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Alger  County  Place-­‐based  Targeting   Strategy                                                 Alger  County  -­‐-­‐  Grant  #  MSC-­‐2011-­‐  MSC-­‐2011-­‐0721-­‐HOA     The  Place-­‐based  Targeting  Strategy  represents  MSHDA’s  Community  Development  Division   approved  process  and  the  County’s  determinations  to  address  the  following  Special   Condition:     To receive the second year funding (the remaining 50% of the grant award) the grantee must engage in community planning for a Targeted Strategy that will forward the goal of Place Making, resulting in a plan approved by MSHDA, Community Development Division.














Authorized  Signatory  for  Grantee     Printed  Name         Date       Data  collection  and  final  report  prepared  by  MSHDA  approved  Technical  Assistance  provider,     Kuntzsch  Business  Services,  Inc.  


2012/2013  CDBG  Grant  –  Alger  County  


On  September  2,  2011  the  Michigan  State  Housing  Development  Authority  (MSHDA)  sent  a   memo  to  its  County  Allocation  Housing  Resource  Fund  Grantees  to  notify  them  of  changes   to  the  County  Allocation  Program.    Due  to  recent  cuts  in  the  Community  Development   Block  Grant  (CDBG)  program,  which  funds  MSHDA’s  County  Allocation  Program,  and  the   difficult  housing  market,  MSHDA  determined  it  was  necessary  to  redefine  its  investment   priorities.    The  memo  states,     “…we  must  provide  solutions  by  redefining  our  investment  priorities  within  our   [Housing  Resource  Fund].    We  will  do  this  by  targeting  our  resources  collectively   between  state  and  local  governments  by  creating  ‘Sense  of  Place’  investment   priorities.”     In  order  to  access  50%  of  their  County  Allocation  funding,  the  memo  requires  counties  to,   “…engage  in  community  planning  for  a  ‘Targeted  Strategy’  that  will  forward  the  goal  of   Place  Making,  resulting  in  a  plan  approved  by  [MSHDA’s  Community  Development   Division].”         The  purpose  of  this  Place-­‐Based  Targeting  Strategy  is  two-­‐fold;  it  addresses  the   requirement  for  a  “Targeted  Strategy”  set  forth  by  MSHDA  in  the  Program  for  Creating  a   Place-­‐based  Targeting  Strategy  (see  Appendix  1)  while  also  identifying  needs  for  improving   the  quality  of  place  in  targeted  areas,  which  extend  beyond  the  current  scope  of  the  County   Allocation  Program.    



2012/2013  CDBG  Grant  –  Alger  County  


Alger   County   has   identified   two   target   areas,   the   City   of   Munising   and   the   Village   of   Chatham.  Map  1  displays  the  location  of  the  target  areas  relative  to  the  county  as  a  whole   and  Maps  2  and  3  display  a  detailed  view  of  the  target  areas.  

