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Brand Overview



Brewi n ng Ma

any mp co

Mount ai

The Mountain Man Beer Company was founded in 1925 by Guntar Prangel. In the decades that followed, Mountain Man grew, so that by the 1960’s, Mountain Man was a well-known brand throughout the East Central region of the United States, leveraging its history and its status as an independent, family-owned brewery to create an aura of quality and authenticity. This traditional, regional brewery has cultivated its brand loyalty by sticking to its core customer base, offering to them an attractive, authentic, highquality product with a unique taste at a great price. Chris Prangel, the grandson of Mountain Man’s founder, has returned from earning his MBA and is now in line to inherit the family business. With the aid from his father and other key members in the organization, he must decide the best direction for the future of the company based on the current market conditions.

Traditional Lager

Current users The brand targets blue-collar, middle to lower income men over the age of 45. The target market is fully aware of the brand, since it is popular among working-class males in the East Central region. Due to changes in beer drinker’s preferences, Chris wants to launch Mountain Man Light to attract younger drinkers looking for a lighter, more healthful option.

Purchase Cycle The majority of blue-collar males buy their beers at off-premise locations such as liquor stores or supermarkets, which is why Mountain Man sells 70% of its beer at these venues.


competitive sales Since 2001-2005, US per capita beer consumption declined by 2.3%. Of total U.S. beer sales, 18.3% took place in the East Central Region. Changes in beer consumption were driven primarily by changes in consumer segment and not by the economic downturns. The consumer segment ‘first time drinker demographic’ (age 21-27) represents 13% of the adult population in 2005, but accounts for ____% of total sales.

competitive media Major producers have larger budgets and therefore are able to spend more money on marketing and advertising. Second-tier companies followed the same product and marketing strategy as the major domestic producers, but lacked the financial and marketing resources to promote their brands as aggressively.

competitive positioning MMBC held the top market position among lagers in West Virginia for almost 50 years and had respectable market share for a traditional, regional brewery in most of the states where the beer was distributed. MMBC is different from its competitors because of its history, its status as an independent, non-corporate and family owned regional based brewery giving it the originality desired by its core consumers. The competition in the beer market is divided into four different categories. Major and second-tier domestic producers, import beer companies, and specialty brewers. The Major domestic producers like Anheuser Busch, Miller Brewing Company and Adolf Coors Company, account for 74% of the market in Mountain Man’s region. The second tier domestic producers hold 12.5% share, import beer companies have a 12% share and the craft beer industry owns the rest. Mountain Man Brewers are a second tier company.



Media Strategy The traditional media campaign for Mountain Man Bold, consisting of radio, print and TV advertisements, will be directed at the East Central region (Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia, Wisconsin) because Mountain Man’s core audience and distribution outlets are located in this area. The narrow focus of this strategy will help to build the market for Mountain Man Bold in a geographic area already familiar with the brand. The digital and promotional aspects of the campaign, however, will be less geographically restricted. The digital campaign (such as contests, sweepstakes, iPhone applications, facebook promotions,) will not be limited to any specific region, in this way encouraging word-of-mouth response and brand familiarity. Promotional events (such as concerts, a sponsored road trip, film festivals and cook-offs) will stimulate demand for Mountain Man Bold in places that have not yet been penetrated by the brand’s established distribution channels. The goal of these promotions is to grow sufficient brand familiarity and demand in other urban cities that the future expansion of distribution outlets will be easier.

Media plan


creative platform Business ProBlem/oPPortunity Due to changes in beer drinkers’ preferences, the company is now experiencing declining sales for the first time in its history. For this reason, the company wants to launch Mountain Man Light, a “light beer” formulation of Mountain Man Lager, with the aim of attracting younger drinkers to the brand. Over the previous six years, light beer sales in the U.S. has been growing at a compound annual rate of 4%, while traditional premium beer sales have declined annually by the same percentage.

