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with three assortments

1 /2 OFF SHIPPING With Credit Card Payment (US only)



Real Questions From Our Customers Why can’t I see the wholesale pricing on your site?

You must create an account on the site to access the wholesale pricing. It only takes a minute, and we will walk you through the process if you like. Call 800-828-3870 9-5, Eastern Time. Are you only selling sets now? You’re looking at the retail side of the site. Create an account to access wholesale pricing. But I thought I had an account with you! You do, honey, but an account on the website is a different thing.

What is your minimum order?

The minimum opening order is $1 00, no minimum reorder. How many stones are in the assortment? There are 1 00 items in glass stone, river rock, and seabean assortments. Which credit cards do you accept? All of them. Are there UPC tickets on the stones? No. We can put a barcode on the back of the header card for reordering assortments. If you absolutely must have barcodes on the stones, please call so that we can come to a solution together. What’s in the assortment? For a listing of the individual titles in an assortment, please call us at 800-828-3870, or go to our website. You must create an account to see this information. Can I change the assortment? Of course! Choose individual titles from the order forms. There are no minimums per title. May I choose the colors? We would rather you didn’t unless you want a dozen or more of one title in a particular color. You can indicate a color family, like blues and greens– please call.

Are there any extra charges for certain stone colors?

Yes. Some colors of glass are considerably more expensive for us than others. If you want to do a custom order of the following colors, there is a 1 0% surcharge: Opal Red, Opal Yellow, Opal Orange, Opal Pink, Petal Pink, Yellow, Orange, and Ruby Red. Do you have a showroom I can visit? No. Our building is just for manufacturing and we don’t try to keep it very pretty (nor ourselves sometimes). And you might trip on a dog.

Where are your products made?

Everything is printed in Kingsport, TN. The blanks are made in the USA wherever possible. The glass blanks are made in Mexico and China. Seabeans are harvested from all over the world. Tagua nuts grow in South America. Can you do multicolor printing? Not yet. Maybe soon.

Can you print on both sides of the stone (or seabean or river rock)? Sorry, no. Can I order your products online? Yes, but you must create

an account to order at the wholesale level. What are your payment terms? If you send us a check with your order you get free freight. Any order of $1 00 or over (in the US) paid with a credit card gets half off ground shipping. Institutional accounts such as hospital gift shops get net 30 if they don’t want to take advantage of the freight savings. We do extend net 30 terms to some customers but we will check your payment history with our credit cooperative. You must also make a personal promise to us that you pay your bills on time.

When will my order ship? Your order will ship the same or next day of order on in-stock items. Custom work rarely takes more than a couple of days after artwork approval. Custom engraving on tagua nuts could take additional time. Orders of 5,000 stones or more will take additional time to process. What is your return policy? If we make a mistake, we will do whatever it takes to make it right. If you've changed your mind or made a mistake, you can ship back the merchandise at your expense and exchange for other merchandise within 30 days of the original order. Please call us first, and be sure to wrap the stones the way they came to you. For capricious refusals, there is a 20% restocking fee.

Will my sales rep get credit if I order direct?

Yes. All customers are coded with a rep or source of origin. If you have a rep, he or she automatically gets credit for your order.

Will you drop ship?

Yes, but only with a minimum $50 order and very specific instructions, as we don’t tend to do it very often.

Do you etch your gems/rocks or print them?

We print everything except the engraved tagua nuts. How do you do that? That's a trade secret.

I want to order three custom stones, can I do that?

No. The minimum order on custom stones is 1 00 per design.

Why are my river rocks all different sizes?

Because river rocks are a natural product, they vary in size.

What's the minimum order for American Made glass items? There is no minimum order for our West-Virginia made glass.

Can I get my (insert West Virginia glass item) in a specific color? No, but we'll tell you what we have in stock. I don’t like FedEx, can you ship my preferred way? We can also ship UPS and the U.S. Postal Service.

Can you make sure all of my stones look a certain way?

If you mean the design or the ink, yes. The stones themselves, however, we have little control over. We don’t produce them ourselves, we order them, and the shape and color tend to vary.

Why are you giving me too much green in my assortment?

We aren’t giving you any specific colors on purpose. If what you get is really unreasonable, call us and we’ll fix it.

You always sound like you’re having a good time when I call, is this an act? No, it really is fun to work here! Will the image come off the stone? Not with reasonable use. If you go scratching at it with your keys for awhile, the designs will come off. Within the confines of normal use they should be fine. Just don’t stick them in the same pocket as your change and keys. If a problem arises, please call us. We will fix it. How long have you been doing this? Since Oct. 27, 1 990. Is your glass recycled? There is some pre-consumer recycling involved in the process. Can you ship internationally? Yes, of course, with credit card payment and explicit instructions on how to ship.

