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KRISTEN GREENE “All of us who professionally use the mass media are the shapers of society. We can vulgerize that society. We can brutalize it. Or we can help lift it onto a higher level.” -William Bernbach






This photograph of Neil Shubin is from the University of Chicago website. It can be found at: releases/ 06/060405.tiktaalik.sht ml

Humans and Fish Related?

Scientist Neil Shubin discovers fossil that relates humans and fish By Kristen Greene

Fish live and breathe in the water. People live and breathe on land. So it’s impossible for them to be related, right? Evolutionary biologist and popular science author Neil Shubin found evidence he believes links fish and true land animals. He will discuss his discoveries in “Finding Your Inner Fish” at 7:30 p.m. Monday in McCrary Theatre. Shubin combined his paleontology background with his work teaching the human anatomy course at the University of Chicago Medical School to reach new interests. He learned it was a huge advantage to be a paleontologist because the layout

of the human body is similar to the bodies of other animals. He found that reptiles and sharks had simpler versions of our own physical make-up. “It represents the transition from water to land - the part of history that includes ourselves. When we talk about the fish's wrist, we're talking about the origin of parts of our own wrist,” Shubin said. Shubin is known for discovering a fossil fish in the Arctic with his colleagues. This fossil supported his hypothesis that fish and land animals are related. The fossil, Tiktaalik roseae, was a 375-million-year-old fish fossil whose anatomical features

provided a link between fish and the earliest land-dwelling creatures. This connection became the foundation for Shubin’s book “Your Inner Fish: A Journey into the 3.5 BillionYear History of the Human Body” and many of his other publications. To learn more about this speaker visit: http:// faculty/shubin_n.html

T HE MI S S I N G L INK Fossil proves evolutionary connection between fish and land animals by Kristen Greene

About Neil Shubin

“Your Inner Fish”

Tiktaalik Roseae

Conversations with

Learn more about Neil Shubin’s

Learn more about Neil Shubin’s

Learn more about the fossil Neil


background and profession.

Book, “Your Inner Fish”

Shubin and his team discovered.

A youtube video of Neil Shubin

http:// experts.php?id=206










NEIL SHUBIN and his team were researching in the Canadian Arctic when they found the long desired fossil that would solidify their hypothesis that fish and humans are related.

Neil Shubin visited Elon University on Monday to talk to students about “Finding Your Inner Fish.” In his speech he talked about his journey, his discovery, and Darwin’s theory of evolution.

Their youngest team member, Jason Downs, had just finished lunch when he decided to explore the area around him. Everyone else had moved to other areas, so when Downs did not return to camp at 7 p.m. for dinner, the team was very concerned. “There are polar bears there, polar bears eat people,” Shubin joked. When Downs finally returned to camp around 7:30 p.m. he was more than a little excited. “His eyes were like globes and he was like I found it! I found it!” Shubin described. Downs then began to pull fossil after fossil out of his pockets until thousands of fish bones were on display for the rest of his team to see. Excited by the new discovery, Shubin and his team skipped dinner and continued looking in the area where Downs had been. They found multiple ancient fish skeletons forming the lair that contained the bones. The team was both excited and dismayed because though they had discovered amazing fossils, the fish they found were the same fish other people had found in the past. It wasn’t anything new.

In 2004 on the fourth day of the season, Shubin and his team returned to Jason’s lair, but this time it was different. Steve Gatesy, a member of the team, found a flat-headed fish. “I knew after seven years we had found what we were looking for,” Shubin said. The team had discovered a fish that had characteristics of land-living animals and fish. Behind Gatesy’s fish, they discovered four more fish of he same kind. They later named the fish Tiktaalik roseae, meaning large fresh-water fish. “We wanted to name it in the native Eskimo language,” Shubin explained. “It had to be something meaningful to us and them, and it also had to be something we could pronounce.” Tiktaalik was the answer Shubin had been searching for. Shubin had learned while directing the human anatomy course at the University of Chicago Medical School that it was a huge advantage to be a fish paleontologist because the layout of the human body lies in the bodies of other animals. He found that reptiles and sharks had simpler versions of our own physical make-up. The Tiktaalik roseae was a 375-million-year-old fish fossil whose anatomical features provided a link between fish and the earliest land-dwelling creatures. This connection became the foundation for his book “Your Inner Fish: A Journey into the 3.5 Billion-Year History of the Human Body” and many of his other publications. Now, Shubin is exploring the question of how bodies came about in the first place. “It’s about finding new things, exploring,” he said. “I always learn something new about myself; it’s a personal thing.”