Rationale  for  Target  Areas   The   City   of   Munising   and   Village   of   Chatham   are   the   only   incorporated   areas   in   Alger   County   and   together   account   for   nearly   30%   of   the   County’s   total   population.     There   are   strong  geographic  and  thematic  ties  between  the  two  areas.  Both  units  of  government  have   recently  undertaken  substantial  efforts  to  improve  their  respective  community.     The   City   of   Munising   is   located   on   the   shore   of   Lake   Superior,   surrounded   by   protective   hillsides   and   picturesque   Munising   Bay.   It   is   a   gateway   to   Pictured   Rocks   National   Lakeshore,  Hiawatha  National  Forest,  Grand  Island  Recreation  Area,  numerous  waterfalls,   and   a   host   of   other   outdoor   recreational   activities   including   biking,   hiking,   boating,   ice   fishing,  skiing,  sled-­‐dogging,  and  snowmobiling,  among  other  things.     Munising   is   the   county   seat   and   the   largest   city   in   Alger   County.   It   supports   several   community   service   organizations,   civic   organizations,   and   an   active   local   government.     Since   it   was   formed   in   1988,   the   Munising   Downtown   Development   Authority   (DDA)   has   successfully   completed   a   number   of   projects   in   partnership   with   the   City   of   Munising   including:   improvements   to   Elm   Street,   Superior   Street   and   West   Munising   Avenue;   installation   of   historically   sensitive   lighting   throughout   the   downtown   district;   replacement  of  sidewalks  throughout  the  downtown  district;  planting  new  trees  along  the   main  streets;  revitalizing  Bay  Shore  Park;  and  implementation  of  a  façade  grant  incentive   program  (over  25  grants  have  been  awarded  since  2006).     Recently   completed,   current,   and   planned   major   projects   include:   a   waste   water   treatment   plant   update   completed   in   2010   with   US   Department   of   Agriculture   -­‐   Rural   Development   funds;  citywide  water  sewer  line  updates  completed  in  2011,  also  with  USDA  RD  funding;   and   development   (first   stage   with   additional   plans)   of   a   non-­‐motorized   trail   route   through   the  City  from  the  eastern  to  western  limits  largely  within  view  of  Munising  Harbor,  which   was   completed   in   2011.   Cox   Subdivision   has   been   targeted   for   focus   within   the   City   including:   a   2011   PILOT   agreement   approval   for   Windjammer   Apartments,   a   multi-­‐unit   affordable   housing   site;   and   plans   for   water   sewer   improvements   throughout   Cox   Subdivision  to  be  completed  by  the  end  of  2013.     Current   projects   underway   include   creation   of   a   downtown   Pocket   Park,   which   entails   removal   of   a   deteriorating   building   in   order   to   turn   it   into   a   green   space   and   centrally-­‐ located   bus   stop;   purchasing   new   street   signs,   bicycle   racks,   benches,   and   waste   receptacles;  installing  thematic  way-­‐finding  signage;  improving  ATV  &  Snowmobile  access   to  the  downtown  area;  developing  the  historic  building  at  the  north  corner  of  Elm  Ave.  and   Superior   St.;   refitting   street   lights   with   environmentally-­‐sensitive   LED   fixtures;   and   removal  of  a  large,  vacant  building  on  M-­‐28  to  entice  prime  redevelopment.      



2012/2013  CDBG  Grant  –  Alger  County   While   much   has   been   done   to   improve   infrastructure   and   streetscape   of   the   downtown   business   district,   rehabilitation   of   housing   for   those   with   low-­‐  to   moderate   income   owning   homes   in   the   area   has   been   addressed   through   modest   private   efforts,   the   use   of   CDBG   funds,  or  not  at  all.  There  are  a  number  of  homes  within  Munising  that  would  benefit  from   rehabilitation.       Chatham  is  a  small  agricultural  community  in  Alger  County’s  Rock  River  Township.  Much   like   Munising,   Chatham   derives   most   of   its   economic   activity   from   natural   resources   and   tourism.   Several   micro-­‐   and   small   businesses   are   situated   among   many   small   lakes,   marshes,  and  streams  in  Chatham.    The  Village  is  also  a  waypoint/starting  point  for  the  U.P.   200   Sled   Dog   Championship,   which   is   a   qualifying   race   for   the   Iditarod   in   Alaska.     Chatham   is  home  to  the  Alger  County  Fair,  “Tour  da  Woods”  Mountain  Bike  Challenge,  Michigan  State   University  Agricultural  Research  Center,  and  the  future  home  of  a  TDS  broadband  stimulus   project  to  be  completed  by  mid-­‐May  2013.  The  United  States  Department  of  Agriculture’s   Rural   Utilities   Service   granted   funding  as  part  of  the  American  Reinvestment  and  Recovery   Act.     Because   there   are   relatively  few   homes  in  the  Village  of  Chatham,   targeted   rehabs   have   the   potential   for   significant   impact.   There   are   a   number   of   homes   in   Chatham   that   would   benefit  from  rehabilitation.       This   targeted   home   rehab   strategy   will   provide   opportunities   for   both   target   areas   by   improving  the  aesthetic  appeal  of  neighborhoods  and  the  quality  of  housing  stock.     Appendix  2  contains  a  table  that  applies  the  place-­‐based  targeting  strategy  requirements  to   all   potential   target   areas   in   Alger   County   and   Appendix   3   contains   a   map   identifying   the   location   of   previous   home   rehabilitation   projects   funded   through   the   County   Allocation   Program  in  Alger  County.  

