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statement welcome PurePalette Cosmetics provides a unique portfolio of cosmetic lines that are produced from 100% organic ingredients. We guarantee that every product is made with the best possible combination of natural contents; we stand by the conviction that will never ask our customers to wear a product that we wouldn’t put on our own skin.

We value the uniqueness of every woman and her individual expectations and needs of a cosmetic provider, and so cater to each and every customer as an individual. We believe organic ingredients offer unlimited possibilities to benefit our customers, and firmly believe cosmetic products should work to enhance a woman’s natural beauty, not hide it. Our products are free of all synthetic preservatives, dyes and chemicals, and we believe that the use of all PurePalette merchandise will not only create a beautiful face today, but will build health and confidence for tomorrow. All of our products have been proven to be less prone to unwanted reactions. The use of PurePalette Cosmetics will result in less allergy-related reactions, hives, blemishes, burns and drying guaranteed.

We are committed to providing the most beneficial range of products at the highest quality, ensuring that every woman using our cosmetics will not only look their best, but feel natural in their own skin. At PurePalette Cosmetics, we do our best at what comes naturally.



attributes mark The PurePalette logo graphic is a key element in illustrating our companys mission to organic ingredients. The graphic represents a leaf, eluding to our commitment to ingredients from the earth, and also eludes to a set of lips to demonstrate our place as cosmetic providers. The graphis is tilted slightly to illustrate a hint of playfulness. It is designed with colors from our color palette scheme.

type The PurePalette logo type illustrates our company name, in our signature Champage and Limousines typeface. PurePalette is shown in all lowercase letters on two lines. The P’s have been graphically styled to run together, making the two words a cohesive piece.

logo Together, the graphic and the type create a comprehensive representation of the PurePalette identity and mission. The type is placed to the right of the graphic with the stem of the leaf helping to accent the type for a unified composition. If the logo is being used below a width of 0.65 inches, only the graphic should be used as a the logo large w. 2.0” h. 1.492’

the logo small w. 1.0” h. 0.6957”

representation of the company in order to avoid readability issues. The logo is a three-color logo.



variations black &white When being used in a reversed black and white application, both the graphic and type elements of the logo should be adjusted so that all components featured in a color are converted to white. All components considered “white space” (ie. the stem and white border) should be converted to black. When being used in a black and white application, both the graphic and type elements of the logo should be adjusted so that all components featured in a color are converted to black. In addition, all components considered “white space”(ie. the stem and white border) remain white.

alternate colors When the logo is being placed on a background other than black or white, the colors in the logo need to be adjusted accordingly. Any elements of the logo that are featured in color should be left in their designated color. All components considered “white space” (ie. the stem and white border) should be changed to reflect the same color as the background.

The logo should never be placed over a pattern, gradient, or bitmap image, as it will make the logo’s visibility less impactful.



useage positioning Whenever it is placed within an application, the PurePalette logo

2” 0.25” margin

0.25” margin

should always maintain the appropriate dimensions. The logo should never be stretched lengthwise or heightwise. At all times, the logo should be placed with a margin that is atleast 1/8 of the logo’s width


and 1/8 of the logo’s height.

0.25” margin

0.25” margin

w. 2.0” h. 0.766’ margin of 0.25’

0.125” margin


0.125” margin

The PurePalette logo should never overlap or be overlapped by another graphic, text or image. The respective margin should always

0.3832” 0.125” margin

be brought into consideration in all matters of design including 0.125” margin

packaging, advertising, publications and web.

w. 1.0” h. 0.3832’ margin of 0.125’



identity color palette


There are 5 colors used for PurePalette identity. These five

Champagne and Limousines is used primarily for title are and

colors, above, should be applied to all PurePalette publications

recognisable signage in both regular and bold. Bodini is used as

including all print, web, signage and promotional media.

a secondary typeface. The weights available for useage are book,

Tints of these colors may be used when needed.

italic and bold. No other typefaces should be used.

