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pgs. 4 - 12 graduate thesis hide. seek. hidden. revealed. architectural projects pgs. 14 - 24 Charlotte Latin School Daylighting - Chicano Artist Studio C. A. T. S. bus stop Zaha Hadid - car park and terminus digital fabrication breakdance

pgs. 26 - 28

interior design pgs. 30 - 32 Cirrus - digital annimation studio artifacts pgs. 34 - 38 casting - winerack printmaking - goldrush sketches pgs. 40 - 46 Italy, Summer 2007 resume

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hide. seek. hidden. revealed.

hidden h i s t o r i e s Underground Railroad

WWII’s Holocaust

characte r p r o f i l e Seeker Bounty hunter Nazi’s John’s

Controller UGRR Conductors Jewish Sympathizers Pimps/Madames

Hiders/Hidden Slaves Jews Women and children

Modern Day Sex-Trafficking

thesis excerpt

hidden histories & character profile

“It is the productions and occupations of a society that create spaces suitable for itself.” - Henri Lefebvre

The Production of Space

This thesis concentrated on three hidden histories from the past 200 years, in attempt to surface the, “hidden condition”. Through a synchronized system of research, narratives from the Underground Railroad, WWII Holocaust, and modern day Sex-Trafficking were carefully unpacked. Hidden spaces were revealed from each scenario and paralleled against the other two histories to illuminate a condition that exists secretly amongst everyday life. This research references timeless stories, and pressing relevant social injustices - all of which formulate a discussion that is worthy of consideration. This research not only surfaces the footprints of architectural hidden spaces, but also hidden people, hidden occupations, and hidden agendas. Within the hidden typology there are three main characters that surface in almost every spatial narrative. These characters are the seeker, the controller, and the hider/hidden. While these are the basic characters to expect in an actively hidden condition - each narrative is specific to its own historical context, culture, and inhabitants. Each spatial narrative was unpacked to explain its typological similarities and differences from the other two hidden conditions.


hide. seek. hidden. revealed.

undergro u n d r a i l r o a d



A house on the UGRR Fountain City, Indiana

thesis excerpt

underground railroad

The Underground Railroad: Hider - Runaway Slave Seeker - Bounty Hunter Controller - Conductors/Abolitionists Uniquely the UGRR is a system of hidden spaces rather than a specific location. The hidden condition itself was a “hidden in plain sight� type of situation. The hidden spaces were homes of abolitionists providing safe cover for slaves. While some had hidden compartments, most were hidden by keeping a normal appearance within their neighborhood. A home on the UGRR looked no different than the home next door. Because of its vast 200 year old network, and the limited physical information still existing today, the UGRR is best understood in plan through the use of maps. The topographical image to the left is a par of a set of modern day maps overlaid with a 200 year old UGRR route. This information was extracted through researching slave and abolitionist written narratives.


hide. seek. hidden. revealed.

holocaus t h i d i n g s p a c e s


Ten Boom Home Haarlem, Holland


thesis excerpt


holocaust hiding spaces

The Holocaust: Hider - The Jews Seeker - Nazi’s Controller - Sympathizers The spaces in this narrative are constricted and defined by the limitations of the body. Most homes had little space to spare and the hidden room had to be as small as possible. In the urban condition Jews hid within the homes of sympathizers like in the narrative of the Ten Boom family. In the ghettos families built beneath their homes, and in the country they burrowed beneath the ground for warmth and security. Zero visibility in this narrative was critical when constructing a hidden space. Some precautions that had to be considered included where to place the ventilation pipe, avoiding exterior windows, moving supplies into the space, and the transference of displaced dirt. These spaces are best understood when studied in section.

hide. seek. hidden. revealed.

sex-traf f i c k i n g



King Massage San Francisco, CA.

thesis excerpt



Sex-Trafficking: Hidden* - Women & Children Seekers - John’s & Law Enforcement Controllers - Pimps While some of the hidden locations within the narrative of sex-trafficking are stationary, many more simply house the girls as they are moved from place to place. This constant form of mobility becomes a way of hiding. Stationary spaces work most lucratively in a big city where they are covered by a faced in the normative environment. The largest indicator of a hidden sex operation are the reduction of inward visibility and an increase of outward surveillance. Windows are blacked out and surveillance cameras monitor all entrances and exits from the building. This condition is marked by its mandatory spatial control and is best understood through anxonometric diagrams.

architectural projects


architectural projects architectural projects

architectural projects

charlott e l a t i n s c h o o l

Site plan

Building A - East Facing Elevation

Building A - West Facing Elevation

comprehensive studio


charlotte latin school

Charlotte Latin School - Environmental Science Center As a comprehensive studio project we took on Charlotte Latin School’s commission for a new environmental science center that would encourage and support sustainable concepts. We individually selected our own sites within their 40 acre campus and proposed our own ideas. My concept explored: 1) Daylighting strategies with north facing windows, south facing solar panels, and appropriate shading devices. 2) Maximizing circulation to the exterior of the building to minimize the heating and cooling costs. 3) Designated distances from the pond for water reclamation studies and grey water usage. 4) Optimizing views for a seamless indoor to outdoor experience, and natural teaching moments.

