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Student National Advertising Competition

TABLE OF CONTENTS 1 Executive Summary 2 Background & Research Industry Overview Buying Behavior Competitors The Nissan Brand Primary Research

8 Target Market Strategy Multicultural Millennials Shifters Segmentation

12 Creative Strategy Anthem TV Spot Shifters Creative Online Executions Latino Creative Chinese American Creative African American Creative

21 Engagement Strategy Social Media Campaign Website Project Innovation Guerrilla Tactics Brand Integration P.O.P. Tactics Engagement Calendar

29 Media Strategy Media Rationale Media Plan Media Calendar

33 Evaluation & ROI

“Invention is the product of a creative or curious mind. Innovation is something that changes the life of the customer. It changes the life of the customer in some way, or the world in which the customer experiences things. That’s an innovation.” –Lovemarks, The Future Beyond Brands by Kevin Roberts

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Get ready to buckle up for a high-octane campaign that will re-energize the Nissan brand with today’s trend-setting Multicultural Millennials (MCMs).


For the last six months we’ve been getting under the skin and inside the minds of our MCMs. We know which advertising messages connect with them and which ones get the cold shoulder. We discovered what they look for when buying a car and how to get them in the showroom door.

The Market & Their Media

Our audience segmentation strategy is built on the understanding that MCMs identify more closely with the larger Millennial Generation, as opposed to just their specific ethnic and cultural background. The media that they consume, however, has unique characteristics that require specific consideration. To meet this complex challenge, our segmentation and media strategy uses a four-prong approach; addressing the mainstream MCMs as one segment, and the ethnic groups (Latino, African Americans, Chinese Americans) as three distinct subsegments.

Creative Strategy

Our creative reflects our commitment to position Nissan as the world’s most innovative auto manufacturer. “Life Innovated” is the tagline that draws a clear parallel between our MCMs’ innovative lifestyles and the Nissan family of vehicles. Instead of one over-used celebrity, we’ve selected six emerging Millennial Innovators to promote the six Nissan vehicles most popular with our audience. By placing an emphasis on interactivity and customization, this campaign will grab the attention of our MCMs by showing that Nissan cars are just as innovative as they are.

PR & Engagement

All creative draws MCMs to mobile, online and real-time events. All promotions have viral and social media components. And, the end result of all engagement tactics increases brand favorability and purchase behavior.


The auto industry has been in a state of flux since the recession rocked the foundation of this powerful industry sector. The current economy, gas prices, fuel efficiency demands and new forms of car-sharing have all converged to create an uncharted automotive landscape. So, before we back out of the drive on this Millennial roadtrip, we have to take a serious look at where this industry has been and, more importantly, what lies on the horizon.

The Rear View 1

• The recession led to the 2008 Government bailout of Chrysler and GM. • In 2008, all of the Big Six automakers reported sales declines, marking the worst year of U.S. auto sales since 1992. • Dealerships were forced to shut down nationwide. • The U.S. Government tried to revamp auto sales by issuing tax breaks on car purchases and incentives such as the Cash for Clunkers program. • Many auto companies offered increased warranty benefits to encourage more sales. • Auto companies offered large incentives in order to rid their lots of older models.

The Current Scenery 2

• The auto industry is showing many signs of full recovery. • The average price per vehicle is up 11% from 2008. • Auto sales in 2012 are projected to be 10% higher than in 2011. • Auto companies supported by the 2008 bailout have significantly reduced debt. • Auto companies have adjusted vehicle production to meet actual demand. • President Obama announced new fuel economy standards in 2011, which will require new model performance of 54.5mpg by 2025.

“While we are still early in the recovery we are somewhat optimistic about both the future rate of growth as well as the overall health of the industry.”

The Road Ahead


~ John Humphrey, senior vice president of global automotive operations for J.D. Power and Associates’ Global Automotive Division ~

• The auto industry is moving fast-forward into a technology-fueled frontier with an emphasis on robotics and entertainment. • Superior music systems and video viewing capabilities, in addition to Voice Command, GPS navigation systems and mobile apps are all being added to vehicles to satisfy consumers’ desire to constantly be connected. • Many auto companies are equipping their vehicles with smartphone plug-ins that let consumers keep their conversations going and their eyes on the road. • New technology is making it possible to alert a driver that may be distracted or sleepy. • Technology trends even hint at a future of autonomous vehicles that would be computer operated and not need the assistance of a driver.


THE MCM BUYING BEHAVIOR MCMs exist in a world of unparalleled flux. Just like the auto industry has undergone dramatic changes, so too has the entire Millennial consumer environment. Below are some of the biggest things impacting their car buying behavior.

The Economy


• New car owners are keeping their cars longer, for an average of 6 years. • The recession and the tough economy has led to conservative car shoppers and increased saving.

Customized options

MCMs want a car that is just like they are, unique. “Customization up and down the line is key to winning over this generation, and it’s not just a matter of connectivity.” - Richard Wallace Center for Automotive Research

“For Gen Y, it’s not about owning and caring for an incredible car, it’s about getting somewhere so you can experience something incredible.” – Carol Phillips, Brand Amplitude, LLC

Car Sharing 5

• “Collaborative Consumption” has become a hit with Millennials, making car-sharing companies, such as Zipcar and Car2go, profitable and popular. • 70% of Millennials would drive less and choose alternative methods of transportation if they had the option.

Gas Prices


• After the bailout in 2008, gas prices dropped down to an average of $1.64 per gallon at one point, but they have gradually been building back up to an average of $4 per gallon.

Value Shifts

Cars don’t hold the same value as they did for previous generations. The rite of passage is no longer a car; it’s having a smartphone.

Online Research

However, when MCMs do decide to buy a car they do their homework. From social media to auto manufacturer’s sites, this generation of multiculturals will compare and contrast every detail online before ever setting foot on a car lot. “86% of Millennials use search engines, 87% visit the auto manufacturer’s website and 88% visit vehicle reference sites to compare features and prices before buying a car.” – Deloitte Research Study

“One of every three millennials who own or lease a car say they have a vehicle their parents bought or leased for them.” - Deloitte Research Study

Parental Role

MCMs value their parents’ opinion, especially when buying a car. Research has shown that many parents are financial providers for our MCMs from paying in full to paying the down payment.


Hyundai The quality and value of Nissan’s cars would already have our Millennials signing their autograph and driving out of the lot in a new Nissan if it weren’t for a few automotive antagonists. Let’s take a look at how these competitors are making their way onto our Millennial’s go-to playlists and blaring a tune right into their ears.

Honda Honda is trying to buddy-up to our Millennials with their current “Leap-List” campaign by shouting “Hey, we get you!” in their direction. Having been known as the brand of reliability, as well as being ranked second in total multicultural share and fourth in market share overall, they have some numbers to back up their shouts.


Chevy Chevy sings of Americana and historic pride, which as their current slogan states “Run’s Deep” with many American consumers, placing them fourth in multicultural share and third in market share overall. Their recent “Let’s Do It” campaign promoting the Chevy Sonic is making lots of noise powered by another American favorite, the cool factor.

Toyota Toyota may not exactly be a one-hit-wonder, but the Camry is definitely their album-art. Although first in both multicultural share and total market share, Toyota’s track record over the last few years has been tainted with recalls. Even so, consumers still drive the company’s success and brand favorability.

Kia While Kia has not historically been a top automotive competitor, they are currently strutting their stuff to our Millennials in a big way. Their rapping and dancing hamsters have given soul to their Soul and lifted Kia onto the charts. Their trendy cars are turning heads and grabbing the attention of our Millennials.

The sixth competitor in both multicultural and total market share is not one to ignore, despite data from recent years. Hyundai is making much progress in their transformation from a Honda-wannabe to a Honda-gonna-be. Similar to their sibling company Kia, they are showing they have flair and know how to use it.