Consistency  with  existing  plans   Alger  County  itself  does  not  have  a  Master  Plan,  nor  does  the  regional  planning  agency  have   a   planning   document   related   to   targeting   for   placemaking.   The   City   of   Munising   has   a   Master   Plan   that   was   revised   in   2011   and   a   Recreation   Plan   that   was   updated   in   2012.     Both   plans   permit   placemaking   activities   within   the   City   limits.     The   Village   of   Chatham   does   not   have   a   master   plan,   but   does   administer   a   zoning   ordinance.   Alger   County   administers  Building  Codes  and  Brownfield  redevelopment  in  the  village.      



2012/2013  CDBG  Grant  –  Alger  County  

Map 1: Target Areas



2012/2013  CDBG  Grant  –  Alger  County        


Map 2: Enlarged View of Munising Target Area



2012/2013  CDBG  Grant  –  Alger  County      



Map 3: Enlarged View of Chatham Target Area



2012/2013  CDBG  Grant  –  Alger  County  


This  section  responds  to  the  requirements  for  target  areas  identified  by  MSHDA  in  the   Program  for  Creating  a  Place-­‐Based  Targeting  Strategy,  as  outlined  in  Appendix  1.  

Housing  Density  

Alger  County:  .01  housing  units/acre   Village  of  Chatham  .08  housing  units/acre   City  of  Munising:  .37  housing  units/acre  

Zoning   The   City   of   Munising   contains   zoning   districts   for   all   appropriate   land   uses.     The   City’s   zoning   map,   as   of   2004,   is   displayed   in   Map   4.     The   Village   of   Chatham   adopted   Alger   County’s   zoning   in   the   1980s,   and   then   adopted   its   own   ordinance   when   the   county   ceased   to  administer  a  countywide  ordinance.    The  Village  Board  currently  oversees  zoning  in  the   village,   which   allows   for   all   appropriate   land   uses.   Map   5   displays   the   Chatham   Village   Zoning  Map.  

Affordability   Table  1:  Rent  as  a  percent  of    household  income  (source:  American  Community  Survey)  


Median  Rent  

Alger  County   Village  of  Chatham   City  of  Munising   *County  Median  Income:  $38,262    

$392   $400   $400  

%  of  County  Median   Income*   12%   13%   13%  

Table  2:  Median  home  value  (source:  American  Community  Survey)  

Area   Alger  County   Village  of  Chatham   City  of  Munising    

Median  Home   Value   $111,500   $76,300   $90,900  

Assessed  Value   Table  3:  Assessed  Value  (source:  Alger  County  Equalization     Department)  

Area   Alger  County   Village  of  Chatham   City  of  Munising  

Assessed  Value   $478,009,361   $5,092,800   $73,662,400  




%  of  County  Median   Home  Value   100.00%   68.43%   81.52%  

2012/2013  CDBG  Grant  –  Alger  County  

  Map 4: City of Munising 2004 Zoning Map



2012/2013  CDBG  Grant  –  Alger  County   Map  5:  Village  of  Chatham  Zoning  Map  



2012/2013  CDBG  Grant  –  Alger  County  


This  section  responds  to  recommendations  for  placemaking  from  MSHDA  in  the  Program   for  Creating  a  Place-­‐based  Targeting  Strategy  (see  Appendix  1)  and  also  identifies  needs  for   enhancing  the  quality  of  place  within  target  areas  beyond  the  scope  of  the  County   Allocation  Program.    These  needs  have  been  identified  with  the  understanding  that  the   State  of  Michigan  may  be  targeting  other  state  resources  to  create  and  enhance  high-­‐quality   places  in  the  future.  

