Crystal McAllister Wood, Epsilon Delta Nelle Trexler Wood, Rho* Mary Romeo Young, Alpha Zeta Virginia Glover Zoerb, Delta Delta* * Denotes individuals who are deceased. If your name has been omitted, misspelled or listed incorrectly, please accept our sincere apology. We invite you to contact the Foundation office at 770.632.2120 with any updates to our records.

2 0 1 5 - 1 6



1 5

Investing in Loyalty Donor Listing

Thank you to each and every donor who contributed to Phi Mu Foundation during

the 2015-16 fiscal year. Donors are listed by their collegiate chapter and college/university name. GIVING PROGRAM KEY

Frances Florence Pearson

Alpha Delta

Shellye Stanley McCarty FS M

Linda Rhodes Ellis

Alpha Eta

Diane Blackstock Ray

University of Mississippi

Caitlin Mccaskill

Susie Small Ferguson RW

Louisiana State University

LL Legacy League

Jancy Thorne Reavis

Shannon Tucei Abraham

Katy McClenahan

Mary Oliver Finney

Jasmine Abdalla

CC Carnation Club

Anne Baldwin Satterfield

Christie Allen

Ashton Thomas Mintz

Erika Gongola Gilbert

Monte Miller Banks

Stephanie Blackner Schultz

Mary Harris Allison

Kelly Parks

Margy Roth Gongola RW

Marie Baumrucker

Mary Ann Cox Sheehy

Lauren Frier Baker

Lindsay Peluso

Samantha Gonzales

Katie Baron Becker

Leslie Shanks Smithwick

Margaret Pryor Barker

Margaret Hoppen Price

Jodi Solomon Gorman

Donna Bertucci

Ethelyn Stokes Underwood

Cindy Mathews Bauer

Mimi Rankin

Jaime Boone Gottlieb

Missy Sternfels Bloss

Kirsten Hurlbut Walker

Betty Cook Billard

Peyton Reves

Audrey Carter Greene

Judy Rollins Burch 1852

Holly Bounds RW

Jennifer DeCoudres

Veronica Gruber

Connie Thibodeaux Butler RW

Stacey Sandler Hawes

June Magee Byrd 1852


1852 Society

RW Rose & White FS Fidelity Society




Alpha Beta


University of Arkansas

Susan Miles Byrd LL

Leigh Smith-Vaniz

Pat Henderson

Miranda Camet


Susan Bristow

Margot Holland Chapman

Ashley Cordua Stafford RW

Lydia Niemiec Hendrix

Ursula Bogan Carmena

Dina Hiller Brown

Lauren Childers

Allyson Taylor

Amanda Gore Henley RW

Monique Plaisance Carmouche

Charity Burns Burr

Madi Cristina

Denise Floyd Thibodeaux

Tanya Witt Hertel

Becky Nystrom Cato

a Carnation

Rachel Shaw Busch

Anne Cofer RW

Susan Stewart Thrash

Jessi Gongola Horne RW

Meggie Dobson Collier


Kelly Smith Chaney

Claire Colquitt

Jan Holland Townes CC a

Linda Vaught Hutton

Megan McSweeney Colosino

Virginia Rainwater Cox

Kathy Bryson Cook CC

Doris Varner Tullos

Cindi Klein Jacobsen

Kate Butler Cook

Lauri Holton Currier

Mary Tinkler Cook

Jennifer Urban

Tiffany Alexander Jarrin

Cecilia Marks Davis

Phaedra Craig

Maura Wakefield

Lauren Robertson Kervick

Kara Walker Faller

Kristie Kleinheksel Finney

Holly Hill Crowder

Julie Grimes Waldorf

Stephanie Kirk RW

Cynthia Felder Fayard

Barbara Green Lange

Donna Bowen Cummins

Elizabeth Pryor West

Amanda Brower Kirwan LL

Gina Gatti Finney

Dawn Gullett Maggio

Eva Neill Dean

Deborah Green Westbrook

Susan Johnson Knight

Laura Clark Fox

Joanne Lohr McCoy

Ann Hein Devoe

Ruth Gordon White

Katherine Collier Koda

Ann Cole Gilbert

Alpha Alpha

Jamie Mahan Methvin 1852

Kitty Williams Donnan

Melba Beasley Wilhite

Patricia Lamb Long

Wendy Johnson Hankins

University of Georgia

Shannon Reed Mueller

Witney Drummond

Cynthia Cook Williams

Ashley O’Bryan Lyon

Peggy Simpson Holt

Lucy Blount Adams

Lily Murchison

Jan Williamson Entrekin

Kathy Williams

Peggy Brown Maranuk

Josephine Hurd Irby

Lyna Estes Anderson

Elisabeth Myers

Barbara Biggs Gatipon

Stephanie Rice Williams

Sarah Jacobs Marks

Margaret Jones

Betty Matthews Bonnett

Carolyn Wren Nalley

Elizabeth Murray Griffith

Camille Shephard Yahm

Sue Wilson Mason

Annie Kaufman

Rebecca Burdette Burns

Tammy Jo Gibson Nolan

Carolyn Buckner Hall

Sheila Mclaughlin

Tommie Burns Keegan

Peggy Kurtz Carroll

Allison Pape Richardson

Tricia Ponthieux Henry

Alpha Epsilon

Amanda Southwell Miller

Kathleen Keegan Keene

Brenda Scruggs Carter

Melanie Hollowell Roberts

Kristi Holbrook Herrin

Florida State University

Sandra Owens Miller

Peggy Tuttle King CC FS

Jody Snell Deehan

Karen Young Rosso

Marguerite Brunson

Michela Zulick

Judy Wilson Minter

Megan Carrier Lawson FS

Lea Weissenburger

Jacqueline Jones Tiarks

Lori Desguin Mizell CC

Kelly Parro Legendre

, Heart & Hand Sisterhood

Wesleyan Three Star Florine Stevens

M Sir Fidel F Philomathean

Slovensky CC

Barbara Sloas Broach

Kimberly Green RW


Arsenault RW

Herring Tammy Keyes Hodgins

Cynthia Carter Balkcom

Melanie Moore CC

Cathy Woltz Lempa

Elizabeth Horton

Greta Lindblom Baumann

Carol Merriman Osmer

Kristina McCrossen

Carole Copeland Doster

Alpha Chi

Eleanor Millican Frye

Texas Tech University

Natalie Strong Hutto

Claire Baumrucker

Judy McCullough Pinchak

Samantha McLain

Mary Strong Gerakitis

Bridgie Clark LL

Margaret McCollum Hyer

Patricia Reed Bezona

Lisa Primiani RW

Angela Cocran Meche RW

Julia Debele Harvey

Frances Terrell Grogan

Betty Haraway Jackson

Lynn Allieri Bixler

Shannon Capobianco Rauh

Patricia Simpson Merrick

Sarah Youngblood Hines

Jane Cantey Landstedt CC

Kelley Ford Kaigler

Kalee Stuart Blackburn

Caroline Watt Richmond

Diane Vaden Montgomery

Elizabeth Smith Kincaid

Denise Tomfohrde McDonald

Lynn Taylor Koenen

Linda Wencel Bodnar

Jane Meriam Sanford

Suzanne Guidry Morain

Elizabeth Mori Lauer

Ethel McCarthy McLeod

Kathy Yandell Laurent 1852

Kelley Tiller Brewer 1852

Giulia Lacagnina Saucier

Barbara Hardaway Murray

Lyn Mitchell LaVallee

Cindy O’Neil

Amanda Legge

Jane Vanderite Brown

Christine Crawford Scarlett

Jennifer Schroeder Parks

Jessica Wimberly Mann

Catharine Waldmann

Lisa Stinson Lester

Jean Hunt Bruce

Sarah Beth Scott

Holly Livingston Powell

Carol Anderson Lewis

Erin Nehrbas Calloway

Linda Johnson Smith

Carmen Davis Prescott

Marilyn Dombrowski

Lucy Holman Stone CC

Jan Ballard Scram

Lauren Kirby Thompson

Iris Altrogge Soule

Diane Gray Tompkins

Beth Ballard Spann Staci Reeves Thibodeaux

Terry Timmerman Mathews


Maria Mathews McConnell

Mary Green Robbins RW

Jean Wiley Lynch

Isa Cheves Meeks

Sharon Sudbury Staley 1852

Mary Dawkins Magee

Bonnie Browder Mize

Donna Allen Stallard 1852

Deborah Kaufman Martin

Christa D’Amico CC

Nancy Hooper Morrison

Nancy Reitz Stratta

Phyllis Yandell

Nancy Raynor DeDona

Sara Winkler CC

Carole Cole Musarra

Martha Nunez Veale

Michele DiBono

Caroline Koch Yale

Glenda Bryd Thorne

Carla Clifton Owen

Linda Bratt Watson RW FS

Olivia Mattingly

Heather Henslee Duncan

Mandi Capeletti Young LL

Paula Adams Toups

Karen Bedingfield Pannell

Amy Richardson Mayronne

Doris Jackson Duxbury

Renee Poklemba

Mareen Bagley Treese

Martha Beard Payne

Shana Shields McCants

Lura Edge

1 6

Mashburn 1852






Zastrow CC

Candace Adams Turner CC

Why I Give to Phi Mu Foundation.. Sarah Cobb Whelen

Carol Robertson Nimmons

Laura McAllen Williams

Beverly Brandes Stith

Shelley Favre Zeringue 1852

Ann Kinnett Vickers Anne Alday Wise

Alpha Gamma

Cynthia Ziegler Wood

Samford University

Elizabeth Camp Wyche

Fran Goode Akridge

Gloria McAfee Wynn

Gale Morris Bedgood

Dorothy Scruggs

Alisa Boone


Allison Boone RW

Sumner Carlton

Alpha Kappa

Susan Davis Culverhouse

College of Charleston

Lisa Tisdale Dickson

Mary Askew

Denise Harbin Drace

Lynne Mohrmann Bernthal FS

Mary Nelle Hall

Robin Hughes Blackburn

Jennifer Hayes Harrell

Kathy Walko Boyce CC

Jess Hill RW

Christine Burchett

Angela Hobson

Cheryl Thompson Cartner

Analeigh Horton

Julie Levine Crowe

Lois Murphree Lee

Tracy Borczyk Cullinan RW

Riley Tunnell Lovejoy

Shannon Doyle

Debbie Roberts Noone

Martha Hardin Sibley

Constance Satterlee Kaleel

Betsy Nunn Parham

Drew Ford

Eloise Granberry Noteware

Elizabeth Clifford Simmons

Jeanine Jonas Keating

Carolyn Yeager Robinson

Mary Spell Griffith

Marisol Yumet O’Neal

Sylvia Stephens Smith

Barbara Wilson Kight

Lois Adams Miller

Rachel Hargis Rush

Mimi Gryska

Emily Poole

Eva Mae Jernigan Spielman

Sandra Weeks Mader CC

Katherine Schwarz

Jody Pollick Schwahn

Lisa Buckley Kyle RW

Laurie Bass Reed

Leigh Anne Hickman Spraetz

Grace Magruder

Beverly Cotter Sinclair

Bayley Sharp

Leilani Jay Mikula

Janie Horton Saxon

Bette McGibboney Swilley

Gabbie Massoglia

Louisa Woodard Strand

Kirstin Morton

Carleen Pipkin Smith

Cater Clay Thompson

Sandra Carter McMichael

Alpha Omicron

Sara Watson RW

Morgan O’Neill

Betsy Sprunt

Anne Woodall Thompson

Jackie Wiersema Medina

University of

Jada Owen Rampey

Tara Thompson Thomas

Sarah Heald Thwaite

Daryl Miller

Southern Mississippi

Alpha Iota

Caroline Sharp

Betty Nell Wilkinson 1852 M

Linda Oldham Tilly

Marnie Moxon Moser

Heather Acton

Mercer University

Katie Stapleton CC

Peggy Nuttall Wisner

Joy Love Tomasso CC

Amanda Witkowski

Theresa Masker Anderson CC

Amy Abel-Kiker

Donna Lawhon Trapp

Mary Daniel Anderson

Allyson Ward LL

Alpha Mu

Stacey Roberts Wade LL

Lindsay Connor O’Brien

Lynne Bischof Bowers

Leigh Asher-Rabun

Alysia Ward CC

Auburn University

Martha Davenport Wallace

Chelsea Owens

Barbara Ransom Brooker

Kitty Fairleigh Allen

Janet Reed Willis

Mary Dee Beal RW

Ashley Jenkins Uber

Norman RW

Kimberly Mulcahy Lindenfeld

Karen Collier Barnes RW

Lana Nicholson Bulger 1852

Pettingill CC

Megan Pollock Boire

Alpha Lambda

Anna Jolley Allen

Meghan Ray

Camille Gamblin Burin

Linda Bellamy Browne

Louisiana Tech University

Carol Dent Auten

Alpha Nu

Jennifer Rhatigan RW

Lee Anne Ross Duncan

Virginia Maddox Cates

Courtney Allbritton

Bethany Bankowski

University of Florida

Susan Zink Robinson

Phyllis Signa Duvall

Taylor Chastain RW

Christy Blakeney Anderson

Mimi Barksdale

Helen Makris Alred

Stephanie Russo

Rachel Mullen Evert

Nancy Childs Cornett

Carolyn Morris Brunson LL

Patricia Fellows Belcher

Kimberly Hood Anderson

Lee Schreiber

Rita Burnham Farmer

Robbye McEver Daniel

Janie Womack Cater

Dianne Brackin

Bonnie Barker

Kathi Blaney

Stacy Kihneman Garcia

Sarah Donnelly

Amy Kelley Dantzler

Maryanne Hancock Burdg

Amanda Wilson Biskup

Abby Jacobs Elrod RW

Linda Say Dombroski

Bessie Mallary Clay

Barbara Wooton Blood

Ann Scudder

Amy Rome Guidry LL

Jean Cain Gaddis

Barbara Fessler Eaton

Kitty Randall Coston

Sharon Cromar

Deborah Dix Smorra

Kellie Gutterman

Emily Garrott

Marcilla Droddy Echols

Barbara Kirby Dekle

Samantha D’Agostino

Debra Lansing Stephey

Beverly Harvey

Melba Gammon George

Ashley Ward Fish

Amy Harris Harper

Anna Daggs

Michelle Stephey

Pamela Peyton Harvey

Nelzena Sullivan Gilmer

Stacey Morgan Fletcher

Marie Roling Holland

Megan Donahue

Melissa Lingerfelt Terry

Ashley Horn

Rachael Hiatt Hawks

Elizabeth Emmons Green

Ann Shipley Howard

Andrea Esinhart

Krystal Tomei

Amy Lawyer Hudson

Katie Houston

Laura Woodward

Christina Huckaby

Katherine Howard Frazier

Kristin Veline

Elizabeth Warren Hyde

Roberta Kampschulte

Danielle Nichols Whitworth

Mary Ella McRae Johnson

Callie Polk Wilkes

Jacqueline Lane Lucia

Abby Wolz

Nancy Whitten New 1852

Helen Johnson Hunnicutt

Hassell RW


Raquel Gil Hyatt

Grace Watkins Holloway

Sarah Shipley Maret

Jennifer Chapman

Jordan Ingram

Marie Grelier Marino

Mary Deitch Hatfield

Joyner LL



Beverly Peyton Griffith

Lisa Irons

Lauren Ingram

Emma Moore McKinley

Julie Smith Hocutt

Stacy Veasey Lange

Kimberly Hanry Klug

Susan McMeans McPhillips

Linda Rosseau Holmes

Alpha Omega

Cindy Downey Raborn

Anna Lee Lunsford

Deborah Yeich Maestrini

Danielle Chambers Nicholas

Natasha Hoyte

Rollins College

Harriett Woolf Robinson

Kate Green Miller RW

Dusty Wharton

Sheila Price

Brittany Jardine RW

