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Keweenaw County   Place-­‐based   Targeting   Strategy                                             Keweenaw  County  -­‐-­‐  Grant  #  MSC-­‐2011-­‐0741-­‐HOA     The   Place-­‐based   Targeting   Strategy   represents   MSHDA’s   Community   Development   Division   approved  process  and  the  County’s  determinations  to  address  the  following  Special  Condition:     To receive the second year funding (the remaining 50% of the grant award) the grantee must engage in community planning for a Targeted Strategy that will forward the goal of Place Making, resulting in a plan approved by MSHDA, Community Development Division.


Authorized Signatory  for  Grantee     Printed  Name         Date       Data  collection  and  final  report  prepared  by  MSHDA  approved  Technical  Assistance  provider,  Kuntzsch   Business  Services,  Inc.  


2012/2013 CDBG  Grant  

Introduction On   September   2,   2011   the   Michigan   State   Housing   Development   Authority   (MSHDA)   sent   a   memo  to  its  County  Allocation  Housing  Resource  Fund  Grantees  to  notify  them  of  changes  to   the  County  Allocation  Program.    Due  to  recent  cuts  in  the  Community  Development  Block  Grant   (CDBG)   program,   which   funds   MSHDA’s   County   Allocation   Program,   and   the   difficult   housing   market,  MSHDA  determined  it  was  necessary  to  redefine  its  investment  priorities.    The  memo   states,     “…we  must  provide  solutions  by  redefining  our  investment  priorities  within  our  [Housing   Resource  Fund].    We  will  do  this  by  targeting  our  resources  collectively  between  state   and  local  governments  by  creating  ‘Sense  of  Place’  investment  priorities.”     In   order   to   access   50%   of   their   County   Allocation   funding,   the   memo   requires   counties   to,   “…engage  in  community  planning  for  a  ‘Targeted  Strategy’  that  will  forward  the  goal  of  Place   Making,  resulting  in  a  plan  approved  by  [MSHDA’s  Community  Development  Division].”         The  purpose  of  this  Place-­‐based  Targeting  Strategy  is  two-­‐fold;  it  addresses  the  requirement  for   a   “Targeted   Strategy”   set   forth   by   MSHDA   in   the   Program   for   Creating   a   Place-­‐based   Targeting   Strategy   (see   Appendix   1)   while   also   identifying   needs   for   improving   the   quality   of   place   in   targeted  areas,  which  extend  beyond  the  current  scope  of  the  County  Allocation  Program.      


2012/2013 CDBG  Grant  

Identification of  Target  Areas   Keweenaw  County  has  identified  Allouez  Township  as  its  primary  target  area  for  the  2012/2013   County   Allocation   Program   Grant.     Map   1   displays   the   Township’s   location   relative   to   the   County  as  a  whole  and  Map  2  provides  a  detailed  view  of  Township  boundaries.       Map  1  


2012/2013 CDBG  Grant   Map  2  

Rationale for  target  areas   Keweenaw   County   has   selected   Allouez   Township   has   its   target   area   based   on   the   following   considerations:   • Seventy-­‐five  percent  of  the  County’s  population  lives  in  Allouez  Township  (see  Appendix   2).   • The  vast  majority  of  previous  home  rehabs  were  within  the  Township  (see  Appendix  3).   • Targeting   the   Township   allows   homes   within   the   very   small   boundaries   of   the   Village   of   Allouez,  as  well  as  homes  just  outside  the  boundaries,  to  be  targeted.    Allouez  Township   also  includes  the  unincorporated  Villages  of  Mohawk,  Fulton  and  Allouez.   • The   Township   and   the   Village   of   Allouez   are   the   only   areas   in   the   County   that   meet   MSHDA’s  requirements  for  target  areas  (see  Attachment  2).   • The  Village  of  Allouez  is  one  of  the  few  areas  in  the  County  with  essential  public  services   to   support   economic   development   (sewer,   water,   transportation   infrastructure,   communications).    


2012/2013 CDBG  Grant   During   each   subsequent   grant   cycle,   the   County   will   work   with   the   Western   Upper   Peninsula   Planning  and  Development  Region  (WUPPDR),  who  administers  the  grant,  to  assess  conditions   within  the  township  and  other  potential  target  areas.  