Access  to  Transportation   Munising  is  intersected  by  US  Hwy  M-­‐28,  which  is  the  primary  east-­‐west  motorized  route   from   Sault   Ste.   Marie,   Michigan   to   Ironwood,   Michigan.   Several   county   roads   and   federal   forest   highways   intersect   the   City   of   Munising.   Alger   County   Transit   (ALTRAN),   a   transportation  line  offering  dial-­‐a-­‐ride  service  within  and  beyond  the  community,  provides   public  transportation.  Scheduled  trips  to  the  City  of  Marquette  are  also  offered.    In  addition,   the  City  is  currently  in  the  design  stage  for  a  marina  expansion  and  in  the  grant  application   stage  for  expansion  and  renovation  of  the  tourist  park  adjacent  to  the  City  and  connected   by  water  service.     Highway  M-­‐94  intersects  Chatham,  which  is  the  primary  east-­‐west  route  through  rural   Alger  County.  ALTRAN  also  serves  the  community  of  Chatham.    Of  paramount  concern  to   Alger  County  is  the  availability  of  gasoline  in  the  Village  of  Chatham.  Approximately  four   years  ago,  the  only  gas  station  in  the  Village  closed.    Then,  approximately  two  years  ago,  the   County  acquired  the  gas  station  through  back  taxes  and  has  been  working  with  the  E.P.A.   since  to  redevelop  the  parcel.    Soil  samples  are  being  taken  to  determine  if  the  site  presents   a  hazard.  If  the  site  is  deemed  unsafe,  E.P.A.  will  do  the  minimum  clean  up  to  bring  the  site   up  to  acceptable  standards.  A  primary  objective  for  both  Alger  County  and  the  Village  of   Chatham  is  re-­‐development  of  the  singular  station  to  provide  for  snowmobilers  in  the   winter  and  nearby  agricultural  activity  in  the  summer  months.     Both  Munising  and  Chatham  are  within  50  miles  of  Sawyer  International  Airport,  which   offers  service  via  Delta  Airlines.  

Pedestrian  Infrastructure   Munising   has   well   developed   and   maintained   pedestrian   infrastructure   throughout   the   City.   Replacement   of   deteriorating   walkways   has   been   a   priority   of   the   Munising   Downtown  Development  Authority  in  recent  years.     Chatham,   due   in   large   part   to   its’   rural   and   agricultural   setting,   has   limited   formal   pedestrian   infrastructure   (sidewalks   and   paved   walkways).   They   are   primarily   located   in   the  area  adjacent  to  the  intersection  of  Munising  Avenue  and  Rock  River  Road.     Since   2008,   the   Village   of   Chatham   has   undertaken   extensive   replacement   of   sidewalks,   primarily,   although   not   exclusively,   in   the   commercial   area   of   town   with   plans   for   additional  sidewalk  replacement  in  residential  areas.        



2012/2013  CDBG  Grant  –  Alger  County   A   developing   non-­‐motorized   trail   network   exists   in   both   target   areas   but   needs   improvement.    Specifically,  mapping  and  signage  must  be  enhanced  and  future  connection   to   the   Noquemanon   Trail   Network   (NTN)   of   Marquette   County   and   to   Pictured   Rocks   National  Lakeshore  have  been  identified  as  opportunities  for  expansion.  