Others Players

Volkswagen Volkswagen is another competitor making its way onto the scene and is aiming to be the catchy brand you have stuck in your head. From VW’s car guitars to treadmill-running dogs, their consistent style and wit defines their company and the hip nature of Volkswagen speaks to our Millennials.

These companies are trying their hardest to cut in and tango with our Millennials, and some of them are already dancing. Ford has geared model after model for our Millennials in recent years, and by talking to them in their own lingo, Millennials might begin to Focus. Scion is all about our Millennials, literally. Ever since parent company, Toyota, gave them their start in 2002, their entire purpose has been to reach Millennials. Mitsubishi has had way more downs than ups, but they are currently up and rightfully feeling good. Having received favor from the Millennial market, this up just might last a while.

. It may be a crowded automotive dance floor, but it’s not Nissan’s first night out. For close to 100 years, Nissan has built a reputation of authenticity and success.

Past 7



• Nissan has a history of firsts, including the world’s first all-electric, mass produced vehicle with zero emission and nationwide availability. • Nissan knows how to handle a crisis. They managed the two natural disasters in Japan and Thailand quickly and more efficiently than their other Japanese competitors, Toyota and Honda. • Nissan is on the move. Their February 2012 U.S. sales were up 15.5%. • Nissan is eco-friendly. In January 2012 they unveiled their solar-powered, hybrid cargo ship, the Nichioh Maru. • Nissan is a good corporate neighbor. In addition to diversity hiring practices, they’re committed to philanthropic causes such as, Habitat for Humanity, the Los Angeles Opera Company, and Friends of Chinese American Museum.

1932—Companies merged to create the birth of Datsun 1933—Nissan Motor Co., Ltd is established in Japan 1960—Nissan Motor Corporation in U.S.A. is established 9 1983—Worldwide marketing of vehicles using the Nissan name begins 1990—Nissan North America Inc is established in the U.S. • Nissan plans to launch 20 new vehicles over the next two years. 2002—Nissan Altima wins the “2002 North American Car of the Year” award 2010—The “Innovation for All” marketing platform is launched, the Nissan LEAF • By 2013, all official New York City taxis will be Nissan NV200s as part of the“Taxi for Tomorrow” plan. is introduced, and the City of St. Petersburg cargo ship is unveiled. • Nissan aims for a 10% total market share in the U.S. by 2015.


“Nissan is clearly winning in the marketplace, so now is the ideal time to be more vocal in telling our story and with increased frequency.” - David Reuter, Vice President, Corporate Communications, Nissan Americas

SWOT Analysis • Produces quality cars with affordable prices • Strong commitment to diversity • History of innovation, which includes being the first company to create an all-electric car • Not tainted with a large number of recalls




• Nissan has not clearly set itself apart from its competitors in brand identity or marketing efforts • Combination of “Shift the Way You Move” and “Innovation for All” marketing platforms can cause brand disconnect • The reduction of African American marketing efforts during the economic downturn resulted in loss of brand favorability and awareness in the African American market

• Increased competition for the MCM market share • Unstable economy causing target market to delay car purchases • High gas prices and environmental factors causing many to opt for alternative methods of transportation

Opportunities • Target market has large collective purchasing power • Auto market in the U.S. is on the upswing • New technology provides for many innovative possibilities • Targeted philanthropic efforts • Capitalizing on the “Green” movement


We at Buffalo Advertising acknowledged our geographic limitation in connecting with our urban MCMs. But living more than 350 miles from the nearest multicultural urban center didn’t stop us from getting the critical market understanding we needed. We pounded the pavement, cracked the books and secured in-depth interviews from some of the industry’s leading experts on the topic of MCM marketing.

What they said . . .

“Multiculturalism as a whole is rapidly becoming the general market. Rapidly, the minorities are geographically and sociologically becoming integrated into the market as a whole.” ~ Steve Brown, SVP, Director of Strategic Planning and Analytics, GlobalHue

“As African American Millennials do not have the same affinity with their racial identities as older age cohorts, they are drawn together to all other Millennials by their commonalities in passion points vs. race.” ~ Pepper Miller, President and founder of The Hunter-Miller Group, co-author of What’s Black About It

“It’s clear that the Millennial generation is much more comfortable with the multi-ethnic society of today than our older generations. It is more about who are your peers, than what is their race.” ~ Dr. Scott Keeter, Pew Research Center

“Parents want to know why the auto brand is good and practical for their child…For Asian Americans, family approval is key.” ~ Kelly McDonald, President of McDonald Marketing and author of How to Market to People Not Like You “It’s important to avoid stereotypes—transcend them really…Multicultural audiences are a new wave of younger folks who grew up without many of the ethnic distinctions that older generations did.” ~ Scott McAfee, Senior Vice President, ECD of Sanders\Wingo Mike shared with us the importance of reaching out to Hispanic Millennials using an acknowledgement of cultural identity, but yet in a subtle manner. Finding that larger “human truth” is more important than forcing a cultural stereotype in advertising messages. ~ Mike Cano, Director of Hispanic Media at Newspaper National Network

“Products should appeal to the Millennial generation’s desire to change the world, together. Companies must demonstrate their commitment to improving society and show a link between using their product or service and the causes that Millennials care deeply about.” ~ Morley Winograd, co-author of Millennial Momentum

“Millennials use their friends and the web to make most of their purchasing decisions.” ~ Amanda MacArthur, Managing Editor of Swipely

...What we heard

MCMs are color blind. They see themselves as part of the larger Millennial generation much more so than just the color of their skin. MCMs want to do business with brands that support causes they care about. MCMs listen to the recommendations of their friends and their online community. The role of the parents can’t be overlooked in the MCM car buying process.


Nielsen recently redefined the Millennial generation as “Generation Connected.” We couldn’t agree more. As Millennials, we did what we do best; connected with the Nissan brand and the MCM audience through online and on-site research. We conducted more than 500 surveys in 20 different key states. We listened to our MCMs in focus groups, street interviews and in their social media communities. We studied advertising, dealerships and the car buying process. Take a look:

Surveys, Focus Groups & Intercept Interviews All of our primary research confirmed the same thing: •MCMs perceived no clear brand distinction between Nissan and their closest competitors. •Their car, although important to them, doesn’t attract the “love” experienced by previous generations. •They value being connected with those that are important to them. •Value and gas efficiency are what they look for when purchasing a car. •They look to their parents and online research for car-buying advice.

Secret Shopping Team members toured and secret-shopped Nissan dealerships and competitors across the U.S. to examine consumer and salesman interactions, store layouts, promotional incentives and vehicle offerings.

Online Listening Team members conducted online “listening” studies through a tweet deck, following trending topics and seeing what MCMs were talking about. #gasprices – They are worried about gas prices and talking about new ways to get around. #zipcar – They are enjoying the Zipcar car-sharing concept, confirming how popular it is within urban areas. #foodtrucks – This market loves their urban food trucks. They are tweeting about the location of the closest trucks, what they ordered and even their dinner date plans.

Content Analysis Our creative department scoured MCM publications for every auto ad they could get their hands on. The in-depth analysis evaluated the Features, Attitudes and Benefits of each advertising message. The “F.A.B. Wall” helped us determine how the Nissan brand visually and thematically differentiates itself against our biggest competitors. This insight went directly into the creative strategy we’ve developed.


The MCM target market is complex and unique. They are proud of both their cultural heritage and of their role in the larger Millennial Generation. They may consume ethnic fare at home, but mainstream dishes at work; speak Spanish with their family but English with their friends. They are the epitome of the “Salad Bowl” culture; their goal is not to blend in, but to maintain their distinct “flavor.” And yet, there are some universal characteristics that unite this youthful generation: 10

• Staying connected to their friends and family is a priority. • They value their status on Facebook more than the status of owning a car. • They trust people over brands; 40% will not purchase a car without user generated content. • 90% use the internet. • 59% rate their cell phone as a necessity. • They see parents as a critical resource when making major purchasing decisions. • “They shun direct overtures aimed at appealing to their ethnic background and they tend to discard traditional cultural labels in favor of their own self-created monikers like ‘Mexipino,’ ‘Blaxican,’ or ‘China Latina.’”

