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Best Adventures in unparalleled gourmet foodie and walking extravaganza! Colorful, quaint hilltop artist villages: landscapes sprinkled with colors reminiscent of Van Gogh and Cezanne canvasses, and walking trails sprinkled with fields of lavender, poppies, and sunflowers. The historic architecture of the places creates a slice of heaven served up on a delectable plate of scenes one only dreams of seeing in movies. Welcome to southern France, and more specifically, PROVENCE!! The spectacular back drop of Provence serves as the setting for France Off the Beaten Path's six day authentic "Best Adventures in Provence" small group foodie and walking tour. A magical place where upon arrival by the preferred means of travel in France, a high speed train called a TGV (train de grande vitesse), Provence opens its welcoming arms to travelers and immediately sweeps them into a mystic world of everything southern French. The south is a world unlike the rest of the country. On the list of priorities here…sun, fun, wine and lots of all of it. It's the one place in France where travelers can count on a vitamin D fix and expect nothing short of blue skies and warm temperatures from April onwards until end of October. The rule of thumb after settling in at the local hotel, friend or family's home, is to begin the mission of immediately locating that ultimate quaint café where both people watching is prime and being seen is guaranteed. Partaking in a glass or two of local white or rosé is paramount. It's one of the few regions of the country where "rosé" is truly and amply appreciated. So with no time to be lost, flag down the nearest server with the delicate and friendly wave of your pointer finger while simultaneously uttering a soft but commanding and friendly "s'il vous plaît"! And don't forget your smile! Southern French people are renowned for their infectiously friendly smiles. Typically, you will always find a house wine listed on the drink menu that comes highly recommended, and that is locally produced and selected for both its bouquet and the café owner's relationship with the vintner. Once served and partaking of a glass or two, it's time to flag down a friend passing by the cobblestone streets, for a quick chat that more often than not ends with the said friend joining the table to catch up on life. As a visitor to the region, one becomes a pleasant observer of such quaint scenes. It's all part of the southern French experience! And, this is just the beginning of your "Best Adventures in Provence" experience! This six day tour is trademarked for its exceptional excursions and activities, as well as the relationships that have afforded Christy Destremau, Founder and President of France Off the Beaten Path, the right to name her Provence Tour with such a distinct title. Tour guests live the adventure of a week filled with experiences and introductions to some of the region's favorite Chefs, best loved foods, regionally famous wines and historically significant villages and towns. Participate at leisure and select from an exclusive list of daily activity options. All walks have been designed by Christy who lived many years in this culturally rich region. The selected walking trails can only be described as hidden gems appreciated by locals, and which have ultimately earned a special place in her Provence tour itineraries. Guests are also treated to the finest local French cuisine prepared by some of France's most famous and Provence's best loved Master and Michelin-star Chefs, all who are her personal friends. "It doesn't get any more

authentic than having a dinner or lunch together, as a group of friends, in the restaurants and homes of my local culinary friends," exclaims Christy. Food and drink are more than just food and drink in Provence, France. Food and drink are a quintessential part of daily life here, and all else revolves around the "cuisine du jour" and the choice wine that will accompany daily recipes! It's important, both professionally and personally to Christy, that every trip reflects that authenticity of the region! Come join this six day feast for the palate, in this southern sun drenched region, and complete each day with a beautiful walk through some of France's most picturesque countryside. Throughout this exclusive Provence experience, guests revel in the luxury of drinking Provence's top classified wines daily, all personally selected by Christy and her Michelin-star rated culinary friends. Guests taste and savour different wines at each meal, never being confronted with the same wine twice during the tour — it's Christy's way to ensure that each guest has the valuable experience of trying as many of the region's best wines as possible. All wine varieties are also only found and sold locally in Provence. "It's all part of the experience," exclaims Christy. In designing her Provence itineraries, Christy wanted to ensure that every guest had the same memorable opportunity she had been afforded when she arrived and discovered this beautiful region 20 years ago. Exposure to the best local cuisine, walking the most beautiful trails of the region and drinking only the finest wines produced here is paramount on every trip! Christy concludes, "Guests need to feel how special Provence is, and to enjoy the magic of the region whether it be in conversing with locals at a market or along our walking trails, dining in a local bristrot owned by my friends or being invited to taste wines, olive oils, vegetable spreads or potted meats only found in Provence and produced by local artisans." Her "Best Adventures in Provence" Tour is a magical journey that every foodie and wine lover can savour and appreciate during and long after the fabulous experience.

Best of france  
Best of france  

Colorful, quaint hilltop artist villages: landscapes sprinkled with colors reminiscent of Van Gogh and Cezanne canvasses, and walking trails...