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1. First Draft p. 1-3 Due date: _______________

Includes: 1. First Draft p. 1-3 2. Self-Evaluation #1 (inside this cover)

The questions inside this cover are for increasing your learning. They are not part of your grade. However, Kristin will only write comments on your writing pages if you have completed these questions. Complete the questions at home so this cover is ready to submit with your writing at the beginning of class.

Short Book Self-Evaluation #1 First Draft p. 1-3 READ: My signed name shows that this writing is my own work. I have not copied from another source (internet, book, etc.), and another person has not done any part of it.

Sign your name:

p. 1-3


p. 4-6

p. 7-9

p. 10-12

p. 13-end

1. Summarize: In a few sentences, write a summary of what happens on p. 1-3 of your story.

2. Reflect: •

What do you feel confident about in this draft? Why?

What do you have doubts about in this draft? Why?

3. Connect: When you were writing, how did you try to use something that connects to ENGL 029 so far?

4. Move Forward: When you make the second draft of p.1-3, what specific thing do you want to work on?

5. Do you have a question or comment about something?  No  Yes – write it here:

6. Did you meet these requirements? Circle  or  or  beside each item. 1. Style:  I used names for my characters (example: Robert; not “my friend”)

 I used some quotations “ ” when my characters talked to each other. 2. Page Format: I typed my story with the required format:  font = Times New Roman  font size = 12 point  lines = double-spaced  paragraphs indented (first line of every paragraph has extra space)  margins = 1 inch  name, etc., on p.1  pages numbered 3. Vocabulary: I used at least 15 words from our class list. (20 is better!) 4. Organization: All the paragraphs fit together in a natural way that makes sense.

Cover 1 draft 1 p1 3  
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