Lara NeSmith Clark

Frances Asmar Schwartz

Nancy Grosse Minnick

Manson 1852

Barbara Lane Segrest

Jolisa Jones-Corey

2 0 1 5 - 1 6



Ashley Nix

Martha Everitt Tye CC

1 7


Investing in Loyalty. GIVING PROGRAM KEY 1852

1852 Society

Marissa Kuykendall Straps

DeLise Peterson Falls

Connie Stephan Fitler

Jessica Gardino Edwards CC

Amy Kellems Goodman

Anna Bounds Vickers

Marci Hale Freeman

Martha Hester

Brittney Ellison

Stacey Stewart Herp

Karen Lovell Glass

Carol Fleming House

Gina Blankenship Flowers

Eleanor Howell

LL Legacy League

CC Carnation Club

Alpha Psi

Carole Tonore Greenlaw

Connie Ransom Jessup

Holli Hicks Garner

Lisa Easton Jackson

RW Rose & White


Maria Dobernig Hale

Linda Russell Johnson

Kassandra Hannay

Lisa Phillips Lawhorn

FS Fidelity Society

Louisiana University

Janet Hood-Hanchey

Janet Woods King

Sally Fortner Helm 1852

Denise McDorman

Michelle Brouillette Chauvin

Morgan Huber

Penny Sherman Lurie

Pat Roberts Howard

Shannon Burks Clegg

Loretta Vigil Lemoine RW

Judith Cork Sears

Shirley Holt Hurst

Jamie McMillen

Courtney Daussaut

Carol Ann Hawkins Liles

Evett Simmons 1852

Sandra Strong Ladd

Mary Beth Mojzak

Brenda Vervik Daussat

Blythe Millican

Nancy Konsler Zoller

Cassie Lamprinakos

Megan Moloney

Nan Gehringer Davis

Brenda Perry Mills

Betsy Underwood McAtee

Colleen Bolte Murphy


Katie Austin Donovan

Frances Dobernig

Alpha Theta

Shirley Alsabrook McDaniel

Ann Rensberger Patrick


Janis Landry Dorhauer

University of

Amy Kelley McKinney

Theresa Hirsch Schueth Barbara Cook Whitmore


Mitchelson 1852 FS

McDermott RW

, Heart & Hand

Jennifer Doss

Emily Mumme

Tennessee Chattanooga

Brooke Layton Messina


Sophia Epling

Leigh Russell Nolan

Patricia Hawkins Guffey

Deborah Virciglio Mizerany

Rebecca Hale Jennings

Anissa Kennedy Moore

Beta Gamma

Marilyn Priebe Parker 1852

Toni Kane Morrison

University of New Hampshire

Amy Russell O’Connor

Heather Carroll Caplan

a Carnation

Michelle Kirkendall Frank

Caitlyn Olivier RW


Suzanne Boudreaux Gautier

Tina David Olivier


Jenny Goetz

Kayla Prestenbach

Cierra Heckmann

Meghann Prestenbach

Alpha Upsilon

Karen Elrod Perry RW

Barbara Wiegand Robinson

Krystle Fedele Hyman

Elizabeth Rains

McNeese State University

Leigh Waldrop Phillips

Kathleen Manley Upton

April Field Kemp RW

Leah Hayes Rea

Holly Albers

Daphne Thompson Reed

Marsha Simmons Yalden

Hannah Landry

Camille Reffett

Candace Thibodeaux Chelette

Candice Rosenkranz

Ashley Hebert McDaniel

Shelley Runnels Stauffer

Michelle Crookshank

Cheryl Albright Sandlin

Beta Iota

Angelique Aubert McIntyre

Rachel Hornsby Stone

April Fruge

Susan Wedell Selby

Clarkson University

Cynthia Cooley Wall

Beth White McLain

Allison Walker RW

Karen Drum Katchur

Kelly Woodard Shrout

Erin Marshall Bishop RW

Marcia Moore Wheat

Susie Ordoyne McNamara

Eileen Borrero Weidman

Janice Comeaux LeBlanc

Sherie Saiter Snider CC

Carolyn Hering Burton RW

Beverly Ransom Winston

Grace Mikesell

Kathy Keller Willis

Ashlee LeLeaux Milazzo

Rebecca Moore Swann

Robin White Fanning 1852

Elizabeth Riggs Miller RW

Sheila Walters Yellott

Natalie Cavallero Tallman

Pam Shiver Thornton

Elizabeth Kolacki

Sandra Gilbert Weatherford

Belinda Fare Thornton

Beth Gattie Lemmons

Alpha Sigma

Leslie Wells

Bettye Townsend

Susan Reilly Packard

University of

Caroline Tynes Wright

Nancy Johnson Tucker 1852 ,

Jill Thiemann

Karla Underwood Turner

Lisa Hawk Van der Vorst

Three Star Florine Stevens

M Sir Fidel F Philomathean

Alpha Phi

Annie Morgan

Emory University

Lauren Gonzalez

Sharon Anderson

Nelson RW

Sara Brinson Penn

Alicia Oalmann

Louisiana at Lafayette

Nancy Peck

Monique Martin

Alpha Xi

Debbie Adams Vinson

Stetson University

Kim Virciglio

Joy Thurmond Belcher

Joyce Stephenson

Alpha Pi

Lorraine Favre Peppo RW

University of Houston

Brittany Perise

JoNell Deason Ault

Julie Patterson Perise RW

Pamela Kozlek Barrett

Jenna Pryor

Bebe Nolan Eldridge 1852

Zelda Brooks Carner

Carol Wilkinson Wright

Deborah Boldry

Pamela Sonnier

Allison Elkins Richardson

Lisa Hudson Farris

Doris Millen Dykstra

Mary Romeo Young FS

Janet Bull Borden

Maddie Rigdon

Jeanne Fuselier Fitzgerald

Lorraine Dunlop

Susan Barrett Smith

Nicole Foreman RW

Joy Kressman Goodall

Beta Chi

Kathleen Freeman Desposito

Suzanne Sprague

Allison Bellaire Girouard

Nancy Wands Hastings 1852

Fairmont State College

Linda Svensson Gable

Gail Cutrer Stevenson

Megan Guillory

Jean Hatfield Hill

Donna Robinson Merrifield

Shirley Cook Hatch

Darcy Conway

Kaylin Strong

Karen Fruge Keener

Melanie Hoover

Angela Tucker Peeler

Nancy Mitchell Huber

Paula Strom Dalton

Stephanie Mire Theriot RW

Elizabeth Kemp

Rebecca Faircloth McNeil

Liz Baldwin Furman

Kelly Bourgeois Turnbough

Ruth Morrow Laporte

Janet Crossley Narvaez

Beta Delta

Lois Samer FS

Louise Motard Haines

Elizabeth Walker

Nicolette Lerille

Sandra Smith Parker

Dickinson College

Gail Schneiders

Carol Kubitz Hanson

Whitney Williams

Candace Urbanowski

Annette Sullivan Race

Nellie Ray Banfield Mackie

Erika Yencha

Katie Hirschheim

Lisa Cavender Wofford

Janet Richard Wood

Helen Grimsley Roberts

Alice Hamer Schmidt

Eve Brown Sckolnik

Ann Regan Weinert

Brewsaugh CC Linda Cook Bush Carol Coleman 1852 FS Tasha Coney FS


Baumrucker Linsey Trivanovich Doise RW

Mary Keyes Blackford

Gina Trigilio Izer


Beta Kappa Bucknell University Phyllis Hess Basmadjian

Barbara Burritt Christman

Susan Corwin Mitchell

Carol Jameson Kuykendall

Alpha Rho

Alpha Tau

Stephanie Coker Meyers

University of

Florida Southern College

Alpha Zeta

Beta Eta

Pennsylvania State University

Michael Hauver Nathanson

Louisiana at Monroe

Beverly Tresca Broome

University of Alabama

Miami University

Christine Venneri Allen

Kelly Trainer Policky CC

Linda Clark Abraham

Sally George Broyles

Donna Green Albright CC

Sarah Balch

Susan Arthurs

Guadalupe Ramirez

Leslie Bosworth

Joyce Multog Carroll

Chelsea Cernosek

Christa Flueck Bernardo

Alena Brown

Vicki Adams Cansler

Joan Bennett Clayton

Jessica McLucas

Pegeen Wood Bodine

Nicole Charlton-Nauroth 1852

Allison Fry Romagnoli

Alice Tarpley Davis

Karen Schweitzer Corson

Laura Brewster

Sherie Yeingst Cordell

Emily Stickle RW

Lauren Dantzler

Jennifer Thompson Drake

Kristin Scheve Eckart

Stella Santiago Frederick

Hettie Richardson

1 8


Beta Mu


Cicatiello LL Judy Suraci Cooper


Karen Hafer Kanaskie

Michelle Nolte Massie

Rosemary Rutter Courtney

Kara Glavan

Jeanne Lombardo Carter

Nancy Kostenbauder

Deborah Taylor McAlarnen

Nancy Ossmann Cox LL FS

Mary Bohl Goth CC FS

Summer Niemeier DeGel

Nancy Meddaugh Lew

Becky Sparrow Morris

Dominique Cozza

Whitney Greenwell

Roma Brown Ervin

Carolyn Wulc Silberman

Jackie Manley

Megan Jude Russell

Kira Bazarian Dunkerley

Noelle Kirkman

Frances Craig French

Jessica Sopko RW

Sara Walter Moore

Janet Chapman Simpson

Marjorie Goldthorp Fulp

Sarah Shaw Kliethermes

Sara Stombaugh Gardner

Mary Somers Steenhausen

Diana Roth Ohl

Kathleen Wilson Slone CC

Lois Donio Hickey

Lauren Kristich

Barbara Harrison

Lauren Szramiak

Cathy St. Clair

Jenni Izzo

Vicki Risku Maupin

Harriet Friedel Jackson

Avery Mayne

Heather Smith Greenstein

Mary Sims Vonck

Jennee Rudin

Frances Dvorsack Kutzko

Joan Smith Wallem 1852 FS

Annadell Craig

Maureen Deming Zegers

Jenn Paullin RW

Jeanne Bowman PersuitRW

Lori Aprea Wilt

Jennifer Jardine 1852

Brooke Rabold

Gordon LL

Megan Rinaudo Shoemaker RW

Laura Kuhn Underhile

Joan Ruth FS

Beta Pi

Jody Goldberg Kessel

Susan Sordo

Aubrey Stover Sejuit

Gettysburg College

Carolyn Sparks McNicholas

Ali Straka

Jean Berg Spagnolo

Margaret Blanchard Curtis

Liza Musayelyan

Kaleigh Summers

Anna Berg Mailliard

Delta Chi

Tina Callista Subasic FS

Mary Alice Hartranft Dean

Maggie Olson

Madison Williams

Laura McDermott

Eastern Kentucky University

Nancy Tingle Tilman

Judith Armstrong Forrester

Patricia Lee Ortlip

Cassie Leap Wiselka

Abby Mccormick

Terri Stuck Anderson

Kristen Soule Weitzel

Janet Michel Nakushian

Evelyn Peacock Parris

Melissa Ferverda Miller

Theresa Keene Campbell

Mary Kauffman Udavchak

Janice Marquart Shapiro


Phyllis Smith Payne

Carol Merritt Courtney

Kelly Simmonds

Tulane University

Ellen Brenneman Ramm

Amy Rueff Davenport Terri Durkin

Beta Nu

Lamb 1852 FS

Bethany College

Beta Psi

Janet Thompson Spatz

Beth Kottes Andrews

Susan Jackson Redman CC

Barbara Spurgeon

University of Southern Maine

Carol McFall Zalesak

Lexi Artman

Emily Sangalis Senchuk

Sharon Stephens Gant

Caroline Bonaventure

Traci Stratford RW

Judy McWilliams

Beta Theta

Karen Sikorski Bridges

Judy Conner Tyler

University of Pittsburgh

Paula Buchanan FS

Bette Dvorsack Vance

Beta Rho

Anita Bartholy Johnson FS

Jean Covington Bulloch

Gloria Nemcek Ziolkowski

Davis and Elkins College

Genevieve McGaw Cahoon

Glady Paysse Cohen


Jillian Holmberg

Loretta Buell

Nancy Morrell

Charlotte Myers Chambers Dorothy Schumacher Crawford Lori Dunham

Susan Quick Nilsen

Jamie Covell

Katie Foulke

Judy Pleasant Miller

Delta Delta Ohio University

Delta Beta

Judy Vicroy Aldrich

Beta Upsilon

Gabi Diaz

University of Illinois

Jean Bowers Axline

Jorda Jones

Beta Sigma


Lindsey Farless

at Urbana Champaign

Geraldine Beach

Jody Gubanish Krzywdik

Indiana University

Kristene Salchak Delong

Brittany Fraser

Janet Tabor Arndt

Katherine Schaffer Becker

Amber Lancaster

of Pennsylvania

Jamie Machosky Foley

Elizabeth Furey

Courtney Kiefer Ashley RW

Cynthia Carle

Dorothy Kosovec Vukotich

Deborah Brunner

Vicki Boggess Gannon

Naomi Gardberg

Patricia Beadles Bangert

Marilyn Reinhart Connolly

Heidi Jenkins Williams

Donna Yanity Edwards

Louanne Crecelius Lapham

Ashley Gaudlip

Shirley Brown Biegger

Shirley Ryan Corderman

Molly Sander Klein

Sarah Mantella

Rev. Jan Ryniker Goff

Ellen Fryman Bower CC

Therese Cunningham

Beta Phi

Wendy Thunell Lubitz

Sylvia Stumm Marko

Jodie Baldwin Gravel

Jean Scheltes Buskirk 1852

Sue Ellis

Marshall University

Elaine Engle Maloy LL

Lauren Stoczynski

Sue Smith Harrell

Joanne Browall Carlisle

Melissa Stouder Garber

Ashley Graham Berlin

Tammy Patterson Manko

Joann Warner

Blair Hoeffner

Erin Lyons Carter

Kristin Gordon-Hock

Carol Ostrom Clark

Mariana Scholz Hess RW

Nancy Campbell LL

Louise Horn


Randi Lamm Gray

Beta Tau

Beta Xi

Laurie Roussel Leaman

Lesley Cyrier

Megan Doyle Hutto

Joyce Cloer Keeley

Drexel University

University of Connecticut

Peggy Atkinson Lee

Colleen Delaney

Nancy Strassman Kascak

Cara Kueck CC

Alia Abbas 1852

Barbara Moulton Green

Gwen Nelson McAllen

Alyce Apoyan Doney

Elizabeth Thompson King

Kristine Shields Barber

Patricia Sherman Smith

Marianne Rodgers Parsons

Camilla Larsen Ewing

Mollin Meehling-Edwards

Patty Dayton Persson

Barbara Fedor RW

Dawn Semler Mock

Beta Zeta

Lauren Polson

Sarah Hatz

Kate Morgan

Syracuse University

Sylvia Taggart Poretsky

Naomi Hecht

Binnie Lefever Neel

Thelma Tuttle Ackley

Allison Raynor

Melissa Dianovsky

Janet Nekvasil Porterfield

Evelyn Davis

Mary Ellen Erlings Scullard

Terrie Roberts Lee


Chrystie Reep CC

Donna Campion LaLonde

Kathryn Tomberlin Sims

Nancy Anderson Holmes

Mary Todd Rees

Barbara Barnhart Nielsen

Judith Agster Smith

Julie Furmanek Jewell

Christina Serrano

Megan Bliss Orona RW

Melissa Kirkikis Thompson

Colleen Deming Kelty

Virginia Sisk Silliman

Amy Fisher Thompson LL

Susi Slack Kiefer CC FS

Barbara Perez Unkel

Marikate Langan LL

Norris Lupo Williams

Joanne Carlson Mankivsky

Ann Weinrich

Nancy Wright Meyer

Florence Entzi Yuhas

Clarice Piper Shepard


