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The Steinmetz Career & Leadership Academy SCLA Laptop Handbook 2010-11

Welcome to the new Digital Academy @ SCLA! Here at the Steinmetz Career & Leadership Academy (SCLA), we strive to be a 21st Century school. We live in a changing digital world and have more and faster access to information than ever before. With access to project-based learning, inquiry and Web 2.0 Tools, students at SCLA will have opportunities to learn and create like never before. These new opportunities come with new responsibilities. The Laptop Each 9th and 10th grade student attending SCLA will be receiving a laptop computer for school use. The laptop is an HP ProBook, model 4320T. The primary purpose of the laptop is as an educational tool. In order to ensure that students get the most out of their computer, we ask students to read this document carefully and observe the guidelines and policies within. General Information about Student Computers Students access the Internet in school and can also at home (if students have Internet at home). There are also many Wi-Fi hotspots in public like McDonald’s, Panera Bread, Valvoline, the Muddy Cup, Barnes & Noble, or any Schenectady County Public libraries. SCLA will provide a local map of free Wi-Fi hot spots in Schenectady for students to access the Internet outside school hours. Student laptops will be properly labeled with so students can easily recognize them. Students are not permitted to loan their computer to anyone or allow their friends, siblings or fellow students use it. SCLA students will be responsible for how their laptop is used, no matter who used it. Connecting to the Internet at School The entire school is covered by a high-speed wireless Internet network. All students will be able to access the Internet from the library, the cafeteria, the courtyard and their classrooms at their teachers’ discretion. This access comes with some responsibility and requires good judgment. This handbook will describe some of the responsibilities associated with using laptops and the SCLA network. Email SCLA students will generate a Gmail account for student email use at SCLA. Students may use this to communicate with parents, teachers, friends, and fellow students. Students will use their Gmail account for academic purposes only. Use another personal

email for anything non-school related. Please do not send funny email forwards or any potential viruses to other students or teachers. Please do not send any “spam mail”, “chain letters,” or very large files, such as videos, movies, or games. Communicating with others online is very much like communicating with people in person. Please be respectful of others at all times. Here are some do’s and don’ts of Internet communication. Do    

Use clear and precise language whenever possible. Be polite and courteous, whether you are writing to a friend or a teacher. Keep your emails brief and to the point. Respond to emails promptly

Don’t    

Use slang or swear words or Instant Messaging abbreviations. Include any explicit sexual content in your writings. Be rude or aggressive towards others. Send others offensive files or messages.

File Storage SCLA will be using Google Docs and their student drive for all student file storage. SCLA students will use their Gmail account to access their files anywhere there have Internet access. Students will have some space on their laptop hard drive and student drives in-district; but we will be encouraging the use of Google Docs to keep track of student work. Google Docs also allows students to have a digital record of their academic work and provides students with the ability to easily collaborate with each other on group projects. Project-Based Learning & Inquiry Research The SCLA Librarian (Mr. Bernie Bott) and the Instructional Technology Specialist (Mrs. Kristen Majkut) will be involved in supporting project-based learning and inquiry research at SCLA. The librarian and instructional technology specialist will actively collaborate with classroom teachers to connect digital resources to student curriculum. Teachers and students will work closely with both of these teachers to access valuable web sites, magazines, journals, books, online library databases, other media and applications. Students at SCLA will learn about copyright, plagiarism, digital citizenship, social media, online safety and privacy as it relates to student work and their life in the digital world. Publishing to the Web Teachers and students may wish to publish their projects and other class work online. This is a great opportunity for our SCLA students to share their work with others. It provides students a chance to share their work with the world, and it gives outsiders a view of the learning that goes on at SCLA. The SCLA Student & Parent Laptop Agreements will also include a media release form for students and their parent or guardian to give permission for their work or image to be published. Gaming and Other Entertainment Media At SCLA, we understand that computers are not only great tools for learning, but for entertainment as well. However, we feel that gaming while at school is distracting both to

the student and to their classmates. Because of this, no gaming will be allowed by students while at SCLA, unless the games being played have been specifically approved by your teachers for educational use. For the same reasons, listening to music and watching videos on your computers is also off-limits while in classes, unless directly related to your SCLA education. Downloading gaming software is strictly prohibited. File Sharing and Downloading The use of computers to share music, videos, games and other software has become very popular. The SCLA network does not support file sharing for non-educational purposes. No personal file sharing is allowed while connected to the SCLA network. This includes using peer-to-peer programs like Napster, BearShare, Limewire, Kazaa, BitTorrent, or other file-sharing programs that potentially violate copyright law or our SCLA Laptop Agreement. Do not share non-educational files with other students using your laptop or our server. Using Laptops in Class While the laptops will be used in class often, there will be times when classroom teachers will ask that the laptops be closed. Students are expected to close and/or put away the laptops when asked. Using online chat programs, playing games or otherwise disturbing valuable instructional time in the classroom will not be tolerated. Failure to comply may result in disciplinary action and/or the potential loss of laptop privileges. Other Network Restrictions     

Do not attempt to “hack” websites while on the SCLA network. Do not attempt to log in as another person, access another person’s work, student drive or Gmail account. Do not use the SCLA network for personal profit (for example, for selling personal items on sites like eBay) or to do any online purchasing. Do not host Internet-based multi-player gaming sessions. Do not access any pornographic materials using your SCLA laptop. This will not be tolerated. If any student is found to have pornographic materials on their computer, disciplinary procedures including possible loss of laptop privileges will occur. Please adhere to the district's Acceptable Use Policy as set forth by the Schenectady City School District Board of Education.

Support The SCLA Technology Support Office is located on the 1st floor in Room B109, and is staffed by our Instructional Technology Specialist, Mrs. Kristen Majkut and our Technology Support Assistant, Ms. Meg Kim. If you need any help, please stop by the office or contact us at 881-2000 extension 30076 or (518) 227-1406. We are also available by email @ **This document was modeled after the Laptop Handbook posted online from the Science & Leadership Academy in Philadelphia, PA © 2009. It was modified and used with permission from Chris Lehmann, SLA Principal.


SCLA Laptop Handbook  

This laptop handbook is for SCLA students in Schenectady, NY.

SCLA Laptop Handbook  

This laptop handbook is for SCLA students in Schenectady, NY.