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April 2021

Baby Chick


ONLY 629 $

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Spring Clearance


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403-526-6925 www.thebeefeatersteakhouse.ca

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What’s Living in Your Dirty Air Ducts?



on Automotive Accessories



SEE PAGE 3! Ask The Experts - April 2021

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Switch your renewal and receive $1000 Minimum $200,000 mortgage 1.74%



Phone: 403-527-3155 www.asktheexperts.ca


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Ask The Experts® - April 2021



Exclusive to Experts® Readers Get a FREE DRYER VENT cleaning with regular cleaning of your furnace and duct work. Before Cleaning

on Furnace Cleaning

Dirty Ducts Furnace Cleaning Facts:

The average 6-room house collects 40 pounds of dust each year. One out of six people who suffer from allergies do so because of the direct relationship to fungi and bacteria in air duct systems.

After Cleaning

EPA claims indoor air has been found to be up to 70% more polluted than outdoor air. (EPA)


Studies have shown that two out of three indoor air quality problems involve the heating in ventilation systems.

1229 South Railway St. SE • 403-529-9590 • www.dirtyducts.ca

HOW ONLINE MARKETING CAN WORK FOR YOU With our knowledge of of how totomake With your knowledge how make online marketing marketing work work for online foryour yourbusiness, business, you’re you’ll be ready ready to totake takethose thesenext nextsteps. steps:

By doing these things you’ll get the word out about your With your knowledge of how to business, drive more people make online marketing work for to youryour website, and doready moreto business, you’re business. take those next steps.


Be there when people go looking.



Provide consistent and helpful answers to their questions.

Engage to stay top of mind.

Top of Mind®

You’ve got this. You’ve got us. 403-581-9177 for more info. mention code 0101

Top of Mind Marketing

Ask The Experts® - April 2021

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Head Office - Medicine Hat Editor: Ali Jones Administration: Ali Jones Office Phone: 403.527.3155 Website: www.asktheexperts.ca

Letter from the Publisher

Kevin Panko, Group Publisher and CEO Welcome to the April edition of Ask The Experts®. I would like to take this time to wish my momma a special happy birthday. Her support and sound advice over the years has been the most precious gift any son could ask for. So happy birthday to the greatest mother ever!! Some parts of Canada are experiencing a rather slower than usual economy with recent layoffs and cutbacks. I would like to extend my empathy to those families. In every publication our Experts® can help you during these tumultuous times.

If you consider yourself an Expert® in your field of business, there has never been a better time to join our team. People are more mindful now than ever when it comes to spending their hard earn dollars, you want to be top of mind! God Bless

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Kind regards, Kevin P. Panko Ask The Experts Corp Acts 2:38 “LIVIN’ IT LOVIN’ IT”

Lethbridge Edition Advertising Sales Kevin Panko: 403.581.9177 Articles by: The Experts Layout/Design: Krista Dawn White Rock Edition Advertising Sales Kevin Panko: 403.581.9177 Articles by: The Experts Layout/Design: Krista Dawn Saskatoon Edition Advertising Sales Kevin Panko: 403.581.9177 Articles by: The Experts Layout/Design: Krista Dawn

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Spring has Sprung Special.

OUR POOL, HOT TUB, AND FITNESS CENTER ARE OPEN FOR INDIVIDUAL HOUSEHOLD BOOKINGS! Please call the front desk directly to book times as we have limited availability!

15-25% off

depending on how many days you are staying. Use promo code: spring

GRANDE PRAIRIE HOTEL: www.redwoodinnandsuites.com • Call today (780) 357-1916

Toll Free: 1-866-567-2427


Phone: 403-527-3155 www.asktheexperts.ca

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Ask The Experts® - April 2021


RUGER 10/22


GSG 16 22LR















#4, 1023 Allowance Avenue S.E. • Phone 403-529-9248 • www.theoutdoorsman.ca

on sale for



on Automotive Accessories Tyson Knoblich


Platinum Rust Protection Provides maximum protection against corrosive effects of road salt and ocean spray. Our PLATINUM PROTECTION SYSTEMS CORROSION PROTECTION protects your vehicle from damage by rust perforation ( corrosion occuring from the treated side out). Why not upgrade to the PLATINUM PRO PACKAGE and get the added protection from suface rust? Contact us today at 403-527-7955 for a quote