Chi University of Missouri

Mary Ellen Hardies Smalley RW

Rachel Brocksmith

Delta Alpha

Sharon Jele Moeller

Amy Schnetzler Campbell

Indiana University

Johanna Ninnemann Moll

Delta Epsilon

Krystin Cardozo

Andrea Eickhoff

Sabrina Morton

Purdue University

Melanie Mann Murphy

Janet Peddicord Adler

Carol Leonard Newport

Kathleen Willoughby Alderson

Lisa Rees Elliott Katie Feimer 2 0 1 5 - 1 6

Anderson LL Daine Zvejnieks Auzins A N N U A L


1 9

Investing in Loyalty GIVING PROGRAM KEY 1852

1852 Society

LL Legacy League CC Carnation Club RW Rose & White FS Fidelity Society

GIVING LEVEL KEY Love Honor Truth Foundation Quatrefoil

, Heart & Hand Sisterhood

a Carnation Crest Wesleyan Three Star Florine Stevens

Melissa Egge

Sarah Brooks

Ruth Stary Bole

Gwen Schiavone

Suzann Hibbard Derickson

Gale Fiorenzo Bromelmeier

Martha Johnston Dryden

Dale Carbone-Main

Delta Lambda

Natalie Genova Oswald

Ann Trippel Falkner

Hollis Dudgeon

Marlayne Laneve Castelluzzo

University of Evansville

Karla Pearson

Johanna Planker Fewell

Kim Boyd Groemling

Helen Link Chang

Shelly McFall Aull RW

Natalie Rizzo Piccotti LL

Barbara Hawley Fraser

Sharon Henson CC FS

Kari Gordyan Dahl

Beth Neal Baylor

Claudia Cain Prescott

Sara Philby Freeman CC

Amy Hiles

Ann Scarborough

Beth Will Blankenberger

Sara Sims Radgens

Dorothy Pugacz Getz

Meredith Johnson

Mary Ann Young Bonds

Patricia Saunders Reddicks

Ana Gonzalez

Andie Burchett Kash 1852

Liz Dahne RW

Laura Gottschling Buthod

Sally Saltzman

Patricia Gonzalez

Hannah Kinsey

Heather Hornor DiFranco

Susan Eager Camberis

Janet Potts Schudel

Patricia Mashura

Vonda Lewis

Laura Buttolph Draga

Linda Carmody

Amy Stanis RW

Jane Mann

Mandi Durma

Carol Vaught Cates

Jeanne Rook Tyler

Linda Graebner

Ashley Grassham Maxey

Paige Fredrick

Linae Devaisher

Judith Hazewinkel

Lynn Larsen Hayes

Suzann Batterton McCoy

Samantha Pringle

Elesha Becker Downs CC

Courtney Hayes

Beth Fox Mitchell

Linda Guard Hyland

Katherine Music RW

Brooke Kingsley Isbell

Barbara Badgett Neds

Jean McConnell Jensen

Rachel Huntington

Erwood 1852


Carli Blum Lewis


Dahne 1852



Page RW

Irene Sebek Zand

Jacqueline Goertz Michels Patricia Fryxell Morrison

Van Landegend

Margaret Kennedy Fischer

Nancy Hoffman Westcott FS

Donna Greenwell

Holly Rummel Goe CC

Colleen Wilkins-Fey

Lynn Jeffery Hamza

Sharon Tapley Goodson

Louise Miller Harvey

Stephanie Gosser

Delta Omega

Lisa Heilmeier RW

Gail Savage Highland 1852

Case Western Reserve

Elizabeth McGilvray

Shirley Ray Hollon


Jackie Kossoff

Jean Cibula CC

Linda Shirer Lindgren

Margot Wintz Payne

Barbara Fish Makela

Barbara Claunch Raisor

Marilyn Smith

Nancy Royden

Ashley King

Julia Paul Leary

Alexandria Drake

Rhonda Sheehan

Lilyan Higashi Maski

Julie Root McKanna

Kathy Cardinale Nuchikat

Jan Guard McTaggart

Christa Atkins Sipple

Charlotte Umstott Miller

Lisa Raibley Poole

Becky Baznik School CC

Nancy Karstedt Barbee

Mary Reckenbeil Murcko

Ann-Marie Miracle

Justine Waugh Tinline

Sally Rideout

Ellen Deloe Barr

Tracy Haman Rodrigues

Wilma Fanning Van Gundy

Phyllis Bunge Schreiber

Delta Omicron

Sara Eickman Benham

Phyllis Geisen Russell

Aubrey Vanhook RW

Christine VanHorn RW

Mary Jane MacQuigg Smith

University of

Cynthia Edwards Bohac

Mykala Shircliff

Beth Denney Ward 1852

Beth Gilbert Walls RW

Jessie Taber

Wisconsin Milwaukee

Sue Zikmund Bousquet

Mary Trippel Simler

Rachel Wright Wilson

Christina Webb

Mary Lou Winsett 1852s

Ethlyn Grow Griepentrog

Erin Satterfield Brill

Lora Kaminski Sobczak

Shelby Wilson

Lauren Wirth

Judith Taylor Shaw

Mimi Varnau Brookie

Sue Martin Spiker

Linda Hardin Buckner

Ellan Parrish Wagner

Delta Iota

Bowling Green State

Delta Mu

Mary Larabee Clarke

Shannon Byrnes

Baldwin Wallace University


Youngstown State

Adah Huffer Andres

Jan Harvey Akos


Delta Phi

Nicci Powell Avalon

Linda Burke Banks

Claudia Anderson-Merino

Ashland University

M Sir Fidel F Philomathean

Mann 1852 FS

Paige Brandt Clinkenbeard

Weaver 1852


Judith Osborne Craig



Delta Kappa

Deanna Erickson Thranow-Zibung

Nancy Boes Crowell 1852

Delta Eta

Margaret Dolezal Barr

Amanda Beaver

Shirley Haney Bell

Ashley Anderson RW

Lauren Pfenninger Dragoni

Georgetown College

Carolyn Cunningham

Gerry Botshon Brombacher

Marjorie Todd Davison

Amanda Beaver

Marilyn Reighard Buehrer

Lynda Lesoganich

Heather Wickline Frank

Melissa Blackburn Asman


Nancy Weaver Dipaola


Vicky Gilchrist FS Delta Nu

Jamie Neal

Louise Haar

Michigan State University

Rebecca Schramm

Mary Ann Iammarino

Kris Shetler Bridges 1852

Diana Scott

Elizabeth Peets Brown

Kimberly Kovreg

Linda Fitzthum Hartung

Cara Weitzel Canovas

Amy McNerney Jasinski

Michelle Dudek DeJonge

Julie Moffett McCarter

Ann Bishop Ferreira

Judith Longano Smith

Connie Crates Miller

Carolyn Munzenberger

Kristi Wachtel

Malina Owens Mary Pelton Pierce Janice Walther Pierman

Goldman Marilyn Swanson Henderson

Delta Pi Western Michigan University

Michaleen Telep Huff

Johanne Nannizzi Balwinski

Caryn Roeser

Jackie Gilpin Isaacson RW

Andria McBride Carrignan

Ashley Spooner

Sharon Monrad Johnson

Marjorie Johnson Lowe

Suzanne Dirmeyer

Janina Kozacka

Barbara Meacham McArthur

Ann Ladenberger

Rose Peckhart Ray RW FS

Joann Warshaw List

Barbara Graves Rollo

Dana Koch Wright M U

Sherman RW Megan Betche Slowik

Anne Witty Reid



Marsha Mramor McGill

Monica Kristek Goetz


2 0

Mary Rohalsky Ganim RW


Pam West 1852 FS

Sheila Anderson Quire

Fran Bailey Gray

Epsilon Gamma

Kelly Flynn Kempton

Epsilon Theta

Jennifer Green Yasick

Leigh Curtis Schlafly

Sarah Hanauer

University of Tulsa

Stephanie Edwards

Texas Wesleyan University

Maggie Shelton

Katherine Burch

Beverly Harrison Gooch

Kinser LL

Susan Guenzel

Delta Psi

Cindy Strine

Wright State University

Melva Martin Thomas

Kira Honse

Buz Busby Henson

Pam Furlong

Christie Kelley Tribble

Martha Stevens Huckinsd

Kathleen Daly Kneafsey

Kim Brown Lynch CC

Epsilon Xi

Jennifer Vetter

Rhonda Jones RW

Becky Nowland McKenzie

Terri McDonald Morgan

Lousiana State

Laura Ray Warren

Kathie Magee Ladner

Ruth Shore Nicholson RW

Sharon Morgan-Kempen

University Shreveport

Ann Young White

Betty Hamilton Lake

Rhonda Martin Proctor

Kelsey Johnston Nuckolls

Melissa Rumfield Airhart

Colleen Boyle

Emily Williams CC

Julie Lassalle RW

Amy Bradley Waters RW

Sharyl Bickell Pickens CC

Allyssa Baumeister

Donna Clouser Jenkins CC

Ann Fishburn Willis

Phyllis Bardoe Montgomery

Gena Cranford Rhees

Katie Baker Herzog CC

Backstrom 1852 FS Dorothy Vincent Becker 1852 LL CC RW

Herring RW

Sondra Weber Griner

Dawn Koenig


Kaitlin Logan

Kat Caison Larkin

Jennifer Vickery Rider CC

Epsilon Kappa

Cheryl Hastings Soult

Erin Sumrall Marini

Delta Rho

Delta Theta

Courtney Sawyers RW

Texas A&M University

Elaine Sperry

Tiffany Sandifer

Steubenville College

Transylvania University

Elizabeth Salathe Sledge

Janeen Judah 1852 FS

Ashley Jenkins Wagner

LaLena Showalter

Joyce Shuck Kirkpatrick

Bonita Justice Dailey

Christy Robertson Yoder

Janice Burns Terrell RW

Kathleen Kelly Salvas

Patricia Peaslack Daily

Epsilon Omicron

Epsilon Zeta

Jen Kirk

Epsilon Alpha

Epsilon Lambda

Southern Arkansas

University of

Delta Sigma

Lindsay Milton Lodmell

Southern Methodist

Arkansas Tech University


Texas - Arlington

Marquette University

Gwen Williamson Mathews


Shelia Churchill

Jill Courson Mahar RW

Marilyn Bailey

Kerri Buchanan

Holly Kee Deason

Jessica Storey Ferguson

Lisa Wooldridge Emmick

Amanda Lawrence RW

Epsilon Pi

Evette Ferguson

Pamela Ferguson

Kelsey Nilsen RW

Tarleton State University

Heather Lazek CC

Samantha Scott

Jana Boatright

Joy Norton RW

Oholendt CC

Amanda Cano

Brandon Gallop Rice RW

Mary Jane Buchek Boyle

Montgomery CC

Barbara Sury Brown Cathy Eigel Brown

Louise Huck Huck

Betsy Newman

Barbara Martin Kelly RW

Erin Mead Spring

Kathleen Paravich Pine FS

Rebecca Todd

Julia Jones

Courtney Williams Wenta

Julee Sinkys Lewin

Jordan Peters

Leslee Snyder Chapman

Abby Woods RW

Shannon Doyle Moon FS

Sierra Pisciotta

Thy Dang

Eta Alpha

Leigh Stafford

Miranda Raines

Jenia Gaither

University of

Cat Singleton

Caryne Hampton

California - Berkeley

Delta Tau Western Kentucky University

Gaines 1852

Caitlyn Abell

Delta Upsilon

Claire Groemling Arnold

Loyola University

Epsilon Beta

Jacquelyn Moon Williams

Riana Johnson

Kathleen Abbott Ables

Madison Beach

Mary Barrins Grobarcik

University of Oklahoma

Stacey Workman Cimowsky

Priscilla Reyes

Virginia Johnson Blitz

Carol Hawthorne Bivins

Linda Nelson

Haley Branch

Ashleigh Roberts Roberts

Marguerite Faraco Cardinal

Allison Love Snyder

Nona Korts Christensen

Jennifer Daum Bode

Amy Castro Braun

Epsilon Mu

Hanna Wolf Buckner

Delta XI

Anne Powell Brockman

Houston Baptist University

Felicia Eberhard Bush

University of Michigan

Lori Shelton Dobson

Roshell Sampson Arterburn

Epsilon Rho

Patricia Clevenger Gibbons

Marsha Campbell

Joyce Kosloski Bisson

Sara Minter

Jennifer Berry Ferguson LL

Lyon College

Betty Purvis Hatch 1852

Gale Morrow Crabtree

Joan Simpson McClenahan

Stephany Foutch Nichols

Rhonda Harmond LL

Sarah Yeager Boelhouwer

Margaret Lanphier

Jessica Schmidt

Wynter Matheny Lee

Kaylin Cesarski

Jaye Hyer Lapachet FS

Schwab RW

Karen Thomas Platt

Jessica Enderlin

Suzie Freuler Loring

Judith Ragsdale

Lauren Gunderman

Joye Strong Mc Coy

Sybil Friedenthal Roos

Megan Holifield

Beverly Fitch McCarthy

Janet Thompson Duke Kathy Rohleder Fautz

Delta Zeta

Ashley McCarty Gabbard

University of Cincinnati

Margo Spagnuolo

Outi Anderson Cornette

Grace 1852

Sarah Townsend

Cynthia Pierson Crosby CC

Joyce McManaman Denyven

Epsilon Delta

Maricruz Vasquez

Mary-Margaret Nester LL

Claudia Mauzy Nemir 1852

Victoria Greenwell

Nicki Klass

Arkansas State University

Tami Conner Walters

Sara Bork Sergent

Debbie Berston Rauchwerger

Christine Gries

Audrey Ludeke Schreck

Jacquelyn Shelby Aebersold

Stephanie Shaw

Marge Luther Shively

Lori Beshears Harrison

Rojanne Bowers Woodward

Daty Ashley

Epsilon Nu

Laura Winters

Norma Lahti Short LL


Billie Webb Blagg

Oklahoma State University

Judi Given Hughes


Sandra Tyler Carpenter

Leiann Morgan Bahe

Epsilon Sigma

Kari Johnson

Millsaps College

Janice Lovett Kuburich

Robin Mays Benoit LL

The University of Texas

Vicki Simpson Vasconi

Brittany Kaatz

Race Entrekin Artz 1852

Jill Valenteen Lancaster

Crystal Dorrell Bixler

at San Antonio

Diana Wright Zehrbach

Debra Young Maggart CC

Marlana Evans Barousse

Jamie Kelley Loftin

Michelle Payne Blair

Jennifer Mazurek Cox 1852

Tracey Stigletts Mallow

Shawn Barrick

Anne Simpson

Sharon Carlisle Brolick RW

Ashley Echols

Eta Beta

Ashlee Manley

Regina Harlan Boyles

Linda Henderson Smith

Julie Raible Carter

Ashley Franklin

University of Washington

Nichoel Pedigo Manley

Henri Dearing Bynum

Ashley Willis

Shannon Chaney

Debra Perelman

Connie Wall Abell 1852

Christi Thomas Morel CC

Amanda Cashman

Holly Sanders

Melinda Buckley

Karey Hilbert Neville CC

Catherine Clark Castle RW

Epsilon Epsilon

Chrissy Kalbert Hart

Tasha Turner

Ann Gray Carpenter FS

Rebecca Nixon

Theresa Terry Conerly

Oklahoma City University

Rhonda Newlin Heiser

Emma Verdick

Katie Pollard

Lou Butler Cox

Louisa Holland

Ann Whitesell Hyun

Gina Di Lembo

Gayle Kindred Price LL FS

Jill Magargee Frier

Terry Johnston Johnston

Shauna Fahley

Catherine Hines

Custard RW

2 0 1 5 - 1 6



Barbara Bosma Strauss Anne Thompson CC

Gray Carpenter Church FS

2 1

Investing in Loyalty GIVING PROGRAM KEY

