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Kristina Ramos Professor Dutill Comm 110 Case Study #2

‘‘I have heard this sentence completed in numerous, sometimes bizarre, ways, from ‘because sexism is just as bad as racism,’ to ‘because I watch The Cosby Show,’ to ‘because I’m also a member of a minority group. I’m Jewish…Italian…overweight…’ Similar experiences should not be confused with the same experience; my experience of prejudice is erased when you identify it as “the same” as yours.’”

This quotation hits home with me. Especially the part when she says, “similar experiences should not be confused with the same experience.” I agree that people shouldn’t completely claim total understanding of someone’s situation. For example, I was raised with by my step father (who is as awesome and loving as any other kind of father should be) and never really knew my real father. It bothers me when people say, “I know just how you feel, Kristina. Growing up, I wish my father was there more. He lived with us, but it’s like he wasn’t really there.” They can’t completely understand what I went through because they had their biological father around. Just because he wasn’t emotionally there doesn’t mean he wasn’t there at all- like my father. So this statement made me feel like for once, someone understood that no one should say they completely understand unless they have been in that exact similar situation.

I think that, yes, it is possible for a person to relate or to listen to what another person’s situation is, without diminishing them. In my situation, if someone came to me and instead said, “Yea, I can relate somewhat with the way you felt not having that emotional support from your father. My father was there physically, but he didn’t really love us emotionally like a father should have”, I wouldn’t be so bothered. I would understand that they are not saying they didn’t have their father around. They are just agreeing that not having that emotional support was hurtful. It would also bring me comfort in knowing that there is someone I can relate to in this topic.

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Case Study #2

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