Building B - West Facing Elevation

Building B - East Facing Elevation

architectural projects

detail d r a w i n g s

Roof Detail

Detailed Wall Section


comprehensive studio


charlotte latin school

Model of proposed design by: K. Booth

architectural projects

chicano a r t i s t s t u d i o incorpor a t i n g d a y l i g h t i n g s t r a t e g i e s

daylighting strategies

chicano artist studio


architectural projects

cats bus s t o p


c.a.t.s. bus stop


C. A. T. S. stands for Charlotte Area Transportation System. This is bus stop I designed for one of their stops along N. Tryon which is a richly diverse demographic. The concept included creating a landscaped area for community swap meets and socials to occur, while giving the bus stop a brand with experiential C. A. T. S. initials that jumble and merge as you approach and pass the site.

architectural projects

zaha had i d - c a r p a r k & t e r m i n u s

This was a case study project where I was assigned to study Zaha Hadid’s car park and terminus in Strasbourg, Germany. The project consisted of gathering images, drawings, and pictures in order to scale the project. The final review looked at our hand drawings of the project and a scaled model. For my model I chose to build it out of plexi-glass around a light box in order to illuminate the gestural nature of Zaha’s design.

case study

zaha hadid - car park & terminus


digital fabrication


digital fabrication digital fabrication

breakdan c i n g

digital fabrication

analyzing breakdancing

This digital fabrication project originated with the study of movement. We were put into teams and asked to pick a movement, analyze it, digitally interpret it - and fabricate that movement. We began by videotaping one of our team members breakdancing. Then we separated the video down into 30 still frames per second and digitally analyzed those images. We chose to focus on the movement of the feet through out each rotation. We established a pattern and set out to physically fabricate what we had digitally rendered. The final object was welded rebar, clad in white foam to resemble the diameter of a shoe.


interior design


interior design interior design

interior design

cirrus - i n t e r i o r d e s i g n t h e s i s



FURNITURE PLAN OF BREAK ROOM & RECREATION ROOM These are excerpts from my undergraduate Interior Design thesis project titled, “Cirrus”. It is the 30,000 sq. ft. home of a digital animation studio. Their space includes movie theatres, set studios, filming rooms, digital studios, sound booths and more. All drawing were developed in AutoCAD and hand rendered. RECREATION ROOM

a digital animation studio

cirrus - interior design thesis







Untitled - Kristen Booth


artifacts artifacts


wine rac k



These two casts came out of a shadow box project assigned by a structures professor. Both casts originated from an inspiration from wine bottle packaging forms. The cast on the left is the actual submission for the shadow box project. It is used as a wine rack and the bottles rest in the same location that they were packaged in. The cast on this page is an exercise in casting negative space.



printmak i n g



These two prints generated out of a printmaking workshop I took with Harmen Liemburg. They focus on the gold mining history of Charlotte, North Carolina.




sketches sketches


piazza d i s a n t a m a r i a , r o m e

During my summer 2007 study in Rome, we were assigned in groups of 4 a separate fountain and piazza in Rome. We were to study it, measure it, and hand draw one elevation and a plan of the piazza.



sketches | italy, study abroad

My group was assigned Piazza di Santa Maria. Though this was a group effort, one piece belonged specifically to me, and that was the fountain. In I drew the fountain in plan and elevation, cobblestones, and clock tower.


piazza d e l p o p o l o , R O M E


sketches | rome, study abroad


Piazza del Popolo Rome, Italy


via rotu n d a , v i c e n z a



sketches | italy, study abroad

V i a Rotunda, Andrea Palladio Vicenza, Italy



resume resume


Kristen H. Booth | Resume | 2009

Kristen H. Booth

1324 PULASKI STREET UNIT A.103 COLUMBIA, SC 29201 352.464.3226 803.834.5743

EDUCATION Masters of Architecture, May 2009

University of North Carolina at Charlotte, North Carolina Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design, May 2006 Minor in Art Samford University, Birmingham, Alabama

STUDY ABROAD Rome, Italy - Summer 2007, with The University of North Carolina at Charlotte London, England - January 2006, with Samford University Moscow, Russia - January 1990, August 1994 Family Mission trips


Understanding the private implications and hidden intersections between architecture and modern social injustices. Exploring hidden space, hidden occupations, and hidden agendas and how they exist amongst everyday life.

