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Questions  To  Ask  Your  Wedding  Photographer     Your  wedding  photographer  plays  a  crucial  role  on  wedding  day.       Long  after  the  flowers  have  wilted,  the  cake  has  been  eaten  and  the  guests  have   gone  home,  all  that  will  remain  of  your  special  day  are  the  photographs!       While  there  are  many  talented  professionals  out  there,  the  following  questions   should  help  you  find  a  photographer  who  suits  your  style,  budget  and  needs:        

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Are you  available  on  our  wedding  day?   Do  you  have  liability  insurance?     Who  will  actually  be  taking  my  pictures  at  the  wedding?     How  long  have  you  been  a  photographer?      Are  you  a  full  time  photographer?     What  do  you  do  during  the  week?    What’s  your  experience,  background  and   education?    Have  you  received  any  formal  classroom  training  as  a  photographer?     Have  you  ever  shot  a  wedding  at  our  ceremony/reception  location?    Have  you   shot  any  weddings  that  were  similar  to  the  size  and  formality  of  our  wedding?   How  many  other  events  will  you  also  photograph  that  weekend?   What  packages  do  you  offer?    What  do  they  include?    If  there  is  a  time  limit,  can   we  add  hours  onto  the  package  now,  and  on  the  day  of  the  wedding?    Do  you   offer  any  items  on  an  a  la  carte  basis  if  we  don’t  find  a  package  that  suits  us?   What  type  of  photography  do  you  specialize  in?    Do  you  primarily  shoot   weddings?    What’s  your  style  of  wedding  photography?    What  distinguishes  your   work  from  other  photographers?     Do  you  shoot  in  digital  format  or  film?    If  you  shoot  film,  do  you  shoot  in  color   film  or  black  and  white?    How  many  photographs  can  we  expect  you  to  capture   before  our  wedding,  during  the  ceremony,  at  the  formals  and  the  reception?     What  kind  of  input  can  we  have  on  the  direction  of  the  shots?    Can  we  give  you  a   shot  list  to  work  from?   When  will  my  proofs  (pictures)  be  ready?    Can  we  keep  them?   Can  we  purchase  the  negatives?    Who  owns  the  rights  to  the  negatives?    Can  we   buy  prints/albums  later?   What  happens  if  you  are  sick  or  have  an  emergency  on  our  wedding  date?     Do  you  ever  work  with  a  second  photographer?    How  experienced  are  the   second  photographers  you  hire?    What  type  of  photographs  do  you  ask  them  to   cover?    What  is  the  cost  for  a  second  photographer?  

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Do you  carry  backup  equipment?     What’s  your  cancellation  policy?    Do  you  require  a  deposit?    How  far  in  advance   must  we  book  your  services?   What  lab  do  you  use  (to  make  prints,  etc)?    How  archival  are  the  prints  you   create?     How  much  digital  retouching  do  you  perform?    Do  you  keep  the  original  RAW   files,  and  do  we  get  copies  of  the  original  files?    Do  you  charge  extra  for   retouching?     Do  you  post  our  photographs  online  in  a  password-­‐protected  gallery,  so  my   guests  can  view  the  photographs  and  order  their  own  copies?     Are  you  a  member  of  any  associations  or  groups  specific  to  the  industry?       Do  you  mind  if  guests  take  photographs  while  you  are  shooting?    How  do  you   handle  guests  that  are  uncooperative?   Have  you  ever  been  published  in  a  photography  journal  or  had  a  show?   What  are  your  criteria  for  choosing  what  to  photograph?    How  do  you  know  how   many  photographs  to  take  at  our  wedding?   What  time  do  you  arrive  to  set  up  your  equipment?    Do  you  provide  a  written   contract  and  guarantee?   Are  taxes  and  gratuity  included  in  the  price?    Are  there  additional  charges  not   mentioned  (i.e.  travel)?   Do  you  offer  discounts  for  off-­‐season  (winter),  weekday  or  Sunday  weddings?   Who  chooses  and  designs  the  wedding  album  and  the  photographs  that  appear   in  it?   What  information  do  you  need  from  me  before  the  wedding  date?    Do  you   require  us  to  attend  a  site  visit  to  the  ceremony/reception  venue?   Have  you  ever  worked  with  the  other  vendors  I’m  using?    Will  your   photographic  equipment  shoot  at  low  levels  of  light  without  a  flash?  What  events   will  you  cover?     What  do  you  love  most  about  shooting  weddings?    What  inspired  you  to  become   a  wedding  photographer?  

Questions to ask your wedding photographer  

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