Bette Beck Kulp 1852 FS

Eta Theta

Pamela Sutton Brill

Carolyn Monsanto

San Jose State University

Courtney Cashdollar

Johnson CC a

LL Legacy League

Paige Paul

Mary Hunter Beukers

Paige Engelbrektsson

Gwynne Hill Kong

Pamela Coleburn

CC Carnation Club

Jeanne Templeton

Patricia Saynor Graves

Joan Kohler Fahey

Katie Latchford Krespan

Jayne Eddy Fields

RW Rose & White

Doris Van Aken

Gayle Joslin

Erin Flaherty

Sam Levine

Marcie Helmke CC FS

FS Fidelity Society

Nancy Sebastian Wilson

Marilyn Copeland Martin

Caitlin Tuffin Gaspar

Jennifer Edwards McVeigh

Judith King Short RW

Annie Mijanovich

Susan Gepford

Kristianna Cerullo


1852 Society


McPherson-Zimmers 1852 a

Eta Epsilon University of Utah

Lois Gersten Medina

Patricia Bruce Hatch

Julie Crooks Hellman

Mary Jane Bennett


Gamma Kappa University of North

Jennifer Hobaugh

Lis Hendricks Oldaker 1852 ,

Carolina Wilmington

Ivonne Ramirez RW

April Woolard Roberts Ashley Burgard Stanley


Jill Truman Quinn

California State

Kathryn O’Neill Karnes

Carol Lockwood Reynolds


Ann Ross

University, Stanislaus

Carol Humphries Lindsay

Michelle Sasso RW Joan Coopersmith

Johnson CC

Gamma Lambda

Brianna Chaffey

Kelly Long RW

Eta Iota

Michelle Lopez

Linda Douglas Meyer

University of Arizona

Avery Myers

Dale Skydanek Rice

Janice Topf Shankman

Carolina at Chapel Hill

Lynne Dowling

Elizabeth Snider

Nancy Litton Anderson

Tamra Spielvogel

Carol Pennell Bolinger

, Heart & Hand a Carnation


University of North


Patti Baumann-Ore CC


Carol Mueller Cloutier RW

Eta Zeta

Pam Glassbrook

California State

Carrie Smith RW

Lucile Buice Spurlock

Desiree Carlson 1852 a

Three Star Florine Stevens


Nikki Dillon Morales

Eta Xi


Longwood University

Sharon Yager Hibshman

Ellen Toone Lether


Gamma Iota

Day 1852 FS


Rockenbauch RW

University, Fresno

Virginia Stevenson

Sari Star

Meghan Cunningham

Karen Fink

Marianne Amarant

Mara Pressman Surridge

Jamie Tkach

Meg Kennett Davis RW

Sherry Harris Hardy

Robyn Russell Anderson

Karen Trimmer

Silvina Traba RW

Robin Lambert Davis RW

Mary Perkins

Molly Grau Benton

Regan Pummell Van Cura

Rachel Unterricht

Carolyn Colbert DeHayes

Cynthia Allyn Stuhley

Kristy Brown Cantrell RW

Michele Dachtler Warner

Cheryl Nelson Young

Chelsey Detwiler

Eleanor Goodall

Cheryl Benson Thompson

Whitney Conover

Rhea Wright

Elizabeth Spence Holt

Beth Unklesbay

Cynthia Mancebo Crutcher

Margaret Mills Hurt

Donna Parish Vowles

Ashly Crouse Delerio

Val Vanderhoek Jeglum

Pam Kropf

M Sir Fidel F Philomathean

Gretchen Polcuch

Wadsworth 1852 FS

Johnson CC a

Karen O’Donnell Dias Gamma Epsilon

Kristin Eckart

Gamma Chi

Duke University

Jackie Hendrix Evatt

Elena Livanis Edwards

University of North

Lisa Amend Ashby

Meredith Griffin

Maggie Elliott 1852

Carolina Greensboro

Helen Percilla Barnhart

Denise Guthrie

Danielle Escobar

Nicole DeStefano-McGowan

Cater Snow Clay

Cheryl Williams Horner

Thelma Barclift Crowder

Shelby Hudspeth

Janet Finch

Joan Bardin Lester

Janice Nyberg Kwiatkowski

Eta Kappa

Kristin Evans

Frances Linton

Humboldt State University

April Green

Nancy Staples Maben

Mary Sheridan

Ashley Green

Gamma Delta

Claudine Segerlind Graybill

Eugenia Navarro

Harriet Sappenfield Harris

American University

Cindy Hart Hutton

Nancy Connolly Pergolizzi CC

Diane Strain Menday


Mary Moffett Moore

Eta Mu

Joanne Beiswanger Hurado

Sharon Duke Agranov

Cindy Lowden 1852

Pamela Kloss Piazza

Jean Morgan 1852 LL CC

University of California Davis

Sue Paine James

June Kullberg Bailey

Jo Anne McLawhorn

Debra Pickrel FS

Lori Kappenman Carmena

Margaret Mitchell Johansen

Alison Barges

Leanne Swanson Sanchez

Cynthia Foster

Betty Dorsey Landwehr

Lisa Becovsky

Jane Harris Pate

Natalie Scott

Theresa Schaudies

Melinda Berlant Gurman

Rochelle Singh Latona

Cynthia Bland CC

Jennie Collis Pennington

Linda Daniels Stone

Cindy Burgess Stangl

Lynn Scholz Larue

Norma Giffin Law

Bre Bock-Nielsen CC

Marilyn Bierly Stevens

Patricia Hosegood Martin

Marjorie McClurg Packer

Tara Boujoulian CC

Gamma Eta

Camille Thomas

Kelly Boeckstiegel

Maureen Kilkeary Noonburg

Claire Albert Rodriques

Linda Adams Brooks

Roanoke College

Leah Cauley Townsend

Elizabeth Runkle

Kimberly Burton Schutlz

Deandra Brooks

Barbara Brunjes

Kendall Walsh RW

Leslie Sutherland

Josephine Nieva Swenson

Grainne Callan

Susan Foster Howarth

Lauren Wines

Barbara Beggs Tomory

Jessy Torres

Sara Carpenter


Straight RW Julie Wendt

Eta Delta


Sydney Rostetter

Megan Hyland Tajlili

Britney Toste

Veronica Casey

Gamma Gamma

Gamma Mu

University of

Eta Nu

Erika Velasquez

Kerri Cebula CC

Queens University

Western Carolina University

California - Los Angeles

California State

Sara Stout Villines

Erin Fagan Cole

of Charlotte

Sarah Reade Astroth

Patricia Cooper Adams

University, Northridge

Lisa Wright

Tracie Copeland

Chessa Beebe

Judy Schoolfield Capps

Helen Schade Craft

Giovanna Alvarado

Kristen Dales

Arianna Bernal

Mary Coulter Coulter RW

Gamma Alpha

Lindsey Flick

Edith Woodcock Brady RW

Julia Eskridge Farris

Shirley Deppman Crouch Jan Medcalf Duttarer CC

Eta Rho

The College of

Jamie Josephson Gravell RW

Laney Jahkel-Parrish RW

Jennifer Plemmons Gibson

Lois Conway Ecklund

California State

William and Mary

Julie Heizer

Elizabeth Phillips Murfree

Lynde Little Howard

Helen Soutter Elson

University, Sacramento

Anna Dorsey Cooke Allison

Dorothy Hughes LL

Mary Lee Saag

Natalie Haynes Iannucci

Patricia Kneen Engel

Laura Garcia

Kathy Keller Bacskay 1852

Robyn Schudmak

Tina-Marie Venus LL

Tracy Purcell Nicholas

Beverly Falk

Sarah Perez

Laurel Berkheimer RW

Susan Watts

Jessica Oswald RW FS

Candace Sumner Hoecker

Bethany Rader

Lynn Hecht Bradley

Sarah Yeager RW

Lauren Presnell

2 2




Hyer RW FS


Sherl Myrick Saco-Vertiz

Mandy Greenwood Smith

Ashton Farrar

Susan Chapman

Janet Ehret

Morgan Trochessett

Jill Hoyle Sizemore

Kacy Todd

Mary Gettas

Morgan McCormack Clingan

Shelley Wilkerson Ellis

Kaitlyn Colson Vassar

Kelly Kimbrough

LaSona Rawlins Turk

Dorris Dellinger Gibson

Mary Fran Darwin

Julia Flanagan

Amy Lampton Walker

Rachel Wallace

Sandra Blosser Hill

Helen Miniaci Den Uyl

Kitty Sanders Flowers

Laci Mason Wallin

Kimberly Hester Waters

Nancy Eubank Hoke

Lindsey Gardner

Debbie Culp Fulmer

Laura Hendricks Weaver

Doris Hammer Hulvey

Evelyn Stevens Grindstaff

Gail Hopper Garrett

Faith Hopper Westby

Williams RW Stella Allison Wolfe

Gamma Nu

Gamma Sigma

Hope Fanning Ingram

Carolyn Jones Harris

Maryscott Owen Glasgow

Elon University

Georgia College and

Leigh Ann Feast Neely

Malea Hinson

Kathy McKissack Greenleaf

Kappa Beta

Sarah Watson Douglas

State University

Diane Dincher Oliver

Jan Hudson Hodek

Liz Grimes

Valdosta State University

Cory Adamchak May

Kelsey Bagwell

Hallie Torian Owen

Martha Bethea Horn

Elizabeth Langford Hughey

Laraine Hall Ayers

Brondwyn Walker Sheffield

Emily Korson Bowden

Darlene Swadley Pickens

Terri Ann Keeble Kelly

Sandra Harrison Johnson

Sara Dorsett Bazemore

Janet Stewart Thunell

Bobbie Brookins

Susan Reid Prewitt

Corinna Bryant Larson

Barbara Bradshaw Kelly

Leigh Mosley Birdsong

Anji Roe Wood RW

Aimee Jarvis Craig

Jennifer Turner Robertson

Jan Dodson McCallum

Lauren Cooper King

Jennifer Conrad Cerasoli

Allison Hawkins Crume

Joan Wicks Rowles

Susan Hendrix O’Connell

Kim Blackwell Knight

Penelope Dockweiler

Gamma Omega

Emily Fancher

Mildred Wagstaff Runkle

Kimberly Padgett

Susan Beaudoin Laughrey

Marie Mullis Durrett

University of Virginia

Becky Christian Hester

Lindsey Wall

Karen Peek Reagor RW

Martha Collins Letard

Laura Pound Hansen

Caroline Cobb Ervin

Diva Sapp Hicks

Sharlotte Jones Rynders

Jan Brent Martin

Kristin Carter Harris

Kathy Winegar Johnson

Kathleen Blenk Hodell

Gamma Xi

Pamela Piontek Sheridan

Pam Maddox McAlilly

Saralyn Greenway Heath RW

Martha White

Amanda Knight

Old Dominion University

Harriet Luebke Simmons

Stacy Lewis McCall

Susan Strickland MacKey

Iris Bridges McRee RW

Linda Shelton

Sandra Dove White RW

Mary Catherine McDonnieal

Lisa McLendon

Gamma Omicron

Sydney McRee

Toni Capetanakis Sires CC

Dorothy Duncan Winfrey

Courtney Wechsler McShan

Heather Prince Stripling

George Mason University

JoAnna Pickett

Sylvia Ward Witt

Emily Manning Owen RW

Charlene Birdsong Thomason

Rosemarie Muller Hamm

Elyssa Poretsky

Gamma Zeta

Martha Ruth Malone Parvin

Whitney Wright

Victoria Spielman

Barbara Farmer Scott LL

High Point University

Kappa Alpha

Melissa Galle Polk

Andrea Vonakis

Megan Smith

Madi Franz RW

Mississippi State University

Carla Williamson Proctor

Mary Mealor Sprayberry

Natalie Golikov

Brandy Sobley Abruzzo

Elizabeth Ramsey RW

University of Montevallo

Gamma Pi

Getra Thomason

Claudia Payne Grice

Cameron Corhern Anderson

Margaret Nabors Riffel

Audrey Barron

Virginia Polytechnic Institute

Laura Barksdale Walker

Katherine Connelly Hearn

Virginia Rogers Brady

Carly Byars Rounsaville

Melinda Coleman Coats

Robin Macher Albrecht

Brooke Brookins Waters RW

Patrice Higgins

Stephanie Hawkins Brantley

Fran Fletcher Shannon

Lori Patterson Colburn

Michele Perusse Buckley

Sydney Wright

Sarah Seitz Joyce

Brittany Brooks

Beverly Melton Shelton

Callie Ellis

Katie Koeslin

Jenny Tarkington Brown

Patricia Slack

Kellie Fromholzer

Mauritia Gauvin Kamer

Kappa Chi

Susan Bruggeman Krevolin

Gamma Tau

Marcia Rainer Marshall

Katie Bruister

Karen Ross Spencer

Jean Martin Kline

Stephanie McGrath LL

Johns Hopkins University

Leigh Korba Maxson LL

Shani Burley-Moore CC

Whitney Staggers Thompson

Raegan Knight

Marsha Volk Phillips

Michele Wolf Bernstein

Julie Carp Nalley

Jean Morgan Bush

Nancy Montgomery

Reagan Fetner Mullins

Betty Bogese Russo RW

Mary Claire Kozlowski Blythe

Jenn Oppenheim CC

Shea Rainer Carter

Jane Nelson Shuart

Hayley Bronner

Gina Palombi

Megan Colby-Bozone

Anne Marie Smith Trawick

Lisa Bausser Smith

Inge Krompholz Damstra

Laura Rahuba

Stephanie Palmer Cummins

Maura Trochessett RW

Mary Beth Bruggeman

Nicole Errett

Joan Bartlett Reynolds

Jenny Hansen

April Rightmire Rogers

Straguzzi CC Melanie Thompson


Kimberlee Young

Laurie Ramos Heyden Susan Pero CC FS


Natasha Yamaoka Gamma Rho


Cindy Mullins RW Debby Kelly Schrenk

Ashley Russel Etta Boggs Starnes Amanda Troy

Mary Slagle Zappone

University of West Georgia

Iota Alpha

Susan Bagby

Gamma Theta

University of Hawaii

Elizabeth Garriott Beverly

James Madison University

Jennifer Northridge

Beth Iocovozzi Buttimer

Linda Auther Auther

Angel Anderson Carter LL

Diann Walker Bates


Susan Perdue Coatsworth

Anne Beale

University of

Lucy Freeman Dermo

Cheryl Cutright Brenton

Tennessee, Knoxville

Brittney Dermo

Karen Clark Coffman LL

Dorothy Koger Akin

Marcie McCrory Ernst

Jan Kopf Conklin

Jean Dodson Arrants

Dianna Hastings Mikeal

Andrea Costello RW

Kendra Swank Bertotti

Deborah Fett Moscato FS

Carol Burke Davis CC FS

Julie Wyler Bristow

Susan McClung Oliver

Nancy Newman Driscoll

Liz Schantz Brown

Karen Knight Poore

Mary Kathryne Burgess Eck

Mary Mitchell Burlison

Amanda Hagan Segrest

Cheyenne Facchina

Judy Duncan Chambers 2 0 1 5 - 1 6



2 3

Why I Give Investing in to Loyalty Phi Mu Foundation... GIVING PROGRAM KEY 1852

1852 Society

Kappa Eta

Emilyn Matthews

Nicholls State University

LL Legacy League

Kristen Turnage

CC Carnation Club

Anselmi RW

Angela West Einstein

Elise Harris

Dianna Johnson Evans

Kelly Kilpatrick Hunt

Jennifer Anderson Kelly

Carrie Garrett

Jamye Willis Jones

Leah Sherman

Leanne Mitchell Goines