DESIGN Computer program proficiency: Office Suite, Auto-Cad, Rhino, Adobe Suites CS3, Micro Station, Sketch-up, PROFICIENCY Microsoft and Eco-Tech Proficient in the following Art Mediums: Drafting, Hand drawing, Acrylic painting, Watercolor, Screen Printing, Welding, Casting, Photography, Digital Rendering and image manipulation, and Graphic Design

WORK EXPERIENCE Freelance Photographer, Graphic Designer and Photo editor, May 2008 - Present Daylighting + Energy Performance Laboratory Assistant, September. 2006 - May 2008 University of North Carolina at Charlotte - School of Architecture Center for Integrated Building Design Research Intern Interior Designer, January - December 2005 Gresham Smith & Partners Birmingham, Alabama Dental Lab Assistant, 1999 - 2002 W. Stephen Howard, D.M.D., P.A. Inverness, Florida

LEADERSHIP President - CriticalMASS, 2007/2008 school year EXPERIENCE University of North Carolina at Charlotte

CriticalMASS is the graduate student led architecture club. As president I was responsible for organizing, marketing and planning a public lecture and critique forum on the most resent architectural master’s research across the country, featuring 5 schools from the south-east and Midwest. In 2008 we hosted Paul Lewis and Marc Tsurmaki from LTL Architects.

Recruitment Chair, Chi-Omega Fraternity, 2005 Samford University - Birmingham, Alabama Responsible for directing and organizing the fraternity’s entire recruiment program Treasurer, Chi-Omega Fraternity, 2004 Samford University - Birmingham, Alabama Managed a $94,000 budget and appropriated all funds received from multiple fundraisers


Kristen H. Booth | Resume | 2009

HONORS|AWARDS Installation at Hodges | Taylor Gallery, August 28 - September 12, 2009,

Charlotte, North Carolina Selected as 1 of 3, 2009 Thesis Graduate students from UNC Charlotte to display an installation of theoretical research and work, for 2 weeks at the private Hodges | Taylor Gallery in Charlotte. Recipient of “Excellence in Critical Exploration” for Thesis Research, 2009 This award was given by the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, School of Architecture Harmen Liemburg - Printmaking Workshop, 2009 UNCC Harmen is a graphic designer and printmaker based in Amsterdam, Holland. He visited UNCC as a guest lecturer with a workshop portion to his visit. After a portfolio submission I was selected as one of the students to take his workshop. The prints generated from the workshop were exhibited at the University and are now a part of a traveling exhibit in Amsterdam. Focus on the Family Institute, Colorado Springs Colorado - Summer 2008 Selected along with 60 other collegiate students from multiple disciplines, to study for the summer at Focus on the Family’s Leadership Institute. Daylighting Graduate Assistantship, 2006-2008 University of North Carolina at Charlotte This award was a two year full scholarship to the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, with an additional monthly work compensation stipend. I worked for those two years in the Daylighting + Energy Performance Laboratory as a research assistant. VLM International Study Scholarship, Summer 2007 The VLM International Study Scholarship is awarded to a deserving student who seeks to study abroad. I was awarded $500 based upon an essay I submitted concerning my study abroad interest. I utilized these funds to help pay for my summer 2007 study abroad in Italy. Samford University Dean’s list, 2003, 2004, and 2006 Auto CAD Specialist Scholarship - $1000 Scholarship & Internship Recipient, 2004-2005


Construction Volunteer, Habitat for Humanity - 2005 and 2008 Design Volunteer, Charlotte Latin Society - 2007 Together with a team of 12 people we designed and built furniture that showcases teaching materials about job opportunities and English as a second language for Charlotte area Latin-Americans. Counseling Volunteer, Sav-A-Life Pregnancy Test Center, 2003-2006 Birmingham, Alabama - Counseled troubled teens and women in crisis pregnancy - Personally fund raised over $10,000 to financially support Sav-A-Life



hide. seek. hidden. revealed, 2009 A body of work tracing three hidden architectural histories from the past 200 years. Surfacing the hidden condition embedded within narratives from the Underground Railroad, Holocaust hiding spaces, and modern day Sex-Trafficking. Proficient in ASL - American Sign Language

MEMBERSHIPS criticalMASS - 2006 - 2009, This is a architectural graduate student society at UNCC. AIAS - American Institute of Architects Student Society - 2006 - 2009 IDSO - Interior Design Student Organization - 2002 to 2006 Chi-Omega Alumni Fraternity - 2006 to Present




Kristen Booth - - - works  

This is a compiled set of works that makes up my most current portfolio. It consists of my Architectural Graduate Thesis, studio projects, a...