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But seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you into exile, and pray to the Lord on its behalf, for in its welfare you will find your welfare. Jeremiah 29:7

CSM Washington DC Update Vol. 1, Is. 1 - CHRISTMAS 2009

A Newsletter The Newsletter of KristenofErbelding the Centerand forher Student work Missions for the Center in Washington, for StudentDC Missions Dear Friends Whew! Where did 2009 go? Seems like yesterday we were getting ready for spring staff to arrive and waiting on spring break groups! We have had quite a year at CSM and thought this combined newsletter would be a great way to introduce ourselves to you and discuss how our ministry is going in DC. We have had a very busy year, probably the busiest ever for CSM-DC. This year we had over 1100 students serve with us for a combined 5600 student days of service in our city. Having so many people working alongside of us has been such a blessing both to our ministry partners but also to the groups who come and serve with us! Some comments we have gotten from our groups are below: “I really enjoyed serving the people and most of all sitting down with a homeless person eating the same meal, being on the same level, realizing we are alike. It really touched me and that moment I felt God within telling me that I'm realizing what's important.” “I never thought that children could change my life but the kids I met were so loving – being there showed me their unconditional love.”

As you can see we are continuing to make a difference for Christ in our nation’s capital. So many young people who come and serve with us are surrounded by negative influences 24/7 and need to see how Christ can work in their life as well as in the lives of others. CSM offers that experience to anyone willing to learn, young and old, to bring many to know Christ. Through the work we do with our ministry partners, people across all spans of life are able to share the love of Jesus with others and also be shown this love in some of the most remarkable ways. While many of you are very far away from the DC metro area, you can continue to help us out with our ministry. The most important means you could provide is to continue to pray for us and our continued presence here in DC. Please pray that God would continue to show us His will for CSM-DC as we move into 2010. Also pray that we would continue to grow in our ministry and find other ministry partners in the DC area with whom we may partner.

Our summer staff makes a pyramid on the mall. Bottom row is Alanna Dailey from Richmoond, Jason Martin (Director), Kera Package from outside of Pittsburgh, Kristen Erbelding (Associate Director). Third row: Josh Griep from Minneapolis, Alex Thompson from Evansville, IL, Alison Bisesi from Miami. Second row: Afton Cappello of Dallas, Minnie Nelson of Chapel Hill, NC. Top row: Cassie Noland of Atlanta.

Another need for us is in regards to our financial support. This year has been tough on many of us and has caused us to not raise our required financial support for the year. Kristen has about $10,000 yet to raise this year and Jason has $17,000 to raise to meet our goals. While these numbers are quite large, we trust in God to provide for our support for this year and coming years. Please pray that God will be able to make this happen, and if you are able, please donate according to the instructions on the back of the newsletter. Thanks again for your continued partnership with CSM-DC and for your continued prayers and support. Without people like you out there supporting us, we would not be able to exist as a ministry. We are thankful for you and hope you have a great Christmas season! Jason Martin City Director

Kristen Erbelding Associate City Director

CSM’s Mission is to provide an effective urban ministry experience that transforms lives, influences churches and communities, and honors Christ.

The Newsletter of the Center for Student Missions in Washington, DC

Spotlight on ministry! By Jason Martin Each year we have the opportunity to and it has really impacted partner with over 40 ministries in the me. You have showed me DC area, showing God‘s love to oth- so much and I really appreers and helping meet needs that they ciate all that you do.‖ Anmay not be able to do on their own. other writes, ―The way that Our students play a game with some of the VBS kids One of our group‘s favorite ministry the community trusts and at one of the Kids Konnection sites. sites is Kids Konnection, a sidewalk respects Kids Konnection Sunday school program run by Pas- is amazing. The impact the organiza- highlight of their week. They are tor Terry Mullins. Pastor Terry has tion has on the kids on the area is a able to return to the same site each been involved in ministry in Ana- work of God.‖ afternoon and get to know the chilcostia for over 20 years and has been As you can see , the minis- dren that they are ministering to and such a blessing to try through hear their life stories. With many of the neighborKids Kon- these children living in poverty and in hood. One of nection is public housing, our groups are able the ways that vital to the to show God‘s love in a way which CSM partners community they may not have experienced bewith Pastor Terry and to the fore. and Kids Konchildren Many children have come to nection is to help who live in know the Lord through this ministry them run Vacathese hous- as the summer VBS is actually a gatetion Bible School ing projects. way for children to enter the year programs in local Kids Kon- long sidewalk Sunday school prohousing projects nection has gram. This program currently has throughout the p a r t n e r e d over 1500 participants each week summer. with CSM- throughout Washington DC and has As you Three VBS kids show off their VBS crafts and DC for 15 brought many children to know can see by the smiles at Kids Konnection’s Stoddard site. years and Christ on a personal level. Kids pictures, our stuhas com- Konnection has been a steady partdents have had great experiences pleted over 300 Vacation Bible ner for us throughout the years and working with Kids Konnection. One School programs throughout Wash- has continued to help our groups see student writes: ―Kids Konnection: ington DC. Most groups who come the need for ministers in the city. We You have opened my eyes to lots of to DC participate in VBS with Kids hope to continue to partner with kids‘ lives to see how they truly live Konnection and feel that it is the them for years to come.