Kathleen Bradley McCarthy

Blayre Waters Haley

Tessa Wilkins

Horton CC

RW Rose & White

Rachel Caldwell Babin

FS Fidelity Society

Jennifer Landry Baker

Becky Nuttall

Denise Jordan Lane

Angela Nichols Wolfe

Terra Cushing Bell

Julie Peeples

Chris Melton Lyman

Jen Wu

Claire Amedee Bourgeois

Elizabeth Pool

Piper Densmore McAfee

Arleene Pratka Breaux

Lillian Evans Richie

Michelle Swords

Bernadette Daley

Cathleen Reed Seymour

Summer Davis

Kristina Shackelford RW

Victoria Smith Osteen

Kim Martin Bannerman

Therese Landry

Julia Bossier Simmons

Angela Russell

Bobbi Davis

Karen Carr Townsend

Sonya Davis Snoderly

Abbey Wright Dockins RW

Valerie Gamble Duke

Jennifer Biser Thatcher

Maureen Falls Dwyer

Virginia Pearson Eubanks

GIVING LEVEL KEY Love Honor Truth Foundation Quatrefoil

DeMouy 1852


Middlebrook CC


Kappa Phi LaGrange College

, Heart & Hand

Alexis Deroche


Lani Detiveaux

Kappa Kappa

Kristin Jordan Tofanelli CC

Laura Hardy Hodge

Holly Hearn Fletcher

Katie Hymel

East Tennessee

Lauren Turner

Lindsey Hogan

Elizabeth Robinson Hymer


Kourtney Rodrigue Labat

State University

Wendi West Wells

Allison Gordon Hurston

Brooke Bell Lyon


Katie Lively

Anna Finchum Bellamy

Susan McCranie

Kim Stubblefield Mintz

Sheila Mendoza

Joyce Shaklee Daley

Kappa Nu

Alley Palmer

Leinin Schuerr

Heather Mulac

Kathie Garland

Lambuth University

Rachel Watson Pickens

Jennifer Scruggs

Connie Naquin

Lynda Ledford Graceffo

April Collins Atkinson

Kristen Poole

Brittany Greene Socha RW

Celia Ordoyne RW

Jeanne Franklin

Allie Austin

Catherine Rodriguez

Lisa Jackson Ulmer

a Carnation

Three Star Florine Stevens

M Sir Fidel F Philomathean

Renee Babin Ordoyne

Lee Jaudon Schwartzenburg

Christi Whalen Canada

Madeline Sain

Amanda Cornelius Williams

Rebecca Plaisance

Margaret Richardson

Haley Vaccaro Duffey

Courtney Douglas

Sonya Maurer Wright

Darlene Mendoza

Gaye Fleischman Williams

Jen Free 1852 FS

Emily Bonvillain Rini

Jacquelyn Thompson

Jacinda Bonvillain

Betty Driver Walker

Hampel RW

Reyes 1852

Wynelle Sanders Sewell



Ruth Grant Gibson

Stanford 1852 Wendy Campbell Tyler

Kappa Tau Lander University

Elizabeth Burkhart Godwin Kappa Lambda

Julie Fritz Hunt

Kappa Pi

Ashley Beaman

Roach CC

University of Memphis

Emily O’Neil Metcalf

Tennessee Technological

Emily Burch

Pauline Wilson

Leigh Nevill Adams CC

Elise Fletcher Mitchell


Hillary Coursey

Patricia Holley Brower

Brenda Bowers Pair

Sandra Burn Boyd CC

Melissa Gilbert

Kappa Delta

Kappa Gamma

Amy Powell Daugherty LL

Rachel Henderson Scott

Sherryl Willoughby Byrd

Paige Lane

Athens State University

Troy University

Mary Adkins Haggard

Marcia Whyte Thrailkill

Kristy Taylor Chastine

Breann Steadman

Priscilla Crabtree Adams

Tabby Bailey Bonner

Judy Dolan Harder

Robin Maness Dickerson

Lynn Johnson Szlachetka

April Wright Bosse

Hillary Hatch Hatch

Kappa Omega

Kae Brock Fleming

Ashley Vertefeuille

Duchess Duke Knight

Gayle Helms Murdock

Bailey Harrell Hays

University of South Alabama

Emily McDonald

Sabrena Sedenquist

Lisa Smith Norris

Lynn Harris Hill

Delicia Bryant Arnold 1852

Mandy McKay

Kappa Theta

Stanford Wood

Meryl Jones Snow

Tara Martchek

Beth Hollingsworth

Robin Butts Rodgers

Tennessee Wesleyan College

Mary Swann Sweat

Karimeh Abdel-Jaber

Leanne Blankenship Scott

Susan Sayles Scott

Jessica Johnson Crow

Chris Hastings Skold

Cindy McClanahan Taylor FS

Andrea Pond McKinnon

Lori Killinger Globetti

Becky Atnip Vincent Myra Shipley Weber


Kappa Epsilon

Laura Vitty Weaver

Delta State University

Childs CC


Liz Scott Barrett

Kappa Iota

Judith Fowler Mungle

Meredith Mitchell Hamilton

Erin Roberts Cummins

Northwestern State

Holly Osborne

Mallory Holdbrooks

Kappa Upsilon

Emily Herman Darnell

University of Louisiana

Becky Hicks Petriskie

Kelbie Kerr

Kappa Rho

Dianne Craig-Clark

Peggy Williams Davis RW

Tracy Favre Bee

Heidi Rice Reed LL

Leigh Leftwich Knowles

Florida Atlantic University

Haley Frantzreb

Pamela Mangrum Everitt

Jessica Helmer Brady CC

Katie Henderson

Susan Ryan McCoskey

Erica Eide

Kathy Gallant Hall FS

Laura Hertter Fralick

Judy Bradford Champlin

Saunders RW

Gina Myers McMellon

Daniela Serrato

Robin Davis Jones

Lucy Ferron Franck

Casey Crowder

Jessica Shemwell RW

Maggie Spidle Noland

Lexi Vento

Meghan Martasin

Melissa Hannah Kistemaker

Lauren Cupp

Cassie Qualls Smith RW

Renee Wilkinson Rogers

Lynda Peatross

Gwendolyn Faye Cupp

Rachel Vaughn

Donna Watson Rowell RW

Patterson CC

Tara Nordan Etheridge

Morgan Crenshaw Wilhelm

University of North Georgia

Leanne Schliestett Kappa Sigma

Minghini 1852

Jacksonville State University

Dusti Nisbet

Kappa Omicron

Brianna Bladen RW

Lori Mashburn Nobles

Kappa Mu

Armstrong State University

Tyler Snyder Bonds

Juli Harwell Pirkle

Ruth Fruge

Georgia Southern University

Marsha Dickerson Clarke

Candace Burns

Leigh Ann Powell

Julie Lassetter Shelton RW

Alayni Guidry

Joyce Harville Andres

Heather Blalock

Emily Campbell

Susan Miller Robinson

Kathryn Sinclair White CC

Sheree’ Guillory

Susan Gainey Baldschun

Allison Bowen Cape

Kittie Propes Ross

Tammy Blend Young

Meloni Beltz Hartley

Debra Carlson Corley

Michelle Suell Creamer

Gabrielle White RW

Deborah Howell Patterson

Misty Garrett Fingar CC

Becky Sinclair Pepper

Leta Smith Fletcher CC

Cathy Sessums 1852 FS F

2 4



Crookston CC Deborah Bradley Groover


Why I Give to Phi Mu Foundation.. Lisa Bowers Drake

Kim Rodney Teter

Wendi Mosteiko Beth Reisinger 1852 FS

Ann Maples Grau RW


Brooke Wyatt Kuhne

Phi Beta

Garnett Hundley MacInnes

Albright College

Montine Bagwell McDaniel

Kathryn Biehl

Kim Tingle Mixon

Mary Souser Buchanan

Monique Purnell

Uche Egbuchulam

Phi Iota

Andi Eckardt Savage

Patricia Fitzgerald

Frostburg State University

Ann Thompson Sheppard

Mary Fry Good

Chantelle Gaul Hotchkiss

Alyson Shields

Megan Harris

Allie Smith

Nicole Huber

Melody Stancil 1852 FS

Laura Crawford Kline

Muhlenburg College

Karen Eggert Templeton RW Shannon Washburn RW

Phi Kappa

Kappa Xi

Lambda Delta

Lambda Gamma

Melissa Stamey Thaxton

Brandy Kreitzer Kreitzer

Debbie Wall Bloom

University of West Alabama

University of South

Virginia Commonwealth

Harriett Wilcox Whitaker

Samantha McFate Leane

Chelsea Bovery

Elizabeth Frye-Fox

Carolina Aiken


Sarah Liesau

Julia Cagin

Christine Taft Krivanec

Lori Beth Long Charlton

Kristen Horan Adams RW


Michelle Hain Marley

Annie Giercyk Giercyk

Machelle Swanner Matthews

Tracy O’Neal Cronin

Betsy Brayton Cutler

Shorter University

Ruth Fry McKennon

Erica Heyer RW

Bettye Stutts Townsend

Lacie Rhoden

Nina Ferreira

Katherine Bateman

Megan Connelly Patrick

Anna Hill-Moses

Laney Wiggins

Marianne Milhausen Martin

Kennedy Cullen

Donelle Persing

Liza Snyder Hoppes RW

Quinn Moorer

Haley Highfield

Lacey Porzuc

Alice Hurst

Lauren Waggoner Mills

Jennifer Hawriluk Saldibar

Arielle Kramer

Kappa Zeta Barton College

Lambda Epsilon

Breigh Marshall Gray

Christopher Newport

Lambda Iota

Christy Satterfield Todd CC

Dona Kondash Sinton

Carolyn Smith Lacey

Andrea Warren


East Carolina University

Rachel Guest Wallace

Allison Koran Suhrbier

Angela Lucci

Kelly Allan

Laura Balmer

Gwyn Tessitore

Cara Murphy


Laura Bellantoni

Jocelyn Barton


Frieda Texter CC

Philippa Roberts


Karen Young Binniker

Cassie Morris

University of Akron

Woman’s College

Amy Dugas Brown RW

Mary Ellen Pinney

Melissa Burke Cabral

Rebecca Stein

Ann Bondarovich Butler

Phi Delta

Liz Stone

Lambda Kappa

Marilyn Prettyman Demeter ,

Salisbury University

Brittany Trenker

Miranda Corwin

University of South

Marjorie Brett James

Natalie Brady

Martha Oglesby Lisle

Christine Donovan RW

Carolina, Beaufort

Karen Kaufman

Michelle Clark RW

Phi Lambda

Ann Wyatt Little

Anna Marie Richter

Sarah Melissa Asbrey RW

Sandy Petrou Larson

Mindy Inman Cox

West Chester University

Barbara McIntosh Latchic

Terri Roscoe Desmarais

Julie France Bird


Nancy Rankin Tarbutton

Espinoza CC Terry Matos Figueroa RW

Lambda Theta

Peggy Matthews Messaros

Erin Long

Taylor Goerlach

Kathryn Grosshans

University of

Floradelle Atwater Pfahl

Ashley Mariner RW

Mary Potok

Lambda Alpha

Amanda Thomas Kaeser

South Carolina

Treva Browning Smutz

Shannon Schaffner Otto

Kendal Scott

Rudolph-Macon College

Grace Keffer

Lynn Boyd

Susan Taylor Steinen

Jessica Polissedjian RW

Sarah Tansits

Laura Gough Morris

Shauna Kistner

Caitlin Deltgen

Judee Atherholt Showalter

Melanie Lee RW

Katie Haswell RW


Grace Schutschkow

Phi Nu

Kristina Reed Lewis

Kate Jahries

University of Texas

Kelsey Sousa

Rutgers University

Lambda Beta

Elizabeth Miller

Alexis Kelley

Carol Dean Coleman 1852 FS ,

Kelly Weaver

Veronica Gasper

Appalachian State University

Caroline Morris

Nicole Oliver

Laura Grieneeks

Meredith Bailey

Amber Overton CC

Lizzy Owens

Jackie Nu-Delman Hayes

Krispin Wagoner Barr

Alli Puryear

Shelby Rogers

Gwendolyn Quillian Kordzik

York College of Pennsylvania

Kayleigh Childress

Colleen Kramar Stein

Hannah Westfall

Jean Fiegel Miller

Stephanie Helfman

Phi Theta

Krista Crouch

Moriah Watson

Eleanor Tacquard Otto

Katherine Kelly

Towson University

Lisa Isom Gorenflo

Elizabeth Werbiskis

Lambda Zeta

Sandra Kemmel

Ally Abbott

Kaitlyn Kilby RW

Laura Fox Worrell

University of

Phi Alpha

Rebecca Wilson

Katie Billotti RW

South Carolina Upstate

McDaniel College

Melissa Woods

Jennifer Harvey Case

Haley Sandford

Betsy Beveridge RW

Judith Holt Wilson

Rebekah King Crystal Brady Mentlewski CC

Lambda Eta

April Rosemiller

Wake Forest University

Shirley Cornwall Rock


Phi Eta

Courtney Zullo

Maris Getraer Finley

Melissa Grimmer

Phi Gamma

Megan Haughey

Lori Patterson

Rachel Baxter


Stacey Rohrer Hose

University of Maryland,

Geri Kessler Henshell

Kaitlyn Sullivan RW

Bonnie Bounds

Brenau University

Kristen Houpt

Baltimore County

Hara Henshell

Misty Mull Templeton

Holly Langmuir

Rhonda Swena Abbott

Wendi McQueeney Nolder

Wendy Bowman Bishop RW

Rikki Ragland Marver

Melonie Gallen Thompson

Jennifer Litwak

Amy Simoneau Anderson

Christina Paluskievicz

Erin Wise Clements LL

Susan Walter Procope

Carey Scheible Southern

Margaret Owen Blackstock

Megan Powell

Sena Zaimler Dissmeyer RW

Jillian Procope

Dale Anderson Deal

Amanda Rose RW

Vanessa Kauffman

Melanie Vielhaber

Penniel Dominquez

Charlotte Saylor

Carol Sieg Maruyama CC

2 0 1 5 - 1 6



2 5

Investing in Loyalty GIVING PROGRAM KEY

Psi Beta

Rho Beta

Donna Denny

University of Hartford

University of

Jennifer Eckels Fleming CC

LL Legacy League

Marlayna Falvo Andujar

Michigan Dearborn

Kimberly Foreman Fogel

Rho Zeta

Patricia Smith Clark

CC Carnation Club

Kayla Cloutier RW

Kylie Capps

Shannon Hawkins

Bellarmine University

Alicia Jacob Corley

Megan Cloutier RW

Cara Castillo

Amber Brooke Isom CC

Brigette Arata

Meg Demeranville CC

Courtney Culler

Phyllis Cataldo

Alexa Louden

Claire Yates Bollino

Abbey Angelle McDermott

Erika D’Angelo

Dawn Edford

Jaimee Maddox

Edie Carson

Olivia Mcnulty

Bethani Dufresne

Courtney Ford

Tara Murphy

Shanon Pelley Miller RW

Nicole Melvin

Andrea Goldstein

Amanda Geraci

Abby Neal

Shelby Sullivan

Kristin Fabing Pfeffle

Rachel Horowitz

Renee Debusschere

Holly Chenoweth Plotnick


1852 Society

RW Rose & White FS Fidelity Society


Sarah Richard

Knox College

Theta Epsilon

Jennifer Doran Ringvelski

Danniel Carney Tutterow

Shirley Johnson Hanson

Kennesaw State University

Crystal Uliano CC

Melissa Ziemba Simons

Jennifer Benett Zeigler 1852

Nancy Bakos Hunter

Avery Edwards

