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Apple Pay: How it works?

The payment industry has witnessed many ups and downs since its inception. It has undergone many changes and now, it has become so ‘technological’, that now there is no need for users to do any kind of hard work, they can simply make payment with the number of apps and one such app is Apple Pay, which is a savior for all the iPhone users. Since, Apple Pay came into existence it has been providing payment solutions to all the Apple users. The best way to support Apple Pay is the EU Pays, which helps in executing frictionless credit card payments. It has eliminated the need to insert the details manually. The customers can easily initiate the payment with Touch ID. EU Pays is a high-risk payment gateway provider, which offers various methods to accept payment, it includes Apple Pay, through which users can make payment through their Touch ID. This new era technology uses the user’s fingerprints for verification. This means that only those people can use this app, whose fingerprints are registered on that particular iPhone, no one else can do that. So, it is absolutely secured.

EU Pays is also one of the most user friendly payment gateway as the customers can make payment for anything and everything that they want to buy. They can even make payment for the physical goods, services, tickets, or for anything with one touch only. Do you think there is anything else that you could have asked for? Apple Pay can easily work with Visa Cards, Master Cards, American Express Cards, China Union Pay Cards and mostly, all other payment providers. For those people who are living in the United States, it also works with Discover Cards. It also uses Interac Cards for those who are living in Canada. As per the guidelines of Apple Inc., you need to have a contactless payment-capable Point of Sale (POS) terminal in app store. If you are associated with EU Pays then you need not to worry much about the same as we already offer the same with our dedicated high risk merchant account. All you need to do is acknowledge us that you wish to accept payments via Apple Pay. With the help of this, the process of making payment would become easier. If you are under this impression that your customers will have to pay some amount to Apple Pay for any of the major card networks including Visa Card, Master Card, American or Interac for that matter, then you are certainly wrong. The customers or users will not have to pay anything for using these networks. If you have a physical store then you can install Bluetooth Beacons for accepting payments. Apple Pay is the easiest and the safest payment method for online merchants and their customers, as they can make payment with a single click and without actually wasting much precious time. Apply now to get dedicated high risk merchant account to accept online payments globally. We hope that you find this article worth reading! If yes, then please do visit our blog section for more such articles!

Apple pay how it works  
Apple pay how it works  

The payment industry has witnessed many ups and downs since its inception. It has undergone many changes and now, it has become so ‘technolo...