Easy Order Page Occasionally we hear that we have too many styles and it's to hard to make decisions with so many choices. The easiest way to order is to choose one assortment (or three if you'd like the free wrought iron displayer) and then call us at 800-828-3870. No order forms to fill out. Here are our best sellers, each assortment contains 1 00 stones and costs

Best Selling Assortment

The very best sellers over almost all categories.

Focus Stone Assortment

Single words. Easiest to read and very popular.

Beach Stones

The Mermaid's Message

Our most successful introduction ever.


Irish The Three Plate Displayer FREE!

With your first order of three assortments.

Scripture Stones

A staple for Christian bookstores.

The Classics

The Best Selling Assortment of Glass Stones

Hospital Gift Shop Assortment We determine our hospital gift shop assortment by what buyers select when they order by style. There are 25 titles, appealing both to visitors and staff. 1 00 stones Free display.

Twenty-five of the bestsellers from the Focus, Wisdom and Love categories are in this assortment. It's an easy place to start with our products. 1 00 stones

Angel Stones

1 00 stones, $1 00. Ten styles.

Focus Stones

These are our single-word stones, always a strong seller. We have about 1 25 focus words, the 25 bestsellers are included here. 1 00 stones, with basket and header display.

Wisdom Stone Assortment

This assortment includes twenty-five of the most popular quotes from famous and not-so-famous people, and many other sayings. Your first assortment contains 1 00 stones and a free basket and header, which can always be replaced upon request.

Going Deeper

Mind, Body, Spirit Assortment

Encouragement Assortment The message here is "Everything is going to be all right." A thoughtful gift for those encountering challenges, large or small. Twenty sayings on 1 00 stones, with display.

Affirmation Stones

Formerly known as our New Age Assortment, these stones have words and pictures representing the mystical aspects of our lives. Free basket and header display.

1 00 stones 25 styles.

Destiny Stones

These fun stones started out as "Fortune Stones", wrapped in tissue and sold in a takeout box. They didn't retail well like that and thus, became Destiny Stones. 1 00 stones, with basket and header display.

Inspiration Stones

"You can do it!" is the message behind this assortment, providing motivation for everything to finishing a degree or maybe a bad case of writer's block. Twenty inspiring messages are included here. 1 00 stones, with basket and header display.


“Our order arrived quickly and it was exactly to our specifications, which were quite a few. I’m impressed! Thank you. ”

-The Mustard Seed

Recovery Stones

We here at Lifeforce Glass have supported the recovery community for many, many years. As a result we have a lot of sayings from 1 2-step programs. The recovery assortment has 36 different words and phrases. 1 00 stones, with basket and header display.

Recovery Anniversary Stones

Recovery Granite Blocks

The granite we use for these beautiful blocks is reclaimed from countertop installations. They are 3" square, very hefty, almost 1 lb., and come with an attractive window box.

We have numbers in triangle and diamonds to mark the years in recovery. We also have 30, 60 and 90 day stones to mark those early milestones. 1 00 stones, with basket and header display. You will receive about 65% more triangles than diamonds if you order the assortment. You can order by style as well, see the recovery order form.


Love Stones

Valentine Stones

This charming assortment of glass stones has sayings for people in all kinds of loving relationships, not just romantic. They're for families and friends as well. 1 00 stones.

One of our most popular assortments, with lots of different valentine sayings. All red, purple, lilac, pink and white. Display included, 1 00 stones.

Connection Hearts

Two little glass hearts surround a sweet statement reminding loved ones of their connection to one another.

Mothers' Day Assortment

Twenty ways to tell Mom that she's loved. Sayings like "I am so happy that you are my mother" are printed on stones of calming colors. Display of 1 00 stones and basket and header.

Six Ways To Say I Love You

Available as an assortment or you may order by style. We can include these in your Valentine assortment if you like.

Gem Shorts Sometimes we meet retailers that are nervous about buying our glass stones because they feel they are too easy to steal. In order to overcome this objection, we mounted our glass stones on recycled matboard, shrink-wrapped them and hung them on a wire displayer. There are six styles, and you get 1 2 of each. The displayer is FREE. Later, you may order any quantity of any style.In this format, our glass stones are easy to barcode and maybe a little less easy to steal.

Gem Shorts for Love

perfect for Valentine’s Day but will sell through any time of the year. Get two loving messages in one gift! 72 pieces with display

Gem Shorts for Mom

For Mothers' Day or every day. Two messages in one gift! Six styles. 72 pieces with display:

Custom Gem Shorts

Limited only by your imagination.

