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How to Get a Man to Commit! by kristazio | on May 21, 2013 To Read More Great Articles, I Invite You to Visit My Blog at

Don’t Know How to Get a Man to Commit? Have you ever been baffled by what other women know about how to get a man to commit that you are missing? Do you see your friends with long term boyfriends all getting engaged? Are you jealous that their men behave like partners while you cannot even get a man to call you back? Are you always the bridesmaid and never the bride? Have you ever been seeing someone who just disappeared and you have no idea why? Have you ever been completely blown off by a man with whom you made the mistake of becoming too intimate and felt hurt and foolish after the fact? Well, you are not alone. The world is full of women who do not know how to get a man to commit. According to relationship expert, James Bauer, these are common problems that he hears from women all the time. However, it is not women’s fault. There is a vast difference in the way women and men think. According to James Bauer, if you want to know how to get a man to commit to you and connect with you on a deeply emotional level, you need to be able to see the world and the relationship through his eyes.

How to Get a Man to commit with the “Respect Principle” James has come out with an ebook called What Men Secretly Want, where he helps women see the world and relationships through a man’s eyes. The central concept of this ebook is called the

“Respect Principle. ” If given a choice, 74% of men in a study indicated that they would rather be respected than loved. In his ebook, James explains how making a man feel respected makes him feel loved. He shows women how they may be attacking their man’s confidence and insecurities with no intention to do so simply by the words they choose. He shows women how to show respect through communication by using certain words and avoiding other ones. He also shows women how to handle certain situations and things they should NEVER SAY TO A MAN! Get Help from James Bauer and Learn How to Get a Man to Commit Today! The reason why men do not talk about this need for respect and it being perceived as love is that they are not even aware of it themselves. If you want to know how to get a man to commit, it can be as simple as learning how to choose your words when you talk to your man. James also explains how being friends first is the wrong approach if you ever want to become girlfriend material. There is a wealth of information in this product to help you know how to get a man to commit to you, and only you, for good. When you get What Men Secretly Want, your man will never think of leaving you because no other women will ever “get him” the way you do! Pick up your copy and learn how to get a man to commit today! I hope you have enjoyed this post! Many Blessings, Krista Ziobrowski

How to Get a Man to commit!  
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