PANTONE C: 66 M: 00 Y: 15 K: 36 R: 55 G: 169 B: 139 37A38B

PANTONE C: 00 M: 74 Y: 48 K: 03 R: 247 G: 64 B: 129 F74081

PANTONE C: 00 M: 59 Y: 69 K: 49 R: 130 G: 53 B: 40 823528

PANTONE C: 00 M: 56 Y: 36 K: 02 R:250 G: 110 B: 160 FA6EA0

PANTONE C: 00 M: 35 Y: 50 K: 04 R: 245 G: 159 B: 122 F59F7A


ABCDEFG H I J KLM N OPQRSTUV WXYZ abcd efg hijk lmnopq rstuv w x y z 1234567890 CHAMPAGNE & LIMOUSINES: BOLD

ABCDEFGH IJKLM NOPQRSTUV WXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuv w x yz 1234567890


ABCDEFGHI JKLMNOPQRSTUVW XYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 123456789 0 BODINI: ITALIC

ABCDEFGHIJK LMNOPQRSTUV W X YZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890 BODINI: BOLD

ABCDEFGHI JK LMNOPQRSTU V W XYZ abcdefgh ijk lm nop qrstuv w xyz 1234567890




the logo should not... The PurePalette Identity Manual gives clear and precise instructions for how the logo should be handled. At no times should the logo be altered outside of these guidelines. Anyone handling logo applications must understand correct useage.

The logo should never be altered in color outside of the instructions given for black and white and alternate color application, even if colors are part of the acceptable PurePalette color scheme. No elements of the graphic logo should ever be removed. The typographic may never be moved or re-sized from its location beneath the graphic. The type may only be altered by the given sizing guidelines in “attributes.� The logo should never be re-sized without constraining proportions in order to avoid warping.




stationery PurePalette stationery includes a business card and envelope for employee communication. Each business card is personalized with the individuals name, title, email address, office address, phone and fax numer. Each envelope is personalized with business office addresses for mail traffic purposes.

Dimensions Business card: w. 3.5” h. 2.0” Envelope: w. 9.5” h. 4.125”




business letter The PurePalette Business Letter is 2.25”

used for all business memos both office-office and business-business. January 25, 2011

The business letter includes the

Matt hews Cusmiani Account Journal, In c. 400 Lake Shore Road Bryn Mawr, PA 19204

PurePalette logo, the senders’ office address, phone number, fax and email.

Dear Mr. Cusmiani, Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetu r ad ipiscing elit. Donec vehicula cursus dolor, sed mo llis felis imperdiet a. Aenean fermentum fermentum vi verra. Prae sent dapibus, ma gna non volutpat se mper, felis

It is printed on an 8.5” x 11” paper.

massa pu lvinar sem, eu fermentum ur na orci in dui. Maecenas at do lor id arcu vehicula mattis. Do nec pharetra placerat sa pien ut tempus. Integer si t amet justo ac te llus in terdum volutpat. Aliquam convallis leo id augue convallis fermentum. Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique sene ctus et netus et ma lesuada

Business letters should be

fames ac tu rpis eges tas.

written in Bodini Book 10/20.


Cum sociis nato que penatibus et ma gnis dis pa rturient montes, nasc etur ridiculus mus. Nulla facilisi. Integer nunc nunc, temp or a ornare non, se mper nec metus. Sed ma lesuada feugiat pu rus, sit amet tempor od io soda les hendrerit. Cum sociis nato que penatibus et ma gnis dis pa rturient montes, nasc etur ridiculus mus. Pellentesque vulputate blandit ma ssa, sed pretium nisi volutpat nec. Vivamus faucibus rutrum velit id malesuada. Nulla fa cilisi. Maecen as urna dui, aliquet eu se mper at , commodo vel diam. Vestibulum euismod eleifend ipsum at tinc idunt. Fusce ut mauris nisi. Pellentesque non ne que id tortor pharetra venenatis. Maecenas sit amet aliquet enim .


Melissa Phil lips Director of Fina nce







PurePallette Packaging eye shadow box packaging

PurePallette Merchandise Merchandise bag for store sales

PurePallette Cosmetic Bottles moisturizer, foundation and lip color



application PurePallette Store Signage In-Store Promotional Sign

PurePallette Store Signage Cashier Kiosk

PurePallette Store Signage Exterior Store Design



application PurePallette Customer Interaction Web Page

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