TOP 10 tangible needs for CSM - DC 2. Bunk beds and twin mattresses

1. PRAYER! 4. Couches

5. Cleaning supplies

3. New/used refrigerator

6. Gift cards to Sam’s Club 7. Paper towels/Toilet paper

9. Copy paper/office supplies 8. Blinds or curtains

10. Cash donations for other assorted items/emergency items

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Volume 1, Issue 1 Christmas 2009

Won’t you be my neighbor? By Kristen Erbelding since most of our groups are usually students from out of town. Because these were adults from the community (the neighborhood, if you will), we had the opportunity to potentially connect people and local ministries in a more permanent way. During their trips, the men from IBC installed bookMen from Immanuel Bible Church assemble a book- shelves at Ms. Hawkins‘ aftercase for Children of Mine afterschool program. school program in Anacostia, and I took about a dozen women This fall I moved into a new from the C.S. Lewis Institute to spend neighborhood, so I‘ve been asking mythe morning with Dawnielle in a Chrisself lately how I can be a good neighbor. tian community and non-profit called My new neighbors on my block have set Casa Chirilagua in Northern Virginia. While the IBC men met a tangible need the standard high – they were so welfor Ms. Hawkins, Dawnielle showed us coming when my roommates and I her neighborhood and told us stories of moved in, giving us chairs, coffee makers, benches, internet, and great hospitat- her neighbors – mostly Latino immility. The Bible has a lot to say about how grants. Ms. Hawkins has worked to support and love the children in her we treat our neighbors, from in the law (―Love your neighbor as yourself,‖ Leviti- own neighborhood for decades, and cus 19:18 ) to the prophets (― ‗In that day Dawnielle advocates for her neighbors each of you will invite his neighbor to sit in many tangible and practical ways. However, the people the under his vine and fig tree,‘ declares the groups served weren‘t just neighbors for Lord Almighty,‖ Zechariah 3:10) to the gospels (the parable of the Good Samari- Ms. Hawkins and Dawnielle or neighbors from a few states over, but tan, Luke 10:25-37). Like the expert in the law, I wonder what is required of me were in-my-own-backyard neighbors for many of the local trip participants. when I am commanded to ―love my Their stories and struggles and joys take neighbor.‖ I am challenged by Jesus‘ on a new meaning when we know of response to the question, ―Who is my their presence and needs, we take action neighbor?‖ which calls us to move from to meet those needs, and we allow ourignorance, inaction, and neglect to selves to love and be loved in return. knowledge, action, and love. I am chalThis is a spiritual kind of moving into lenged to think outside my typical conthe neighborhood – as we allow ourcept of neighbor (friends, family, the selves to be good neighbors and also people next-door). This fall we had the pleasure of allow ourselves to receive good hosting two local adult groups – one for neighboring. It was so exciting to hear a weekend and the other for just a day. the men identify more needs of Ms. The first was a group of seven men from Hawkins and talk about when they Immanuel Bible Church in Springfield, could return, and hear the women disVA, which is about 30 minutes outside cuss how they could help out Casa of DC. The second group was com- Chirilagua on a more regular basis. Talk prised of about 50 working professionals about being good neighbors! I love who are a part of the C.S. Lewis Insti- when I can see the fruit of what God tute‘s Fellows Program in Northern Vir- does through CSM! Isn‘t it awesome that we serve ginia. Hosting both of these groups was an exciting change for me, especially a God who modeled how to be a good

praise God  

Our busiest summer in CSM DC‘s history, and all of the groups that came through. The month of September—a time of renewal and refreshment in the Lord after the hectic summer schedule. For Immanuel Bible Church, and specifically Bill Law and Don Woodall, who have donated much time this fall to making some much-needed repairs at our housing site, and securing, transporting and hauling couches for our food room (and taking out the old ones!). They have been such a blessing in their support this fall…

prayer requests 

 