841 C-16 Street SW • tel: 403-527-7955 • www.theshinefactory.ca

Ask The Experts® - April 2021

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Phone: 403-527-3155


BladeZX Hair Studio Master Stylist Saleh:

Bringing you 33 Years of Hair Experience 19 Certificates of Professional Training


ace shapes vary a lot and what is most important is that you need to have a style that looks good on you and is not a copy of another, then it becomes all the more fabulous and definitely striking too. For example, the layer look is simply exquisite and all the more bewitching and more and more people are opting for this particular cut and the reason behind this is pretty simple. No matter what your face size, structure or texture is a really good layer cut can work wonders and boost up your

appeal notches higher. And when you come to a really good professional salon, you will certainly love the fact that such things is possible with added edge of oomph, as experienced hair stylists strive to get you the best hairstyles and cuts, that will make your appeal go notches higher. So, always go for a salon service and get the best haircut done there, which will make you look simply like a diva with an elegance and sophistication that will make others turn heads wherever you go.

Call BladeZX Today Hair Studio

403-528-5433 • Downtown Medicine Hat

Sutherland Dental is located at

1- 705 Central Ave, Saskatoon, SK

306-955-8011 www.sutherlanddental.ca


Phone: 403-527-3155 www.asktheexperts.ca

Dr. Bernie Olson Dr. Carolynn Oleksyn Dr. Tim Pierce Dr. Divya Balakrishnan

New patients and Emergencies Welcome Monday a.m.-to 5:00a.m. p.m.to 5:00 p.m. Monday &- 8:00 Tuesday 8:00 Tuesday & Wednesday Wednesday & Thursday -- 8:00 8:00a.m. a.m.toto8:00 9:00p.m. p.m. Friday & Saturday to 5:00 p.m. Thursday & Friday - -8:00 8:00 a.m. a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

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Ask The Experts® - April 2021

on Fine Dining Nick Diamant

Thank you for over 44 years!

Do it Yourself BBQ Kits

Grilling season is here, bring the famous Beefeater right to your grill! Skip the line at the grovery store and try on of our take-home BBQ Kits.

BBQ season is coming quick so why not bring the Beefeater to your own backyard with 1 of our DIY BBQ KITS.

Complete with one of our delicious stuffed potatoes, Caesar salad (includes our famous homemade Caesar dressing, croutons and parmesan cheese) and our signature Beefeater Steak Seasoning. These DIY kits are perfect for any sunny backyard BBQ!

Available during business hours: Tuesday to Friday 11am-8pm Saturday 4pm-8pm

Choose from our finest fresh cuts of Certified AAA Alberta Beef: Sirloin 6oz Sirloin 8oz New York Strip 6oz New York Strip 8oz Filet Mignon 6oz Ribeye 10oz Ribeye 12oz

$18 $21 $24 $28 $31 $35 $39

Ask about adding beverages or dessert!

3286 - 13th Ave. SE, Medicine Hat • 403-526-6925 • www.thebeefeatersteakhouse.ca

on New Homes Angela Cook Designing your dream home can be a bit daunting. It is a big investment. You want your home to suit your needs and lifestyle. Your home is personal to you. Here are some easy steps to include when creating your dream home: 1. Have you created your dream-home wish list? Make a list of all the new home products you’ve been dreaming of such as type of flooring, cabinets, and countertops. 2. Have you collected images of your favorite styles to share with your Design Consultant? Sharing these images with us will give us an idea of who you are and what your preferred style is.

swatches, and other accessories to help design your home? It’s always a good idea to bring along pictures, paint chips, textures, etc. to help you with your decision making. Again, this gives us a glimpse into who you are and where we can go with the design. 4. Have you browsed the show homes? Highlight your favorite items and we can try to incorporate them into your home. 5. Have you discussed budget? On average, our homebuyers are spending about 13% of the base price of the home on design options and upgrades. With today’s low interest rates, this translates into just a few dollars a day to have the home of your dreams!