ProBlem the Advertising must solve The agency must find a way to preserve the brand loyalty of MMBC’s existing consumers while also gaining new consumers of the light formula. Chris Prangle is encountering resistance from MMBC management team, including his father, the president and owner, who feel that brand equity is a key asset for Mountain Man Brewing Company. The question is whether Mountain Man Light will enhance. erode, or irreversibly damage the brand. Whatever the outcome, it is sure that Chris’s decision will have dramatic implications for the brand, the company, and his family.

Advertising oBjectives Advertising will bring MMBC to the attention of younger drinkers who spend the most money on alcoholic beverages. Building brand loyalty at a younger age will help Mountain Man maintain these consumers far into the future.

tArget Audience The target audience is males and females, ages 21-27, and posses a high school diploma or higher. These consumers are not loyal to any beer brand and make their purchasing decisions based on taste and price. They usually purchase beer at liquor stores, convenience stores, supermarkets or bars.

PrinciPle comPetition Our main competitors are major domestic producers such as Anheuser Busch, Miller Brewing Company, and Coors Company, which accounted for 74% of beer shipments in Mountain Man’s region in 2005. Second-tier domestic producers such as Pabst Brewing Company and Genessee accounted for 12.5% of beer shipments in the East Central region in 2005. Import beer companies are also competitors, but less of a factor because they face their own disadvantages like higher shipping costs, weaker distribution networks, and reduced profit margins. However, import beer companies controlled about 12% of the Eastern Central region’s market. Lastly, due to the small scale of their production, the craft beer industry controlled 1.5% of the region’s market.

Promise Mountain Man is for independent, adventurous beer drinkers, who care about their health but don’t want to compromise their values or taste. With Mountain Man Bold, they don’t have to; Bold delivers more alcohol with fewer calories, all with the same great taste of Mountain Man Original.


suPPort This message in this promise is consistent with the values central to the Mountain Man brand, but will connect with the key consumer demographic of younger drinkers, age 21-27, by expressing anti-big business values and by rejecting the conventional approach to light beer marketing. With “Bold,” we seek to position our product as the alternative light beer, for those who care about health but don’t want to compromise on the values that matter most to them--individuality, integrity, authenticity and independence. We will convey this promise through the use of print, radio, and film ads, as well as through the use of a grass-roots promotional campaign and a social-media based digital campaign.

tone And mAnner The Mountain Man Bold campaign will fashion itself as a lifestyle brand, emphasizing the core qualities of independence, authenticity, and integrity. Because we know our customers don’t like to be told what to do, or what to drink, we will stress imagery over body copy, conveying freedom and youthfulness through our graphic message.

net imPression In the end, we want consumers to feel like individuals who have their own preferences and don’t conform to societal or capitalistic pressures. They are independent individuals who make their own choices, and opt to drink Mountain Man Bold because it respects their right to choose, and satisfies their need for a high-quality, good tasting light beer.

digital ad


print ads

This is the first style of ad, where we introduce the brand as more than a light beer. In Phase I, we position Mountain Man Bold as a light beer for individual thinkers. In Phase II (on the next page), we expand the “Live Bold” concept to other aspects of our target’s style in order to represent Mountain Man Bold as more of a lifestyle.




television ad




:30 Radio Ad - “Gotta be the bold”

DOORBELL RInGS. 1st mAle voice: “Hey dude, come on in!” 2nd mAle voice: “Thanks man. I brought you some Bold” 1st mAle yells with ABAndon, “woohhooooo!! yeAh!” then Proceeds to mAke gutturAl whooPing sounds, with AccomPAnying chest thumPing, followed By sounds of running As the yells retreAt into the distAnce. distAnt sPlAsh, As if from A cAnnonBAll into the Pool. femAle voice: “Hey Kyle. What’s going on?” 2nd mAle : “I dunno, must be the Bold.” femAle reActs : “Woohooo! Ow-owww! Woo-weee!” ACCOMPAnIED By RUnnInG SOUnDS, FOLLOWED CLOSELy By A DISTAnT SPLASH. 2nd mAle: “yup, gotta be the Bold.” older, mAnly voiceover: “Introducing new Mountain Man Bold. With 6% alcohol by volume and only 96 calories, it’s the alternative light beer, giving you all the flavor of Mountain Man Original, with only half the calories. Don’t compromise on taste. Don’t just live light; live Bold, with Mountain Man Bold.”


