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SEO: What you should really measure? SEO (Search Engine Optimization) was never so much important in website promotion as it is today. Though there have been many changes in the ways the SEO executives used to perform the optimization tasks but now the things have stabilized and there have been few proved techniques which every SEO follows for definite growth of ranking. However the how the SEO process start and how the final metrics of result is acquired has undergone many changes. With advanced analytical tools and platforms, the ways SEO optimizes its efforts has changed significantly. Here are the few points how one should measure success of its SEO campaign.

Consider ‘Value’ while measuring SEO efforts Generally while measuring the success ratio of the activities that SEO team has undertaken the things which are considered are: • • • • •

Visits from search engines How many pages receive visits from these search engines Useful keywords Backlink analysis Link position

Now for more profound results one should consider: • • • • •

Value of pages on which links landed Number of keywords that converted to useful traffic Influence of the website The content on the webpages Social Marketing effect

This will give effective results on which the SEO can really count on.

Present Proactive results to the customers There are hundreds of SEO firms which work very hard to get traffic for their customer’s website. But what would give an edge to your being in that same list of SEO firms? It’s how you present the results of your activities to your client. Normally following are the points any SEO would present: • •

Loss or gain of rankings Traffic level analysis

Lower conversion ratios

Instead of this one should be proactive while presenting the analysis to the clients. Being proactive doesn’t mean hiding any real data. It just means changing the way you present it. • • • •

Show rankings relative to competitors Influenced metrics and future value Action based metrics Analytics based on Google Webmaster tools

Show your client THE FUTURE With the advanced tools available for SEO and its activities, forecasting is not difficult. If you analyze the whole project and present the forecasts to the client, it always helps the clients to gain confidence in the work you are going to do. So always: •

Present rankings with future’s forecasted rankings too.

Use organic traffic data just like you would for PPC campaign

Understand the role of Social Media Image Courtesy: Econsultancy

The role of social media in SEO is very important and that is nothing new. The image above however explains in very short and sweet manner why every SEO should pay serious attention on Social Media. With a single click on an ad by a single user, numerous users connected with that user are made aware about the ad and in turn about the service you are advertising.

All the above mentioned activities would prove pivotal in any SEO activity. Finding such an SEO Professional who provides such complete and advanced analytics to the clients is not such a difficult task. One should just know where and how to look. SEO consultant in India provides all these advanced analysis along with highly appreciative SEO services. About the author: Smartkathy has been in the field of SEO services and marketing since last 6 years. She leads a team of SEO Professionals having an impressive clientele.

SEO: What you should really measure?  

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) was never so much important in website promotion as it is today.

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