Are you thinking about new cabinets? Having a hard time deciding on what you want? Come in and see us. We have a large showroom to showcase the many different types of woods, colors, and styles to choose from. Select everything you need right here. From wood type and color, to hardware and accessories, we have it.

6. Have you considered upgrades? After you know the prices of your selections, use a calculator to see how much money your selections will add to your monthly mortgage payment. Give us a call when you are ready for us to help you build your dream home.

3. Have you collected fabric swatches, paint

New Home Sales 403-581-6205 8-1500 South Highway Drive Redcliff 403.548.3137 • www.amronhomes.com

Ask The Experts® - April 2021

on Luxurious Cabinetry Angela Cook

Add value and style to your home. # 8, 1500 SOUTH HIGHWAY DR., REDCLIFF, ALBERTA 403 581 6205 • www.heartstonecabinets.com

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Phone: 403-527-3155


Gift Certificates Available!

Baby Chick




50-60% OFF Spring Clearance


Easter Bunny




Chocolate Dipped Sttrawberries





JEWELLERS LTD. Phone: (403) 527-1771 • www.ohmyfruit.ca


Phone: 403-527-3155 www.asktheexperts.ca

108-3030 13th Ave. SE • Medicine Hat, AB (403) 528-3398 • www.goldprojewellers.ca

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Ask The Experts® - April 2021

load of a webpage. Everyone needs a refreshing from time to time because it’s easy to get in a rut. Repeatedly going to work, raising a family, finding something for supper, and just plain old life can cause you to feel stuck.

on Abundant Living Pastor Philip Robe-From The Need for a Refresh What is one of the best ways to make a room look better? A new coat of pain usually gives it a ‘refresh.’ Dull, dated colors are replaced by more preferable hues and as the scratches yield to a fresh paint job, everyone agrees that it’s an improvement. When a web page just won’t load due to errors and bugs, a savvy tech user knows all one has to do is press the refresh button. It’s a little arrow that goes in a circle. The web page loads again and usually loads correctly. It was stuck. The refresh gets it unstuck. I’ve been feeling the need for a refresh. I’m thinking about more than a coat of paint or re-

The hindrance to inspiration is the day to day routines of life. Great vision and plans can be derailed by the daily grind. Many people see the need for a refresh in their eating habits or exercise routine. Others may seek a renewing of their marriage or commitment to family. Some may feel a need for a refresh of their spiritual habits.

intentional refreshing can help. Repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, when the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord. And he shall send Jesus Christ, which before was preached unto you. Acts 3:19-20

A refreshing involves repentance. Repentance simply means a change of mind, heart, and actions. When we repent, we decide to go in a new direction. Destructive habits are replaced by beneficial disciplines. When is the last time you disconnected from the mundane and refreshed a connection commitment to the divine? Every area of your life can be examined for a refresh. A refresh can provide clarity and purpose to your life. An

visit our website at: www.abundantgp.com on Batteries

Geordin Flett GET YOUR RV READY FOR SPRING! WHY 6VVOLT BATTERIES ARE RIGHT FOR YOU! People ask us every day, what is the purpose of a 6-volt RV battery? And why are two 6-volt deep cycle batteries better than two 12volt batteries? A 6-volt battery for RVs is a true dedicated deep cycle battery. They have thicker plates inside than a 12-volt deep cycle battery and they are not designed with any engine starting purpose in mind. With a thicker battery plate, the 6-volt battery can deliver more long-term energy and sustain deep discharging and recharging. Most 12-volt “RV/Marine” batteries are dual-purpose batteries that have some starting capacity as well as deep cycle characteristics. These are perfectly fine if your RV lifestyle is traveling park to park with powered campsites, in which case a 12-volt deep cycle battery with 80 to 100 amp hours will work great. But if you camp in remote places and need as much stored energy as possible, you should use two, four or even six 6-volt batteries. At Battery Boss we have a wide selection of rugged 6-volt batteries as well as 12-volt RV/Marine batteries. Come see us or call us about delivery options!

