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Timeline for Katie Badstibner and Brandon Bilak’s Wedding Day th

Saturday, May 26 , 2012 To Do's: 1. 2. 3. 4.

Tell immediate family members when to be present for photography based on schedule below. Tell extended family members to wait behind after the ceremony is over for formal photography. Bring an invite and other details for photography purposes. Bring all of your signage and photo props (I DO Letters, parents’ photos, Happily Ever After signs) you have prepared on the trolley for bridal party images.

9:00-10:00am-Photographer Photographer arrives at the hair salon for bride's prep and photographs the ladies getting getti ready. The hair salon is Impressions Hair Salon in Norwin Town Square, 112120 State Route 30, Irwin, PA 15642. Requested images: Bride wearing bride hoodie Tiara Prep images 10: 15-10:30am-Photographer travels to bride bride’s parents’ home to photograph brunch and details, 1414 Lincoln Way, White Oak, PA 15131. 10:30am-12:00noon-Bride’ss details and prep images Requested images: Perfume Lotion Shoes Gown Invite Save the Date card Decals (on bottom of bride’s shoes) Engagement ring E-ring on heel of shoe Veil (Photographer’s ’s note to self: PS2, #8) Garter Bracelet Necklace Earrings Bride’s hanger Ladies relaxing 12:00-12:15pm-Photographer Photographer travels to church for bride’s prep. The church is First Free Evangelical Church, 4001 University Drive, McKeesport, PA 15131.

Requested images: Exterior showing steeple of church 12:15-12:30pm-The photographer does captures the ladies prepping at the church. Requested images: Messages on bottoms of shoes Makeup being applied 12:30-1:00pm-Groom and groomsmen will meet photographer in fireplace room for groom prep and portraits. Requested images: Groom prep Cufflinks Fun socks Wedding bands(Photog’s note to self-PS1: #2)

Groom alone Groom with each groomsman (5) Groom with all guys (5) (Photog’s note to self-PS1: #4) Groomsmen exaggeratingly admiring ring All the guys lined up, groom on the end

Groom with ringbearer Groom with Josh and Jordan

1:00-2:00pm-Bride finishes prep and puts gown on at 1:00pm. We will do some natural and some staged shots of prep with the bride’s gown. We will then begin bride, bridesmaids, and immediate family formals. Bridesmaids should be dressed and ready at 1:30pm, bride’s immediate family should be dressed and ready for portraits at 1:40pm. Requested images: Mom putting in veil/fixing veil Getting dressed/zipped Shoes going on Mom’s reaction to seeing bride ready Dad’s reaction to seeing bride ready

Bride alone (Photog’s note to self-PS1: #1, #7 if chair available-will need stepladder, PS2 #9) Bride playing with veil

Bride with each maid (5)

Nose to nose with a maid Hands on hips with a maid Hands around waist with a maid Arms up with a maid Blowing a kiss with a maid Back to back with a maid Holding hands with a maid Back of gowns hands on hips with a maid Embrace with a bridesmaid

Bride with all maids (5) Maids in background, bride is in front, ladies to the left, vertical shot All the ladies-bride on the end (Photog’s note to self-PS1: #8) Bouquets behind backs shot Bouquets down at sides shot Lifting up shoes to see message Bride with all maids vertical looking serious Bride with flowergirl Bride with ringbearer Bride with all maids and flowergirl

Bride with mom Bride with dad Bride with mom and dad Bride with each brother Bride with both brothers Bride with mom/dad/Eric/Brian Bride with mom/dad/Eric/Brian/Tammy/Erica/FG/RB Mom and dad alone

2:00-2:10pm-Bride, maids, and family head back inside and refreshes before the ceremony. We will work with the groom’s immediate family for portraits at this time-please meet in the fireplace room.

Requested images: Bride’s bouquet Bridesmaids’ bouquets Groom and groomsmen boutonnieres on tuxes

Groom with mom Groom with dad Groom with mom and dad Groom with mom/dad/Josh/Jordan Groom’s mom and dad alone 2:10-2:15pm-Bride and groom want to be on opposite sides of a door for a photo, possibly holding hands if possible and if we can find a nice doorway-they do not want to see each other, however

2:15-2:30pm-Ushers will be seating guests, photographer will get set up for ceremony. Requested images: Programs

2:30-3:00pm-Ceremony-Officiant is Pastor Kirk. We will not be using flash photography in the sanctuary. Ceremony tips for photography: 1. 2. 3. 4.