Becca Zeuschner CC

Natalie Wiesend CC

Margaret Johnson Nelson

Emily Forbes

University of Kentucky


Katherine Berryman Hankin

Kate Planow RW


Michelle Shapiro

, Heart & Hand


a Carnation

Three Star Florine Stevens

M Sir Fidel F Philomathean

Kelly Stein Rizzo RW

Kimmy Milne Odtohan



Spring Hill College


Amanda Letasz


Theta Delta

Cassie Debolt Quinn



Hannah Thompson

Molly Meyer Williams 1852


Psi Gamma

Rho Iota

Ashlee Faircloth Forscher

Binghamton University

Rho Delta

Cora Bradley

Whitman College

Amanda Kovacs

Denee Jenkins

Central Michigan University

Shelbi Cameron

Jean Barker Drummond

Tegan McEntire

Sara Pinkus

Rosie Kuhlmann Beadle

Nicole Delozier

Michaela Rynecki

Kersten Bond

Melanie Edwards


Courtney Mason Moss

Katie Bryne

Han Fudold

Belmont University

Theta Gamma


Katy Campbell RW

Caitlyn Gastfield

Reca Barwin

Florida International

Hanover College

Linnea Churches DeHaven

Shayna Liebman

Lauryn Bouldin


Phi Xi

Lindsay Lomax Bagnall

Andrea Colby Engler

Stephanie Robb

Elizabeth Stevens Buyan

Shani Arias

Cornell University

Judith Shew Carpenter

Laura Giberson Frabotta

Nicole Rogers

Becky Hatzakorzian

Kristal Velazquez Armas

Ariel Cooper

Stephanie Mitchell Carpenter

Taylor Hart

Mackenzie Sheehy

Amanda Nichols

Cynthia Carraher Coggins

Amanda Hohf

Chyla Smith

Rachel Knight

Tati Na Foreman

Colleen Sullivan

Andrea Davis Cranfill

Jennifer Jones-Hall

Mackenzie Sunderlin

Laura Sawyer McClure

Yenni Godinez

Shannon Veach Gibbs LL

Diane Nothaft

Payne Thomas

Leslie Ann Parsons Sharp

Sammy Hernandez


Mary Demaree Goldsmith

Alli Pastoor

Aeriel Morgan Thorpe

Casey Vaughn

Abigail Lantigua

University of Maine

Natalie Jones Green

Lexi Smith

Jean Bertolini Brown

Louise Osmon Guthrie

Rose Stokes

Rho Kappa

Theta Alpha

Kristy Campos Merconchini RW

Jean White Conroy

Kathleen Hennegan

Katie Stoll

Kent State University

University of North Alabama

Eilie Pol

Jill Flaherty

Lisa Booth Hoffman

Tina Baker VanSyckle

Abby Konyak

Shelby Beard

Ali Camps San Jorge

Molly Fay Forbush

Nancy Vinton Jarrell

Sarah Vollmer

Morgan Cantrell

Kristen Smith

Diantha Hawkes Grant

Betsy Milligan Johnson

Rho Lambda

Miranda Eddy

Brittany Songdahl

Donna Drake Heathcote

Cynthia Kaufman

Rho Epsilon

Cleveland State University

Wendy Walker Foster

Gloria Aguiar Vega

Shannon Johnson

Marabeth Ice Levett

Albion College

Laura Weible

Stacie McMurry Hutchison

Sheryl Velazquez

Patricia Benner Keenan

Samantha McCain

Megan Roberts

Patricia Maness

Cecilia Wagner-Calvo RW

Elizabeth Brockway Nevers

Beth Maxson Monnin 1852

Rho Mu

Stephanie Mullins

Simone Worsdale

Francesca Perazzi

Marita Morris Oilar

Rebecca McNitt

DePaul University

Felicia Jarnigan Phillips

Bridgette Wynn

Eugenia Melzar Shepard

Susan Tucker

Erica Meier

Maggie Macdonald

Lela Wright Ray

Kristen Edwards Moran

Ekta Patel

Anna Leigh Rossi

Theta Nu

Debbie Shaw FS

Florida Gulf Coast University

Sharon White Weltlich

Megan Connetta

Kelly Smith



Clay RW

Amanda Cantillo

Maytal Maor

Langford RW

Kim Stewart

Carol Schobert

Jennifer Blanchard

Barbara Barnett Sheffield

Rho Eta

Rho Theta

Shirley McCalla Stewart

Grand Valley State University

Elmhurst College

Betty Boyson Tacy

Jere Hawley Sturges

Danielle Phillips

Beniac Beniac

Theta Beta

Jennifer Upham Theriault

LuAnne Crum Trippodo

Megan Moriarty Rogers

Julie Cuba

Georgia State University

Gray Adams Walts

Autumn Trombka

Kasia Glowik

Olivia Caldas

Theta Theta

Susan Weimer

Kristen VanNoord

Joslyn Martarano

Cassandra Seserko Marxsen

Columbus State University

Lindsey VanNoord

Christina Nelson

Amy Maurer RW

Elise Bradshaw

Coley Nelson RW

Jennifer McRae

Kat Cannella RW

Stone CC

Psi Adelphi University

Katie Lyle Ashley Theodoredis

Betty Forest FS

Rho Alpha

Virginia Davison Rushmore

Indiania University Purdue

Rho Gamma

Bailey Nunley

Gracie Perez

Alexandria Correa

Delia Buck Tone

University Indiananpolis

Ball State University

Maggie Resillez

Kara Smith

Caitlin Dillon

Amanda Reedy Baker CC

Bryana Bunte RW

Leslie Green Rinaudo

Misti Steward

Katie Brock Evans

Jessika Devine

Angie Buterbaugh

Kaitlyn Salemi

2 6




Brooke Grantham

Jordie King

Justin Whitfield Wiechart

Zeta Alpha

Virginia Soennichsen

Baker University

Nadine Peever



Diane Hawkins Eggert 1852 FS

Zeta Mu Wayne State College

Robin Remich


Bikki Bevelhymer LL FS

Angela Cook Rogers

Ohio State University

Brenda Love Collins

Kristin Selfridge

Amanda Simmons Aring RW

Lucy Rumsey DeWitt

Emily Facciolo Shepherd

Judy Niuman Breece 1852

Susan Phillips Everett

Zeta Gamma

Alicia Liebel Berg RW

Zeta Nu

Beth Buchholz Tuten

Mary Catalano

Marilyn Switzer Gramms

University of

Mahli Scott Lowder RW

University of

Shari Myers Demby

Gail Giese Mattson CC


Orilla McGill Maier


Nancy Shannon

Candace Jones Moore

Sarah Agee

Alice Springer Miller

Sarah Laehr Aldridge

Nancy Gray Pierce

Cindy Bandars-Gish

Nancy Berg Mower

Diane Giese Pugal

Theta Zeta Gerogia Institute of


Janet Buskirk Wood

Deborah Kram Hagen

Jo Latham Brown

Phyllis Gay Zubulake

Clare Morrison Hauck

Christy Kaar Evans

Sandra Thvedt Hiltner


Beverly Brown Etling

Becky Adcock Rogowski

Julie Dewulf Beck

Gabrielle Vencel Olson

Whitney Hopkins

Mary Galvin CC

Becky Rossman

Nikki Drinkwalter

Diann Rohde

Zeta Omicron

Betty Minshall Garst

Coralee Rice Schellie

Kristen Fisher

Lara Tebelius 1852

Southwest Missouri

Megan Barnidge

Susan Price Logan LL

Jeanne McDaniel Sulley

Sarah Hodges Fredrickson

Laure Waschbusch 1852

State University

Laura Griffith Belanger

Beverly Miller Meyers

Jennifer Thierer

Sandy Ifland Grulke

Kaysi Benefield

Dorothy Long Miller

Laurel Britt Cook

Maureen O’Brien Rojas CC

Kristen Corcoran Kelly Chickini Fierro


Mary Mertens Akers RW

Debra Connerley Kraemer

Zeta Kappa

Julianne Kollmeier Sarff

Zeta Delta

Julie Hodgson Muir RW


Marsha Magruder Wilson

Mary Smith Sheibley

Drake University

Kirstin Nelson

Wesleyan University

Marjorie Hummel Tewinkle

Jean White Birley

Rosella Lichtenberg Sheffey

Donna Lee Kovarik Chaney

Zeta Pi

Angela Will Stiens

Jane Trautman Crocker

Missouri Western

Jacque Visintainer

State University

Kimberly Wallace Gantt Cynthia Vandevoorde Hall


Zeta Epsilon

Kathy Collins Strong

Michelle Tardy Handley

University of New Mexico

Washington University

Claire Uryasz

Jackie Krevolin

Gay Grossetete Blech

Janet Seering Bagley

Brooke Fleck White

Zeta Lambda

Sabina Parrales Mazac

Jackie Markland Grossetete

Nancy Davis Barthold RW

Becca Wolf

Northwest Missouri

Zeta Sigma

Karen Rosinski McBride

Barbara Kroening

Dorothy Mueller Brennecke

State University

University of

Marlene Mitchell Ernst

Susan Hackett Armstrong

Wisconsin-River Falls

Zeta Iota

Theresa McMillian Birdsell

Loni Okland Aadalen

North Dakota

Maddie Cofer

Kaila Anderson

Susan Moore

Vicki Ryan 1852

Melody Wood Mulaik

Xi Kappa

Kerry Brennan Owen LL

Southwestern University

Meridith Oliver Phelps

Cynthia Appleman

Zeta Eta

State University

Melody Price DeVan

Cindy Dipprey Boggess

Emily Rabun

Cherryl Fulton Gilker

University of Minnesota

Elizabeth Sletten Blair

Mary Anthony Gillespie

Jennifer Clay

Sonal Shah Rajan

Helen Dodd Hawkins

Barbara Bloodsworth

Mary Madsen Caskey

Amanda Griffen Pascoe

Sara Joslin

Darbie Krauth Saunders

Carol Marsh Milam

Jen Moe Docken

Julia Bingham Schneeflock

Lynn Storlien McGraw LL

Kimberly Tate Swenson CC

Gail Kaiser Pierce

Morgan Sobbe

Bobbi O’Brien

Jane Kieckers Hornung

Shepard Bernadine Pechacek Spencer

Jennifer Taylor

Stephanie Opitz-Wenthold

Zeta Tau University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Jennifer Oshita Archer Christine Boyle

Zeta Upsilon Loras College Stacey Smith Pyeatt Donor information reflects giving to the Foundation as of June 30, 2016. If your name has been omitted, misspelled or listed incorrectly, please accept our sincere apology. We invite you to contact the Foundation office at 770.632.2120 with any updates to our records. To see full listing of collegiate members who supported Phi Mu Foundation through their chapters, CLICK HERE. A list of collegiate and alumnae chapter donors can be viewed on the next page.

2 0 1 5 - 1 6



2 7

Investing in Loyalty Collegiate and Alumnae Chapters

Kappa Omega, University of South Alabama Kappa Omicron, Armstrong State University

Thank you to the collegiate and alumnae chapters who supported Phi Mu Foundation during the 2015-16 fiscal year.

Kappa Phi, LaGrange College


Kappa Pi, Tennessee Technological University Kappa Rho, Florida Atlantic University

Alumnae Chapters & Chapter Associations

Beta Eta, Miami University

Kappa Sigma, Jacksonville State University

Alpha Tau Chapter Association

Beta Mu, Pennsylvania State University

Kappa Tau, Lander University

Baton Rouge

Beta Nu, Bethany College

Kappa Upsilon, University of North Georgia




Beta Tau, Drexel University

Chicago West Suburban

Beta Upsilon, Westminster College

Kappa Xi, University of West Alabama Lambda Beta, Appalachian State University


Chi, University of Missouri

Lambda Delta, University of South Carolina Aiken


Delta, Tulane University

Lambda Epsilon, Christopher Newport University


Delta Alpha, Indiana University

Greater Seattle

Delta Epsilon, Purdue University

Inland Empire

Delta Eta, Georgetown College


Delta Iota, Baldwin Wallace University

Lambda Zeta, University of South Carolina Upstate


Delta Lambda, University of Evansville

Mu, Brenau University

Montgomery County

Delta Tau, Western Kentucky University

Phoenix Metro

Delta Theta, Transylvania University

Phi Alpha, McDaniel College

San Antonio

Delta Zeta, University of Cincinnati

Phi Beta, Albright College

Santa Clara Valley

Epsilon, Millsaps College

Phi Delta, Salisbury University

South Central PA

Epsilon Epsilon, Oklahoma City University

Phi Eta, York College of Pennsylvania

South Mississippi

Epsilon Lambda, Arkansas Tech University

Phi Gamma, University of Maryland Baltimore County

Southern California Council of Phi Mu

Epsilon Mu, Houston Baptist University

Phi Kappa, Muhlenberg College

Southern New Jersey

Epsilon Nu, Oklahoma State University

Phi Lambda, West Chester University

St. Louis

Epsilon Omicron, Southern Arkansas University

Phi Nu, Rutgers University

SW Michigan/Grand Rapids

Epsilon Pi, Tarleton State University

Phi Omicron, LaSalle University

Tri Phi Mu

Epsilon Rho, Lyon College

Phi Theta, Towson University


Epsilon Sigma, University of Texas-San Antonio

Phi Xi, Cornell University


Epsilon Xi, Louisiana State University Shreveport

Pi, University of Maine

Twin Cities

Eta Beta, University of Washington

Psi Beta, University of Hartford

West Palm Beach

Eta Nu, Cal. State University, Northridge

Psi Gamma, Binghamton University

Western North Carolina

Eta Sigma, University of California, Merced

Rho, Hanover College

Winter Park/Orlando

Eta Xi, Cal. State University, Stanislaus

Rho Alpha, Indiana University Purdue UniversityIndiana

Eta Zeta, California State University, Fresno

Rho Beta, University of Michigan-Dearborn

House Corporation

Gamma Delta, American University

Rho Delta, Central Michigan University

Delta Tau House Corp

Gamma Gamma, Queens University

Rho Eta, Grand Valley State University

Lambda Gamma, Virginia Commonwealth University


Lambda Iota, East Carolina University Lambda Theta, University of South Carolina


Nu, Shorter University

Gamma Kappa, UNC Wilmington

Rho Gamma, Ball State University


Collegiate Chapters

Gamma Lambda, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Alpha Alpha, University of Georgia

