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You Have Fair Skin! Embrace and Enjoy It, You Porcelain Beauty! by kristazio | on June 5, 2013

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Get Comfortable in Your Fair Skin I am Polish and German and was born with blonde hair, blue eyes and fair skin so white that it sometimes looks blue! I think I might even glow in the dark! I have always giggled that my foundation shade is alabaster in the winter and ivory in the summer. I also darken my eye brows with a pencil called ” blonde.” Can you even believe that? I wrote this post because I have taken a new posture and decided to celebrate my lack of pigmentation! All my life I have either “fake and baked” in tanning beds for five minutes at time or sunbathed outdoors for 30 minutes at a time slathered in sunblock, only to get a “hue.” I cannot even call it a “tan” given that it is really nothing more than a darker shade of pink! Then, there is the sunless tanner and bronzer crusade. Whenever I put on bronzer, I just look dirty! Sunless tanner smells awful and forces you to walk around naked for 30 minutes after you put it on! I am a working mom with zero time for such things. My husband says he appreciates the “naked” part, but could do without the “burning flesh smell,” as he calls it. Of course, you can also never be assured you have done an even application and you are not exempt from ending up with tie-dyed legs! It is all such a pain and I cannot stand it anymore! It all makes Summer so stressful! Who on Earth decided “tan” was beautiful anyway? Thank goodness the message is out that a tan from the sun or UV rays of any kind is bad for you. However, spray tans, sunless tanners, and bronzers are being promoted everywhere. No one shows up on The Bachelor or Dancing with the Stars without a spray tan! The message from the media is

still quite loud that it is not okay to be fair and if this is what you are, you need to change your color if you want to look “good!”

I have decided that I am abandoning all this stuff and putting on my shorts, skirts and swimsuits anyway! This is the skin God gave me and I should enjoy it and embrace it! If you are in the same boat as I am with your fair skin, here are a few tips to help you enjoy it more! * See yourself as a porcelain beauty! Do you know, in South Asia, fair skin is admired and something women strive for. * Don’t tan on purpose, ever! You will not be a porcelain beauty for long if you do. You will end up with a less even skin tone once your tan fades, not to mention wrinkles. * Take as good care of the skin you are in as possible. Do everything you can to keep it as soft, smooth, luminous and irritation free as possible. Accept that you need to work a little harder than others. You are special – fairer than most!

* Eat well, drink water and get plenty of rest. Fair skin is transparent, like a window to your general health. Every over-consumption of sugar or alcohol, and every sleepless night shows through. Also eat plenty of green and yellow vegetables too. They keep your complexion from looking dull and blue! * Enjoy your make-up. Even your complexion out with your alabaster or ivory foundation and use a pink blush and a rosy lip color for contrast! * Wear red and maroon nail polish! It looks great on fair hands! * Wear colors that flatter you! Forget about what colors are in- style. If they wash you out, they are a “don’t!” Never forget that you are a creature unlike any other. Do not let market trends or the opinions of others bring you down. When you have that kind of confidence you will always be beautiful and comfortable in your own “fair skin.” I hope you enjoyed this post! To Your Beauty, Inside and Out! Krista Ziobrowski If you would like to learn more about how you can earn substantial income by sharing your knowledge, interests, and passions on a viral blogging platform like this one, here is what I want you to do next:

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You Have Fair Skin! Embrace and Enjoy It, You Porcelain Beauty!  
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