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CAMP + KING Sutter Home Wines

The Conversation Around Sutter Home I’m Partying Tonight!!

I’ve Found a Good Wine!

I’ve earned some “Me Time”

Cheap Wine is Beneath Me

Drinking and Discovering While there are those who want to distance themselves from “cheap wine”, people generally like Sutter Home. • Sutter Home is a favorite of new wine drinkers, and those with non-discerning palates. • Announcements of finding a sweet new wine and partying are dominating the conversation.


Why People Buy Sutter Home Cheap, Tasty and Great with Everything Sutter Home is inexpensive and delicious. It’s is also great for parties because it is mixes well in cocktails and pairs well with many different foods.

NFL FOOTBALL FOOD! So it’s THAT kind of Partyyy!!! Fine Wine and other ones too! YUM I’ve got to try these…. Yummylicious Spirits & Libations!! Celebrate Always!!! Sometimes you gotta get your drink on! I stole this from a Funny or Die with Will Ferrel and little cutie named Pearl. But it is true and this is a compilation of drinkies.

Sutter Home Build a Better Burger Contest. My ideal backyard BBQ Yummy

Will this get me drunk??? I hope :) Girl’s Night In: 3oz Sutter Home Moscato, 1oz Vanilla vodka, 1oz. Strawberry soda.


How People Feel About Sutter Home The Novelty of Discovery and A Way to Relax When people find a new wine or start drinking for the first time, they want to tell everyone. People also drink Sutter Home to relax. Relaxation means different things to different people. To some, relaxing means partying and blowing off steam, to others, it means me-time, relaxing in the bath or in-front of the TV.

Just a little pick me up ! wine down the day The Perfect Evening


Embracing the New Wine Drinker – Zigging When Other’s Zag The opportunity for Sutter Home lies in behaving entirely un-wine-like, and amplifying the naturally occurring conversation. Typical Wine

Sutter Home


The (New) Essence of Sutter Home

Unapologetic Sutter Home is the wine for people who aren’t sorry. It’s for people who are young, having fun and proud of it. You only live once! They are going to parties, bars and sipping on cocktails. They are getting home from work, eating ice cream for dinner and having a 3 hour Girls marathon. Sutter Home is for people who know what they like and don’t apologize. It may not be for the wine snob, but who cares it’s delicious.


Sutter Home Wine social listening  

A presentation of findings from social listening around Sutter Home Wine.

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