Consistency with  existing  plans   Keweenaw   County   adopted   a   Master   Land   Use   Plan   to   guide   development   in   the   county.     Targeting  Allouez  Township  for  investment  through  the  County  Allocation  Program  is  consistent   with  that  plan.    Specifically,  policy  statement  1-­‐2:   Create   mechanisms   to   ensure   new   developments   function   as   extensions   of   existing   development   patterns   including:   Eagle   Harbor,   Lac   LaBelle,   Gay   and   Eagle   River   as   extended   vacation,   seasonal,   and   permanent   residential   communities;   Allouez   –   Ahmeek   –   Mohawk   –   Fulton   as   a   focus   for   permanent   residential/business   development;  and  Copper  Harbor  as  a  tourist-­‐oriented  business/residential  community.     The   Western   Upper   Peninsula   Planning   and   Development   Region’s   Comprehensive   Economic   Development  Strategy  (CEDS)  plan  identifies  a  variety  of  goals  and  objectives  for  the  region  in   terms   of   economic   development.     Targeting   Allouez   for   investment   through   the   County   Allocation  Program  is  consistent  with  those  goals  and  objectives.    Additionally,  the  CEDS  plan   identifies  specific  projects  in  each  community,  some  of  which  are  described  in  further  detail  in   the  Recommendations  section  of  this  document.    


2012/2013 CDBG  Grant  

Target Area  Requirements   This  section  responds  to  the  requirements  for  target  areas  identified  by  MSHDA  in  the  Program   for  Creating  a  Place-­‐based  Targeting  Strategy,  as  outlined  in  Appendix  1.  

Housing Density   Keweenaw  County:  .007  Housing  units/acre   Allouez  Township:  .029  Housing  units/acre  

Zoning Zoning  for  the  Township  is  administered  by  Keweenaw  County.    The  County  Zoning  ordinance   provides   for   several   districts   within   the   target   area   that   would   be   classified   as   mixed-­‐use.     Among  these  are  the  Resort  Services  District  and  General  Business  District,  both  of  which  are   located  in  the  Village  of  Ahmeek.  


Table 1  


Median Rent  

Keweenaw County   Allouez  Township   *County  Median  Income:  $38,872    

$267 $256  

% of  County  Median   Income*   8%   8%  

Table 2  


Median Home  Value  

Keweenaw County   Allouez  Township    

$81,800 $66,800  

% of  County  Median   Home  Value   100%   82%  

Assessed Value    

Table 3  

Area Keweenaw  County   Allouez  Township      

2011 State  Equalized   Value    $215,293,851   $33,510,150  


2012/2013 CDBG  Grant  

Target Area  Recommendations   This   section   responds   to   recommendations   for   placemaking   from   MSHDA   in   the   Program   for   Creating   a   Place-­‐based   Targeting   Strategy   (see   Appendix   1)   and   also   identifies   needs   for   enhancing  the  quality  of  place  within  target  areas  beyond  the  scope  of  the  County  Allocation   Program.    These  additional  needs  have  been  identified  with  the  understanding  that  the  State  of   Michigan  may  be  targeting  other  state  resources  to  create  and  enhance  high-­‐quality  places  in   the  future.  

Access to  Transportation   Residents   of   Allouez   Township   have   access   to   public   transit   via   a   weekly   fixed-­‐route   that   connects  Mohawk  to  Houghton/Hancock  as  well  as  demand-­‐response  service  one  day  a  week.   Both  are  operated  by  the  Baraga-­‐Houghton-­‐Keweenaw  Community  Action  Agency.     Allouez   Township   has   access   to   a   single   U.S./state   highway   in   US-­‐41/M-­‐26.     In   general,   the   County  is  very  isolated  both  in  terms  of  distance  and  transportation  infrastructure.  

Pedestrian Infrastructure   The  Village  of  Ahmeek  is  the  only  area  within  the  Township  that  has  a  sidewalk  system.    Further   development  of  sidewalks  should  be  pursued  as  appropriate.     Continued   development   of   trail   networks   in   the   county   is   critical   to   maintaining   the   county’s   tourist  base  as  well  as  providing  transportation  alternatives  for  residents.  

Proximity to  necessities  and  community  assets   Major  Employers   Lake  Superior  Bible  Conference   Superior  National  Bank  and  Trust   Keweenaw  County  (located  in  Eagle  Harbor)     Parks   The   primary   asset   of   Allouez   Township   and   Keweenaw   County   as   a   whole   is   the   natural   environment.     Consequently   conservation   and   responsible   use   of   public   land   is   critical   to   the   County’s   future.     The   County   owns   a   wide   range   of   public   park   facilities   in   addition   to   state,   national   and   privately-­‐owned   forest   land   available   for   public   use.     The   most   significant   township-­‐owned   property   is   the   200-­‐acre   Seneca   Lake   Recreation   area,   which   is   mostly   undeveloped.     Healthcare  Facilities   The   closest   hospital   is   located   in   the   Village   of   Laurium,   in   Houghton   County.     Other   medical   offices  are  primarily  located  in  northern  Houghton  County  as  well.     Grocery  Stores   A  single  small  grocery  store  is  located  in  Mohawk,  within  Allouez  Township.    


2012/2013 CDBG  Grant     Community  Centers   The  Allouez  Township  Community  Center,  a  100-­‐seat  building  with  a  playground,  is  located  in   the  Village  of  Ahmeek.  