Gamma Mu, Western Carolina University

Rho Kappa, Kent State University

Gamma Nu, Elon University

Rho Lambda, Cleveland State University

Alpha Beta, University of Arkansas


Alpha Delta, University of Mississippi

Gamma Rho, University of West Georgia

Alpha Epsilon, Florida State University

Gamma Sigma, Georgia College and State University

Alpha Eta, Louisiana State University

Gamma Tau, The Johns Hopkins University

Alpha Gamma, Samford University Alpha Iota, Mercer University


Gamma Theta, James Madison University


Alpha Lambda, Louisiana Tech University


Rho Theta, Elmhurst College Rho Zeta, Bellarmine University Theta, Belmont University Theta Alpha, University of North Alabama

Iota Alpha, University of Hawaii


Rho Iota, University of Kentucky

Rho Mu, DePaul University


Gamma Zeta, High Point University

Alpha Kappa, College of Charleston


Theta Beta, Georgia State University

Kappa, University of Tennessee, Knoxville


Theta Delta, Spring Hill College

Alpha Mu, Auburn University

Kappa Alpha, Mississippi State University

Theta Epsilon, Kennesaw State University

Alpha Nu, University of Florida

Kappa Beta, Valdosta State University

Theta Gamma, Florida International University

Alpha Omicron, The University of Southern Mississippi

Kappa Chi, University of Montevallo

Alpha Pi, University of Houston

Kappa Epsilon, Delta State University

Alpha Psi, Southeastern Louisiana University

Kappa Eta, Nicholls State University

Alpha Rho, University of Louisiana at Monroe

Kappa Gamma, Troy University

Alpha Sigma, University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Kappa Iota, Northwestern State University of Louisiana

Zeta Gamma, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Alpha Upsilon, McNeese State University

Kappa Lambda, University of Memphis

Zeta Lambda, Northwest Missouri State University

Alpha Zeta, The University of Alabama

Kappa Mu, Georgia Southern University

Zeta Sigma, University of Wisconsin-River Falls

2 8



, a



Theta Kappa, Huntingdon College Theta Nu, Florida Gulf Coast University Theta Theta, Columbus State University Theta Zeta, Georgia Institute of Technology


Parents, Friends, Organizations and Estates

Thank you to the

parents, friends, companies and estates who made a commitment to Phi Mu during the 2015-16 fiscal year. GIVING LEVEL KEY