“Like most characteristics, ethnicity is an important identifier, but the degree of its importance can be very situational/contextual. And sometimes people see themselves as more than one segment.” - Kimberly Paige, assistant VP-African American marketing group, Coca-Cola North America

Latino Americans


The Latino American Millennial brings a whole new level to the meaning of diversity. They come from different backgrounds and have their own stories. Some identify with being “Latino” while others prefer the term “Hispanic,” so throughout this plans book, these terms will be used interchangeably. The one thing that brings them all together, however, is their strong American pride. According to AdAge, they see themselves as 100% Hispanic and 100% American. They are powerful in size, in loyalty and in their demand for genuine acknowledgement. Latino Millennials demand that you understand them and what makes them tick. Here’s what you need to know: • 85% of Hispanic Millennials are online. • 90% of Latino Millennials own a cell phone, more so than any other Millennial group. • Many Hispanic Millennials don’t own computers and prefer to rely on their cell phones for internet access. • 88% of second generation Latinos and 94% of third generation Latinos are highly English fluent. • Hispanic Millennials are brand loyal and prefer “brands with benefits,” brands that support causes they care about. • Many Latino Millennials are living at home longer than past generations and could be collaborating with family members on large purchases. • A high value is placed on their family relationships.


African Americans


African American Millennials are passionate and powerful. They have style and they want everyone to know it. They are leaders in music, fashion, and buying and they lead the trends of our MCMs. They are serious about achieving success and they want to make a sincere difference in their communities. They reject the traditional definition of “Black” because it doesn’t define them. Yet, they embrace and value black media. Their cultural history has caused them to be sensitive to stereotypical attitudes and they desire to be seen as a part of society, rather than a separate group. To respect this desire, their unique cultural make-up must be known. • 91% of African American Millennials are online. • 88% of African American Millennials agree that companies making a sincere effort to be a part of their communities deserve their loyalty. • They prefer ethnic media for news and consume high levels of TV and internet content. • They often talk to others about things they have learned online or from watching online videos. • 61% of African American Millennials are likely to pay more for products or services that are better for the environment than those that are not. • Before making a purchase, trial and product sampling is important to African American Millennials.

“Most Millennials are multicultural in the truest sense of the word, meaning that they have access to, and can exhibit, more than one distinct cultural sensibility.” – The Futures Company

Chinese Americans


Chinese American Millennials are master blendistas, creating their own niche culture of American and Asian. They know what is trending and innovate it to match their own unique styles. They are the technological tycoons, knowing what the latest and greatest is, and owning it first. They know which brands they like and will go out of their way to get them. They value success, wanting to reach a new level and push themselves to be better. (Chinese data is provided, when available, otherwise the broader Asian segment data is used.)

• Third generational Asian Americans connect with English-language advertisements. • Asian American Millennials actively seek out their favorite brands. • When it comes to the latest technological developments they are the trendsetters. • The internet greatly impacts how they consume media, making traditional television less of a source of information. • Asian American Millennials value the pursuit of adventure and success. • They want to see themselves portrayed as diverse and having “street cred” rather than as “super-nerds.” • Asian American Millennials can be reached through “exciting concert events, blogs, celebrity endorsements, and online techniques.”


No doubt, our MCMs are unique in their media consumption and cultural perspectives, but the larger experiences that punctuate this time in their lives serve to bond them together; making their similarities stronger than their differences. Regardless of their ethnicity, Millennials are in a huge time of transition. They are shifting into new roles and responsibilities. They are shifting between the culture at work and the culture at home. They are shifting between speaking Spanish with family, English with colleagues and Spanglish with friends. For these compelling reasons, we have named them Shifters; a generation that is always in motion and changing gears.

1 st Gear 14

These Shifters are moving out and starting on their own. Whether they are part of the 40% that are attending college or those that are starting a full-time job, this is the first big shift in their lives. They are getting behind the wheel and in charge of their future. They want a car that’s easy on the pocketbook.

2 nd Gear

These Shifters are taking it to the next level by graduating from college, and exploring careers or additional responsibilities in the work environment. They spend a lot of time with their friends and want a car with lots of room and good gas mileage.

3 rd Gear

These Shifters have their foot on the accelerator and are getting up to speed with the fast track of their chosen profession. They’re finally bringing home a solid salary and making high-end purchases. They want a car with style that says, “I’ve made it.”


4 th Gear

Several years on the open road and these Shifters are ready to merge into married life. With their career in place and finances in order, they’re settling into the cruise control leg of the journey. They’re likely to consider higher-end vehicles that their two-income lifestyle now affords them.

5 th Gear

These Shifters are buckling up for the unexpected ride of parenthood. They’re geared up for the additional responsibility of kids, but not willing to relinquish their signature style, music and independent spirit. They want a car with great safety and entertainment options.


Kicking it in reverse. This group of MCMs are steering themselves back to their parent’s driveway. The Pew Research Center indicates that more than 20% of this boomerang generation is moving back in with their parents. Whether it’s because of the economy, finances, or cultural beliefs, this group has no qualms about co-existing with their parents, especially when it puts some green back in their wallet.

TARGET MARKET SEGMENTATION When we accepted this challenge, we knew that the success of the entire campaign rested upon how we chose to address the multicultural component of our target market. After much deliberation, we were convinced that the only authentic way to connect with our Shifters was on their own terms, which meant that just like the Shifters themselves, our campaign had to move with them. It had to address their mainstream characteristics as well as their cultural preferences.

“Millennials live in a much more cohesive environment and they don’t want to be singled out as a specific ethnicity. We must acknowledge they are united by some of the values they uphold.” - Jason Crain, Account Manager, Google. Inc.

This campaign takes into consideration this new social order; the new Millennial generation that has grown up around the notion that they are united by a shared experience, and defined more by consumer and popular culture than by a singular demographic box. That is the Shifter truth that our campaign is built around. And that is why we have segmented this audience into the following target groups. Mainstream Shifters Segment: The bulk of our creative focuses on those shared similarities and takes advantage of effective media reach.

“While young multiculturals have different cultural influences and are often separated by distance, the sharing culture of today’s youth brings them together. They take inspiration from a broad variety of sources, from music to personal experiences. They take cues from each other’s culture and adapt them and modify them to fit their own.” -

“[Inclusion is] not ethnic or racial, but cultural values, fashion points or brands. Multiculturalism in the Millennial context has to be about what is driving consumer culture and popular culture much more than what my cultural references are because I’m of a certain ethnic origin, it runs deeper than that.” - Harjot Singh, Executive Strategy Partner, McCann New York

Tailored Ethnic Segments: Our creative has legs. It is easily tailored to the cultural and linguistic differences required by the niche media buys to follow. Parents: Because of the role parents play in the car buying process, a small portion of our campaign will speak to them directly.




Nissan asked us to maintain the Innovation theme and build awareness, favorability and market share among 18 to 29-year-old Multicultural Millennials. After thoughtful research, Buffalo Advertising has developed the following strategy to successfully accomplish this.


For purposes of benchmarking and ROI, we established the following measurable objectives: • Increase brand awareness by 35% • Increase favorability by 25% • Increase multicultural share by 20%

Featured Car Models

When it comes to Shifters, one size definitely does not fit all. So, the specific Nissan models featured in this campaign have been selected with an acknowledgement of current market trends and unique ethnic preferences. The campaign will highlight the Altima, Versa, Rogue, Sentra, cube, and Juke. Note: It was determined that the Leaf (although it is arguably Nissan’s most innovative vehicle) would not be a featured vehicle because the price point and charging station requirements do not fit well with our Shifter segment. The Pathfinder, although a Nissan core vehicle, will not be featured in this campaign due to the $30,000 price tag.

Our campaign creative addresses the larger generational characteristics with which most of our Shifters identify. Therefore, the creative is intentionally broad. It genuinely connects with Shifters regardless of their culture or ethnicity. It connects with what we call their Passion Points.

