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Krissa Jane Nelson Artisan Storyteller I have a passion for all things delicious in life and indulge in it all! My family, advertising and design, the arts, cooking, music and travel are the things that make me say, “I love my life!� Telling stories through art direction and copywrting is what draws us to brands and While studying advertising at The Art Institutes International of Minnesota, I began to realize I have a true passion for telling brand stories through art direction and copywriting. I believe laughter is the best medicine and a good work ethic will get you further than any other

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Design Vertigo My role: Art Director, Design and post production Photography: Danny Green Problem: Design Vertigo offers unique boutique products but offers no outlet for consumers to purchase products online. This poses a problem because there is a strong demand for Design Vertigo products for consumers who are unable to visit the location, and creating a website re-design is too expensive of an undertaking for the brand at this time. Solution: Create a branded online store “The Wilde Room� to feature different collections each season in a classic lookbook format.

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Flea Market Music My role: Sole Creative Problem: Ukuleles have the reputation for being a geeky less-serious instrument. Solution: To change the aspiring and professional indie musicians perception of the ukulele by show casing the 100’s of varying Flea Market Music ukulele designs, styles and sounds that can be incorporated into the indie musicians music.


The Ukulele The guitars


little sister

Often left in the shadows and underestimated Sterotyped by Hawaiian sunsets, unrecognized for what she really could be

rebel against the monotony of auto-tuned mainstream Creating an unmatched sound of depth, versatility and seduction The ukulele is all grown up now And we say it’s about time her strum fills the sound waves of the streets with you. She is strumming her

Flea Market Music

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OPENING (Mary Lucia, Host)

“Get Your Uke On”

MUSIC FADE OUT: Spoon “Writen In Reverse” LUCIA:Ah that was my favorite! That was Spoon, with Written In reverse. We at the current are stoked to introduce you to a new 1 hour segment of our program that we have lovingly named...Get Your Uke On. It explores the many ways the modern day ukulele has enhanced some of our favorite artists music. and showcases its may personalities. This segment will take us through a tasting plate of the ukuleles ersatility every Thursday from 4:30 to 5:30pm. It is brought to us by Flea Market Music, who encourages you to find your ukulele sounds by being matched with your ukulele soul mate at Believe me, i know its hard for me not to groove when this little instrument gets plucking so don't be afraid to boogie down or rock out, either way enjoy while you get your uke on. MUSIC FADE IN:

Eddie Vedder “Ukulele Songs”

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Loose Leaf Apparel Campaign Team: Michael Fangman & Krissa Jane Nelson Problem: Loose Leaf Apparel’s design minded audience lacks recognition of this new brand, as well as a real artisan story connection. Solution: Create a documentary that will introduce Loose Leaf to its young creative audience by telling their artisinal story through the stories 3 other young artists.


the story Craft Fiend, exposes the truths and insights into the percpective of the young Twin Citeies creative. As Loose Leaf takes you through their humble artisianl journey interesteing connections are made between the brand and the community that supports them. The interesting and cheeky short film reminds us as artists what is to love and fiend over our crafts.

Areas of Placement • readit • Looksielovitz blog • The Minneapolis Egotist • Off center • Minneapolis Street Art Observer • MFR (Minneapolis Fucking Rocks Blog) • Stumble upon • Dig • Perfect Porridge • The Current Music Blog

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Barefoot Bubbly Problem: Barefoot drinkers reserve sparkling wine as a beverage to accompany special occasions only. Solution: In order to change the “occasion stigma� that surrounds sparkling wine and to get the consumers to drink champagne on a more often basis we will show them that everyday embodies an excuse to celebrate with the bubbly.

at 7:30 a.m. you made the 7:30 a.m. bus at 5:30 p.m. you toast to this accomplishment

celebrate the small stuff with barefoot bubbly at

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North St.Paul Branding My role: Art Director Problem: The city of North St.Paul has encountered trouble drawing attention to their downtown shopping area and creating a real branded look. Solution: In order to let drivers, walkers and bikers know that they are in the North St.Paul shopping district and historic area, we will create Informational banners that will welcome visitors and help to brand the city with a certain look. Design inspired by North St.Paul history and landscape.

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Telling stories through art direction and copywrting is what draws us to brands and While studying advertising at The Art Institutes Interna...