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Free Testing for West Nile Disease

LOCAL, STATE, FEDERAL AND PRIVATE AGENCIES ALL SUPPORT NEW WEST NILE SURVEILLANCE PROGRAM North Carolina’s Department of Health is sponsoring a new West Nile Surveillance Program  that will remain in effect until November. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in  Atlanta, Georgia is funding the free testing to check for human arboviral infections and expanded  mosquito trapping in every county of the state.    Last year there were 27 human cases of mosquito‐transmitted West Nile virus infection  reported to the department of health. Mosquitos in your state may carry viruses that cause  western equine encephalitis, St Louis encephalitis and West Nile encephalitis. Most people infected  with diseases transmitted by mosquitos ‐‐including West Nile virus‐‐experience no symptoms or  have only mild symptoms such as fever or headaches. More severe infection can include high fever,  severe headache, stiff neck, altered mental state and death.    In addition, West Nile infections were identiMied in 759 horses and 185 birds. Since the best  means to detect the virus is to test wild birds, state health ofMicials are asking citizens to report  observations of any sick or dying birds, especially crows and blue jays. A person cannot catch the  virus by touching a dead bird, so there is no reason for concern, but health ofMicials recommend  wearing protective gloves as a precaution.   Information on the program is available through the state department of health at  1‐800‐555‐1212.


Improving Crossroads to Increase Pedestrian Safety Elon Board enhances street safety for the Elon Community by Kristen Greene

When Elon residents go to Acorn Coffee Shop they want to park as close to the shop as possible. Proximity, however, is not the only issue to consider when driving on South Williamson Avenue; safety comes first. In its Monday night meeting, the board of aldermen discussed ways to make S. Williamson Ave. safer for pedestrians. “I’m concerned about the cross walk, I saw or just about saw somebody get hit over there,” alderman Mark Greene said. “It was scary.” Alex Trice, a sophomore at Elon University, was hit earlier in this school year on her walk home from the Pendulum. The North Carolina Dept. of Transportation said that to improve safety, the board members should remove twelve parking spots from S. Williamson Ave. The members understood people’s desire for convenient parking and created a compromise. Six parking spots were taken away rather than twelve. The members of the board of aldermen hope to realign crosswalks and improve space on S. Williamson Ave. in the Spring. Expanding the sidewalk curb will make students and pedestrians more visible. In the meantime, they have restriped the sidewalks to make them more apparent. LED lights have been installed to increase safety for pedestrians at night. Davis Montgomery, District Manager at Duke Energy and Alderman, gave a $1,240 check to the town of Elon for outside lighting. They have changed the traditional lighting to a more energy-efficient and luminous light. Montgomery’s main concerns are that the area is overshadowed with trees and that S. Williamson Ave. is a busy street. Town Manager Michael Dula says that these crosswalks are one of the more important issues to address. “The crosswalks will happen much more immediately Elon town hall (picture from website http:// and locally,” he explains.

Other Meeting Highlights Cook Road Contruction

The board of aldermen are working with North Carolina state to improve Cook Road. Starting Sept. 2010, they want make the two lane road into a four-lane road and have it continue across the railroad tracks and University drive so that there are more immediate paths in the Elon Community. The project is expected to take between 18 and 24 months.

Downtown Elon

There are many plans of improving Elon’s downtown. As of now, the board has a 10-year plan to create place that’s nice and emphasizes Elon shops. This plan is a way to help boost Elon’s economy.

Speed Limit

Hopes to decrease the speed limit near Beth Schmidt Park from 45-50 mph to 35 mph

Water run-off

The Burlington Ordinance on water run-off and the quality of that run-off needs to be submitted by Jordan Lake Rules to water quality by March 10. The board seems concerned about the penalty limits of the ordinance, but no specific example was provided.


Sniffing air by dumpster

---Stand-Up--Do you smell that?...

Footage of dumpters and garbage disposals

---VO--That is the stench of trash building up in the garbage disposals throughout Burlington. …Burlington City Council will meet at eight o’clock on Wednesday night to discuss the public debate over garbage disposal regulation.

Jack Smith

---SOV--Misuse of disposals is to blame for many sewer backups. This is the only way we can avoid a major problem with the sewers in this city. It's only a matter of time before this explodes in a nasty way

Footage of litter around society

---VO--The Home Builders’ Association and the Burlington Sierra Club fear that regulating garbage disposal will only make the smelly trash reek.

Judy Lincoln

---SOV--I can't believe this trash about trash. It is a negative development that must be stopped. The ban would lead to more trash and the need for more landfills.

Stand-Up at Dumpster

---Stand-Up--The Home Builder’s Association fears people will just add the disposals into their new houses later. We’ll see on Wednesday how the council plans to clean up this mess. This has been Kristen with Phoenix 14 News.

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Volunteers Needed for Adopt-A-Street Program


Elon’s Student Government Association (SGA) has started a new Adopt‐A‐Street Program  where students work with members of the community to help clean up and beautify the  community and the campus. The program is the latest volunteer service project by members of the  university community, including students, staff and faculty.   

More than 600 students from eighteen on‐campus organizations are involved in the  program. Participating groups include Greek Affairs Council (representing 12 fraternities and  sororities), the Resident Halls Association, Student Senate, Criminal Justice Club, ROTC, the Public  Relations Student Society of America and the Womens Caucus. Students annually contribute more  than 10,000 hours of volunteer service to the community, while staff and faculty contribute several  thousand more hours with various community groups.    Members of the program meet at 8 p.m. Tuesdays in Room 210 of the university’s student  union building to plan projects and coordinate cleanup schedules. The Mirst cleanup project is  planned for sometime in the fall semester and will involve basic cleanup and lear raking in  selected areas. Streets selected for cleanup this fall include High, Fort, Queen, Burd, Earl, Prince,  King, Orange, Fayette, Morris and Washington streets, Richard, Martin and Middle Spring Avenues  and Britton Road. Cleanup projects also will be assigned to groups for the spring semester to  remove trash and debris left from the winter months.    Even though people are involved with this new service project, the university still is looking  for volunteers from the community, as well as the university. Community members or students  interested in participating in the Adopt‐A‐Street program can call the Student Government  Association through the university’s student affairs ofMice at 555‐1111.

