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LOOSE LEAF APPAREL The Client: an online T-shirt company that hand crafts their deisgns in an artisianl fashion for fellow designers and artists to enjoy. Campaign Team: Michael Fangman & Krissa Jane Nelson Problem: Loose Leaf Apparel’s design minded audience lacks recognition of this new brand, as well as a real artisan story connection. Solution: Create a documentary that will introduce Loose Leaf to it’s young creative audience by telling their artisinal story through the stories 3 other young artists.



My partner Michael knew in order to truly resonate with this hard to reach audience of young creatives we had to really grab their attention in a big way. We set out to actually produce a mini documentary that would tell the deep rooted artisinal story of both Loose Leaf as a brand and their creative twin cities community. First we had to find some amazing artists willing to participate and we came to fins is that amazing is a grave understatement. Musician Heatherlyn, abstract artist Robert Combs and web designer and founder of Grandpa George Douglas Brull were interviewed and provided an intimate look inside the minds of these Craft Fiend artists. With the help of videographer Tony Watters, Michael and I filmed, interviewed and edited the documentary from start to finish. Although still in the editing process the teaser alone indicates the insights and pure love that exists between artist and craft and certainly reminds us why we love what we do to such extents.

craft fiend exposes the true insights and percpectives inside

the mind of a Twin Cities

c r e at i v e

This mini-documentary reminds us why we love our crafts to such extents and how that defines us as both people and artists. the heart of Craft Fiend, is being able to for just a moment connect with another person over our passion. whether it be a song, a painting, a website or t-shirt, the enough to ins[pire us to continue on our artisan journies.



These documentary posters inspired by the screen printing style of Loose Leaf’s T-shirts, serve as a call to action for the up and coming documentary. Placed throughout the twin cities near theatre and entertainment venues the posters ultimately introduce the brand and their debut documentary.



Imagine for a moment, your walking down the street and suddenly the tree next to you is boosting some pretty differnt and delightful colors and designs. What do you do? If your anything like this audience, you will pick it off and take a deeper look. We know its alittle punny (given the name Loose Leaf and all) but these creatives travel prodominatly by foot and would really get a kick out of a personalized Craft Fiend invite.

Loose Leaf Apparel  
Loose Leaf Apparel  

Loose Leaf Apparel introduces the documentary "Craft Fiend"