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Noviembre 2012

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From small developed a taste for the fine arts and art in general. Determined to focus its future in a creative field, studied fashion design in the European Institute Design. When he finished his studies he went to live Fashion New York. He worked for the painter Paul Balmer and studied drawing and painting at the School of Painting the Art Students League of New York for a year. When he returned to Madrid began working with the clothing company La Casita de Wendy, which is already part of the creative team for over five years, also developed many of the patterns that characterize the brand. He has worked as an illustrator in various fanzines and some of his works have been exhibited in galleries independent. Also, occasionally, you can find by clicking on many of the most Indies Madrid and exclusive parties. How did your career? From small caught my attention handicrafts and since then I decided to be my future career. I like what you do? Sure, I'm happy and I love what I do. In fashion, you specialize in? My area is the design.

Apart from designing, what else do you do? I like to draw much. You have many friends? Not really, but I partied my friends are scarce, but I have known enough. In area sentimental, how are you? Well I guess I'm not much of walking with couple’s best complement me alone, but I do not lack suitors. Think of marrying? Truth never thinks because it did not take importance but I would like to marry Perhaps at some future time well. You love animals? If I love, most of my drawings are oriented in any particular animal. You feel comfortable in this interview? Well thank you very much for sharing this little bit with me is very grateful and follow my blog. Thus ends the interview with a beautiful and intelligent woman, Greetings readers and see you in another edition, bye.

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