Passion Points

Primary and secondary research helped us identify the following Passion Points--those key touch points that authentically resonate with our Shifters. 1. Music/Dance 2. Fashion/Style 3. Food/Entertainment 4. Art/Self-Expression 5. Sports/Activities 6. Photography/Film 7. Cause Marketing Throughout the creative executions, colored “Passion Lights” will represent each of the seven Passion Points. This will reinforce the diversity of our Shifters, as well as establish a color palette to be shown with each featured vehicle.


Call To Action

All creative will encourage Shifters to engage with the Nissan brand through interactive mobile apps, consumer generated content and philanthropic opportunities. The ultimate call to action of all creative is to drive Shifters to submit online purchase applications that lead to dealership follow-up and sales initiatives.

Tagline: Life Innovated

The more we learned about the Nissan brand, the more we were convinced that the singular theme of innovation was, in fact, the most authentic and relevant message to be used for all platforms. Innovation describes Nissan’s identity and its vehicles. Innovation defines our Shifters and their very being. Innovation maintains existing Nissan brand positioning and helps to create an identifiable brand distinction in the marketplace.


As a rule, Shifters trust people more than brands. That’s why we selected the following people – real, authentic, innovative Millennials – to be the centerpiece of our campaign. They embody the previously mentioned Passion Points; they represent the innovation inherent with the Nissan brand; and they’re all Shifters that have improved the world and their community in some way.

• Maqui Gaona – This 19-year-old Hispanic filmmaker represents the Sentra and connects with all those budding artists that wont sacrifice image for their indie budget.

• Chicharito – This internationally-loved Hispanic soccer player represents the passion and performance of the “sure-footed” Juke.

• Jessica Matthews – This Harvard graduate invented sOccket, a soccer ball which harnesses the energy of each kick to create usable electrical power in third world countries. She’ll represent the innovative and efficient qualities of the Versa, as well as Nissan’s commitment to make the world a better place.

• Adrian Wu – This Asian American fashion designer’s sleek style connects with the fashion-forward lines of the Altima Coupe.

• Chef Roblé – This “Hip Hop Chef” is known for overcoming epic food challenges and connects to the epic size and style of the Rogue.

•We are Heroes – This rising all-female multicultural dance group previously won America’s Best Dance Crew. They will be featured in the Anthem Spot; they connect with motion and represent diversity.


Music transcends all cultural and ethnic ties and serves as the lyrical overlay that defines our Shifters. We’ve strategically selected emerging artists that not everyone’s heard of yet. Our Shifters like discovering their own music and our budget likes the cheaper promotional fees. Campaign musical artists will be:

• The Wanted -This “global boy band” combines pop, rock, and indie with a Spanish flare. Their hit “Glad You Came” will set the stage for the campaign Anthem Spot.

• Stinkfish – The self-expressive designs of this Latino street artist connect with the funky customization of the cube.

• Chiddy Bang - This life-affirming hip-hop duo brings energy and urban authenticity to the campaign soundtrack and connects well with all ethnicities. They are expected to be a breakout band in 2013. • Jazmin Sisters - These Chinese American divas are on the rise with their jazz, hip-hop, and R&B renditions. • DJ Sensation - No multicultural campaign would be complete without a nod to the urban dance scene. This Latin DJ will keep the beat pumpin’ with our Shifters.



Set to the ethnic beat of The Wanted’s “Glad You Came,” this :60 anthem image spot features all of the Innovators and creates the tone for the entire campaign. The colored Passion Lights provide visual continuity and represent the innovation of both the Shifters featured in the spot and the Nissan brand. The light takes us from one Innovator to the next, changing colors for each.

The opening scene establishes the theme of innovation as the totally re-engineered Nissan cargo ship pulls into harbor. Slow-mo effect and on-screen animation illustrates the ship’s sleek and unexpected aerodynamic profile.

The camera moves to reveal the “We Are Heroes” girl group dancing on the dock. A similar slow-mo effect and on-screen animation zooms in on the aerodynamic moves of one of the dancers. The Versa and Sentra are featured in the background. On-screen graphics read: Movement Innovated. The PURPLE Passion Light emits from the dancer’s purple sequined outfit and moves us to the next scene . . .

A PINK Passion Light follows the cube to Chef Roblé stepping out of a Nissan food truck wearing a bright PINK tie which becomes illuminated upon contact with the PINK Passion Light. A close-up reveals an epic stack of grilled cheese sandwiches he passes to his catering crew in the Rogue. The ORANGE Passion Light pops out of the sandwiches as . . .


. . . camera follows the light stream through the front seat of the Rouge to reveal the entertainment system, spacious components and the ORANGE mood lighting. On-screen graphics read: Entertainment Innovated.

. . . which features a white Altima Coupe driving down a fashion runway. Once the Passion Light reaches the car, the Altima turns a brilliant PURPLE and is illuminated by the flashes of the fashion photogs’ cameras.

Backstage, fashion designer Adrian Wu places a large RED bow on the next model before sending her down the runway. The RED bow emits a RED Passion Light which moves us to the next scene On-screen graphics read: Style Innovated...

We cut back to the soccer ball now being trailed by the ORANGE Passion Light and landing in front of inventor Jessica Matthews jogging with a group of people.

Matthews bends over, picks up the ball, and plugs an electrical cord into the ball. Immediately BLUE Passion Lights start erupting from the ball, taking us to the next scene . . .

. . and flows into the RED line on Chicharito’s soccer cleat as he executes a step over move indicative of his innovative athleticism. Slow-mo effect and on-screen animation captures the moment of impact as he kicks the soccer ball out of the screen and the GREEN Passion Light shoots out from the blades of grass. On-screen graphics read: Performance Innovated.

We follow the soccer ball trailed by the GREEN Passion Light into the next scene where it lands right in front of the oncoming Juke. The Juke swerves to miss the ball and we follow the Juke into the next scene . . .

. . . Where the GREEN Passion Light hits the GREEN paint-splattered shoes of street artist, Stinkfish. Camera tilts up to reveal he is stenciling a hot PINK cube.

Upon completion he literally “opens the door” and drives the car off of the brick wall. On-screen graphics read: Design Innovated.

. . . where all the previously seen Innovators are converging at a large outdoor festival. Passion Lights swirl and pulse to the beat of the music. On screen graphic reads: Energy Innovated.

Zoom out to reveal Millennial director Maqui Gaona sitting in a film jib directing the scene and talking into walkie talkie. Her YELLOW Passion Light shoots out from the walkie talkie. On screen graphic reads: Image Innovated.

Camera continues to zoom out from festival to reveal the entire scene is being shot on an iPad . . .

Extreme zoom out continues to reveal the entire festival, then the entire earth revolving inside the Nissan logo; Passion Lights pulsing in all directions. On-screen graphics read: Life Innovated. VO: “Nissan. Life Yeah, we’re glad you came.”


All creative maintains the campaign continuity established in the Anthem TV Spot and uses QR codes and digital platforms for enhanced interactivity.

Print Copy reads: Gauge Your Innovation Think your life is innovated? Find out. Scan the QR code to take the Life Innovated quiz. See which Nissan vehicle fits your style and connect with the young Innovator behind the wheel. Who knows, you may even win free gas, Nissan accessories or even a tricked-out Nissan ride. Copy detail features Nissan’s fuel efficiency, one of the most important features to our market.

Direct Mail


According to Nielsen, 92% of store choices by Millennials are affected by direct mail - and especially so when they activate the augmented reality on this piece and view the actual car that they previously customized in a digital environment. Direct mail will drive Shifters to the local dealerships in key DMAs to add their design to the Innovation Station kiosk described later. The designer with the most votes will drive home a free Nissan, but not before driving their friends to the dealership - the only place they can vote on the winning design. This tactic increases engagement with the brand and drives point-of-purchase traffic. (Similar direct mail creative will be used to connect with the Parent segment.)