Scripture Shorts

A scripture verse surrounds a glass stone with a picture of an angel, cross, Christian fish symbol, lighthouse, dove, or the word Faith.

River Rocks

Focus River Rocks

Single word rocks, sizes are from 1 .5" to 2" in diameter. 26 different words. They range from semi-polished to highly polished, and come in various shades of grey. 1 00 rocks.

Chinese Character River Rocks

Single word rocks, sizes are from 1 .5" to 2" in diameter. 24 different characters with their English translations. Colors range from off-white to black. They range from semi-polished to highly polished. 1 00 rocks.

Prayer Rocks

Wisdom River Rocks

Phrases and quotes on river rocks, 1 .5" to 2" in diameter. 1 9 styles. They range from semi-polished to highly polished, and come in various shades of grey.

are 2 to 2½" river rocks imprinted with the phrase “I’m Praying For You.” They include an earth-tone pouch and an instruction card. The premise of the Prayer Rock is that the purchaser prays for someone in need while holding the rock. The recipient feels comforted by the rock, knowing that prayer has been said for them. When the original recipient’s issue has been resolved, he or she prays for someone else and passes it on. Also available: Children’s Prayer Rocks and Thinking of You Rocks.

American Handmade Glass We are proud to carry these heirloom pieces produced by friends in West Virginia. Each piece is made by hand.

Witch Balls Dreamcatcher Orbs

3" in diameter. These ornaments have three columns inside of them to catch either bad dreams or evil spells. We can label them either way.

Dew Drops

You can offer your customers art a very low cost. Each is unique. About 2" high.


These pouches can hold from one to four glass stones. They are 3� x 4� and come in packages of ten. Colors available: White, Copper, Royal Blue, Royal Purple, Hunter Green, Moss Green, Ivory, Burgundy, Pink, Light Blue, Bright Red, Yellow, Gold, Lavender, and Silver.

Friendship Balls

3" in diameter. Each ball is one-of-a-kind.

Granite Blocks

Tagua Nuts

Tog Toys


Amazing Sea The Original Beans are seeds of the Phrases and quotes about nature Amazing Seabeans Monkey Ladder vine, which grows in and pictures of animals are equatorial countries. It has the world's 25 words and phrases. Basket printed on seabeans. The and header display with 1 00 assortment includes a display largest seed pod. The seeds fall out of the pod information cards. 1 00 onto the forest floor. They are washed into with information cards. 1 00 seabeans. streams, and out to sea. Because they float, the seabeans. Amazing Sea Beans can travel for thousands of miles. Eventually they wash up on beaches, where they are gathered by families who sell them to help support themselves. We love Amazing Sea Beans because harvesting them does not harm the environment. They are not a food source for people or animals. They are pretty and they feel great in your hand. They average 1 .75� in diameter.

Love the Earth Seabeans

Marine Animal Seabeans

Pictures of crabs, seahorses, dolphins, sharks, starfish, angel fish and sea turtles are printed on environmentally-friendly seabeans. Order by assortment or by style. Display with information cards included.

Animal Totem Seabeans

Ten animals are pictured, surrounded by their respective qualities, according to aboriginal wisdom. 1 00 seabeans (1 0 of each totem animal) and display with information cards included.


Chinese Character Assortment

The elegance of Chinese characters are combined with their English translations. 1 8 styles. 1 00 stones, with basket and header display.

Personal Expression



Based on gemstone lore, we have assigned traditional qualities to each month's color. Eight of each month plus 4 to make 1 00. with basket and header display.

Holiday Stones

We have most holidays covered. The stones are $1 each, available by style or assortment.

Irish Stones

Twenty-two sayings and pictures are in this assortment. 1 00 stones with basket and header display.

Zodiac Stones

All twelve signs are here. A perpetually popular assortment. 1 00 stones with basket and header display.

New Thought is a spiritual movement which began in the late 1 9th century. Congregants of New Thought churches believe that God dwells within each person. Denominations within the American New Thought movement are Unity, Centers for Spiritual Living, and Church of Divine Science.

Unity Twelve Power Stones

Based on Charles Fillmore's 1 2 Powers of Man, each quality corresponds to a specific color. 1 44 stones, (1 2 of the 1 2) with basket display.

We Have Spanish Twelve Power Stones, Too!

