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Table Of Contents 1. Bands/ Artists Affecting Your Life 2. Snow White Has Been Taken Away 3. She Lived in Kentucky? 4.That Buried Feeling 5. The Sights of Autumn 6. I See It 7 ACL Prevention 8. CrossFire: Same-Sex Marriage 9.1D New Album “Midnight Memories” 10. Movie Review

Bands/ Artists Affecting Your Life?

Opinion Piece

By; Kristen Hurlock Music affects everyone’s personality a lot considering the bands we all listen too. If someone listens to bands such as sleeping with sirens and pierce the veil, they will probably be very unique and not be afraid to be themselves. Artists such as One Direction and Austin Mahone fans are probably very emotional and have a LOT of computer time. Every band or artist we listen to affects our personalities because if we spend a lot of time listening to them or tweeting them and looking through their twitter we’ll eventually start to become like the person/ people, and the personalities will start to merge together with them. “Music is powerful, it can change your mood, the way you feel, and change your heart. Be careful what music you allow in your soul, because it can and will control you.” Said Freshman, Ashley Marable. “If only there were some way to make yourself seem smarter without working. Oh, wait, there is. Mozart music, especially piano music, can raise your spatial reasoning the equivalent of nine IQ points.” – says on (7 insane ways music affects your body) Certain music can even help students in school. Listening to certain music will make you smarter. As said above. Certain artists are good role models and will inspire people to do certain things. Demi Lovato is a great example of this. She inspires people to be themselves and to not want to be perfect. This helps certain teenagers from doing horrible things like selfharm, committing suicide, and skipping meals. Surprisingly a lot of students at Neshaminy think about these things but there are a lot of them who listen to music to get them through it. “I usually listen to very upbeat songs when I’m sad and very angry music when I’m mad or upset.” Said freshman, Tara Dugger. Demi Lovato has a song called “Believe in Me” and in there it says “I don’t wanna be afraid I wanna wake up feeling beautiful, .today” Towards the end she says “Not gonna be afraid I’m gonna wake up feeling beautiful, today” Basically she just doesn’t want to be afraid of who she is and being herself. She says she’s over coming that feeling of not feeling beautiful and realizing that she can be herself and it doesn’t matter what people say about her. There’s nothing wrong with being that way. This is an amazing song, and it says a lot of inspiring words in it. Music can also affect the mood we’re in. When we’re sad we would usually listen to happy songs to make us forget about our sadness or sometimes we’d listen to sad music so we wouldn’t feel alone. When we’re happy you would probably listen to upbeat pop music or rap music. Even when we aren’t in the best mood music is always going to be there for us and it won’t spread rumors about us and talk about us behind our back. “No matter what you’re going through, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and it may seem hard to get to it but you can do it and just keep working towards it and you’ll find the positive side of things.” Said Lovato at a concert in Philadelphia. Reading and hearing things like this will hopefully inspire everyone and persuade us all to be happy with ourselves no matter what anyone else thinks. Demi Lovato is a great inspiration and when no one is there for us her music will always be.

This article was surprisingly easy to write for me. Considering i love music and its my favorite topic to write about. i think it was a little difficult for me because it was about something that i cared about so i didmt want to mess up. i chose this piece because it was one i could get done quickly.

Music takes over your brain

Snow White Has Been Taken Away By; Kristen Hurlock Happy At least I thought Darkness Was all it brought Sunlight? I haven’t seen that since The accident…… I bit into an apple I didn’t know it was bad I swear Now I’m in despair Why’d I bite into that apple? Now my hearts nothing but crippled I miss my friends You know, the dwarves? I thought they’d come see me in swarms I guess I wasn’t right Maybe they’ll come with all their might I shouldn’t get my hopes up All I’m in is a slump Will I ever get out? I don’t know But what I do know is… it should’ve been her who bit the apple.

Creative Writing

She Lived in Kentucky?