Tablet All print ads go interactive in the digital magazine platform popular with our market. Users will click on the ads to activate a 360° view of the car featured in the ad and interact with the featured Innovators as described below. Chef Roblé & The Rogue “Rogue Rage” Gamers will love the interactivity of this experience which lets them “steer” their Rogue through crowded city streets by tilting their tablet. The goal? Get Chef Roblé to his catering destination on time and rack up Fuel Gauge points, to be explained later, for Nissan swag along the way!

Stinkfish & The cube “Stencil Your Style” This concept will go viral as users connect with their Facebook profile and select photos to receive a custom Stinkfish stencil treatment. They’ll use the street art designs to customize their cube, earning Fuel Gauge points for sharing on social media sites and for every “like” their design receives.

Adrian Wu & the Altima Coupe “Photo Shoot” It’s time for their closeup as Shifters use Wu-inspired fabrics and accessories to design their custom Altima. They’ll move the tablet to “drive” their creation down the runway and actually get to go “backstage” to view the paparazzi photos of their catwalk Coupe. By posting their creation online, they’ll earn Fuel Gauge points and share the Nissan brand story with their online community.


Banner & Wrap Around

According to The Rise of the Global Nomad, our Shifters spend 15 hours a day online or using digital media. Whether it’s with their favorite website or online music station, they’ll engage with the Nissan branded creative in unexpected and memorable ways.

Video Banner Ads

Video banner ads will harness the power of online search behavior to tailor the video content to the user’s actual online activity profile. If a user’s online preference skews to dance and pop music, their video will feature the Jazmin Sisters. If their tastes run more urban hip-hop, it will feature Chef Roblé. Either way, the video they see will invite them to engage with one of the Innovators, and ultimately the Nissan brand.

Online Radio According to Target Spot, internet radio users are two times more likely to remember an ad than normal internet users. And, they’ll definitely remember the Life Innovated “ads” which will sound more like a personal invitation. The listener will hear the voice of the Innovator that most connects with the style of music they are currently listening to, inviting them to check out their custom station. For example, the listener might hear the voice of emerging Hispanic filmmaker, Maqui Goana say: “Hey there. I’m Maqui Goana. I make films. I also make a great Pandora station. Click here to check it out and see some of my work.” Once the link is accessed, the user will be able to interact with all of the Nissan branded engagement opportunities while listening to Goana’s Hispanic-inspired “Image Innovated” station.

These executions play up the “Plug In-novate” concept that will be introduced on the campaign website. When a website, like Yahoo, is opened, the entire site will be grayed back with only the two Nissan banner ads fully illuminated. The upper position holds the Nissan logo with an extended electrical cord. The lower position houses the socket and the copy “Plug In-novate.” When the user clicks on the outlet, the cord plugs into the socket which illuminates the entire website and sends radiating Nissan Passion Lights across the site. Copy reads: “Click on your favorite colored light to find out who else shares your passion.” Let’s say the user clicks on the red Passion Light, they’ll be taken to Adrian Wu’s red branded website content with opportunities to learn more about design, the Nissan brand and chances to win promotional swag.

Interstitials In a similar fashion, interstitial videos will feature quick clips from the Anthem TV Spot, tailored to the content the user is about to view. Copy will encourage users to click to find out the “rest of the story” and win chances for free gas, accessories or even a Nissan car. That’s the kind of incentive that will have our Shifters opting into the campaign website and the Nissan brand.



All Latino creative will feature the Hispanic Innovators previously introduced. All content is designed with a strong mobile component to allow for the interaction favored by this audience. All executions will run in both English and In-Language platforms and feature vehicles that are reflective of the Innovator and likely to do well with this market.

Mobile Activation

Image Innovated: This ad features Shifter director Maqui Gaona and the Nissan Sentra. The QR code connects with the user’s mobile video component and allows for custom video editing and a director’s tour of her recent location scouting from behind the wheel of the Sentra. Design Innovated: This ad features graffiti artist Stinkfish and the equally inventive Nissan cube. His QR code allows users to trick out their mobile photos with his custom stencils and go behind the scenes to watch him create his latest masterpiece, a custom-painted cube to be given away during the course of the campaign.



Set to the Latin rhythm of D.J. Sensation, this :30 TV spot features urban street artist Stinkfish and highlights the funky custom vibe of the Nissan cube. The spot opens as Stinkfish uses graffiti stencils and bright paint to create a colorful Nissan cube on a brick wall. Stinkfish brings his innovation to life when upon completing his design, he literally steps into the street art and drives off in the Nissan cube which has come to life. Translated Tagline: Nissan cube. Masterpiece design at a spray paint budget. Life Innovated. Design Innovated


In-language copy reads: Like Chicharito, the Juke is anything but a “Little Pea.” When you’re the top performer, you give it one hundred and ten percent. Whether you’re scoring the game-winning goal or making it to work on time, the Juke has everything you need to bring home the gold! Let the game begin. Scan the QR code and see how it feels to take on a true competitor. Defend your goal against Chicharito from behind the wheel of the agile Juke. Post your score to for chances to win free gas, Nissan accessories, and maybe even your own Chicharito-inspired Juke!

According to Arbitron, 96% of Latino adults listen to terrestrial radio. All Hispanic creative will be voiced by the Latino Innovators and run on Spanish-Language radio to connect with our Shifters, as well as reach their parents.



Chinese American Millennials mix traditional family customs with their own individuality. These executions will harness their uniqueness in style and technology and show them Nissan is the brand that keeps up with both.

Print Copy Reads:

life innovated. style innovated.

Contoured bucket seats for a hand-tailored fit.

Silky suspension that keeps you strutting.

Making a splash on the style scene is nothing new. From its sleek and sexy exterior to its plush and inviting innerlines, the Altima Coupe is fashion forward in every way.

Set to the techno beat of the Jazmin Sisters, this :30 TV/online spot emphasizes the strong style lines and color palette of the Nissan Altima Coupe. Rows of Altima headlights illuminate the runway as Shifter designer, Adrian Wu’s models take the stage. The color of the cars change to match the color of each model’s outfit. The spot ends as Wu drives the final “model,” a red Altima Coupe onto the runway to a shower of photo flashes and audience applause. Tagline: The Altima Coupe. Haute Couture style for the Indie Lifestyle. Life Innovated. Style Innovated.

270 horsepower of velvety responsiveness.

Tagline: The Altima Coupe. Haute Couture style for the Indie lifestyle. Life Innovated. Style Innovated.

Adrian Wu Style Innovator

Making a splash on the style scene is nothing new. From its sleek and sexy exterior to its plush and inviting inner lines, the Altima Coupe is fashion forward in every way.

The Altima Coupe. Haute Couture style for the Indie lifestyle. Scan the QR code to start your own style engine. The better your design, the more chances to win free gas, Nissan accessories, discounts and maybe even an Adrian Wu inspired Altima.

Whether scanning the QR code on the print version or interacting with the ad on a tablet platform, users will increase brand favorability when they create their own “style” of Altima, “walk” their coupe down the runway and access online photos of their custom design.

Digital Board

Extending from Adrian Wu’s sleek style and innovation, this Digital Board, located in high traffic areas, relies on an optical lens and a moving Nissan Altima Coupe to target and follow the closest individual and transform the car’s color according to the individuals clothing. Building brand awareness and tailored to the Shifters, this strategically placed wall will especially relate to Chinese Americans and their passion for the sleek and stylish and include an option to pose with one of the Innovators or the car itself. Scanning the QR code that appears will link them to the Life Innovated website to get their picture.



African American Shifters will, of course, be exposed to all of the MCM .creative, but because they particularly connect with advertising that prominently depicts the African American culture, ads placed in ethnic niche mediums will feature the two African American innovators; Chef Roblé and Jessica Matthews.


Print Copy Reads: You’re the life of the party. Everyone knows you as the go-to for entertainment. Invite all your friends, there’s plenty of room. Then set the mood lighting and crank the music.