Paul & Stacy Batson

Sabrina Brown

Patrick Coggins

Beth Dunn

Mabra George


Pamela Bayyari

Terry & Terry Brown

Donna Coker

Howard & Renee Eck

Toni Gibson


Evelyn Beach

Cliff & Cathy Brune

Paul Colbaugh

Gary & Kathy Eckelkamp

Eladio & Barbara Gil


Sevima Beal

Sophia Buchanan

Amy Cole

Gladys Edelman

Pamela Gill


Seth & Cheryl Becker

Michele Buday

Michelle Coleman

Karen Edwards

Robert Gilmore

Michael & Jayne Bedosky

June Buffington

Bob & Charlotte Colvin

Andrew & Jill Edwards

Brenda Gleason

Susan Bedwell

Brian & Jenny Bunch

Marci Connelly

Tove Eikeland

Joseph Gojanaj

Kari Behan

Ashley Burbank

Erin Connolly-Igoe

Robert Eisenhauer

Christian Gojanaj

Jerry & Marty Belza

Julie Burkhard

Deborah Cooke

Geraldine Englade

Bruce Goldberg


Angel Benedetto

Greg Burlin

Rich & Liz Cooley

Eric & Kimberly English

Alan Goldman

Three Star

James & Melanie Benedict

Darryl Burnaman

Shannon Cooper

Chris & Marcia Erickson

John & Donna Goodwin

Florine Stevens

Wendell Bennett

Nathan Bush

Cathy Cotter

Karen Erwin

Shaun Gorman

M Sir Fidel

Morgan Berger

April Butcher

Gordon & Mary Cotton

Miriam Eubanks

Joseph & Sherrill Grace

F Philomathean

Briscoe Bilderback

Rebecca Butler

Kevin Coulsting

Larry & Betty Evans

Paige Graiser

Norm & Eva Bishop

Clint & Sara Campbell

Lundee Covington

Susie Evert

Tammy Graves

Parents and Friends

Pam Black

Julia Candler

Leslie Crabbs

Deborah Faber

John & Cara Greco

Marci Adams

Bryan & Nancy Blackmon

Melanie Cannon

Phyllis Craig

Janet & Nick Faraone

Regina Green

Steve & Asha Adams

Christina Blagg

Wilfrido Cantillo

Michael & Andrea Crawford

Keith & Angie Faulkner

Tracy & Jody Greene

William & Lisa Aldrich

Karen Blankenship

Harry Capps

Phyllis Crenshaw

Nathan & Cindy Feldewerth

Albert & Dana Greshko

Meredith Alin

Suzanne Block

Julie Cardinal

Mary Crocker

Darla Feltner

Lynda Greve

Terri Allegrucci

Deborah Blok

Caroline Caress

John & Becky Crowe

Christy Feser

Robert Griffin

Monikque Allen

Leslie Bloxam

John & Suzanne Carle

Marci Csesznegi

Christine Figliulo

Shawn Groesbeck

Angie Allen

Christy Blue

Ernie & Lara Carlton

Valerie Cullen

Eric Fillip

Stephanie Gruber

Sonali Allen

Tasha Boersema-Farmer

Mary Carpenter

Tricia Cutter

Gayle Findlen

Karla Guess

Kerri Allen

Patrick & Catherine Boinest

William Carr

Mary Cutts

Don Finnegan

Betty Guess

Fernando & Marcelle Almeida

Heike Bolton

Mary Carroll

Tiffany Cwiak

Arthur Fitzsimmons

Ymenel Gutierrez

Donna Anderson

Lori Bonds

Susan Carson

Silvano D’Alessandri

Ruthie Fleenor

Bill & Kim Hagan

Ann Angell

Staci Boomgarden

Stephanie Carucci

Lori Dalton

Elaine Flood

Brendan Hagn

Beth Appleton

Bob & Donna Boone

Craig & Heather Casey

Tony & Leslie Damiano

Gary & Kathy Florea

Kimberly Hahn

Charles & Suzanne

Judy Boraks

Barbara Castellano

Anita Danner

Cynthia Flores

Doreen Hailey

Cheryl Bordeaux

Olga Castellanos

Marilynn Davey

Amy Fontana

Sharon Hall

Diana & Scott Artman

Gale Bosley

Tim & Suzanne Castiglia

Kathy Davis

Angela Fraher

Eric Hall

Jerry Asman

Marie Bossio

Shauna Cavins

Lisa Day

Donna Frank

Tracy Hall

Michele Assael-Shafia

Connie Boudreaux

Pamela Champney

George Dedes

Scott Franko

Robin Hallagan

Pam Atwell

Jill Bouvet

Josephine Chien

Loretta DeFranco

Spencer & Teresa Frazier

Nancy Hamill

Melinda Augustus

Kathryn Bowen

Monica Christie

Kathy Depoli

Gary & Victoria Frenette

Doris Hampton

Chad & Aimee Aultman

Stacey Boyd

Debra Ciaccio

Nicole Desch

Kevin & Lisa Frick

Leslie Hardesty

Melissa Auringer

Bette Bracken

Maurizio & Lindy

Alex Dewey

Monica Friedman

John & Jane Hardin

Hugh Baird

Steve & Jennifer Bradford

Lee Cibischino

Carla Diatte

Connie Futrell

Arthur Harlow

Emilie Baker

Robert Brady

Anne Marie Ciprari

Coral Dixon

Whit & Stacy Gallaspy

Samantha Harpole

Joanne Baker

William & Kimberly Brakefield

Vanessa Clark

Stan & Sloan Dodson

Tracy Gallinghouse

Kie & Martha Harrison

Chris & Kathy Baker

Craig Brantley

Sherry Clark

John & Colleen Donofrio

Angelo and Anne Garcia

William Harrison

Debbie Baldwin

Trea & Dedria Brashear

Beverly Clark

Joyce Doonan

Janet Gardner

Greg & Maggie Hart

Charles & Carol Baldwin

Kurt Brattain

Jeffrey Clark

Erin Dorsey

Randi Garibaldi

Mary Harvey

Andrew Ball

Craig Brenner

Bernadette Clarke

Pamela Doucette

Hugh & Cathy Garner II

Maggie Hatfield

Sherry Baltz

Lynn Bricking

Cynthia Claspille

Kayla Dougherty

John & Bridgett Garratt

Ramona Hawk

Jennifer Banker

Laura Bridges

Lauren Clawson

Alex & Kim Doverspike

Glen & Debbie Garrison

Michael Hayes

Patrick & Joan Bannerman

Scott Brittenham

Don & Nancy Clements

Renee Drake

Jon Gaston

Kenneth & Christi Hayes

Jeff & Stacy Barfield

Sharon Broadwell

Lisa Clinch

Kathryn Driscoll

Patrick & Joanne Gaughan

Lenora Hayes

Murray & Penny Bartel

Ronald & Jacqueline Brochu

Kelly Cline Fama

Lenny & Diane Dubroc

Greg & Glenda Gaul

Alan & Tudy Bartos

Tracey Brock

Lizette Cochran

Eileen Duffy

Ginger Gault

Sandy Bass

Susie Brooks

Jean Coffman

Tom Duiser

Sherry Gautreau

Judy Bassaline

Tonya Brown

Nixie Coffman

Jeanne DuMont

Dawn George


, Heart & Hand Sisterhood

a Carnation Crest


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2 9

Investing in Loyalty GIVING LEVEL KEY

Greg Kava

William & Kelly Little

Cheryl & Shawn McNamara

Jennifer Oxley

Danielle Remich


Jeff & Gretchen Keen

Jill Logarbo

Sarah McPherson

Neil & Becky Palmer

Angie Remich


Cathi Kellett

Doug Long

Veronica McQueen

Lynn Pandiani

Melissa Resler


Chris & Cindy Kelley

Eileen Long

Page McWhirter

Claire Pappas

Dawn Richardson

Steve & Linda Kelley

Teresa Lord

Philip & Debra Medina

Peter Pappas

Sharon Richardson

Patrick & Kristina Kelly

Kim Lorenz

Carolyn Medrano

Barbara Paredes

Debra Richman

Andy & Kimber Kennedy

Debra Lovelace

Robert & Debra Meisel

Donna Parham

Randall Rigdon

Kathy Kennel

Christy Low

Lori Mercede

Tom & Hope Parnell

Sherry Riggs


Matt Kenny

Darla Low

Jeff & Laura Miles

Benjamin Parrish

Kim Rivera


Kippilyn Kerr

Devon Lowe

Kim Miles-Poynor

Kelli Pascual

Hector Rivera

Three Star

Tawnya Kiernan

Patti Lucas

Amy Miller

Donna Patterson

Barbara Roberts

Florine Stevens

Marlene Kilbane

John & Judy Lukasik

Ruth Miller

Martha Patterson

Daryl & Barbara Roberts

M Sir Fidel

Nathan Killen

Jay & Jill Luna

Dawn Miller

Pam Paugh

Teresa Robinson

F Philomathean

Stephanie King

Collette Lusk

Dana Minnick

Dawn Pelc

Rick & Kimberly Robyak

William & Margaret King

Terry & Kathy Luttrell

Tami Misuraca

Cerelia Pellechio

Shelly Roe

Mark & Karen Kippenbrock

Donna Lyman

Robert & Stacy Mitchell

Towana Perdue

Jan Roeder

Michael Klemowski

Bart & Kim Lynn

Sharron Mongelli

Catherine Perez

Thomas Rogers

Mark & Nancy Haynes

Pennie Kliebert

Carla Mabrey

Juliet Montgomery

Mark & Debra Perkins

Terrence Rogers

Carl & Missy Haynes

Francesca Koron

Ann MacDonald

Thomas Moore

Erin Perry

Christine Rogers

Carolyn Hennessey

Yvonne Kosarek

Tammy Mackey

Alicia Moore

Kathy Peterson

Kirstyn Rohrer

Betheny Hessel

Michele Koszarek

Jana Mackler

Russell Moore

Lori Petett

Eileen Rome

Angie Hesser

Deborah Koyle

Jackie Maggard

Nelda Moore

Teresa Petry

Christine Romolt

Jamie Hester

Franklin Kral

Dave & Kris Mahon

Amber Morey

Hope Philbrick

Marilyn Rose

Teresa Hickey

Michael & Kirsten Kraljevic

Randy & Tracie Major

Sally Mostellar

Margaret Phillips

Katy Rosefeld

Annsley Hill

Jeanne Krapauskas

Lino & Vicki Maldonado

Keith & Robin Mouliere

Thao Phuong Le

Juli Rosenberg

Susan Hix

William Kraus

Michael & Tina Marinelli

Elizabeth Mullins

Lisa Pietek

Anne & Peter Rosenfield

Ron & Kim Hodge

Sherry Kretzer

Jeff & Nancy Markle

Eileen Murdoch

Julie Pinkus

Terry Rowe

Holly Hodgson

Cindy Kruempel

Christy Marlin

Jory Murphy

Jo Cindy Pons

Paul Rozeman

Jeff & Jessyca Hogan

Catherine Kulprathipanja

Darran & Shawn Marlow

Edward & Christine Murphy

Amy Porter

Jacquelyn Rush

Bryan & Melissa Hoge

Doug & Anna Kulway

Cindy Martens

Penny Musto

Ed & Carole Poster

Julie Rushing

Katherine Holden

Robert Kulwicki

Brent Martin

Michelle Nabors

Gene & Cyd Powell

Jimmy Rushing

Barbara Holland

Selena Kutschera

Joseph Martin

Kristine Najdowski

Angela Prather

Bob & Kathy Rusler

Kim Holtmann

Linda Kuziel

Rosa Martinez

Renee Nebel

Nancy Prendergast

Debbie Russell

Joel Hood

Francesca La Rosa

Dave & Nikki Masingill

Stuart & Tammy Neidenberg

Tracy Price

Penney Russell

Jeff Hood

Linda Lamoureux

Jamie Mason

Linda & Thor Nelson

Michelle Price

Doug & Marsha Russell

Simonne Horman

Lori Langston

Jennifer Mastalerz

Mark & Karen Nelson

James Prideaux

Jeff Ryer

Darryl & Brenda Howard

Susan LaPenta

Terry Masucci

Lori Nelson

Darrell & Kirsten Printz

Annette Rzeznik

Rebecca Hubiak

Marty & Debbie Lapidus

Jacqui Mathers

Kathy Nelson

Tom & Teri Prior

Angela Sadler

Jennifer Hughes

Glorie Lapitan

Michele Mathews

Howard Newcombe

Susan Prior

Joe Salemi

Rebecca Hughes

Christina Larrea

Amy Mathis

Maureen Newman

Robin Pritchard

DeLaine Samples

Jim & Debra Humphrey

Greg & Beth LaVeau

Judy Maupin

Daniel Nielsen

Katie Prolow

Dean & Kim Sams

Alice Hurler

Robert & Cathy Law

Laura Maxwell

Judith Nirenberg

Scott & Maureen Prossen

Lynn Sanders

Jon & Tammi Hutcheson

Scott & Suzanne Leber

Loranne May

Claire Nirenberg

Joseph & Megan Purtill

Frank & Billie Sanders

Chris & Stacey Iennusa

Mary Jo Ledesma

Kyle Mcada

Philip & Elizabeth Niverson

Janella Puyot

Tracey Sand-Prinz

Joanne Irwin

John Lee

Brad & Stacy McAllister

Nora Nix

Ronald Pyles

Christine Saul

Terri Iwatsuru

Marcy Lee

Dale Ann McCain

Joni Noble

Kevin & Helene Quinn

Valarie Savage

Lazelle Jackson

Jennifer Leggio

Kelly McCarthy

Julie Northcutt

Barbara Quinn

Al & Debbie Schaefer

Diane Jenkins

Roger & Bonnie Leitner

Elaine McCraw

Anne Nowak

Monique Raby

Chuck & Miren Schaffer

Jolene Jenkins

Leslie Leopold

Tonya McElveen

Evelyn Noyphao

Aline Raines

Melanie Schanbacher

Trish & Clark Jensen

Howard & Beryl Levin

Felicia McGee

Susan O’Bryan

Steven & Cynthia Ralph

Barb Schmidt

Alba Jessop

Richard & Judith Levine

Sheila McKay

Jeremy & Teri Odor

Jeff & Joelle Ramsey

Luann Schmitmeyer Schulte

Angela Jinks

Don Lewis

Karol McKean

Angela Oliver

Joe & Stacy Rapier

John & Loriann Schwartz

Gail Jolly

Dave Lewis

Kathy McKinley

Tim O’Rourke

Tracie Reed

Paul & Ronda Scott

Kathleen Jones

Susan Lewis

Dannelle McLaren

Todd & Patty Osborne

Tim Reid

Mike Scott

Jeff & Dana Kahn

Martin Lewison

Mary McLean

Todd & Denise Oubre

Kurt & Ruth Reid

Susan & Dean Sears

Kiki Karabelas

Curt Liebman

Susana McLellan

Terri Outler

Phil & Cheryl Reisinger

Kimberly Seay

Christina Kasuda

Bob & Polly List

Christine McLeod

Denise Owens

Philips Reisinger

Jennifer Sebree

Foundation Quatrefoil

, Heart & Hand Sisterhood

a Carnation

(Parents, Friends, Organizations and Estates continued)

3 0




Cyndi Seger

Lynn Taylor

Vali Welhoelter

Sharon Sengstock

Judy Taylor

Mark & Mara Westbrooks

Dawson’s School House of

Paul Sengstock

Laura Telesek

Tyler Westcott

Delta Gamma Fraternity

Joshua Sengstock

Darlene Terhuurne

Mark Wheir

Digital Pix

Tamara Sengstock

Mark Thackston

Donetta White

ELD Associates, LLC

Pepsico Foundation

Patricia Sengstock


Paul Whitehead

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

Phi Delta Theta

Paul Seymour

James Thomas

Kimberly Williams-Rivera

Fraternal Law Partners

Renaissance Charitable

Nancy Shaffer-End

Tommy Thomas, Jr.

Barbara Willingham

GE Foundation

Paula Shaffner

Leanne Thompson

Sheryl Willis


S & S Industrial Supply, Inc

Scott Shankle

Mike & Kathy Thompson

Richelle Wilson

Greater Kansas City

Salesforce.com Foundation

David & Lynn Shaw

Julia Thompson

Laurie Wingate

Community Fdn.

Jack & Liz Sheehan

Tracy Thrall

Cheryl Winnenberg

Harbor Good LLC

Bucceto’s Smiling Teeth

Kathleen Sheehy

Laura Thurston

Emily Winnenberg

Head, Moss, Fulton &

The Benevity Community

Aaron Sheehy

Carol Timmerman

Cinde Wirth

Laura Sheehy

Tracie Toke

Vivian Wisdom

James Sherrick

Bill Topel

Ann Wolff

Billie Shine

Thomas Torre

J.M. Wolff

JP Morgan Chase & Co.

Lisa Shipman

Rose Tortora

Gloria Wolfgang

JS Randhawa Inc.

Gifts Program

Thomas & Donna Shirah

Bernie Tosdevin

Cait Womack

Kendra Scott, LLC

Travel Concepts

Eric Shirkness

Taylor Turner

Melissa Wood

Log Cabin Mesquite Grill,

Marla Simons

Scott & Julie Turner

Timothy Woodard

Jolana Simpson

Elizabeth Turner

Deanna Wooten

Maine Alpha Pi Beta Phi

Doug Sims

Don Turner

Sarah Wright

Mass Mutual Financial Group

Teresa Sit

Lynne Van Benschoten

Jessica Wright

Mile High United Way

Jeffrey & Shelly Skechler

Lori Van Deventer

Valerie Wurth

National Christian

Mike & Suzanne Smed

Patricia Vanslingerlandt

Deborah York

Phil & Julie Smith

Don & Shelly Vavro

James & Carol Zeeck

Gail Smith

Anita Vegas

Charles Zezza

San & Allison Smith

Christy Vehrs

John & Joanne Zimmermann

Sean Smith

Terri Vento

Shannon Zlajic

Tina Snellgrove

Bruce & Lisa Verdick

Brooks Solterman

Kelli Vest


Maureen Soupiset

Beverly Vieweg

AAA Life Insurance Company

Darcy Stacom

Dorothy Vines


Christina Stanton

Rick Vines

Allstate The Giving Campaign

Vicki Steger

Victor & Sharon Vuskalns

Alpha Mu Chapter of

Charles & Peggy Stevenson

Kevin & Anne Wagner

Ronald Stewart

Sonia Wagner

Alpha Phi Fraternity

Jennifer Stiglets

Lesia Waldrep

Amazon Smiles

Raymond & Stacy Stith

Sharon Walker

Amercian Society of

Dale & Phyllis Stoller

Keith Walker

Annemarie Straub

Christian Wallace

Diana Strauss

Michael Walsh

Darren & Alisa Strickland

Donna Walton

Auburn Panhellenic

Joyce Strickland

You Wang

Bank of America

Charity Summers

Victoria Wannemuhler

Carrie Swerbenski

Antoinette Ward

Lisa Swiggett

Sandra Ward

DBA Ledo Pizza

Robert & Cindy Switzer

Raina Warren

BJ’s Restaurants Inc

Chuck & Kelli Szarowski

Paula Watkins

CA, Inc. Matching

Marc & Janet Szczerba

Amy Watson

Ann Taggart

Stephanie Watson

Andrea Tallent

Allen & Christy Weeks

Robert Tanner

Lesli Wegner

Charming Charlie

Buzz & Martha Taylor

Donna Weinstock

Clean Energy Capital, LLC

Cynthia Taylor

Ray Weinstock

Dat Dogs Enterprises LLC

Michelle Taylor

Joyce Weisenseel


Newberry Family Foundation Inc.

Griffin, P.A. Heart of Florida United Way, Inc.


Onboard Recruitment

Estates Lowe Estate Wilcox Estate

Advisers LLC


Schwab Charitable Fund

Donor information reflects giving to the Foundation as of June 30, 2016. If your name has been omitted, misspelled or listed incorrectly, please accept our sincere apology. We invite you to contact the Foundation office at 770.632.2120 with any updates to our records.

Impact Fund The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee Thomas Reuters Matching

International Inc. Truman Heartland

Foundation *California Network For Good

Community Foundation Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program Verizon Foundation Waffle House YourCause, LLC

Kappa Alpha Order

Assoc Exec ASAE AT&T United Way Employee Giving Campaign

Foundation Barra Corporation

Gifts Program California Community Foundation

2 0 1 5 - 1 6



3 1

Ways to Give to Phi Mu Foundation. As you can see from the 2015-16 Phi Mu Foundation Annual Report, the philanthropic spirit of our Phi Mu sisters and friends is extraordinary. Our Founders were clear about service to others being central to who we are as Phi Mu women. The generosity of our donors is proof that the impact of the Phi Mu experience on the lives of our members is for more than just four years … it is for a lifetime. We are proud to offer a number of ways for Phi Mu sisters and friends to give to our mission to support the lifetime development of women through leadership, scholarship, philanthropic and educational programs, and historic preservation. Every gift you make to the Foundation – small or large – makes a positive impact on the lives of our members. Consider making a gift today or plans for a future gift that will help provide the same, if not better, Phi Mu experience that has sustained this sisterhood for more than 164 years. Monetary Gifts All one-time or recurring monetary gifts can be made in the form of a check, debit card, credit card, or an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). Credit Card and EFT Phi Mu Foundation accepts all major credit cards, including: American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa. Contact the Foundation office at 770-632-2090 to initiate an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) for monthly, quarterly or yearly installments from a checking or savings account. Recurring gifts can also be made using a debit or credit card. Online or Mail Visit Phi Mu Foundation’s secure website at www.phimufoundation.org and click ‘Give Now’ to make an online gift. Checks, debit and credit card gifts can also be mailed to Phi Mu Foundation at: Phi Mu Foundation, 400 Westpark Drive, Peachtree City, GA 30269. Honor/Memorial Gift An honor/memorial gift is a thoughtful way to honor or remember a Phi Mu sister, friend or loved one with a gift to Phi Mu Foundation in her or his name. We will notify the honoree (or surviving family member) to share the news of your generosity. Honor/memorial gifts can be made online at your convenience. Giving Program Membership Sisters and friends who make a commitment to annual, unrestricted gifts of $1,852 to the premier 1852 Society, $1,000 to Legacy League, $500 to Carnation Club, and $240 to Rose & White are the lifeblood of our membership, and include some of the Foundation’s most loyal and generous donors. Commemorative Bricks Etch your place in Phi Mu history with the purchase of a personalized brick on the commemorative terrace at Phi Mu National Headquarters. Bricks can be purchased online or by mail for $152 or $157 with the inclusion of Greek letters.

3 2



Matching Gifts A great way to multiply your generosity (at no additional cost to you) is through your employer’s matching gift program. Many employers will match their employees, spouses and retirees’ charitable contributions. Visit www.phimufoundation.org for a list of established organizations, or check with your employer to see if a matching gift program exists. Stock/Securities Gifts of appreciated stocks and securities can provide maximum charitable tax benefits to you and offer a financially sound and convenient method of support to Phi Mu Foundation. Estate Gift/Bequest A planned gift is a special opportunity to make longterm financial plans that allow you to achieve your financial and philanthropic goals. These gifts include, but are not limited to, bequests, life insurance policies, annuities and trusts. Endowment & Established Funds Establishing restricted funds like a scholarship or leadership fund is a great opportunity to leave a transformational impact on Phi Mu women. Phi Mu Foundation staff members are ready to help you accomplish your Phi Mu philanthropic goals. If you have any questions or would like to discuss any of these giving options further with a representative from our Phi Mu Foundation staff, please contact the Foundation office at 770-632-2090 or foundation@phimu.org.


Finances We continue to maintain a strong and healthy Annual Fund, supported by key transformational gifts in 2015-2016 that helped endow three new scholarship funds. Although we are pleased with this growth, the effects of an unpredictable economy remain, particularly related to our investments. We are making adjustments to our portfolio as needed throughout the year, ensuring the short- and long-term stability of Phi Mu Foundation for many years to come. The balances below have been compiled using unaudited numbers. Actual numbers could vary materially from numbers presented.


June 30, 2016

June 30, 2015

Cash and Equivalents



Prepaid Expenses and Other Current Assets






Furniture and Equipment (net of accumulated depreciation)



Investment in Phi Mu Holding Co.



Cash Values of Life Insurance



Assets Held in Charitable Trusts






June 30, 2016

June 30, 2015

Accounts Payable and Accrued Liabilities



Deferred Revenues



Unrestricted Net Assets



Board Designated Net Assets



Temporarily Restricted Net Assets



Permanently Restricted Net Assets



10,910,542 11,431,937

REVENUES Contributions


Deferred Revenue


Change in Investments




Management & General




Scholarships, Grants and Awards, Individuals





Scholarships, Grants and Awards, Organizations










Historic Preservation Contributor Recognition Employee Benefits & Payroll Taxes


Headquarters Expenses







58,686 133,906



Professional Fees





Office and Technology Expenses























Other Expenses Salaries Solicitation and Convention Expenses

2 0 1 5 - 1 6



3 3

When you make a gift to Phi Mu Foundation, you are helping women who are deciding between paying tuition and paying the electric bill … lifting up women who are facing a crisis due to circumstances beyond their control ... supporting women to become strong, confident leaders … and ensuring that Phi Mu is around to provide the same opportunities to women for generations to come.

On behalf Phi Mu Foundation and all of the women you have

supported through your impactful contributions – 3 4




thank you!

Dear Sisters & Friends, Bravo! Standing Ovation! Congratulations to you! We truly hope you feel an enormous sense of pride as you reflect on your involvement with Phi Mu Foundation over the past year. Glancing through the pages of this report, you’ll see that your significant donations of time and treasure have helped to create a world of possibility for women across the nation. By providing powerful scholarship opportunities, alleviating the burden of financial hardship, relieving families when natural disasters strike and preserving the legacy of one of the longest-serving women’s organizations of our time – YOU are paving the way for the next generation of exceptional women to lead us into a brighter tomorrow. Can you feel the pride when women share that their scholarship made the difference in helping them to achieve their dreams? Can you feel the pride as chapter consultants inspire leaders on college campuses across the nation each and every day? Can you feel the pride when Foundation’s mission is resonating with our undergraduate women, evident in the fact that 126 out of 128 collegiate chapters had 100% participation in the 2016 M3 campaign? Can you feel the pride when your passion for Phi Mu and the women supported by Phi Mu Foundation creates a strong collaborative link between the visionary Founders of our Fraternity and the insightful women who brought our Foundation to life 60 years ago? We hope you feel the pride for all that you do, especially the important role you have in furthering the lifetime development of women. On behalf of our Board of Trustees and staff, we are proud to share your passion for Phi Mu Foundation. We appreciate the opportunity to work in partnership with you to bring this vibrant sisterhood and powerful mission to life each and every day. Thank you for an incredible year and for sharing your passion and pride to create even more possibilities for tomorrow. Yours in Our Bond,

Diane Eggert Anji Roe Wood 2012-2016 Phi Mu Foundation President Executive Director Zeta Iota, North Dakota State University Gamma Nu, Elon University

2 0 1 5 - 1 6



3 5

Phi Mu Foundation. National Headquarters, 400 Westpark Drive, Peachtree City, Georgia 30269. 770-632-2090. foundation@phimu.org