MARKETING STRATEGY Product The brand extension of Mountain Man Lager will be named Mountain Man Bold. Although the title Mountain Man Light might be more descriptive, it may also alienate the existing Mountain Man customers, many of which have a negative perception of “light” beer. The term “bold” will resonate with a younger demographic, while remaining consistent with Mountain Man Brewing Company’s core values. The labels of Mountain Man Bold will follow the established aesthetic impact of the labels of Mountain Man Lager, to remain authentic, but will feature the word BOLD in blue.

Price Mountain Man Bold will be priced the same as Mountain Man Lager.

PlAce Mountain Man Bold’s distribution plan will distribute equally to liquor stores, supermarkets, and convenience stores. Mountain Man wants to distribute in local bars as well to better reach their target segment. A presence in bars will also increase their exposure to that segment as well as emphasize the lifestyle of the brand.

Promotion Promotion of Mountain Man Bold will be a key element of the marketing campaign. Mountain Man will work with local (East Central region) bars to sponsor events such as college football/basketball/hockey game parties, Battle of the Bands events, and will partner with Oscar Myer to sponsor cookouts and concerts in the summertime. These events will encourage a positive brand image and build brand familiarity with the targeted youth demographic Additionally there will be a Mountain Man Bold road trip in which a carefully selected group of men and women around the age of 24 will travel first around the East Central regional towns, then to larger more urban cities, such as new york, Austin, Chicago and Portland, before ending in Los Angeles. The road trip will correspond with Mountain Man events, advertised locally in advance that the cast will promote and introduce. The group would document their travels, uploading webisodes to the Mountain Man website and their youtube channel. The webisodes will concentrate on the interesting cast that embodies the target market and the spirit of the campaign, the people they meet, and also the Mountain Man Bold sponsored events in the cities that they visit, and encourage viewer submissions of similar material.


DIGITAL STRATEGY sAles Promotion The goal for Mountain Man Bold is to target younger, urban people who like to go out but are individual thinkers. However, we also want Mountain Man Bold to be sold on tap at bars across America. For this, we will do a tour bus promotion across the United States. Aside from hosting tasting events in the rural US, we will have a dedicated sales team going out and proving that Mountain Man Bold is a beer that needs to be at every local bar for that forward-thinking, unique customer. We also plan to promote sales digitally. Since our theme is “Live Bold,” we plan on launching a youTube contest/promotion where users can submit stories of how they lived bold (ex: I went bungee jumping for my 5th birthday or I ate an entire pizza to win a bet). The winner of the contest will receive a “Bold Celebration” at their local bar or pub. We also plan to create a Facebook presence that will tell our fans where and when to find us at events. noting that many people don’t like to see brands among other personal moments, we hope to integrate ourselves into your social circle by actually being your friend (even though it’s a fan page). We will provide users with info to find us on the road and keep our brand in their lives as a friend and not a commercial. For events, we plan to run promotions at nFL games where fans can “tailgate with us.” We also want to sponsor summer concerts to get people outside and interested in drinking our beers. We want to promote Mountain Man Bold as a fun beer that you drink with your friends.

mArketing communicAtions Mountain Man Bold is a lifestyle brand and we want you to consistently live bold with us. To get users involved, we will launch a few social media campaigns. For certain concerts and local events, FourSquare users will be awarded a “Bold Living” badge. Once a user has accumulated 5 badges of bold living, they can send a screenshot to our customer service department and their next beer is on the house. Hopefully, we would be able to do this event in conjunction with local bars or a smaller, chain bar. However, we do not want too much “chain” store promotion, as the individuality of our consumers suggests that they would frequent smaller, mom-and-pop places. On Twitter, we will launch a sponsored trending topic each Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for the summer. #LivingBold will allow users to share stories and analogies about their weekends and all the fun, cool things they did with their friends. It also allows users to connect a sense of adventure and fun to Mountain Man Bold, which will reinvigorate the company’s appeal.


