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They are my parents The name of my father is Galo Gavilanes. The name of my mother is Rosario Lopez. they married 40 years ago. they were born in Cuenca.

My mother has four children their names are jacqueline elizabeth hernan cristiรกn My mother has four grandchildren their names are Dennis Belen Camila Sofia.

She is my girlfriend her name is cristina. Our dreams are to finish school and find a good job We would also like to travel to united states.

three months ago I was in karting track and I could beat my brother. It was a very tough competition

I'm Uncle they are already in school they are excellent students they are very naughty

This is my football team name is Cs America. we want to be champions this year. our goal is to represent all the sports league

they were my classmates. all we worship football. before we played football every Saturday

All of them are my Friends we all help in homework my friends are unique in that they are like brothers

He’s one of my best friends. we hope to finish school and find a good job. I play football with my friend every Friday

I love my television and movies as Funny action adventure drama romantic suspense terror but what I do not like are documentary

all my family are from Christian religion. my preference is the one true and only religion in the world. This year I want to thank God for all his blessings.

I studied at the College Montalvo Juan Francisco for 6 years

One of my favorite pastimes is go to the cinema, I love watching films of action and comedy.

I will go to eat a with all my family the day of my birthday in a Chinese food restaurant

I was a fan of Club Sport Emelec since I was about 10 when my brother took me to the stadium to watch him play.

This is my mom's mascot is called Shira. She has 10 months old is very playful and very loving.

I'll be in the celebrations of Ambato with one of my childhood friends called Pablo.

My mom is called Rosario, she traveled to the Ecuadorian Oriente the last month.

My father never had to fear anything. he likes the risky

My family will meet next week to travel to the beach for three days

The last week I traveled to Quito to visit my uncle and my cousins with my nephew named Dennis.

My sisters and some friends are in my home to prepare a delicious dinner.

My cousins will come to visit us in February for a family reunion and to enjoy the festivities of Ambato.