TROJAN 6V T125 240AH OUR PRICE $249.99!

TROJAN 6V T105 225AH OUR PRICE $214.99!

Get The Boss Working For You!

CLARIOS 6V GC-225 225AH OUR PRICE $174.99!

#5-7803 50 Ave. Red Deer • 403-343-3399 • www.batteryboss.ca

Ask The Experts® - April 2021

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Phone: 403-527-3155


“We Succeed by Helping You Succeed” this century, like copiers that print 120 copies a minute in full colour and yet we still use a stapler that was built in the 70’s because it does it’s job well. Even paper has improved - like recycled content and yet many of the choices we had years ago have disappeared. Not enough demand, colour copiers needing white paper, people’s preferences. Who knows what the rest of the century will bring about in terms of print, advertising, and media. Maybe talking letters or moving newspapers like in Harry Potter? Either way I’m excited to see what the world will invent but I will hold on to what works for people today. Although we are always watching for ways to improve or enhance what we can do and offer our customers.

on Copies and Print

Doug Free When you stop to think about a printer what comes to mind? Is it the grey box on the corner of your desk that spits out paper with ink on it, or do you perceive things deeper. Like a group of people all working together to bring your project to completion. Do you see an old Heidelberg press turning out page after page or do you see a digital machine run two sided sheets, three hole punched and stapled popping out all collated. And it is amazing how much technology has changed things

on Leather, Plastic and Vinyl Restoration Shawn Callin Before

After The Advantages to Restoring Over Replacing Vinyl Siding and Windows Vinyl siding fades over time. Installing a new piece of vinyl siding to replace the damage usually means that there will be a color mismatch with surrounding pieces. Fibrenew’s products and techniques perfectly match the existing color, regardless of how faded the material may be - the damage is untraceable once repaired. Damaged PVC windows can be repaired ‘on the spot’ without having to remove them. This saves not only hundreds of dollars in installation labor but a great deal of time and stress savings as well!



Car, Truck and Van leather seat repair

CopiesNow …more than just copies!




Automotive Interior Repair: we restore scratched plastic and vinyl



Steering Wheel Restoration: stains, rips, fades and burns repaired

403-343-1155 • www.copiesnow.ca • 4721 - 50th (Gaetz) Ave Phone: 403-527-3155 www.asktheexperts.ca 10

403.754.2121 • Unit 3 6841 52 Ave. Red Deer www.fibrenew.com/reddeer

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Ask The Experts® - April 2021


Your chance to WIN ends soon! Contest closes April 30th

Grand Prize $5,000

2nd Prize: $3,000




*Rates are seasonal, call directly for discounts

3rd Prize: $2,000

Check out these accommodations

email: info@gprda.ca

4070 2 Ave S, Lethbridge • 1-888-331-6440 www.choicehotels.com Before


on Roofing Greg Wilson


pring is here and Mother Nature is being kind to us. If your shingles are old and tired maybe it’s time to start planning for a new roof. Shingles

that are curled are susceptible to wind damage. Missing shingles can cause leaks and further damage plywood,insulation and drywall. Our services are in high demand and we are booking up fast. Call for a free estimate and consultation. If you have any questions for me, please give me a call at 403-581-1355. See you next month!

Check us out on facebook to see completed jobs. https://www.facebook.com/TheRoofRider • Asphalt and Fiberglass Shingles • New Roofs • Steep Roofs • Re-Roofs and Insurance Work

Ask The Experts® - April 2021

Phone 403 581-1355

fax 403 581-0110

Take Your Business To The Experts ® Level

email: Contact@theroofrider.com


Phone: 403-527-3155


Spring Special 249 $


COMPLETE DETAIL: includes fabric protection and paint sealant.

on Trademarking, Patents, Wills and Estates

Bill Stemp What is a copyright? A copyright protects artistic creation, photographs, sculptures, computer software, architectural drawings, and similar items. How does a copyright protect my ideas? A copyright allows you to control who is able to use your creation. This is done by means of licensing your creation to someone else, subject to the terms of a licensing agreement.