Creative Writing

By; Kristen Hurlock

Listening to music and hanging out with friends aren’t all Kim Mccarrick likes. The 15-year-old girl also loves individuality. “It’s nice to see people being themselves.” Mccarrick said. Including herself in that quote Kim loves the bands of “My Chemical Romance” and “Pierce the Veil.” Very Nice, and speaking of individuality she doesn’t like sports? Sports aren’t really Kim’s thing. She’s more into listening to good songs, and hanging with her best friends! She also enjoys going on the computer, doing what? Writing! She wasn’t really into writing. Kim said she wrote well so she thought she’d give it a shot! Maybe she should give movies a shot too? She said she doesn’t know who she would have play her in a movie about her cause she doesn’t watch movies! I’m sure there are movie theaters where you grew up! Speaking of growing up Kim Mccarrick is in 10th grade and grew up in Kentucky! How exciting? Also rare to find in Neshaminy! Something Kim loves about Neshaminy is that there is something for everyone, including herself. She loves to write thanks to journalism. That was a good Choice Kim! Kim Mccarrick, sweet, nice, funny, friendly, and loves to write. She is a great person. Snow White and the Seven Dwarvfs

This was an assignment for Mrs. Huber’s journalism class. i had a lot of fun writing this one becuse i got to meet a new person. She was sweet and was really wasy to get along with.

I chose to wirte about this because ive always loved snow white and i really just wanted to create my own rendition of it. Snow white has always been my favorite princess cause i felt thst there was something more to her, and here i created what i thought.

Welcome to Kentucky sign.

That Buried Feeling

Creative Writing

Creative Writing

By; Kristen Hurlock

By; Kristen Hurlock Buried? By your own thoughts, Everyone else? Like you couldn’t breath? As if you were 12 ft underneath By the people you loved? You thought it was genuine love? Now look where you were found You’re in the ground Not able to hear a sound Then you wake up and realize… What you thought was a dream, You were seeing with your real dead eyes. Everyone praying for you, Now your life is through. You’re actually buried…..

The Sights of Autum

Published on

This poem was really fun to write for me because i like to write dark kind of writings. it was difficult to try to put myself in that place and really sell it to myself and picture what it would be like and how other people would feel. This is my favorite poem of the year.

The sights of autumn are beautiful. Leaves in all different colors, electric red, tangerine, and sun-kissed yellow The vibrant sun in the atmosphere and the frosty blue sky. Everything just seems so gorgeous. Sweatshirts and UGG boots. Watching football, and wearing under armor. Autumn is beautiful. At night the sky turns grey with some purple, pink, and even orange. The sights of pumpkins in a patch and kids wearing funny costumes. These are the wonderful sights of autumn. You can’t see them if you’re inside. Get off your couch and take a look. This was the first poem of the year that i wrote. It was difficult because i never really wrote poetry until this year. I had a lot of fun doing it though.

I See It

Creative Writing

By; Kristen Hurlock

I See It In my dreams I see it When I make mistakes I see it I don’t know what it takes I see it LEAVE ME ALONE I see it PLEASE I see it It’s right in front of me I see it I disappear I see it It has no face I see it It’s on all 4’s I see it Terrifying I see it I’m taken.

I wrote this poem just for fun. The day i wrote this i was watching a lot of scary movies. That’s where i got my inspiration from. It was a lot of fun.

ACL Prevention

Student Life

By; Kristen Hurlock

Tearing your ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) can be easily prevented. There are a ton of classes you could go to, and find out stretches to do so your ACL will be stronger. The anterior cruciate ligament is one of the four ligaments in the knee that provides stabilization. Torn ACLs are a common knee injury with more than 200,000 occurring every year in the U.S. Almost 100,000 ACL repair surgeries are performed each year. An ACL tear or sprain occurs when a sudden change in direction or pivot occurs on a locked knee. A pop, followed by pain and swelling of the knee are the most common symptoms of an ACL tear. Women are more likely to tear their ACL because of differences in anatomy and muscle function. “With an acute injury, the patient often describes that they heard a loud pop and then developed intense pain in the knee. The pain makes walking or weight-bearing very difficult. The knee joint will begin to swell within a few hours because of bleeding within the joint, making it difficult to straighten the knee.” Dr. Benjamin Wedro said on You can tear your ACL in all different types of ways. Skiing, sport, jumping out of a truck, falling, getting hit, ANYTHING. The recovery process takes about 9-12 months until normal again. “The best feeling was when I got to run again. I felt so free and healthy. It was great.” Freshman Rachel Sufrin said. “Rehabilitation and return to normal function after surgical repair of an ACL tear can take nine to twelve months. There needs to be a balance between trying to do too much work in physical therapy returning strength and range of motion and doing too little. Being too aggressive can damage the surgical repair and cause the ligament to fail again. Too little work lengthens the time to return to normal activities.” Dr. William C. Shield said on Warming up, stretching and cooling down are ways of protecting joints and muscles. There are exercises to help build power, strength, speed, and balance, for example straight leg raises, and contracting your quad muscle for strength. Do whatever you can to prevent ACL tears. It might take some hard work to prevent it and rehab it, but its worth it. Take the time and don’t get injured.

