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Why Bob Haircuts for fine Hair are Best! by kristazio | on April 22, 2013

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Bob Haircuts for Fine Hair Bob haircuts for fine hair are the way to go if you want more volume. I am a person with very fine straight and fragile blonde hair. A bob is the best cut for me by far. That is me in the picture up top. My bob is a little long for my liking in that photo. Bob haircuts are very classic and can go anywhere. They can be dressed up or down. They can be casual or professional. I will discuss two styles of bob haircuts for fine hair. I have worn both at different times in my life. Both styles of bob have their strengths and drawbacks. If you are reading this and you have fine hair, you may have a better insight about which one is right for you by the time you finish this article.

Blunt Bob Haircuts for Fine Hair

For blunt bob haircuts for fine hair, hair is all one length. It can help make individual strands look thicker. In general, fine hair, whether straight or wavy, looks best when it is all one length. Fine hair, particularly if it is thin does not have enough body to support layers. It can look flat and straggly. The blunt bob haircut for fine hair is typically cut right to the chin, or slightly longer depending on the shape of the face. Keeping all of the hair one length makes each individual strand work together, providing a thicker look. I would recommend using volumizing styling foam to give hair more texture. Dry hair upside down initially. Next, section off with claw clips and blow dry with either a hot air brush or your regular dryer and round brush.

Graduated Bob Haircuts for Fine Hair One of the best bob haircuts for fine hair is the graduated

bob. With this one, the back of the hair is cut shortest with very blended layers, which may gradually become longer in the front, on either side of the face. This helps to create volume at the crown, adding volume, while still minimizing the look of thin ends in the back as the layers are kept very close together. The graduated bob haircut for fine hair works best when the wearer has either a lot of fine hair or some natural wave to the hair. If your hair is very thin, like mine, your ends could look very limp. The blunt bob may be the better way to go. For styling the graduated bob, I would recommend using styling foam at the roots and blow drying until hair is just damp. Then, use velcro rollers at the crown all the way around the head. Leave them in for 20 minutes. Hit them with the dryer if you like. You will have tons of volume when you take them out. More on Bob Haircuts for fine Hair

Though both of these styles are often worn straight, they can also be worn curly, making them ideal for those with fine, curly, or wavy hair. As with

most curly styles, these types of haircuts require a small amount of blended layers to prevent the hair from curling into a triangle shape. Nearly all of these different types of cuts can be modified with the addition of bangs, which can help to soften or emphasize the wearer’s profile. Being a woman with fine, thin hair myself, I have found it beneficial to go with a stylist who also has the same type of hair. She will understand your hair and know what is best when it comes bob haircuts for fine hair for you! Most important, accept your hair and love it for what it is. You have found a cut that works. Fine hair also dries and styles much faster than thick hair. Celebrate that on mornings you need to be out of the house super early. I hope you enjoyed this post about bob haircuts for fine hair. Many Blessings, Krista Ziobrowski To find out more about how you can earn 100% commissions by sharing your knowledge and passions on a viral blogging platform the way I do, here is what I want you to do next: Click here, Watch the entire video, Put in your best email, Change your financial future the way I have!

Why Bob Haircuts for fine Hair are Best!