Appendix 1    


Program for  Creating  a  Place-­‐Based  Targeting  Strategy     The   following   process   has   been   developed   to   target   the   County   Allocation   Program   for   placemaking  in  each  county  participating  in  the  current  grant  cycle.  

Identification of  Target  Areas     1. Target  area(s)  must  be  identified  based  on  one  or  more  of  the  following:   1.1. County  and/or  regional  planning  documents   1.2. Analysis  of  existing  conditions   2. Consistency  with  existing  plans   2.1. Target  area(s)  should  be  identified  on  relevant  plans  (regional,  county  and/or  local)  as   an  area  suitable  for  investment  in  housing,  infrastructure  enhancements,  and  economic   development.  

Target Area  Requirements   All  target  areas  must  meet  the  following  criteria.       1. Housing  Density   1.1. The   target   area   must   have   50%   more   housing   units   per   acre   than   the   county   as   a   whole.   2. Zoning   2.1. Zoning  in  the  target  area  must  be  flexible  enough  to  permit  the  creation  of  high-­‐quality   places.   2.1.1. Ideally,  the  target  area  should  be  primarily  zoned  with  a  mixed-­‐use  classification.     But   at   a   minimum,   residential,   commercial   and   office   uses   must   be   permitted   within  the  target  area.   3. Affordability   3.1. Median   rent   in   the   target   area   must   be   30%   or   less   of   county   median   household   income.   3.2. Median  home  value  in  the  target  area  must  be  equal  to  or  less  than  110%  of  median   home  value  for  the  county  as  a  whole.   4. Assessed  value  of  targeted  area  and  county.   4.1.1. Submit  assessed  value  of  target  area  and  the  county  as  a  whole  for  the  current   year.  

Target Area  Recommendations   The   following   items   indicate   recommended   characteristics   of   target   areas.     Grantees   must   respond  to  the  following  questions  for  each  target  area.    If  the  answer  to  any  question  is  “No,”   the  grantee  must  identify  how  the  county  will  pursue  improvements  that  move  the  target  area   toward  meeting  that  recommendation  in  the  future.     1. Access  to  transportation   1.1. Does  the  target  area  have  access  to  public  transportation?  

2/8/2012 1.2. Does   pedestrian   infrastructure   exist   in   the   target   area   that   effectively   connects   key   destinations?   1.2.1. Sidewalks,   bike   lanes   and/or   multi-­‐use   pathways   should   provide   access   to   destinations  within  and  outside  of  the  target  area.   2. Proximity  to  necessities  and  community  assets   2.1. Is  the  target  area  within  walking  distance  (1/2  mile)  of  major  employment  centers?   2.2. Is  the  target  area  within  walking  distance  (1/2  mile)  of  parks  and  green  infrastructure   assets?   2.3. Distance  to  essential  services   2.3.1. Is  the  target  area  within  walking  distance  (1/2  mile)  of  healthcare  facilities?   2.3.2. Is  the  target  area  within  walking  distance  (1/2  mile)  of  schools?   2.3.3. Is  the  target  area  within  walking  distance  (1/2  mile)  of  grocery  stores?   2.4. Is   the   target   area   within   walking   distance   (1/2   mile)   of   community   facilities   e.g.   community  centers,  local  government  offices,  etc.?          

Appendix 2    

Table 4:  County  Target  Area  Requirements  Evaluation  (source:  2010  Census  and  2010  ACS  5-­‐year  estimates)  

Geography Keweenaw  County   Ahmeek  village   Copper  Harbor  CDP   Eagle  Harbor  CDP   Eagle  River  CDP   Allouez  township   Eagle  Harbor  township   Grant  township   Houghton  township   Sherman  township  

Population  2,156      146      108      76      71      1,571      217      219      82      67    

Housing Units    2,467      119      161      205      149      1,012      522      499      282      152    

*Bold Text=  Eligible  area   **Roscommon  County  Median  Income:  $33,542  


HU/Acre      0.007      2.714      0.166      0.178      0.039      0.029      0.005      0.007      0.004      0.004    

HU/Acre %   of  County   100%   38030%   2330%   2490%   549%   406%   63%   92%   51%   51%      

CR %  of   County   MI   8%   -­‐   13%   -­‐   -­‐   8%   -­‐   13%   -­‐   -­‐  

Contract Rent   $267   -­‐   $413   -­‐   -­‐   $256   -­‐   $413   -­‐   -­‐      


Home Value   HV  %  of  County   $81,800   100%   $57,900   71%   $92,500   113%   $173,800   212%   $178,100   218%   $66,800   82%   $241,700   295%   $137,500   168%   $183,800   225%   $101,800   124%      


Appendix 3     Map  3:  Previous  County  Allocation  grant  home  rehabs,  December  2011