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The Law of Attraction has attracted a great deal of controversy recently. Competing "experts" have proclaimed it as either a quantifiable science or a scam reminiscent of the snake oil salesmen of the 19th century. The pro- Law of Attraction argument points to the strong measurable results that have been achieved by devotees around he globe. The opponents will point out a number of false claims and failures on the part of some Law of Attraction practitioners. Both of them have a verifiable point. Many people have tried to apply the Law of Attraction in their lives and failed miserably. The fault, however, is not with the Law itself, but in the application. Like any science, it must be understood in order to yield valid results. Just as one could not be expected to master physics without understanding Newton's laws, an untrained novice cannot achieve life-transforming effects with just a passing knowledge of the Law of Attraction. In physics or any other science, one must receive instruction from a qualified instructor in order to attain useful results. By the same token, one must learn from a trained Law of Attraction teacher in order to gain mastery of the craft. Without a Law of Attraction teacher, the chances of achieving the proper results are akin to building a rocket turbine engine without training in engineering or an understanding the laws of thermodynamics. Although no one would attempt such an engineering undertaking without proper training, many thousands have tried, failed, and given up on the Law of Attraction without rigorous training from a Law of Attraction teacher. Whether because they didn't realize it was necessary or because they didn't know where to find one, these individuals have undertaken a major journey without a map or a guide. Fortunately for any future would-be masters of the Law of Attraction, there are a number of qualified Law of Attraction teachers out there. Finding one, however, is not always easy. How is an untrained Law of Attraction enthusiast supposed to separate the qualified, trained instructors from the snake oil salesmen peddling a useless "get rich quick" scam dressed up to look like the Law of Attraction? The short answer is simple: use a directory. Some web sites or organizations will provide a directory of Law of Attraction teachers, or coaches, who are either certified by or affiliated with their organization. Not all directories are created equal, however. An interactive directory that allows users to leave feedback about the teacher or coach is ideal. The feedback system filters out the snake-oil salesmen, as well as the well-intentioned but inept, leaving only truly qualified teachers in whom users can trust.

The science behind the Law of Attraction is solid and well-documented. Utilizing an interactive directory to find a legitimate Law of Attraction teacher will ensure that you get the training and support that you need to understand and apply the Law appropriately.

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