 

Continued health for Jason and his family as we dawn upon the winter cold season (He is currently recovering from pneumonia) For continued ability to do ministry in DC and be an instrument of God's love in DC For continued prayer partners who want to be involved in prayer ministry for Washington DC and our ministry here For continued financial support for our ministry to thrive in this down economy. Our ministry partners as they adapt to less financial resources and more clients

neighbor for us? In John 1:14, as interpreted by the Message Bible, it says that, ―The Word became flesh and blood, and moved into the neighborhood.‖ What a profound thought! This Christmas I pray that all of you would encounter God‘s glory, generosity and truth as we feel his presence in our lives and neighborhoods, and as he continues to widen our view of our neighborhood. Merry Christmas!

Did you know CSM has a blog? It’s a great way to keep updated with what’s happening with other CSM cities:

Jason’s update:

Kristen’s update:

Wow...2009 went way too fast! I have been quite busy throughout the year and have been so amazed at what God is doing in my life. Mary Sue continues to work for the city of Rockville as a budget analyist and I continue to study at Johns Hopkins in their counseling program, which I hope to graduate in May '10. I have started my final year at school which has meant doing a therapy internship in addition to my time with CSM. Coupled with my studies I have been increasingly involved in the music ministry at our church, Church of the Redeemer of Gaithersburg MD, and have continued to grow and be challenged there. God continues to answer prayer in the life of our daughter Hannah and some of her special needs. Hannah has started a pre-school for children with developmental issues and has been thriving there! She enjoys her classmates and still enjoys going to the day care in the afternoon when school is over. Hannah continues to sing and be just a joy to raise.

Hi friends and family! Since my last update, I have moved once again, this time about 12 blocks away from my old place, now located near RFK stadium. I am living with 5 other Christian women (most are friends from college), and loving my new house, housemates, neighbors, and neighborhood. God continues to bless me here in Washington, DC in ways that continually surprise me. After the busy summer, I was able to take the month of September to travel and renew and refresh my spirit. Highlights of the month include a weeklong CSM staff retreat in Myrtle Beach, SC (we did work too!), visiting a good friends in Columbia, SC and Carlisle, PA, road-tripping along Interstate 10 with my CSM Houston co-worker, Britani (we went from Houston to New Orleans to southern Georgia), and spending a week at home in Rochester, NY with my family. I‘ve also found time to try my hand at rowing (sweep) with Capital Rowing Club! This fall has been more relaxed, but I still keep busy with hosting (with had 3 weekend groups in October and November), updating our programming, and working on scheduling for next summer. I will be travelling back to Rochester for the week surrounding Christmas (about Dec 18th to 27th), so if you will also be in the area, I would love to get together with you and talk to you more about CSM and what I am doing in Washington, DC!

Join our

prayer teams: Prayer is so important to our ministry and we would love for you to partner with us in that way! Both Jason and Kristen have been challenged to raise 100 committed prayer partners and if you are up to the task of helping us reach that goal, you can sign up online at:

Your financial contributions are much appreciated and go a long way in helping us to provide urban ministry experiences for youth, provide muchneeded volunteers and resources to our ministry partners, and to be a beacon of Christ’s light in our community, Washington, DC. Please consider supporting my ministry with CSM. Your money helps keep our trips affordable, allows our full-time staff to be here year round, and allows us to hire and mentor spring and summer staff.

If sending a check, please attach a note with Jason or Kristen’s name on it and send it to: P.O. Box 900 Dana Point, CA 92629-0900 DO NOT write our names on the memo line - it is not tax-deductible if you do! prayerpartner.php

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CSM Washington DC Christmas Newsletter 2009  

Jason and Kristen's update of what's going on with the Center for Student Missions and their ministry in Washington, DC.

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