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The Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Center

at the Center Restoring Women’s Appearance— and Confidence—After Breast Cancer For many women with breast cancer, having their breast reconstructed is an essential part of healing and feeling whole again. But too few women go into cancer surgery knowing what their reconstruction options are—and those who do are often overwhelmed by the many different procedures that are available. At The Weinberg Center, patients have access to the expertise of plastic surgeons in The Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Center as soon as they are diagnosed. The plastic surgeon is integrated as part of the treatment team, ensuring that each woman understands the full range of reconstruction options so she can choose the procedure and timing that make the most sense for her. This approach, along with our plastic surgeons’ use of advanced technology and microsurgical techniques, leads to outstanding results for women in our care. By supporting The Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Center, you can ensure our ability to continue raising the bar for breast reconstruction and remain a leader in this area. Supporting the Fund For more information or to discuss giving

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Source: American Society of Plastic Surgeons

Funding Opportunities The Fund for Excellence in Women’s Health & Medicine at Mercy actively seeks support for The Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Center to advance the areas listed below. Naming opportunities are available in some of these areas. The Mercy Health Foundation also can work with you to identify other opportunities that match your interests and goals.

Developing New Programs and Innovations The Center for Advanced Microvascular Breast Reconstruction – Support ongoing advancement in microvascular reconstruction techniques, which use patients’ own tissue to reconstruct the breast. This technology- and skill-intensive approach is available only in select medical centers. Fellowship Program – Provide physician-scientists with residencies that offer intensive clinical and research experience in reconstructive surgery. Fellows will be integrated as full members of the clinical team and assist with surgical procedures.

Advancing Technology, Transforming Spaces PEAK PlasmaBlade – Purchase a new tissue dissection system that represents an important advance in radiofrequency surgical technology, which is proven to produce better outcomes than traditional cutting tools. Advanced Equipment – Help to ensure that The Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Center can keep pace with the newest developments in surgical equipment and technology.

Caring for Women with Compassion Nurse Navigator – Provide patients and families with a nurse navigator who can serve as their resource and guide from diagnosis to follow-up, connecting them with services and empowering them to make informed decisions. Supportive Follow-Up Care – Design and implement an integrated chronic care program for patients who do not have the support of family and friends, but need assistance during their hospital stay and after discharge. Transportation Assistance – Assist patients from Maryland and beyond who otherwise could not afford to travel to Baltimore for specialty care in The Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Center. Financial Assistance for Patients with Lymphedema – Provide funding for support garments and other therapies needed by women who develop lymphedema, a fairly common side effect of breast cancer treatment.

Endowing Our Future, Ensuring Our Legacy The Mercy Health Foundation also seeks gifts to establish an endowment fund for The Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Center. The endowment will be invested to create a permanent stream of income that the Center can draw on each year to improve patient care and advance research and education.

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