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THE SELF-SUFFICIENT CITY to minimize the footprint of the poeple

Bergen 1506km

Stavanger 817km

Kristiansand 817km Porsgrunn 537km Drammen 652km Tonsberg 598km Fredrikstad 592km


Oslo 496km

1149km Tromso

Goodsflow in and out of Trondheim

Boat In:transport 310 to

Out: 430 to In: 295cars Out: 387cars NOTH

E6 EAST T In: 44cars Out: 23cars


Nordland Line e E6 715


WEST In: 30cars Out: 60cars

Trelleborg Malmö Helsingborg Halmstad Gothenburg Svinesund Sarpsborg Moss


Oslo Dovre Line

CO² output of different tronsportion per to/km


Hamar Lillehammer Dombås Oppdal Melhus

TRANSIT to north: 440car to south: 40cars to west: 20 cars to north: 888 to to south: 654 to

Stjørdal Steinkjer Grong Mosjøen Mo i Rana Saltdal Fauske Hamarøy Skarberget Narvik Setermoen Nordkjosbotn Skibotn Alta Olderfjord Lakselv Karasjok Varangerbotn

Kirkenes SOUTH In: 1525 to Out: 995 to In: 780cars Out: 340cars Car transportation Train Transportation Ship transportation

The total goods flow in and out of Trondheim, over a period of 15 years, and assuming an average annual growth of 3%

Development harbour Freight traffic 1992-2008


Lysekil Gรถteborg Aberdeen

Halmstad Grenaa Esbjerg



Swinoujscie Bremerhafen Hamburg Amsterdam Rotterdam Duisburg

Future logistikknutepunkt

Trondheim Maritime Senter

Brattøra pier large building forest river fjord


antiquarian value special high antiquarian value high antiquarian value

conservation area

other construction future offices Industry currently

The municipal bus company operates 29 ordinary bus routes and 8 direct peak hour services connecting large housing and work place locations. During peak periods a maximum of 165 buses are in operation, out of a total fleet of 200. Around 8 million vehicle-km are produced during a year.

Trondheim is an environmental friendly city that promotes cycling. It has a public bike project were you can rent bikes. 18% of the population of Trondheim is using their bike as a daily means if transport to work or school. Norway aims to raise bicycle traffic to at least 8% of all travel by 2015.


Public Transport

The St. Olav Ways consists of a network of more than 5000 km in Scandinavia that interconnects many places related to St. Olav.

St Mary's Church Ruins

Hollow Way

Ullernsaker Church

Gjallar Bridge

Trondheim Group I  
Trondheim Group I  

Design process of the studio Trondheim at the Sint Lucas in Gent