Gift Certificates Available

Free Pick Up/ Drop Off • Shuttle Service • Debit/ Credit at your door!

Exotic Touch Auto Detailing 6-1651 Broadway Ave E, Redcliff • 403-487-4737 www.exotictouchauto.com

How long does the process of completing a copyright take? Usually about 1-2 months.

ment in Canada, there are several ways a copyright holder can seek compensation for infringement of his or her copyright. One way is to sue the individual, asking the courts to award monetary compensation for each work where an infringement occurred. The pre-established damages used in civil litigation are called statutory damages. Currently, the courts may award penalties of $20,000 per image for commercial infringement. So for example if someone used five photographs for commercial purposes, the penalty is $100,000! It is much less for noncommercial infringement. For example, someone who downloads five songs illegally could face penalties ranging from $2,500 or more, depending on the number of copyright holders per song.

What can I do if someone infringes on my copyright? According to the Federal Govern-

Call 403-777-1122 today!


Toll Free 1-800-665-4447 • www.stemp.com Ad created and owned by Ask The Experts® used with permission.

Marketing Headache?


If you are overwhelmed by the day to day operations of your business as well as the marketing of your business...we can help. Call 403-581-9177 for details! Phone: 403-527-3155 www.asktheexperts.ca 12

Take Your Business To The Experts ® Level

Ask The Experts® - April 2021


with the most well rounded advertising campaign available mediums



1. Print advertising is alive and well. There is more print in your mailbox than ever before. 2. We offer EXCLUSIVITY (no competing companies) 3. We offer SOCIAL MEDIA / BLOGGING (from your monthly editorial column if you have time to write) 4. We offer GOOGLE AD WORD search 5. We offer a Content based Forum - so that EACH of our advertisers has the opportunity to write a monthly column that personalizes their special offerings,and to educate your clients regarding products and services. 6. We offer DIRECT MAIL via Canada Post (high profile stand alone printed publication) 7. We offer an ONLINE web component that hyperlinks to each advertisers website. 8. We offer FRACTIONAL costing overall that is extremely affordable! 9. We design AND BUILD your AD and this is included in costs!


Advertise with the Experts® call 403-527-3155 Ask The Experts® - April 2021

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Phone: 403-527-3155





• Double Chamber LITE construction with a 60L inner flotation for basic safety needs and extra stiffness • Innovative folding concept makes the SUP gear bag half of the normal size • Durable drop-stitch core material • Customized “Eclipse” graphic design • 4mm thick diamond pattern EVA traction pad • Integrated front bungee system for gear storage and easy access • Integrated front bungee system for easy gear access • Easy-to-carry grab handle • 5-inch twin fin set up with easy push-in design


The most popular shape air SUP on the planet, the TITAN 11’11” defines a style that many riders aspire to. With the largest size in the range and the 32” extra width, this is an incredibly easy to ride all-around board that is perfect for ambitious or bigger size riders. Looking for a combination of comfort and performance, TITAN is the right one to go. • • • •

Biggest model in the all-round range Durable drop-stitch core material Double chamber construction for safety and extra stiffness Full deck printing with “cube pattern” graphic and rail graphic for optimum visual impact



The LUNAR 9’9” air paddle board inspires adventure with its beauty and eye-catching design. The classic all around SUP shape and the extra width at 32” gives it excellent stability, great tracking and easy paddling experience for any paddler, of any skill level a great time on the water. • Signature Double Chamber construction for safety and extra stiffness • Durable drop-stitch core material • Full deck printing with “cube pattern” graphic and rail graphic for optimum visual impact • 4mm thick diamond grooved EVA footpad for ultimate grip and comfort • Premium quality towing D-rings and safety leash ring


BODYBUILDINGDEPOT.COM Phone: 403-527-3155 www.asktheexperts.ca 14


Take Your Business To The Experts ® Level

Ask The Experts® - April 2021

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The Experts 2021 Medicine Hat  

The Experts 2021 Medicine Hat  


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