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SENTHOR PRINTS Social Cause Marketing By Krissa Jane

Tuesday, November 8, 11

THE CAUSE: KIVA Kiva is a micro-lending non-profit that lends loans (min. of $25) so that those in need can maintain or start a sustainable business or trade. They were chosen because Senthor Prints audience is worldly, they are often concerned for the greater good of the world and like to spread their donations appropriately. Tuesday, November 8, 11

ADRIAN GRENIER He is a supporter of Kiva efforts and represents the Senthor image.

Tuesday, November 8, 11

SENTHOR PRINTS FOR KIVA CONCERT A rocking indie concert will take place with surrounding kiosks of local artists work, all printed and framed by Senthor Prints. As the indie-rock music is played by many bands (including Adrian himself) and beer is guzzled, Senthor Prints will lend 100% of their profits to different projects all around the world through Kiva.

Tuesday, November 8, 11

LOCATION AND DATE Stillwater Lowell Park 1 time concert June 29th 2012 Tuesday, November 8, 11

INTENDED PUBLICS Creative Business owners, Art Lovers, Indie Music lovers and Creative Influencers. Tuesday, November 8, 11

MEDIA CHANNELS City Pages, Rift Magazine, Crush Collisions & Minnesota Monthly Tuesday, November 8, 11


Tuesday, November 8, 11

Socail Cause presentation