Proximity  to  Necessities  and  Community  Assets     Major  Employers   The  following  major  employers  are  located  in  the  City  of  Munising  and  are  walking  distance   from  adjacent  housing  districts:  Neenah  Paper  (250  employees),  which  is  an  international   paper-­‐making   facility;   Munising   Memorial   Hospital   (96   employees);   Tendercare   Nursing   Home  (95  employees);  Munising  Public  Schools  (90  employees);  and  a  retail  district  with   numerous  retail  and  service  small  businesses.     Additional  major   employers   within   10  miles  of  Munising’s  City  limits  include:  Alger  County   Maximum   Security   Prison   (200   employees);   Michigan   Timber   Products   (142   employees);   and  Christmas  Kewadin  Casino  (120  employees).     There  are  no  major  employers  in  the  Village  of  Chatham,  but  several  small  businesses  are   located   in   the   village   including:   TDS   Chatham   Telephone   Company;   The   Village   Inn;   Rock   River   Café;   Village   Pub;   Chatham   Cooperative   Grocery   &   Hardware;   People’s   State   Bank;   Chatham  Eben  Federal  Credit  Union;  Chatham  Laundromat  Car  Wash  &  Storage;  Chatham   Manor;   and   Michigan   State   University   Agricultural   Research   Station.     Many   residents   of   Chatham  commute  to  Munising  (17  miles)  or  Marquette,  Michigan  (35  miles)  for  work.     Parks   There   are   numerous   parks   within   the   City   of   Munising,   including:   Bay   Shore   Park   and   Marina;   Brown’s   Addition   Boat   Launch   and   Tot   Lot   (playground);   Lynn   Street   Tot   Lot;   a   Skateboard   Park;   and   Tannery   Park.     All   are   within   walking   distance   of   adjacent   housing   districts.     Chatham   is   home   to   the   Alger   County   Fair   Grounds;   Chatham   Park;   and   Centennial   Park.   In   addition,   natural   surroundings   and   developed   trails   provide   immediate   access   to   recreation  from  all  points  within  the  Village.     Healthcare  Facilities   Munising  has  four  healthcare  facilities  located  with  the  City:  Munising  Memorial  Hospital;   Tendercare  Nursing  Home;  Sault  Ste  Marie  Tribe  Health  Clinic;  and  Munising  Health  Haven.   Chatham  has  no  healthcare  facilities,  its  needs  are  met  by  those  in  Munising  or  Marquette.     Grocery  Stores   There   are   two   grocery   markets   in   Munising:   Glen’s   Market;   and   Bob’s   IGA   Store.   Family   Dollar  also  offers  a  limited  number  of  grocery  items  as  do  many  of  the  local  gas  stations.  All   are  within  walking  distance  of  adjacent  housing  districts.    Chatham  Cooperative  Grocery  &   Hardware  is  within  walking  distance  of  adjacent  housing  districts  in  the  Village  of  Chatham.      


2012/2013  CDBG  Grant  –  Alger  County   Community  Centers   As   with   many   small   rural   Cities   and   Villages,   local   service   organization   centers,   churches   and  Senior  Centers  serve  as  primary  community  gathering  places.  The  City  of  Munising  has   Munising   Senior   Center,   the   American   Legion   Hall,   Alger   Community   Food   Pantry   and   eleven   churches   of   various   denominations.   The   Village   of   Chatham   is   home   to   the   Chatham   Senior   Nutrition   Site   within   Rock   River   Township   Hall,   a   VFW,   Lion’s   Club,   and   three   churches  of  various  denominations  within  the  Village.  







  The  following  process  has  been  developed  to  target  the  County  Allocation  Program  for   placemaking  in  each  county  participating  in  the  current  grant  cycle.  

Identification  of  Target  Areas     1. Target  area(s)  must  be  identified  based  on  one  or  more  of  the  following:   1.1. County  and/or  regional  planning  documents   1.2. Analysis  of  existing  conditions   2. Consistency  with  existing  plans   2.1. Target  area(s)  should  be  identified  on  relevant  plans  (regional,  county  and/or   local)  as  an  area  suitable  for  investment  in  housing,  infrastructure  enhancements,   and  economic  development.  