This TV spot highlights the larger-than life hip-hop personality of Chef Roblé and the epic size of the Nissan Rogue. The spot opens in the back of the Nissan food truck and ends as Roblé’s catering crew fills up the Rogue with his celebrity banquet feast. Tagline: The Nissan Rogue. Life Innovated. Entertainment Innovated.

Tagline: The Nissan Rogue. Life Innovated. Entertainment Innovated. QR code activates an interactive driving game.

Copy Reads: Being the technological leader in innovation is tiring. But with a fuel economy vamped up by technology and battery-drawing power steering, you can be ahead of the curve at every turn. Tagline: The Nissan Versa. Life Innovated. Energy Innovated. QR code activates a location based tracker that will show the nearest Digital Wall.


Interactive Urban Shelter Shifters love music, dance and making the world a better place. They’ll get to do all three at this interactive urban shelter, which will be located in high traffic areas and is inspired by Matthew’s sOccket invention. Participants select a dance song and the competition begins. The faster they dance, the more kinetic power is absorbed by the energy mat and the faster their Passion Light blazes to the top. A Nissan branded video of their dance moves can be retrieved via the campaign website and shared on all social media platforms. The energy created by their dancing powers the free charging stations at the shelter. At the end of the day, all excess power is diverted to an energy-deficient area in the local community. This engagement strategy increases brand favorability while generating plenty of PR buzz.


According to Pew Research, 72% of 18-29 year olds use social networking websites. And when they do, the Nissan Life Innovated campaign will be waiting for them with opportunities for self expression and content creation.


A campaign specific Life Innovated YouTube channel will serve as the hub for branded campaign content, as well as user generated submissions. Viewers will access the channel for behind-the-scenes footage of the lives of the campaign Innovators, selected musical artists and consumer generated video submissions.

Facebook &Twitter Shifters want to interact with people, not companies, so that’s why our Innovators and musical artists will populate the campaign’s Facebook, and Twitter feeds. All posts will be tied to campaign events, contests and, of course, Nissan vehicles.

Flickr & Instagram

Other popular social media sites for creative Shifters are the photo sharing apps Flickr and Instagram. The branded Life Innovated site will feature photos from all campaign events, as well as offer incentives for Flickr users to post their most innovative photo submissions.

Nissan Fuel Gauge Viral Strategy This incentive-based strategy drives Shifters to the campaign website where they’ll receive instructions on how to fill up their Nissan Fuel Tank to win free gas, Nissan accessories or a Nissan vehicle. Users earn Fuel Points in three different ways: Sharing Nissan content on their social media sites = quarter tank Attending a campaign event or visiting a Nissan dealership = half tank Completing an online finance application = full tank This strategy increases brand awareness, favorability and leads to actual vehicle purchases.

Mobile App The Life Innovated app puts all of our print executions into overdrive with exciting gaming and customization options. The app allows for the following functionality. • Parking Innovated – Brand favorability kicks into high gear when Shifters use this GPS feature to help find parking spots in busy urban areas. • Fuel Innovated – This feature locates the closest gas station where Shifters will find the cleanest and most efficient fuel. • Image Innovated – This feature allows users to customize their photos with branded Passion Lights and graffiti stencils then post to their favorite social media site. • Food Innovated – Shifters can find the location of the closest food trucks or trendiest ethnic foods with this feature. • Design Innovated – This mapping feature shows the location of all Nissan graffiti art installations, and tells where to find the coolest urban street art in each DMA. • Music Innovated – This feature lets users download songs from the campaign musicians and locate the trendiest bands in their city. • Performance Innovated – Users will use this feature to see where their favorite sports team will be heating up the field. • Style Innovated - This feature lets users sniff out the coolest vintage stores and places to find emerging designer ware. • Energy Innovated - This feature literally turns the user’s phone into a pedometer, tracking steps and racking up online Fuel Gauge points for Nissan swag. • Movement Innovated - This feature lets Shifters access all campaign vehicle programs (The ClickTrip car share, the Sunday Spin and the application for purchase, explained later).


This interactive microsite is the hub of this 360 campaign. All creative draws users to this location to further engage with the featured Innovators, the Nissan vehicles and all campaign promotions. English l Español l 日本語

Life Innovated


Gauge Your Innovation The focal point of the website is the Nissan Fuel Gauge which activates an online quiz that matches the user with the Innovator and the vehicle that most fits their personality. This is where users will also track and redeem their Fuel Gauge points. Plug In-novate

Engagement begins immediately. When users access the site the screen is dark with the exception of the Nissan logo and instructions to Plug In-novate. Upon clicking the plug, the entire screen fills with light, color, and the animated images pictured on this page. All hot spots are activated with the roll of a mouse. Users can choose to view the website in English, Spanish or Mandarin Chinese. Light Up a Cause Shifters who use the energy pedometer featured on the Nissan mobile app will go here to literally see how their every movement lights up someone else’s world through the sOccket energy ball. If they have visited one of the Nissan interactive urban shelters, they’ll also be able to access their video here and share it online to earn Fuel Gauge points. Local Engagement Clicking on the Nissan food truck shows where the trucks are located around the U.S. and when one will be coming to their city. Clicking on the Nissan Trivia Taxi, explained later, shows where it will be stopping next and gives access to videos from previous trips. Social Media Users will link directly to the campaign Facebook, Twitter and YouTube sites where they’ll interact with the campaign Innovators and upload user generated content.

Consumer Reviews/Innovator Endorsements According to MediaPost, 40% of Millennials will not purchase a vehicle without consumer reviews, so each vehicle image links directly to online consumer reviews, as well as to the Facebook page tied to each vehicle. The campaign YouTube channel, also accessible here, features behind-the-scenes videos of our Innovators and how they integrate their vehicles into their individual lifestyles.

Event Marketing Project Innovation, the campaign’s event marketing arm explained later, will be featured here. Users will be able to follow the festival tour, download featured songs and upload their own videos for a chance to perform at one of the Project Innovation venues. Cause Marketing As explained later, this campaign will partner with the cause brand Project 7, makers of “products for good.” Project 7 water, mints and coffee give back to seven areas of need around the globe and resonates well with our Shifters’ interest in social causes. Throughout the campaign, Shifters will earn Fuel Gauge points every time they check in at any type of charitable event; be it their local Food Bank, a Habitat for Humanity project or anywhere Project 7 is sold. Application for Innovation Hovering over this Nissan logo connects users with their local dealership and encourages them to complete a vehicle purchase application to see what Nissan best fits their preference and price range. This link also connects them with information about the Nissan ClickTrip and Sunday Spin program explained later.



Shifters will engage with the Nissan brand in a festival environment when the Project Innovation lifestyle event comes to a top DMA near them. This concert-based event’s strong philanthropic component will increase brand favorability and position Nissan as the Shifter’s “brand with a benefit.”

Local Connection

Throughout the campaign, young innovators from across the nation will be vying for the chance to appear on one of the event stages. The headline performers will be determined by the number of online votes each participant receives. Highlighting local talent will connect with the indie spirit of our Shifters and ensure plenty of local media coverage.

Social Connection

Although the main stages will be reserved for the musical Innovators previously mentioned, all campaign personalities will tie-in to this event on a philanthropic level. Stinkfish will create a custom mural that will be donated to a local charity; Jessica Matthews will provide sOccket devices to community groups that could benefit from the free electricity it provides; Chicharito will lead a soccer clinic for select after-school programs; Maqui Gaona will teach inner-city youth how to use a smartphone to create short films; Adrian Wu will show how to create one-of-a-kind fashions from recycled materials; and Chef Roblé will judge the local food truck cook-off with all proceeds going to the local food bank. Other concerts leave a mess to clean up. Project Innovation will leave behind an authentic connection to the local Shifter communities and the causes they care about. Nissan JUKE $19.990 266-hp

Nissan Car Connection

This event connects goodwill with good business and allows Shifters to discover for themselves just how innovative the Nissan brand is. The six featured Nissan vehicles at the event will be equipped with interactive digital glass that transforms the surface into a holographic display. Users will engage with the interactive campaign content, all while building brand favorability and vehicle preference. The Nissan food trucks and urban taxis will be in use and on display vending festival fare and providing all concert transportation.