This is a photo of one performance of the “Vagina Monologues” that I retrieved from: page_attachments/0000/5269/ vagina_monologues.jpg

V-Day February 14 1. A vision A world where women can live safely and freely 2. A demand Rape, incest, battery, genital mutilation and sexual slavery must end now. 3. A spirit A belief women should spend their lives creating and thriving rather than surviving or recovering terrible atrocities 4. A Catalyst A way to unify and strengthen existing anti-violence efforts. Triggering farreaching awareness and laying the groundwork for new educational, protective and legislative endeavors through the world. 5. A process We will work as long as it takes. We will not stop until the violence stops. V-Day is a day to celebrate women and end the violence. This is the mission statement for V-Day. It can be seen in more detail at:

Learn More “Vagina Monologues” EFFECT and WGS academics.elon_college/wsgs/.




The Power of V EFFECT promotes feminism and the V-season by Kristen Greene Vagina. People cringe when the word vagina echoes through campus, but why is “vagina” considered vulgar? Women like Edith Veremu are trying to change the negative connotation of the word vagina by changing this V-word to mean something positive: victory, valentine and vagina. Veremu discovered Elon University from Zimbabwe, when she came to visit her uncle and cousin in America. When Veremu first arrived on campus she had no intention of becoming a feminist. Then, on a whim, she attended an event called Take Back the Night hosted by Elon Feminists for Equality, Change and Transformations (EFFECT). “Themes of empowerment were discussed,” Veremu said. “I was like wow, this is some pretty deep stuff.” She decided to further her involvement and join EFFECT. EFFECT is hosting a performance of “The Vagina Monologues” at 4 p.m. Sunday, Valentine’s Day, in McCrary Theatre. There will be no admission charged for the performance, but EFFECT will be taking donations to support V-Day, a day that fights violence against women. “V-Day is a global movement to stop violence against women and girls,” Veremu said. It is to raise awareness and money, and give attention to those women who have been victims of rape, battery, incest, sexual slavery or female genital mutilation. “I hope ‘The Vagina Monologues’ performance will bring people to know and understand EFFECT,” Veremu said. “Feminism is just the belief that women have been treated unjustly and we are striving for equality among all of them.” “The Vagina Monologues” is a series of monologues gathered by Eve Ensler about women about and their personal experiences. The women share their stories of fear, tragedy and hope. It is performed nationwide during “V-Season,” Feb. 1-April 30. V-Day itself is held annually on or near Valentine’s Day. In addition to staging the “The Vagina Monologues,” EFFECT is hoping to bring a performance called V-Men onto Elon’s campus within the next two years. V-Men presents violence against women and girls from a male perspective. “These experiences have been universal,” Veremu said. “There are men who consider themselves feminists.” EFFECT has also partnered with the Women’s and Gender Studies Program (WGS) at Elon to help raise awareness of the feminist cause. “EFFECT and WGS are sponsoring this,” Veremu said. “People are afraid of the vagina and we believe you either have one or you’ve seen one.” Both these organizations strive to raise awareness on sexual abuse and continue to present themselves and their beliefs to the community. “Feminism still has a negative connotation and it is our duty to break down the negative connotations,” explained Veremu.

Snow Showers Replace Spring Flowers

For Elon University and Burlington County, this winter has been one of the coldest in years.

North Carolina experiences an unusual March snowfall by Kristen Greene

It’s March and where spring flowers should be sprouting, snowflakes are falling throughout Alamance County and the state of North Carolina. One to two inches of snow fell in Alamance County Tues. March 2. “The last big snow we’ve really had was 15 years ago,” Rudolph Singleton, lifetime North Carolina citizen said. The snow has been putting the county of Alamance out of sorts as classes are delayed at Elon University, school is cancelled for anyone in the Alamance-Burlington School District and the roads continue to be icy. “I was baffled, befuddled and b-over the snow” Elon freshman Lauren Ramsdell said while searching for “B” words to describer her sentiment. “I just wanted it to

keep going so maybe I could sleep in,” she added. Dave Powell, a computer science professor at Elon University, also expressed his concerns. “Professors plan things ahead of time, so when those things get thrown off it ruins the experience for the students,” he said. Students that attend Alamance—Burlington county schools, will also have to worry about making up snow days. “Right now, my daughter has two Saturdays to make up,” Diane Enoch, the Town Clerk said. Enoch’s 17 years–old daughter, a junior at Williams, missed school March 3 due to the snowfall. “The school is trying to save spring break,” Enoch added. Not everyone thinks the snow is bad. Some people are even excited about the weather.