Target  Area  Requirements   All  target  areas  must  meet  the  following  criteria.       1. Housing  Density   1.1. The  target  area  must  have  50%  more  housing  units  per  acre  than  the  county  as  a   whole.   2. Zoning   2.1. Zoning  in  the  target  area  must  be  flexible  enough  to  permit  the  creation  of  high-­‐ quality  places.   2.1.1. Ideally,  the  target  area  should  be  primarily  zoned  with  a  mixed-­‐use   classification.    But  at  a  minimum,  residential,  commercial  and  office  uses  must   be  permitted  within  the  target  area.   3. Affordability   3.1. Median  rent  in  the  target  area  must  be  30%  or  less  of  county  median  household   income.   3.2. Median  home  value  in  the  target  area  must  be  equal  to  or  less  than  110%  of  median   home  value  for  the  county  as  a  whole.   4. Assessed  value  of  targeted  area  and  county.   Submit  assessed  value  of  target  area  and  the  county  as  a  whole  for  the  current  year.  

Target  Area  Recommendations   The  following  items  indicate  recommended  characteristics  of  target  areas.    Grantees  must   respond  to  the  following  questions  for  each  target  area.    If  the  answer  to  any  question  is  “No,”   the  grantee  must  identify  how  the  county  will  pursue  improvements  that  move  the  target  area   toward  meeting  that  recommendation  in  the  future.     1. Access  to  transportation   1.1. Does  the  target  area  have  access  to  public  transportation?  



2/8/2012   1.2. Does  pedestrian  infrastructure  exist  in  the  target  area  that  effectively  connects  key   destinations?   1.2.1. Sidewalks,  bike  lanes  and/or  multi-­‐use  pathways  should  provide  access  to   destinations  within  and  outside  of  the  target  area.   2. Proximity  to  necessities  and  community  assets   2.1. Is  the  target  area  within  walking  distance  (1/2  mile)  of  major  employment  centers?   2.2. Is  the  target  area  within  walking  distance  (1/2  mile)  of  parks  and  green   infrastructure  assets?   2.3. Distance  to  essential  services   2.3.1. Is  the  target  area  within  walking  distance  (1/2  mile)  of  healthcare  facilities?   2.3.2. Is  the  target  area  within  walking  distance  (1/2  mile)  of  schools?   2.3.3. Is  the  target  area  within  walking  distance  (1/2  mile)  of  grocery  stores?   Is  the  target  area  within  walking  distance  (1/2  mile)  of  community  facilities  e.g.  community   centers,  local  government  offices,  etc.?    




Table  4:  Alger  County  target  area  requirements  (source:  2010  Census  and  2010  ACS  5-­‐year  estimates)  



Housing  Units/   Land  Area  

HU/LA  %   above  County  

Median   Home  Value  

MHV  %  Of   County  

Median   Contract  Rent  

MCR  %  of  County   Median  Income*  

Alger  County  









Au  Train  township  









Burt  township  









Chatham  village  














107.09%   -­‐  







93.99%   -­‐  


Grand  Island  township   Limestone  township   Mathias  township  









Munising  city  









Munising  township  














142.69%   -­‐  







Onota  township   Rock  River  township  

*Alger  County  Median  Income:  $38,262  



Housing   Units  


-­‐   $320  














Map  6:  Previous  County  Allocation  Grant  Home  Rehabilitation  Projects,  as  of  December,  2011  

Alger County CDBG County Allocation Expenditures

# * Burt Township

# *

Grand Island Township

* # Onota Township

# * # *# *# *

# *

City of Munising

# * * # *#

Chatham Rock River Township

# *

# *

Au Train Township

# *

Limestone Township

# *

Munising Township

# *


# *

# *

Mathias Township


# *

Home Rehab Political Boundary State Road Local Road Water Body