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CB Strategic Account Specialist Why Kristin Kellam Is Right For The Role..

Sales Experience Channel Management experience, securing master and sub agent’s client acquisition Managed a network of IT consulting firms to meet enterprise client technical needs Managed Oracle CRM funnels with forecasting for IT Agents Held trainings during weekly team meetings using Microsoft PowerPoint regarding product education High level visibility with competitors including employment with 3 telecom companies, both TDM and MSO RFP response experience Multi-location National specialist Formulate “Master Agreements” for nationwide companies that have individual franchise owners or regions Extensive list of medical clients Experience in state and federal funding programs such as Erate and CTF Hospitality, Hotel Chain, and Bulk Video experience DS3 and DS3 muxing, T1, P2P, MPLS, Coax, Fiber, MetroE, VoIP, POTS, PRI, GMS Cellular selling experience Formerly trained in “Effect Networking Courses” “Sphere of Influence” “Being Remembered by Introduction”

Administrative Experience Internal relationship building expert, proficient in connecting and understanding processes to move them efficiently Productive multi-tasker, well organized, methodical Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint Proficient in Adobe Acrobat PRO, InDesign, and Photoshop, Digital Publishing Experience with multiple proposal and lead generating software programs such as Optix, BID, AESOP, and Siebel CRM

Strategy How I would create and develop this role .. Creating Value Adds targeted to grow our book of business and continuity of the team “My mission is to improve upon your current success, secure lifelong strategic clients, and manage attention proficiently to our shared book of business.” Understanding Initial Key Accounts

Reps current relationship Evolution of that account Any pressing Tier1 type issues or concerns that can be resolved Introducing additional support to these accounts as a reason to touch the account again What we do/don’t service and contracts associated Where does the growth lie with each individual account Why hasn’t that growth taken place Who owns that space currently Comprise an in depth analysis to answer the who, what, where, and whens to formulate a professional and accurate first or quarterly audit with the client

Understanding My Reps and Their Individual Needs

What strengths of theirs I can build on, what constraints are holding back production How do they gain their monthly business and how do they farm their strategic accounts What are the primary products being sold What are the primary value adds sold What projects and market research still needs to be done

Understand Who the Key Internal and External Contacts Are For Each Client and Build Further Relationships with them

From signature to install, who are the key individuals touching our orders and what is their role in our clients evolution of services From a National Accounts perspective, who do you work with currently in ATL, Hampton Roads, Legal, other peering markets or companies with similar clientele What IT companies, staff, and/or agencies/subs do our clients also employ that may have a cross functioning role or opinion in future decisions with our clients needs What vendor agnostic subs do we work with, how can we further our relationship with key individuals to gain competitive intel

What tech savvy, industry firsts can we explore? How can we further help our client’s business success?

I feel that once we have a good grasp on our book of business and clear map for success that we implement, it will free up some SAS time. We can then together explore “industry firsts” that can position us as the leader of our field, not the fast follower. An example we could explore might be around the presentation we are viewing today. It is an impressive way to present and audit our strategic verticals, giving us an edge on the competitors. It would utilize more modern hardware and technology. It will allow for more efficient and accurate production of us as a team, being able to use the hardware in multiple business facets. Lastly, it is cutting edge technology that allows for mass Edistribution that can be manipulated and branded as virtually anything. Cox Conserves Ereaders, for an example, that are embedded on our web landing pages. Each can provide specialized industry content filled with wins, knowledge, or advancements that matter to our verticals. Clients can be featured in articles and published with a direct webpage send back with the touch of a link. This is of little to no marketing cost to us, but could provide big analytical “click through” value to lifelong clients.

Why am I the right choice for the initial CB SAS role in Cox NOVA?

These visions are samples of boundary pushing strides I will help us bring to the table on behalf of your success and our clients growth. Todays presentation was designed to show my creative administrative abilities beyond our industry. I am the right blend of Sales, Administration, and Strategy needed for this roles success. I will take our common client interests and build our business through implement cutting edge value as technology evolves.

SAS Presentation  
SAS Presentation