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Bridging between Pinazo + Los Tilos Kristen Van Haeren It is the unfortunate circumstance that the river that divides two struggling slum communities has become a detrimental factor hindering the development of the area. The capability and capacity that this river has to create an area of community engagement exists and is ever present, but remains impossible without physical connections. The current river only maintains one concrete bridge linking the communities of Pinazo and Los Tilos. Although other informal crossings have been attempted, these two communities remain as individual and independent entities that do not communicate and do not share resources. They exist in an area that would only thrive and revive itself with the establishment of a sense of coexistence. If one no longer worried about protection and pride, and if one could focus on community and commonalities, the invisible walls that linger on the rivers embankments would disappear. If each side could depend on the other, could provide to the other and could intertwine with the other, there would be no other anymore. The creation of new centralities along the rivers weaving waters would lay the foundations for the development of bridging and public gathering. Linking the two communities with new and identifying infrastructures enables a sense of pride for areas and develops an instinct for both sides to protect these areas from future harm. The erection of a communal area results in sharing and common usage of its resources. The establishment of new schools and public infrastructure attract users from the surrounding area in any and all directions. The creation of foundations that promote community involvement, gathering and safety will encourage these two sides to move forward as one.

Bridging Between Pinazo  
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