“I made a snowman with my hall yesterday,” Mary Yost, a sophomore at Elon exclaimed. Snow is not expected to occur any other time this week, but

“Last big snow we had was 15 years ago...” with this unusual weather it is difficult to be certain. “I think we live in a great state because we can always look forward to interesting weather— guaranteed,” Enoch joked.


Follow students and teachers around the  different elementary schools. Then go to a shot  of the School Board in the middle of a  discussion Juanita James‐Board President

---VO--Does this shirt look good with these pants? Do these colors go together? These questions may be put to rest if the Guilford County School Board decides to switch to uniforms. ‐‐‐SOV‐‐‐ Some parents and teachers have been urging that uniforms be required of students. They make for a level playing field – if students dress the same, they can all be treated with the same respect.

Model of boys and girls in the possible new  uniform…then go to shot of parents paying for  clothes in the mall

---VO--James said the board wants to have all students in its eight elementary schools to wear white shirts and navy blue slacks or skirts each day.

Juanita James

---SOV--It can also save money in the long run ... parents don’t feel they have to keep their children clothed in the current fashions.

Footage of protestors

Lincoln Washington

Stand‐Up at an elementary school

---VO--The American Civil Liberties Union is not as excited about the uniforms and plans to speak out against the proposal. ---SOV--A uniform requirement would stifle individuality and force conformity … Students would lose their right to send a message with slogans on Tshirts or hats or in wearing black mourning colors and so forth. ---Stand-Up--If you are interested in joining in the uniform debate attend the Guilford County School Board meeting this Wednesday to voice your opinion. This has been Kristen Greene with Phoenix 14 News.

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James Addison, President of the National Institute of Insurance Underwriters and Claims  Adjusters, addresses more than 3,500 insurance agents and claims adjusters at the institute’s  convention in San Diego, California, yesterday.  Some insurance experts attending the conference  are questioning whether the global weather patterns are changing and could be responsible for  the increase in severe weather.  Hurricanes that struck Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana and Florida caused an estimated  $512,000,000 in damage to homes, businesses and personal property. The industry paid more  than $2.5 billion dollars in the past year to repair or replace property damaged in hurricanes,  tornadoes, and Mloods. The amount is nearly 25 percent more than the industry paid the previous  year.  Addison noted that severe Mlooding in Texas, California and the Southeastern United States  was a major cause of property damage and accounted for much of the 25 percent increase. Most  homeowners who have Mlood insurance are insured through the federally funded National Flood  Insurance Program (NFIP).  “These projections are very preliminary. The total number of claims and their costs could  vary depending on the amount of federal aid that was provided, but it still was a costly year for the  insurance industry,” Addison said.  For further information, contact NIIUCA at its headquarters at One Insurance Plaza, 2305  Connecticut Avenue Northwest, Washington, D.C., 20071. Or telephone 1‐800‐555‐0000.

Robberies on the Rise Assault numbers rise to three in the last two months alone By Kristen Greene Jane Lincoln, 51, was shot this morning after arriving to her home at 809 Driftwood Dr. after her night-shift at Walmart when she was attacked. According to Burlington Police Capt. Billy Bob Johnson, Lincoln was walking toward the house when she was attacked. “A stranger—a male—approached her and demanded money. She said she replied she had none, and the man shot her in the arm,

grabbed her purse and fled on foot down Driftwood Drive,” Capt. Johnson said. Lincoln is now in critical condition at Alamance Regional Medical Center. Lincoln is one of three different robbery victims for 2010. This year on Feb. 12 a man was shot in the leg in front of the Sonic drive-in for his wallet, and on Feb. 13 two victims suffered gunshot wounds to their neck and arms before surrendering their purses near the Lakeview Apartments on Bleeker Street. Burlington Police Lt. Akesha Suleman will investigate these assaults and the sudden rise in robberies. This year, Burlington has seen three within the first three months alone. Last year, Burlington reported on 10 assault/robberies for the entire calendar year. Anyone with information on these recent assaults should call Burlington Police at 336-555-3624.

