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Essential Rewards

what is essential rewards?

Essential Rewards is our (totally optional, but totally awesome) monthly subscription box. You can pick and choose your products each month, cancel anytime, and earn points and freebies every time you order! The monthly minimum is just $50 but you can order as much as you like! the rewards :

every time you order, you earn points that you can cash in for free products. months 1 - 3 : 10% back months 4-24 : 20% back months 25 + : 25% back

earn free products when you spend 100 PV, 190 PV, 250 PV, and 300 PV loyalty gifts at months 3, 6, 9, and 12

contents what to buy for ...

kids                                      . . . 1 kidscents                            . . . 2 emotions                            . . . 3 gut health                          . . . 4 self care                               . . . 5 savvy minerals                . . . 6 hormones                           . . . 7 greener home                   . . . 8 ningxia red                        . . . 9 immune support             . . . 10

kids We have an entire line of oils that are just for kids! They are pre-diluted with coconut oil, so you can apply straight to their skin. tummygize

a digestive blend to support little tummies. geneyus

use geneyus to help kids with focus and concentration. diffuse at homework time or apply to their spine each morning. owie

this blend contains several skin supporting oils sleepyize

diffuse sleepyize at bedtime or apply to the bottoms of feet to support restful sleep. sniffleease

it's all in the name. this blend is a breath of fresh air and includes eucalyptus, peppermint, ravintsara, pala santo, and more refreshing oils

kidscents shampoo, bathgel, lotion, toothpaste,  and diaper cream.

The kidscents products are safe, natural, and gentle. They're infused with essential oils and are free from dyes, fragrances, and synthetic colors. The toothpaste is free from fluoride, artificial flavoring and colors, or preservatives. mightyvites and mightyzyme

Using nutrient dense, whole food sources, the mightyvites contain superfruits, plants, and veggies, that deliver a full spectrum of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants for children's developing bodies. Mightyzymes are designed to help children combat the effects of enzyme depletion and address the digestive needs of their growing bodies.

emotions can give significant support to your emotional health. Here's a little guide on what to buy and when. Joy - when you're feeling anxious or sad Valor - when you're feeling worried, stressed, or angry. Peace + Calming  - when you're restless, sad, or have trouble sleeping Grounding  - when you're feeling anxious, disconnected, or angry The Feelings Kit

- when you're feeling anything. the oils in this kit will help you release blocked emotions, uplift your mood, and improve your emotional health overall.

how oils + emotions work :

The limbic part of your brain is where all of your emotions rest. When you experience negative emotions, it can block off parts of your brain that allow positive emotions to flow freely. The quickest way to affect the limbic system is through scent. When you smell an oil, it can unlock those blocked passages and release positive emotions.

gut health Your gut is your "second brain" More often than not, many health issues can be traced back to the gut! Love your gut well and the rest of your body will thank you! Here are a few of the most popular gut health items. To find more info, look these up on the Young Living website! essentialzyme  essentialzyme - 4  life 9  ningxia red comfortone digest and cleanse super b core supplement kit  

self care (not so) fun fact - most people put 515 synthetic chemicals on their bodies every day. These toxins can have negative effects on your health. Switch your beauty products for natural, plant based ones and put good things in your body! satin mint scrub luxurious + refreshing orange face wash lasts forever when you put it in a foaming bottle!  mirah shave oil closest shave of your life!  shutran body wash men like to wear it, women like to smell it coconut lime body butter

savvy minerals Our makeup line is naturally derived and free from parabens, talc, bismuth, parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, or synthetic fragrances. It's vegan (except for the lip products - those have beeswax) and 100% cruelty free. Choose from ten different foundation shades, eyeshadows, eyeliner, bronzers, blush, lipsticks and lip glosses, and brushes.

hormones Your endocrine system is an important part of your physical and emotional health. If you're tired, have mood swings, low libido, or low appetite, you might need endocrine support!

dragon time

use this during your monthly cycle. rub on your abdomen and back a few days before it starts and every day until it's over for emotional and physical support. 

progessence plus

this is a natural progesterone made from yams. it can help support your hormones and reproductive system.


provides overall support to your endocrine system. a drop over your thyroid area every day is all you need


a daily supplement consisting of glandular extracts, herbs,amino acids, minerals, and essential oils to support your thyroid and endocrine system.

greener home thieves household cleaner replace ALL of your cleaners with this one bottle! only takes a capful at a time and one bottle will make almost FOURTY 16oz spray bottles. desert mist diffuser replace candles and airfresheners with the desert mist diffuser! it is atomizing, humidifying, is great for larger rooms and can diffuse for up to 10 hours! thieves toothpaste, mouthwash, hand soap, dish soap,  and laundry detergent. the thieves line is full of safe, toxin free products that your whole family will love!

time to ditch and switch your way to a cleaner home? try these plant based, toxin free, chemical free products!

ningxia red ningxia red is a powerful antioxidant drink that made from wolfberry puree - a super blend of blueberry, aronia, cherry, pomegranate, and plum juices and infused with essential oils. It is one of the highest rated supplement drinks on the ORAC scale and is exactly what you need for energy, gut health, and overall wellness! ningixia red order these bottles by twos or fours. Two bottles are a one month supply. They're also available in packets! ningxia zyng need energy? these will be your new favorite way to get that mid afternoon boost. but just a warning - they are highly addicting!  ningxia nitro infused with essential oils, botanical extracts, D-ribose, Korean ginseng, and green tea extract. great for cognitive alertness and physical fitness!

immune support support your immune system with these oils and oil infused supplements! oils work WITH your body to help your cells function at optimum ability and create an unhealthy environment for free radicals. start incorporating these into your daily defense! thieves we can't talk immune support without talking about thieves. Our plethora of Thieves products, with the powerful blend of essential oils, provide both wellness support and the power to care for your home without synthetics or harsh chemicals. inner defense this supplement reinforces systemic defenses, creates unfriendly terrain for yeast/fungus, promotes healthy respiratory function, and contains potent essential oils like oregano, thyme, and ThievesŽ which are rich in thymol, carvacrol, and eugenol for immune support. immupro immupro is a chewable tablet packed with nutrients (and melatonin!) to support your immune system and reduce the impact of oxidative stress from free radicals.

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Your Guide to Essential Rewards  

Your Guide to Essential Rewards