A sample Facebook page would have lots of fan comments and questions, as well as links to our other promotional content. Our posts would try to look more like what you see from your friends rather than what a brand might try to interest you in. For example “Hey we’re at the Pomona Pier tonight! Come out for a free beer!” or “What a lazy sunday!” Our FourSquare promotion would offer this “Living Bold” badge for drinkers who check into a sponsored bar or event 5 times. Achievers get a free beer, on the house! This will encourage users to go out to more than one event or at least attend a bar where our logo and name are consistent in presence. Offering this promotion may also incentivize bars to carry our brand.


The youTube page will include our commercials, radio ads, behind the scenes footage, scenes from our American road trips, as well as popular videos from our “Bold Living� contest. The Bold Living contest encourages youTube users and Bold drinkers to share stories about how they overcame their fears and started the live bold. The contest emphasizes great storytelling and passion for adventure, rather than drunken antics.


Twitter is self-explanatory, the sample tweets show our plans for interacting and talking to fans. Unlike the other pages, the Twitter will be a represenative of Mountain Man Brewing Company, as to not alienate other fans or confuse fans with multiple pages.


evaluation c s : urrent


Usage measurements are currently being used as a means of evaluating the marketing plan. By tracking the sale of regular Mountain Man, we are aware that sales and audiences are on the decline. However, we have also noticed a new market for younger drinkers who are more conscious of their health and of the content of their drinks.

oBjective: Increase the audience and market for Mountain Man Brewing Company by introducing a new light beer called Mountain Man Bold.

strAtegy: Our strategy is to directly target the consumer and audiences who we want to capture by showing up in aspects of their everyday life, such as at football games or social media. Twitter hash tags will get the attention of many as will our viral youTube campaign. Commercials will engage the most independent of viewers and cause them to be interested in our brand.

tActics (methodology) Our main source of measurment will be tracking the sales, as well as the amount of views and hits that we recieve online. While on the road, we will gauge our success by the turnout and reviews of our target audiences.

testing oBjective: We plan to test to uncover if young drinkers are going out and choosing to “go bold” with Mountain Man Bold. We want to deterine if the idea to transform this branch of Mountain Man is actually appealing to younger users or if it is alienating our original customer base. Our testing strategy is to track sales along with participation in our numerous social media efforts. We also want to see if older users want to get involved with us via social networking.

tActics (methodology): Our tactic for measuring engagement will be to monitor “tweets” and “likes” on sites like Twitter and Facebook. We will also monitor the conversation around Kingsford through these channels. Our test market will be across the United States, while our control will be in our already relevant states like West Virginia and Indiana. If successful, we will have become a brand in a larger area of the US than just our home region.

rAtionAle: Using social networking, we will be able to determine if this is an effective way of targeting younger users and more importantly, what social networking methods work best with younger users. We will also determine the effectiveness of out of home campaigns and if they make a difference in getting users to choose Mountain Man Bold when they are at their local bar. By expanding our market across the US, we will be able to determine what markets would be more responsive to our advertising as well as a few “risk” markets that we could try to gain popularity in.

evAluAtion: Our goal is to expand the market for Mountain Man Brewing Company beers as well as target a younger, fresher demographic that can revitalize our brand and keep it relevant.


Mountain Man Brewing Company  

Project completing for Advertising Campaigns course at New York University.

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