felony assault with a firearm on a law enforcement officer. McGregor also has a Burlington Police exchange fire criminal record for cocaine possession, marijuana possession and possession of a with passenger Patients in Critical firearm by a convicted felon. Condition after Mabnieux did not understand by Kristen Greene how one person could have so much severe Car Accident When the shooting began, aggression and violence. Enrique Mabniex’s first by Kristen Greene “I will have to think a thought was to save his 8 “I started long time about how to get along Five people were injured in a years-old son. Mabnieux, a with others because I do not panicking and head-on-collision at the intersection of cab driver, had his son, understand conflicts when they pushed my son to Church Street and N.C. Highway 87 this Leani, in the front passenger are big or when they are small,” morning. the floor.” seat when he picked up a Mabnieux said. “Why do people According to police reports, passenger at the Ajax Arms commit crimes? Why do people Colby Richardson, 22, from 615 Blue St. Hotel on Firman Street. drive cars? Why do people fight?” and his passenger Guadelupe Rivas, 20, “His clean looks and backpack from 619 Pine Dr. were both airlifted to made me think he may be a student,” UNC-Chapel Hill Medical Center for Elderly Lady Missing Mabnieux said. specialized treatment. Both are in critical As he was pulling away from the Alzheimer’s may prevent return condition. hotel, Mabnieux noticed a police car Both Richardson and Rivas pulling into the hotel parking lot. A short by Kristen Greene suffered burn injuries after their Dodge time later the same police car approached burst into flames for a short period of Rosa Rodriguez, 86, commonly him from behind with its “blue lights time. Sixteen specially trained personnel known as Lula, went missing from her flashing and its siren blaring.” were involved in securing the home at 416 Front St. on Wednesday. The passenger started to panic safety of the victims and Her son, Ricardo Rodriguez, believes and Mabnieux stopped the cab. He then Extrication extrication tools were used to she slipped out of the kitchen door at noticed the passenger going for his tools were rescue crash victims from both around 10:30 p.m. and has not backpack. used vehicles. returned since. “I heard a click as if someone The other three victims “Her son indicates she was cocking a gun. He pointed it at me,” are being treated at Alamance possibly wandered away from home Mabnieux said. “I started panicking and Regional Medical Center. and couldn’t find her way back due to pushed my son to the floor.” Alamance Regional Medical Center says Alzheimer’s,” Burlington Police Lt. The man got out of the cab and Brenda Gee, 32, from 59 Terrace Street, Latawnya James said. started firing when officers Jamal Warner and her two children Luke, 10 and Laura, Lula has brown hair and a scar and Leon Peters approached the car for 5, are all in good condition. on her right cheek. She is 5 feet 4 inches questioning. Both officers returned fire, “The children in this situation tall and weighs approximately 150 but each only fired one round. were saved by the correct use of safety pounds. She was last seen wearing a black Suspect Arthur George harnesses and their placement in the back shirt, blue slacks and white shoes. McGregor, 27, of 1352 Westmoreland seat,” Burlington Police Capt. Juanita If anyone has any information Avenue, was treated for a superficial Ramirez says. “It’s a lesson for everyone.” about Lula’s whereabouts, please contact injury he received when a bullet grazed Lt. James at 336-55-6220. his head. He is now being held in Alamance County Jail on two counts of

Taxi Cab Shoot Out

“Unity is what’s valued most” Miles Gregley

United States in Pieces

‘N*W*C*’ tells Elon students racial stereotypes separate us By Kristen Greene

to deconstruct the racial stereotypes in America through humor and theater. N*gger. Wetb*ck. Ch*nk. “These words became ways to hurt people and strip Three hateful words invaded Elon University’s campus when Miles Gregley, Rafael Agustín and Daisuke Tsuji “America is more them of their power.” Gregley said. “When you’re young you don’t know strolled on to the McCrary Theatre stage. These three words how to hate who you are, but you can about brought issues of racial diversity to Elon and challenged learn,” Tsuji added. students to wonder if our United States of America is united fragmentation” definitely Tsuji first realized he was “different” after all. in the third grade when he wanted to “America is more about fragmentation…things that look like Tom Cruise. He approached a girl he had a crush on should be put together are pulled apart,” said writer and and she said, “you can’t be Tom Cruise, you’re too Chinese.” performer Rafael Agustín. When Tsuji told his mom, she said they were saving In their play, “N*W*C*,” Agustín, Gregley and Tsuji money so he could get surgery to remove skin from his eyelids use personal experiences to confront the racial issues in to make his eyes appear more “Caucasian.” From then on, all America. Agustín represents Latinos, Gregley represents African Americans and Tsuji represents Asians as they combine he saw was his differences. His hair was black not brown, his skin was yellow not white and his eyes were squinty not round.


He also shared a satirical commentary about Asians being seen as the “model race.” Caitlin Wang Fleisig, a friend of Tsuji’s that came to watch his performance, agreed and elaborated on Tsuji’s comment. “I think it doesn’t seem that bad,” Fleisig said. “I am a music major and have been practicing piano since I was a little girl, but now people credit my talent with my being Asian. Like, ‘of course she’s good, she’s Asian.’ It discredits me and all my hard work.” Gregley did not understand he was “black” until he was 13, sitting in class and reading “Huckleberry Finn” with everyone. When they got to the “n-word” the whole class stared at him. “I was like that word, that was me,” Gregley said. Gregley also felt different when his family moved to Atlanta from a white community to a predominately black community. He had to change the way he dressed, the way he talked and the way he walked to try to fit in. Elon student, Janae Frazier said she “I was like that shared that experience. “I’ve always word, that was gone to predominately me.” white schools and when you come back to a predominately black community, you feel like an outsider,” she said. “I don’t think I ever wanted to be white, but I know what it feels like to not want to be different.” Agustín, who came to the U.S. from Ecuador illegally, discussed his challenges with immigration. One day when he was at the beach with his father, Agustín watched a man running from the immigration police. He didn’t understand what was happening, but his father made him leave immediately and told Agustín he could not speak Miles Gregley (left), Daisuke Tsuji, and Rafael Augustín (far right) portray racial stereotypes through their acting and their costumes.