I really enjoyed writing this for the Playwickian. Mostly because i’ve torn my acl twice and i got to write about somethin i’ve experienced and been able to go through.

Knee brace used when athletes begin to run again after A.C.L surgery.

CrossFire: Same-Sex Marriage By; Kristen Hurlock

Creative Writing

A lot of people think that gay marriage is disgusting, gross, unnatural, and a bunch of other things. But what people don’t understand is that most of these people don’t have a choice to feel this way. Do people honestly think that “gay” people want to be picked on and bullied all the time? Do you think they would change it if they could? It is honestly heartbreaking to me to think that “Gay” couples can’t get married. Why can’t they? Just because they love someone of the same sex shouldn’t mean that they can’t experience the joys of marriage. Some girls dream of the day they get married and they plan it to make it perfect, but if they are in love with someone of the same sex they can’t enjoy getting married all because people “Don’t think it’s right.” We don’t have to go to the wedding, we don’t have to live with them, so why should we say that they can’t get married? It’s not like it affects us in any way shape or form. Therefore same-sex marriage should be legal because keeping someone from marrying the love of their life is wrong. Imagine if people of opposite sex’s couldn’t get married. How would you feel? Probably terrible, so let them be and let them get married if they want to. It should be their choice not yours. If they choose to marry someone, and they want to we shouldn’t be allowed to keep them from doing so. That is just downright unfair.

1D New Album “Midnight Memories” By; Kristen Hurlock


One direction, are they still the same guys we know from 2010? No, they used to be a bubble gum pop boy band and now, with their new album “Midnight Memories” we see a different side of them. This album is a lot more indie, alternative rock, pop/rock, and soft grunge. This new album has a very different sound to it. The music is very mixed up. They go from the pop/rock song “Midnight Memories” to the Pop song “Best Song Ever”. How do they do it? They know that all their “Directioners” will stand by them no matter what they do. They have faith that people will like the new music and not just like it, they’ll love it. “I love the new sound they have but I feel they’re becoming more rock than pop.” Said Freshman Jenna Degner. These boys have the talent to do whatever they want with their voices. From really high notes to really low notes that everyone loves.

One direction is my favorite group right now so i definitley had a lot of fun with this. Even though i never completley finished this article it was fun. Personally i know a lot of people who are gay, and i see unfair all of these laws are to them. therefore this was really fun to write and it was personal.

One Direction Album Cover for Midnight Memories

Equal marriage international symbol

Movie Review By; Kristen Hurlock


The movie “Captain Phillips” is very alluring. It keeps you on the end of your seat like any good movie should do. Although the movie does drag a bit long, it was definitely worth it. The fact that it is based on the true story makes it better, even though it doesn’t tell the WHOLE story the right way. What happened was Captain Phillips put them WAY to far towards the coast of Somalia when he was told not to. He also fired flairs at the pirates (as seen in the movie) but everyone else coward away while he did it. He was a very brave man while everyone else stood and watched.. The movie was very well written, directed, and ated out. Tom Hanks did an Outstanding job as “Captain Phillips”. Who knew one man could be such a great actor?

I didn’t get the chance to watch the entire movie, therefore my review is not completely done.

Captain Phillips movie poster

End of The Year Portfolio  
End of The Year Portfolio