1 44 stones, (1 2 of the 1 2) with basket display. “The Unity Village Bookstore would like to let you know that you and your products are a blessing in our lives. Thank you for the inspiration you share with the world.” -Unity Village Bookstore

“People just love getting these little stones!” D. Guthrie, Unity of Pittsburgh

Prayer For Protection Granite Block Boxed

Unity Assortment- Quotes From Charles and Myrtle Fillmore

Ernest Holmes Assortment

The founder of the Religious Science movement, Twenty quotes from the founders of Unity. 1 00 stones, now known as Centers for Spiritual Living, was (and still is) a beloved teacher. We've captured 1 3 of his with basket and header display. sayings on glass stones. 1 00 stones, with basket and header display.

Religious Gifts

Scripture Stones

The verses for our Scripture Stones were selected by popularity and brevity, and imprinted on glass stones. The best selling Bible verses are in our Scripture Stone assortment, there are 25 different verses. Your first order of Scripture Stones comes with a basket and header display. 1 00 stones

The Christian Bookstore Assortment of Glass Stones

This assortment contains 50 scripture stones and 50 sayings and pictures that are appropriate for your customers. Included are the words Grace, Faith, Hope, Peace, among others, the Christian Fish symbol and a cross. Basket and header display included. 1 00 stones.

The Glow of Faith Replica Sea Glass Stones

These lovely glass stones are frosted so that they look just like sea glass. There are five of our most popular scripture verses, plus words and pictures that work for Christian bookstores. The glass fish dish display is included with your first order. 1 00 stones,

Written on Stone Granite Blocks

The granite we use for these beautiful blocks is reclaimed from countertop installations. They are 3" square, very hefty, almost 1 lb., and come with an attractive window box.

Religious Gifts

Scripture River Rocks All scripture, 25 verses. Assortment of 1 00

Christian Store River Rocks Scripture verses plus other, appropriate titles. Assortment of 1 00

Blessed Sea Beans Scripture verses plus other, appropriate titles. Assortment of 1 00

The Fruits of the Spirit Collection of Glass Stones

Assortment of 1 00, $1 00 "But the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control..." Galatians 5:22 We have all nine in this popular assortment.

Judaica Stones

Assortment of 1 00

If your customers feel that as Christians, they have an obligation to take care of the earth, they are going to love Blessed Sea Beans. They are the seeds of the Monkey Ladder vine, which grows in equatorial countries. Harvesting Blessed Sea Beans does not harm the environment. They are pretty and they feel great in your hand. They average 1 .75� in diameter. The assortment includes scripture verses and other, appropriate pictures and phrases.

Lucky Stones


Geocaching Stones

Attitude Stones

Fun Puns

Worry Beans

Custom Work We can put your logo or message on any of our imprinted products. There is no plate or set-up charge, and minimums are only 1 00 pieces for glass stones, river rocks and seabeans, and 20 for Reclaimed Granite Blocks and Engraved Tagua Nuts. We will help you with your artwork, but we can’t draw. A few simple instructions: line art works best, and bold lines make the best images. Photographs will not work. Four color artwork must be converted to one color. We can fit a surprising amount on our items, but the more you want printed, the smaller the type is going to be. We can’t use copyrighted artwork if you don’t own the copyright. We can only do one color artwork, and we don’t guarantee exact color matching.

Glass Stones Granite Blocks Glass Stone Magnets

River Rocks Gem Shorts

You may choose one or more colors of glass stones or indicate that you would like assorted colors. We like silver ink for quality and durability on darker colored stones and river rocks.

Volume Discount Schedule

Boxed Sets

Beach/ Spa

The Mermaid's Message

These frosted glass stones look just like seaglass! Our top twelve single words are in the assortment. Additional sealife pictures and phrases are available, too. A fabulous fish dish display is included.

! 5 1 0 2 r o f w e N

Beach Stones

Whether your store is at the beach or your customers WISH they were at the beach, you will sell lots of these marine-colors beach stones. Lots of fun titles pertaining to life at the beach.

Festival Glass

Did you play with marbles as a kid? This is the same kind of glass used for marbles. We printed twelve of our best-selling single words on these beautiful stones, added a heart and our philosophy for life: Be Kind. If everyone was kind to each other, the world would be a very different

kind of place. It's Lifeforce Glass's 25th anniversary in October, so we're allowed to spread our philosophy around a little. The Festival Glass assortment includes a beautiful glass 1 4" dish and 1 00 stones. Be the first to offer this in your area!

Lifeforceglass pdf catalog  

This is the wholesale catalog of Lifeforce Glass, purveyor of inspirational merchandise serving all retailers. The prices have been removed,...

Lifeforceglass pdf catalog  

This is the wholesale catalog of Lifeforce Glass, purveyor of inspirational merchandise serving all retailers. The prices have been removed,...