Spanish. From that day forward, at 11 years old, Agustín stopped speaking Spanish for fear of the immigration police. The theme of “N*W*C*” was diversity and the students in the audience emulated this. The cast of “N*W*C*” brought awareness to some of America’s less understood racial issues. “I’ve actually never been to any cultural events, and it was a new experience,” Becca Tynes said. “The audience was more diverse than I thought it would be; it was nice to see so many different people gathered for one event.” The performers of “N*W*C*” work to break down racial barriers. They say they tackle issues that make their audience feel uncomfortable, in order to help their message resonate and they use laughter to allow people to relate to the performance. “Unity, is what’s valued the most,” Gregley said.

MODERN INDIA: Edward Luce speaks to Elon about change in India by Kristen Greene Footage of students gathering and Edward Luce Speaking

Shot of Edward Luce

Footage of coins spilling out of a piggy bank Nat Sound: of coins clinking as they spill out

Shot of Edward Luce

Footage of students engaged in Luce’s lecture Footage of a world map with pins going into the neighboring countries

Shot of student Rachel Wilson

Footage of country cut-outs surpassing each other

Shot of Rachel Wilson

Live Stand-Up

----VO--- Tonight at Elon University, students gathered to listen to Edward Luce Speak on Modern India. Edward Luce [LOOSE] described two aspects of change that have turned India into the global swing state of the 21st century. Luce [LOOSE] says the first aspect of change is economical. ----SOT (Luce)---“It is a scandal because it has the resources, not only financially, but intellectually, to remove itself from this poverty. There’s a state here that can do something and it doesn’t. It’s a lack of political will.” ----VO---Luce [LOOSE] says it can take about nine to 10 years for people in India to raise their income. He calls it a “schizophrenic economy.” India’s second change is its geopolitical rise. ----SOT (LUCE)---“No longer was it India followed by Pakistan, but now the word China is typically followed by the word India, and that is a huge shift.” ----VO---India is also beginning to build strong relationships with its nearby neighbors. Luce [LOOSE] expects that ten years from now, Japan’s relationship with India will be more important than Japan’s relationship with America. ----SOV (Wilson)---“I think foreign investment is risky because these nations are quickly rising to power, but sustaining that power could be a challenge considering their currently limited infrastructures.” ----VO---It is also predicted that by 2035 China will have surpassed the United States as an economic power and India is to follow in 2040. ----SOV (Wilson)---“I fear China’s rise because it will become the most powerful Communist nation since World War II, but I believe India will become a great nation because it is amazing how a nation with so much poverty can rise to the top so swiftly.” ----Stand-Up---It seems clear that China and India will both pose threats to the United States in the future, and we need to prepare ourselves for the change. In India change has already begun. This is Kristen Greene with Phoenix 14 news.

Internet Experts Share Hopes and Fears

“The Internet is just a tool…it is not really the Internet that is changing our lives. It is how we use it,” Anderson said. “Imagining the The work of Internet” gathers Elon University’s predictions on our Imagining the Internet Center aims at assessing future Internet people’s attitudes about the potential future of the By Kristen Greene Internet, informing about The Internet began like dynamite. One second it was a few sparks hopes and concerns and on a wire and the next it was an explosion. guiding policy by identifying key issues. “I used to have to sit and wait In its most awhile to get a page to load,” recalled recent, 2010 survey, the Janna Anderson, director of the Imagining the Internet Imagining the Internet Center at Elon Center addressed issues of University and co-author of The Future human intelligence, of the Internet IV survey. “You would literacy, innovation, never have dreamed that we would be anonymity, and control. Some Internet streaming video and watching TV on the critics are concerned that our use of Internet in the bathtub.” Google is making us stupid, and that In 2000 Anderson and another reading, writing and the rendering of Elon professor, Connie Ledoux Book knowledge will be hindered. Many experts spoke to Lee Rainie, director of Pew disagree—76 percent of experts said that Internet & American Life Project about Google would increase human Rainie’s idea to assemble a database of intelligence. predictions. Inspired by Ithiel de Sola “We spend less time trying to Pool’s research work “Forecasting the recall information and more time trying to Telephone,” Rainie, Anderson and Book solve the problem,” expert Paul Jones built the “Imagining the Internet” explained when answering this survey site at Elon University. ! !"#$!"!#$%&&! question. %&$$'!"!'()*$%&&! Sixty-five percent of experts ($"")*+"!+,#! agreed that the Internet would improve reading, writing, and the rendering of ! "##$%&!'#()*!+,-&!./! knowledge. /*.0123! “Languages evolve, and established practices for writing evolve,” says Rachel Smith, vice president of New Media Consortium. “The art of reading, ! "#$%&'()!*+&,&'()!$'%! writing and rendering knowledge is likely ,-#!"#'%#+&'(!./! to evolve more quickly than it has in the 0'.12#%(#!1&22!3#! &45+.6#%7! past, and there are some who would argue that that is a bad thing. I think it will be different; not better, not worse, but not the ! "##$%&'($#!)(**! same.” +$#'(#,-!'$!+&'+.!,/! A lack of innovation is another 01!/,232(/-4! concern for Internet users, but 80 percent of experts agreed that innovation would continue to catch us by surprise. “Innovation will continue to "#$#%&$'(!$#)*#+!,-.*/*.%!0*))! 1+!-2,))+#3+45!.2$'32!,!&$4+(.! come out of the blue. For example, &,6$7*.%!(.*))!.2*#8!*.!0*))!1+! Facebook and Twitter,” explained 9$((*1)+!*#!:;:;<! Anderson, “people were not aware of how people would embrace them before they came out.” ! ! "#$%&#'!())*+)!,&+!-&(.($/!,!0#1+&! Keeping anonymity on the )%&*//'+2&+)0#$-+$%)!3#0+! ($4#&5,%(#$!1(''!4'#1!&+',%(.+'6!4&++'6! Internet may prove to be a difficult task in #$'($+7!%3#*/3!%3+6!+80+9%!%3+&+!1(''! the future. Sources will be expected to 9#$%($*+!%#!:+!9#$4'(9%!#.+&!9#$%&#'!#4! have more validity as more people turn to %3+!;$%+&$+%<! the Internet for information. Fifty-five percent of experts believe that Internet users will still be able to communicate