Walk slowly and look ahead at groom instead of back at train of gown. Keep flowers at belly button level. Pause before walking down the aisle. Hold your kiss for three seconds at the end of the ceremony.

After ceremony-Bride and groom should hide themselves away during recessional to allow people to gather outside for bubbles and avoid impromptu receiving line forming Requested images: Unity candle lighting Dad and brothers-song

3:00-3:20pm-Formal and family images on the church grounds. Photographer’s note-We are doing groom’s side extended images in a more casual atmosphere at reception as per groom’s wishes. Immediate family of groom should remain behind at church for their traditional images, as well all those listed below. Requested Images: B/G/Officiant Pastor Kirk B/G on altar alone (Photographer’s notes for self-c/u’s from each side)

B/G/Bride’s side—mom/dad/Brian/Eric/Tammy/Erica/flowergirl/ringbearer/Aunt Carla/Uncle Buster/Chelsea/Morgan DISMISS Aunt Carla/Uncle Buster/Chelsea/Morgan to reception

B/G/B’s immediate-mom/dad/Eric/Brian/Tammy/Erica/ringbearer/flowergirl DISMISS Bride’s siblings not in bridal party to reception

B/G/Bride’s parents

B/G/B’s parents/G’s parents DISMISS Bride’s parents to reception

B/G/G’s parents

B/G/Groom’s immediate-mom/dad/Jordan/Josh DISMISS Groom’s parents to reception

Bridal Party shot on altar

3:20-4:00pm-Travel to Station Square, 230 West Station Square Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15219 (Backup rain plan-CMU Columns, 4400 Fifth Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA)

4:00-4:15pm-Bridal party images Requested images: Bridal party classic staggered shot Bride and bestie holding hands behind groom’s back Wrought iron in images Bridge? Fountain Bride and groom kissing with “Happily Ever After” signs held up by bridal party Bride and groom kissing and between them, everyone else behind is sharp while B/G are OOF (Photog’s note to self-PS2: #11-Friends walking)

4:15-4:40pm-Bride and groom portraits Requested images: Shoe details on both sets of shoes I do letters held behind groom’s back Bride and groom each holding their parents’ wedding photo Groom making heart on bride’s back Groom pulling bride, bride looking back over shoulder at camera Bride both hands on groom’s shoulder looking at him, him at camera Photographer’s notes for self: Station Square by Trolley Tracks Clear glass parking garage PS1-#3, 5, 6 PS2--#12, 4, 1, 13

4:40-5:00pm-Travel to Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium, 1 Wild Place, Pittsburgh, PA 15222 5:00-6:00pm-Portraits around zoo Requested images: tiger area, carousel, sea lions, giraffes Photographer’s notes for self: Escalator all the way on right B/W In front of green tall grasses Path to tent (luminaries shot) Against glass with reflection Water’s edge fish shop red wall Bear tracks in side walk C/U with feet OOF 6:00-6:15pm-Bridal party refreshes, photographer sets up for reception 6:15-6:30pm-Bridal party introductions, followed by first dance, welcome speech, toasts, blessing, dinner 6:30-7:30pm-Dinner Requested images: Table shots of each table if possible (Photographer’s notes to self: Gather people in front of large CP) Details: cake, cupcakes, cookie table, topper, server, flutes, CP’s, escort cards on flowers, memorial table, menu, guestbook, favors, napkin rings, luminaria, stake sign, happily ever after signage, restroom basket, reception chair banner, just married sign on car(?), baby photos on RR door 7:30-10:30pm-Reception continues Requested images: Groom family shots-B/G with mom/dad/Josh/Jordan/Danny/Franny/Kayla/Mark/Karen/Terry/Tara Groom family shots-B/G with mom/dad/Josh/Jordan/Marsha/Joe/Kristy/Barb/Uncle Lynn/Nate/Beth/Max/Alex/Emily/Bob/Jake/Ethan/Erin/Liam/Dylan Bride photo with friends (Brittany and Jackie) Cake cut, M/S, F/D, bridal party dance, general dancing, bouquet toss, exit shot, last song with confetti guns

Timeline for Early Summer Wedding with a Suburban Church Ceremony and Photos in Pittsburgh  

Timeline for Early Summer Wedding with a Suburban Church Ceremony and Photos in Pittsburgh