Online Connection This event will create a powerful connection with our target audience – a connection we don’t want to lose. So at each event, participants will receive a “License to Innovate” card that will keep them plugged into the campaign. The cards will be scanned at each tent, building up Fuel Gauge points at each stop. Online activation of the card is required to check the points tally and redeem for prizes. This tactic increases brand engagement and builds a valuable database of primed consumers.


Liscense To Innovate



Shifters prefer to do business with companies that give back to their community and their world. As referenced on the website, this campaign will partner with the hot Millennial “brand with a benefit” Project 7. Created for the purpose of being a catalyst for change in a consumer centric culture, a portion of every Project 7 purchase goes directly to seven specific social causes.

GUERRILLA TACTICS Since most of our Shifters live in highly-populated urban areas, the use of guerrilla tactics is not only memorable, but effective, as well. The following executions use a light-hearted approach that increases brand awareness and favorability, as well as social buzz and media coverage.

Art Installations Is seeing a customized car bust through a brick wall on your way to work normal? We think not. Our Shifters will experience the innovative art of Stinkfish on their route home in places they would never expect. With street art installations featuring Nissan vehicles on the sides of buildings and on sidewalks, our Shifters will never forget the Nissan brand.

The Project 7 brand will be integrated into the event marketing and incentive-based strategy. Participants will rack up Fuel Gauge points every time they purchase a Project 7 product or engage in a charitable event in their local community. Project 7 water will be given out at all Project Innovation events and available at each Nissan food truck. This campaign will continue to emphasize Nissan’s active support of Habitat for Humanity by featuring this non-profit at all events and awarding Fuel Gauge points for volunteering for Habitat-specific projects.

Bathroom Stall Wraps

The Nissan experience won’t stop for our Shifters once they’re out of the car. In key market locations, they’ll experience the amenity-laden interior of a Nissan car from the inside of a bathroom stall. Copy reads: This rest stop brought to you by the Nissan Altima. Style Innovated. For those extended stays, QR codes encourage users to find out which Nissan best fits their personality and lets them download a song from the featured artists.

Nissan’s Trivia Taxi Whistle for a taxi. Hop in a Nissan taxicab. This fun-filled tactic takes its inspiration from “Cash Cab” and gives unsuspecting riders the chance to win Nissan swag for answering questions about the Nissan brand and innovative vehicles. At the end of the ride, they’ll leave with a Nissan License to Innovate and a buzz-worthy experience they’ll be sure to post about. To really push the social sharing needle, select Innovators will actually be driving the taxis in key locations. Imagine the buzz when Chicharito asks, “A dónde vas?”




Our Shifters love to try before they buy, so we’re letting them do exactly that. Capitalizing on the popularity of the urban car sharing concept, this campaign will introduce Nissan ClickTrip lots in key DMAs and close to multicultural college campuses. Shifters who don’t own cars will be able to rent a Sentra or a Versa by the hour. It’s great for those quick trips in the city, and great for getting our consumers behind the wheel. And, it’s easy. From completing the rental application to receiving the door-lock code, the entire transaction will be conducted from their smartphone. This is a key consumer trial strategy that will lead to increased purchase behavior.


According to Nielsen, Shifters watch an average of 240 hours of TV a month, especially cable programming, reality series and live events. However, much of their TV viewing is done in a “time-shifted” environment; either DVRd or viewed online after the original airing date. That’s why it’s so important to make the Nissan brand a part of the program content, not just a commercial that can be skipped. We’re recommending a robust brand integration strategy in the programs that are sure to connect with each Shifter segment.

BET College Tour Series The Black College Tour remains the largest event of its kind targeting historically Black Colleges and Universities. It provides relevant, engaging and meaningful outreach to minority students. All vehicles featured in the tour of the colleges and universities will be Nissan models. The campaign’s African American Innovators will engage with audiences and keep the Nissan brand front and center at these important college stops.

106 & Park


106 & Park is the number one video countdown show on the BET network. Because Hip-Hop and R&B are popular with our Shifters, this show has high ratings in all ethnic segments. Hosted by Terrence J and Rocsi, this show keeps today's music lovers up to date with the hottest urban artists. The live nature of this show allows for unlimited options to integrate the Nissan vehicles, as well as the campaign’s musical groups, into the program content.

Project Runway

Project Runway is another reality show, popular with our male and female demo. And, it just happens to be the perfect setting to feature our campaign’s designer, Adrian Wu, challenging the competing contestants to create an outfit using all recycled materials inspired by Nissan vehicles.

America’s Best Dance Crew ABDC is MTV’s competitive dance reality series that features street dance crews from across the U.S. and around the world. The show’s host Mario Lopez, and judges, Lil Mama, JC Chasez, “D-Trix” Sandoval and Shane Sparks, all connect with our Shifters. This show ranks extremely high with our Shifters and is the perfect format to integrate the campaign’s We Are Heroes dance crew. Who knows, the week’s dance challenge may be to choreograph a number that incorporates the Nissan Altima Coupe and uses a Chiddy Bang song for inspiration.

Chef Roble & Co.

A natural integration opportunity exists with Chef Roblé’s reality series on the Bravo cable network. From filling up the back of the Rouge with his latest catering challenge, to featuring the Nissan food trucks in a street vendor challenge, the Nissan brand will be served up with style in this popular Millennial program.

P.O.P. TACTICS As Shifters ourselves, we loved the trendy coffee bars and updated amenities in many of the Nissan showrooms. We’ve created the following initiatives to extend those in-store experiences and increase dealership traffic.

Sunday Spin Many Shifters we interviewed said they could only get to the car lot on Sundays, when some dealerships are closed. Many other Shifters said they’d like to shop for a car without the help of a salesperson. The Nissan Sunday Spin is the innovative answer to both of these requests. Here’s how it works: After filling out the online application, Shifters will be sent an activation code that will unlock and start the car they’ll be test-driving. This strategy dramatically increases brand favorability and leads to increased purchase behavior. This test-drive program will be available in select DMAs.

Tag Your Nissan Shifters love customization, and that’s what they’ll get at select dealerships hosting the “Tag Your Nissan” event. This promotion will invite Shifters to get their ride “tagged” by stencil artist, Stinkfish. The event goes viral as Shifters post pics to the campaign website and earn Fuel Gauge points for every “like” they receive. This tactic creates brand affinity and online consumer endorsement.

Innovation Station Shifters’ imagination will go from 0 to 60 when they interact with the showroom Innovation Station. This interactive display provides the most intuitive user experience possible and features smart-glass technology. Users will discover the Nissan vehicle that fits both their personality and their pocketbook. This in-store tactic encourages Shifters to create a profile on the campaign website and start filling up their Fuel Gauge by completing a vehicle purchase application.



The following calendar outlines the year-round engagement opportunities for Shifters to increase brand favorability and trips to their local dealership.



Website Mobile App Facebook, Twitter, Flickr YouTube



LIFESTYLE EVENT Project Innovation Art Installations Innovation Taxi Bathroom Wraps Innovation Station Tag Your Nissan Sunday Spin ClickTrip


BET College Tour 106 & Park Chef Roble & Co. America’s Best Dance Crew Project Runway










JAN. ‘14



media Objectives




• Achieve marketing goals with a $70.1 million media budget • Gain an effective reach of 76.4% with an effective frequency of 7.0 • Launch a one-year campaign from April 2013-March 2014

Hispanics 18%


Shifters 57.5%

Parents 5%

Media Budget





Asian Americans 7.5% African Americans 12%











DC Raleigh





• We developed an integrated media strategy using a mix of traditional, digital, and out-of-home media to reach the Shifters between 18-29 years old. • We’ve established the most cost-effective reach by using spot buys in cities with the highest populations of Shifters. • To maximize our reach, we’ve allocated the largest portion of the media budget to reach Shifters as a whole (57.5%). • Niche media buys will reach our separate ethnic segments, based on their unique patterns of media consumption. (Hispanic: 18%, AA 12%, Asian 7.5%) • Additionally, 5% of the media budget will be spent to reach the parents of Shifters because of their significant influence on car buying decisions.