“The Internet is just a is not really the Internet that is changing our lives. It is how we use it.” Janna Anderson

anonymously in the future and 41 percent believe that by 2020 anonymous online activity will have sharply curtailed. “Control problems are our biggest issue,” Anderson said. “Everything that we use to be secure—control in that regard—we will give the government and big companies control over the situation, just like it used to be in the old days.” Sixty-one percent of experts responded that they do not think government and big company control will be a huge issue; however, many of these respondents voiced their views as hopes rather than beliefs. Former member of President Obama’s National Economic Council, Susan Crawford said, “the locked-down future is more realistic as things stand now. We’ve got a very cautious government, an international movement towards greater control, and a pliant public. I wish this wasn’t the case.” Anderson said the predictions collection offers people the chance to share hopes and concerns and it is not aimed at making any specific forecast. “The beauty of it is I have no expectations in advance,” reflects Anderson. “All of this work has been based on the generosity of the people in sharing their time, concerns and their intellect.” For more information or to share your own prediction for the future of the Internet visit predictions/.

THE IPAD: Apple released its newest form of


by Kristen Greene Montage of video of people playing with ipods, itouches, laptops, and then finally the ipad

---VO--Start doing your finger exercises because Apple’s newest product, the Ipad was released to the public on Saturday. Apple has already sold about 300 thousand devices, and people have downloaded about one million applications and 250 thousand ibooks.

Janna Anderson

---SOV--It has that WOW factor. You can touch it and get what you want, and people think that is cool.

Dave Powell Follow students walking on campus playing with blackberries and cell phones Anthony Hatcher

---SOV--I think it will revolutionize low-end computing. ---VO--Despite the excitement of the new product, many people have their reservations about the Ipad. ---SOV--I was watching Charlie Rose and there was a guy on it who is from the British Media, and he thought it was the savior of the media… no. I disagree.

Kevin Dudiak

---SOV--It seems pretty innovative, but I probably wouldn’t buy this first one because you know with Apple the second, or third, or even fourth generation will be even better.

Anthony Hatcher

---SOV--It is a primitive version of what might be done down the road. It’s a prototype for the future;just another thing, and I don’t need one in my life.

Bill Buress

---SOV--They’ve had tablet pc and they haven’t become mainstream and in work settings I don’t see the use for it.

Students listening to ipod

---VO--Still others don’t even know what the Ipad is.

Montage of people speaking having no idea what ---SOV--it is. I don’t know what it is…I’m sure my children do, but I have no idea. ‐‐‐SOV‐‐‐ No idea what that is. ---SOV--I haven’t seen one yet…isn’t it like a pad of an ipod and a computer? I think that if you can afford it, it will be another accessory. ‐‐‐Stand‐Up‐‐‐ Stand-Up at Apple store in Greensboro with the line of people still waiting for their ipad It seems the Ipad has America in a Mix about whether or not this  is a revolutionary invention, or just another technology tinker  toy. We’ll just have to wait to see how the Ipad performs in the  future and how many people want to use it. This has been  Kristen Greene with Phoenix 14. 

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Excellence In and Out of the Classroom

NICHOLAS KRISTOF WILL SPEAK AT ELON UNIVERSITY IN HONOR OF THE PHI BETA KAPPA CHAPTER BEING INSTALLED, AND ELON’S ENDEAVOR TOWARDS GLOBAL AWARENESS. What does it mean to make a difference? What does it mean to be  passionate? Pulitzer Prize‐winning New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof  will address Elon University students and faculty at their annual Honors  Convocation Tuesday April 13. The convocation will be held at 3:30 p.m. in the  Alumni Gym at the Koury Center. Admission tickets will be $12 or free with an  Elon I.D.  During the convocation, a Phi Beta Kappa chapter will be installed as  Elon’s newest honors fraternity. Kristof, a member of Phi Beta Kappa from  Harvard, will discuss his travels, and challenge the students to engage in a cause  in order to make a difference in our world. Kristof has distinguished himself as a journalist by traveling to 140  different countries and all 50 United States. During his travels he has become  greatly involved with global awareness and activism. He is famous for his involvement with Darfur. As a journalist he  almost single‐handedly made the world aware of the Darfur issue and urged people to make a difference. Kristof has also written two books. One is called “China Wakes: The Struggle for the Soul of a Rising Power.”  The other he wrote with his wife. The book is known as “Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for  Women Worldwide.” A documentary Milm titled “The Reporter” is based on Kristof and his stories.    Showing compassion for global and national issues like poverty, health and gender in the developing world,  Kristof gives a voice to the voiceless. By speaking at the Phi Beta Kappa installation he will remind students that the  world is connected and we all need inspiration in order to have international success.  For more information about Nicholas Kristof, please look to these Web sites:

Elon Centre in Italy

American University in Cairo

Kansai Galdel University in Japan

Elon Centre in England


Trumpets sounded and music played while Elon University’s Minest marched into Koury Athletic Center for  their Spring Convocation. Today was a convocation to remember as Elon installed its new Phi Beta Kappa chapter. Elon  was also honored to have Pulitzer Prize winner and New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof as its guest for the day. “Phi Beta Kappa is simply a corner stone on which to build,” said Elon President Leo Lambert. Phi Beta Kappa’s four core values are to have a broad and diverse education, have skills that apply to everyday  life, have excellence and honesty in intellectual inquiry and to have intellectual freedom to hone skills and achieve 

excellence. Nicholas Kristof is an excellent speaker for this event because he  upholds the Phi Beta Kappa legacy. “The thing that strikes me even more than rage, is the courage of those who  make a difference,” Kristof said.  After already traveling to all Mifty states and 140 different countries, Kristof  sees enough of the world to realize how to apply his knowledge and passion  effectively. He also applauds Elon’s emphasis on study abroad programs. “The important thing is to get out of our comfort zone,” Kristof said. At Elon seven out of 10 students study abroad, and even freshmen can  participate in some of the programs. There are 27 different countries  students can travel to for a semester and there are 24 different countries  students can travel to during winter term, a month‐long semester. Elon’s  newest semester long program is  at the American University in Cairo, Egypt, a school Kristof attended.  Kristof urges students and people to learn and understand the  cultures of these various countries in order to expand global awareness.  “We need to connect to some cause larger than ourselves and try to  make a difference doing that,” he said.  He also challenges Elon students to Mind their inspiration while  studying abroad and expanding their knowledge. “We’re all in a very similar situation, we’ve all won the lottery of  life,” he said. “We must work on discharging responsibility seek to connect  with any cause larger than yourself something that gives meaning to you.  Then you will get perspective, happiness and in increments help change the  world.”   Elon University helps students take the initiative in changing the  world by basing its curriculum around Mive experiential programs: study abroad, community service, research,  internships and leadership. Through these programs and engaged learning, Elon continues to excel its valuable  education.


Scroll through of the people being initiated  into Phi Beta Kappa

---VO--Trumpets sounded and music played while Elon University’s finest…marched into Koury Athletic Center for their Spring Convocation today. Today was a convocation to remember as Elon installed its new Phi Beta Kappa chapter. Elon was also honored to have Pulitzer Prize winner and New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof as their guest for the day.

Leo Lambert‐Elon President

---SOT--“Phi Beta Kappa is simply a corner stone on which to build.”

Footage of the procession

Stand‐Up at Koury Athletic Center

Nicholas Kristof 

---Stand-Up--Phi Beta Kappa’s four core values are to have a broad and diverse education, have skills that apply to everyday life, have excellence and honesty in intellectual inquiry and to have intellectual freedom to hone skills and achieve excellence. Nicholas Kristof is an excellent speaker for this event because he upholds the Phi Beta Kappa legacy. ---SOT--“The thing that strikes me even more than rage, is the courage of those who make a difference.”

---VO--Footage of some of the different places Kristof  Having traveled to all fifty states and 140 different countries, has seen Kristof sees enough of the world to realize how to apply his knowledge effectively. He also applauds Elon’s emphasis on study abroad programs. Nicholas Kristof

---SOT--“The important thing is to get out of our comfort zone.”

Footage of people working Teach America and  ---VO--Unite for Sight He said Teach for America and Unite for Sight are two of many organizations that are based off passion. Nicholas Kristof

Footage of the suffrage that occurs in some of  the other countries Nicholas Kristof

Stand‐Up in front of Carlton

---SOT--“We need to connect to some cause larger than ourselves and try to make a difference doing that.” ---VO--Kristof challenges Elon students to continue to study abroad and expand their knowledge, but more importantly find their inspiration. ---SOT--“We’re all in a very similar situation, we’ve all won the lottery of life. We must work on discharging responsibility…seek to connect with any cause larger than yourself…something that gives meaning to you. Then you will get perspective, happiness…and in increments help change the world.” ---Stand-Up--Kristof will also attend Phi Beta Kappa’s evening induction to continue speaking to the new inductees about the importance of global awareness. This has been Kristen Greene with Phoenix 14 news.

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