Shifter DMAs Hispanics Asian Americans African Americans

Shifters Media Rationale & Weight



The bulk of the media budget that will reach the mainstream Shifter segment is divided up according to the media most popular with this audience. Digital receives the largest chunk of the weight, as these highly connected individuals do everything from get their entertainment to communicate with their friends on their tablets, computers, and mobile phones. Surprisingly, our Shifters still watch a lot of traditional TV, especially cable, so that portion receives the second largest amount of media weight. Less prominent, but still important mediums are magazines and direct mail (to learn about products). We have additionally included a small portion for OOH to connect with urban-dwelling Shifters in their local neighborhoods.

96% of people under age 35 read magazines.

More than 80% of people older than 18 spend the majority of their day out of home and exposed to outdoor advertising.

OOH 10%

Digital 35%

Magazine 17%

TV 23%

82% say that TV advertisements have the most impact on their buying decisions.

Direct Mail 15%

92% of Shifters have used a videosharing site. 51% read magazines. 46% are tablet and e-reader owners.

92% of Shifters are influenced by direct mail to make a purchasing decision.


ethnic media buys

Our tailored media plan takes into consideration the different media consumption patterns of each ethnic segment. Notably, Latino Millennials are highly connected with digital media, specifically with mobile phones, and although they enjoy English-language TV, they also consume a significant amount of niche Spanish-Language television. African American Millennials spend more time getting their entertainment and news from ethnic cable sources. Asian American Millennials spend the least amount of time watching TV, but the most amount of time using digital media, such as tablets and online video streaming.

Hispanics Less than 50% of Latino Shifters read magazines on a regular basis.


Radio 15% 15%


Television 32%

Although Spanish radio reaches 96% of Hispanics age 18-34, radio is not a primary influencer when it comes to major purchase decisions like buying a new car.

91% of African American Shifters are online.

Digital 35% 85% of Hispanic Shifters are online. 51% use smartphones to access the internet.

Asian American 17

TV 17% Magazine 26%


Television 45%


The two most popular ethnic magazines are read by 40% of AA Shifters.

Asian American Shifters watch the least amount of TV out of all ethnic segments.

Nearly three out of four Asian American young adults are magazine readers.

African Americans view almost 40% more TV than the average viewer.

Digital 38%

More than half have watched Spanish-language TV in the past seven days.


African American 18

Note: The 5% of the media budget allocated for parents of Shifters will go towards Spanishlanguage radio and targeted direct mail.

Digital 57% Asian Americans use tablets more than any other ethnic group. They also spend more time consuming online video content than any other ethnicity.


































COST (millions)

















.91 1.59






























































DIRECT MAIL * Top shows/websites included in media buy:

Broadcast: Glee, The Simpsons, NFL, The Big Bang Theory, The Voice, Grey’s Anatomy, Modern Family, Gossip Girl Cable: WWE, South Park, Pretty Little Liars, American Horror Story, The Walking Dead, Family Guy, Project Runway Websites: Youtube, Yahoo, Amazon, Auto Trader, Cars, Spotify, Hulu, Vevo, College Humor









COST (millions)
































**Impressions measured in millions ***Spot buys in top DMAs, as shown on previous page









































11.10 10.00 3.10 189.05





180.04 267.22 100.54 2,501.00 1.79

.18 .32 .10 .60 .50 .40 .20 .22 .23 .20 .26 .18 3.60 7.00









492.86 1,807.10 376.47



2,710.65 903.55


















7.70 7.40 4.10

.35 .25 .30

385.24 106.14 224.67 112.57 100.00 2,501.00

.13 .03 .04 .03 .02 3.60











* Top shows/websites included in media buy: Hispanic: Una Familia Con Suerte, La Que No Podia Amar, Pequenos Gigantes, Sabado Gigante, Quiero Mis Quince, Lo Que Te Pica, Popland, I Love Jenni, The Mun2, Reventon Countdown, Mexican League Soccer, La Liga, Univision Online, Telemundo Online, Justin.TV African American: So You Think You Can Dance, In the Flow, Hell’s Kitchen, America’s Got Talent, Let’s Stay Together, The Game, 106 & Park, Sunday Best, Model City, For Better or Worse, House of Payne, Meet the Browns, Southland, Basketball Wives, Love and HipHop, The Real House Wives of Atlanta, Chef Roble & Co, BET Online, Vibe, Jet Asian American: Once Upon a Time, Desperate Housewives, The Secret Circle, America’s Next Top Model, Alcatraz, Baidu, QQ, Sohu



.29 .09 .17 .35



753.00 200.20 451.28 903.60



.43 .25 .29 .13


602.40 902.56 251.08














IMPRESSIONS** 2,501.10 253.8 101.4 50.4 31.30 75.30 1,393.08 2,706.151,313.07 COST (millions) 3.60 .59 .04 .01 .04 .27 .20 .37 .18




**Impressions measured in millions ***Spot buys in top DMAs, as shown on previous page


The following quantitative and qualitative methods will measure the stated campaign objectives.

Increased Awareness

Increased Favorability

2 • • • • 3 •Wired Magazine - February 2012

•Calculate the reach of all TV and radio buys, as well as brand integration exposure •Measure readership of print interactions through QR code activations •Monitor exposure levels to all OOH tactics, including Nissan taxis and food trucks •Track impressions and click-through of all online tactics •Monitor the number of likes and views on social media $3 Million Production •Conduct post-campaign awareness surveys

•Track online impressions and engagement with campaign website •Calculate the number of attendees at the Project Innovation events •Monitor the number of ClickTrip rentals •Track the number of Trivia Taxi participants •Measure the level of contest participation and consumer generated content •Calculate the number of the campaign app downloads •Conduct post-campaign favorability surveys

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Campaign Budget $4.9 Million


$22 Million

Engagement $70.1 Milllion


4 • 5 •Zipcar Inc. Study 6 • 7 • • •NSAC Case Study 8 • • • • •NSAC Clarification Memo 9 • • 10• • •Pew Research Center 11•Pew Hispanic Center •Death of the Hispanic Adult Demo as We Know It •

Increased Market Share

12•GlobalHue • • •What’s Black About It •

Campaign ROI

13•“Generational Market Research Bundle: Baby Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y” Market Academic •“Millennials in the U.S.: Trends and Opportunities Surrounding Gen-Y Adults” Market Academic • •Multicultural Intelligence •

•Calculate submission numbers of online purchase applications •Monitor campaign-driven dealership visits (Tag Your Nissan event, POP-based contests, etc.) •Measure the level of Fuel Gauge point redemptions for vehicle discounts •Track the number of Sunday Spin participants •Compare post-campaign MCM sales figures to pre-campaign numbers

Because all tactics are measurable and ultimately lead to increased purchase behavior, this campaign can expect to increase Nissan Shifter sales by 20%, effectively selling 140,228 new Nissans. Here’s how it breaks down along Shifter segments: •Hispanic sales to increase by 23%, selling 76,779 vehicles •African American sales to increase by 18%, selling 53,270 vehicles •Asian American sales to increase by 10%, selling 10,179 vehicles. (These return figures are based upon population, current penetration rates and anticipated brand affinity.)

14•Pew Research Center 15•Money Library •Pew Research Center •Nielsen •Deloitte 16•Arbitron •Experian Simmons 17•U.S. Census Bureau and MPA •Nielsen 18•Experian Simmons •TVB 19•

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NSAC 2012-Nissan  
NSAC 2012-Nissan  

National Student Advertising Competition 2012, Client: Nissan, School: WTAMU. 5th place at Nationals.